How to start programming, what language to choose?

How to start programming, what

Good morning everyone,

One question that recurs in our forum
dedicated to beginners is: "How to start programming?’Or sometimes 'what
language to start?'.  I'll try to
answer, but you must know that this type of question can raise discussions of
differing opinions. To try to be objective on basis of the members gathered
through different responses agreed to these issues.

First the particular language to
begin programming, programming at least on paper, with the algorithm.  

Of course to test the algorithms comfortably
with the programming language, but in this case, the only thing I recommend is
a simple language, not object, not graphics. A good choice would be Basic,
Pascal, Python, but the syntax of the latter will no doubt more useful for what
comes after. But not excluding here, even the same language of calculator may
be sufficient to experiment with simple algorithms. It is good to know the
different types of language, to know what a compiler is and other generalities.

As well, we have already good base to
start programming ... But one must have a goal, an idea, and software to do. Here
I cannot help it according to their tastes, their knowledge, and there takes
place the first technical choices:

Object language:  yes or no?

Multiplatform:  yes or no?

With virtual machine:  yes or no?

User:  yes or no?

Accessing the database?  If so what? ...

As per these choices, the range of
languages is uniquely restricted.

So let us turn to clean the languages
that appear most frequently mentioned for starting, always with the view

NB: There is a playful way to find
out the schedule: KPL.

KPL means Kid's Programming Language  

Interface well presented (colors,
sounds, and graphics) and a education oriented programming. The basic idea is
to learn while having fun. If you really know nothing of computers and
programming, this can be a best way of entrance. Also, this is obviously a way
to involve their children (which is good for them is good for you, in
principle). Software:  This is a freeware
and is not restricted to the game; of course, the site is multilingual
(English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and some Nordic languages). The language
is all that it is more common in other languages: Begin, End, Main, False,
True, etc..

What can be used?

Delphi / Pascal  


A good solution, the compilers and
development environment are free (under some conditions rather restrictive).
You can start making small shell programs in Pascal and then move (after
learning the concept of object) the more complex things with the graphical
environment thanks to Delphi (and Kylix under Linux: o). The language is relative
intuitive rigorous, creating simple graphics, you can quickly feel the pleasure
of programming. The portability is poor but there is on some platforms.

Delphi official website:



Object language, very portable,
syntax also used by Internet scripts (syntax, not the language ...). There are
numerous development environments free on the Internet: simply choose according
to your tastes, however, has the facility of Delphi at the level of graphical
interfaces. This is a language "new generation" that will also give
an interesting experience for those who want to work