Install and configure Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

Windows Live Mail is the one of the most popular  desktop email client which comes with Windows Live Essential suite of applications provided by Microsoft. Windows Live Mail is free email client which enables you to access your email using POP or IMAP. Windows 7 incorporates any email, It is upto user to setup the email service of their choice with windows live mail.

Installation of Windows Live Mail :

From Windows 7

In Start menu, Click on Getting Started, Then Get Windows Live Essentialsas shown in following figure.

It will take you to  official site of Windows Live Mail.

Click  Download , The download page opens Windows Live. Click Download .

You can also Download Windows Live Essential suite from here.
Save the file wlsetup-web.exe in the Downloads folder.

Then right-click on wlsetup-web.exe, Select Run as administrator.

Validate UAC, click on yes.

The installation begins

Choose programs to install in list and click Install.

Note that we can add additional programs anytime later, check on Mail and click next.

The wizard asks to close running programs, leave checked Close programs for you and validated by Continue.

The installation begins

If you don’t have windows live ID then select Sign up for a Windows Live ID.

This Windows Live ID is used to connect to all Windows Live services and Microsoft all sites requiring a login.

For those who already have a username, click on Close.

Windows Live Mail is successfully  installed.

In Start menu, Right-click on Windows Live Mail and you can Pin it in the taskbar, Click on the Windows Live Mail shortcut to open Windows Live Mail.

The mail is opened. Click Add an email account
The add email account wizard opens.
Configure a Windows Live ID :

Write the email address and Password. Allow check Remember password for an automatic connection.

Write the Display Name and click Next

A success message appears. Click Finish
Windows Live Mail and connects the new account will appear.

If this mail account already exists, in Windows Live Mail application to download files to read messages from this account, Click on Download.

The existing email folders and their contents appear

Configure a Email account :

Click on Add an email account.

Write the email address and Password. Allow check Remember password for an automatic connection.

Write the Display Name and click Next

Tick Manually configure the settings for this mail account and click Next

Give the information servers volume and Outgoing of ISP and write the Identfier of mail account.

Click Next

You can set the account as default account.

Click Finish

The new email account appears

To check or change parameters of a email account right-click the account name, click Properties.
General Tab , will give details like Email Address and Reply Address.
Servers Tab incorporates information provided for incoming and outgoing mail
Advanced Tab where you can uncheck the box to Keep a copy of messages on server necessary. Finish by clicking Apply. 


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