How to remove image backgrounds

Here is a small guide on how to remove the backgrounds of an image or how to extract an image.

Software Used: Photoshop 7
Level: Beginner

I am using the picture of Sachin for this. I hope everyone knows him (Sachin – One of the greatest batsmen ever)!

1) Open the image in Photoshop.

2) Filter -> Extract (ALT + CTRL + X) (In Photoshop 6, Extract is in the Image menu)

3) Now you’ll see the image in a new window. In that window you’ll see
a toolbar on the left. From that toolbar choose the Edge Highlighter
Tool (B)

4) Next choose an appropriate Brush Size from the Tool Options (from the menu on the right side). In this case I chose 9.

5)Next draw an outline around the portion you want to extract.

*If you go wrong somewhere, just use the Eraser Tool (E) from the left side toolbar.

Now after drawing your outline the image should be looking like this in the Extract window:

6) Next pick the Fill Tool (G) and apply it on the part which you want to extract.

Now it’ll be like:

7) Click OK

8) Now you will see that you have successfully extracted the image from
its background. But still some minor traces of background can be seen.

In order to remove it take the Eraser Tool () from the MAIN toolbar
and erase out the necessary parts. The Zoom Tool () may also come in
handy while doing so

The final extracted image:

Now go ahead and use your images in signatures, avatars, wallpapers, etc wherever you want. I hope this guide was helpful to you.


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