Get Back Your CD/DVD

Here are the two BUG fixes.


Users of CD/DVD (re)writing software (Roxio/Adaptec Easy CD Creator +
DirectCD, Ahead Nero Burning ROM etc) may bump into error messages such
as "No ASPI devices installed" while using any of these utilities.

This is due to a flaw into the Adaptec ASPI (stands for Advanced SCSI
Programming Interface) Layer settings but this applies to ALL
(E)IDE/ATAPI/SCSI CD-R(W)/DVD-R(W)/DVD-RAM drive owners.


Start by installing the current Windows NT4/2000/XP Standard ASPI Layer drivers from Adaptec.

Make sure to use the INSTALL.BAT file provided with the package to copy
ONLY the appropriate drivers for these Win32 OSes: ASPI32.SYS (in
%systemroot%System32Drivers) + WNASPI32.DLL (in

Open Windows Explorer and delete (if present) WOWPOST.EXE + WINASPI.DLL from %systemroot%System.

Reboot when done.

Run ASPICHK.EXE (also included) to make sure you have properly upgraded to version 4.7x.

Now copy & paste text between lines below into Notepad and save
this as a .REG file [name doesn’t matter, only the extension does]:

—–Begin cut & paste here—–


——End cut & paste here——

Finally, double-click on the REG file in Windows Explorer.

Reboot one more time.


If still having problems using your Roxio recording software, replace 2
with 1 on the "Start" line above, and then merge (run) the modified
.REG file into your Registry one more time.


After installing/uninstalling Roxio (Adaptec) Easy CD Creator v5.0x,
v4.0x or older and/or DirectCD v3.0x on/from your Windows NT4/2000/XP
system, your CD-ROM/CD-R(W)/DVD-ROM/DVD-R(W)/DVD-RAM drives may get
suddenly lost. The CD/DVD drive icon(s) may disappear from My Computer,
Windows Explorer and any other disk/file browsing app. Also, if you try
to view/open/run any CD/DVD based folder/file, you may encounter
several popup messages linked to one of these error Codes: 19, 31, 32,
39 and/or 41.


But these BUGs can be fixed by hacking your Registry. You must be
logged on with Administrator rights to be allowed to edit the Registry.

Launch Registry Editor and go to:


Make sure Read only mode is disabled in Options menu.


Highlight it -> click Registry from the File menu -> select
Export Registry File… -> browse to your desired location ->
type a file name -> click Save.

Now look in the right hand pane for these 2 REG_MULTI_SZ Values:
"UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters". Right-click on each one, select
Delete and click OK.

Close the Registry Editor and restart Windows when done.

The catch is that after doing this you may also lose your CD/DVD recording capabilities in WinNT4/2000/XP.

In this case, check the Roxio Support page for software
patches/updates/fixes, and install the current ones applying to your
particular versions(s).

These Roxio FAQ pages may also provide some help:

Easy CD Creator 5.0x Basic.
Easy CD Creator 5.0x Platinum.

Uninstalling and/or reinstalling the affected Roxio software may also solve this issue.

If none of these methods work, then open Windows Explorer and
(double)-click the REG file created when you backed up the Registry key
above to restore the original values. Restart Windows when done.


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