New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

With New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo went to basics. Point of cinematic intro unnecessary or dialogue without end, the main frame of the story is told in a few seconds at the title screen of the game as Mario and Peach were walking peacefully on the alleys Mushroom Kingdom, a storm unexpected challenges our mustachioed plumber, leaving the princess a few moments, just long enough for the son of Bowser to kidnap the beautiful and happily take to their heels. And we go for another chase through a series of worlds as diverse and varied in the enchanting world of Mario.

To inject some new blood in this episode DS, Nintendo has had the charming idea of introducing new mushrooms as hallucinogens as those that took Mario usual. The mini-field is used as the name suggests shrink Mario to the point of allowing him to sneak into the mouse holes but also walk on water. If he happens to be for Jesus, Mario also enjoys playing and with a mega-waif swallowed with impunity, the Italian plumber may increase considerably in size and thus destroy everything in its path. Obviously, the time is minimal but enough to defeat a boss one time. It is also one of the major weaknesses of the New Super Mario Bros.: the glaring lack of challenge.

The introduction of a capsule Reserve is also part of the elements that make it easier for our hero. Thanks to this clever idea, and Mario can keep in stock a second item, and use it when needed. If necessary, simply tap the stylus on the touch screen to bring down the sky jealously guarded his bonus. Most rogues also not hesitate to keep a good Mega-grazing field to send the final boss of the level of a kick in the ass. Obviously, the difficulty that over the levels, but overall, the game is very accessible to the point that serious gamers, who have been rocked by the mascot of Nintendo, will not gobble this game These people also take care to return the game from top to bottom, just for the pleasure of the challenge.

New Super Mario Bros -

And we can say that designers are given away to their heart, because the game is beautiful, let alone a DS Lite which is shining brightly. The animations of Mario, enemies and all that constitutes a foreground are simply extraordinary, delicate, detailed, colorful, without compromising the accuracy of movement by a breakdown too finicky. You should see the mug of these impostors of Goomba, now able to jump at the last moment for a smile. But is the future, no surge of Mario that gently removes his arms like an airplane, his manner slightly clumsy when it is at arm's length one shell, but this trash Lakitu appears gradually bottom of the screen to unleash his minions, not to mention zooming imperceptible, and good taste, when Mario spins into the air after being propelled by a trampoline. Also say that the attack rodeo, this little jump on the buttocks, which