New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

With New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo went to basics. Point of cinematic intro unnecessary or dialogue without end, the main frame of the story is told in a few seconds at the title screen of the game as Mario and Peach were walking peacefully on the alleys Mushroom Kingdom, a storm unexpected challenges our mustachioed plumber, leaving the princess a few moments, just long enough for the son of Bowser to kidnap the beautiful and happily take to their heels. And we go for another chase through a series of worlds as diverse and varied in the enchanting world of Mario.

To inject some new blood in this episode DS, Nintendo has had the charming idea of introducing new mushrooms as hallucinogens as those that took Mario usual. The mini-field is used as the name suggests shrink Mario to the point of allowing him to sneak into the mouse holes but also walk on water. If he happens to be for Jesus, Mario also enjoys playing and with a mega-waif swallowed with impunity, the Italian plumber may increase considerably in size and thus destroy everything in its path. Obviously, the time is minimal but enough to defeat a boss one time. It is also one of the major weaknesses of the New Super Mario Bros.: the glaring lack of challenge.

The introduction of a capsule Reserve is also part of the elements that make it easier for our hero. Thanks to this clever idea, and Mario can keep in stock a second item, and use it when needed. If necessary, simply tap the stylus on the touch screen to bring down the sky jealously guarded his bonus. Most rogues also not hesitate to keep a good Mega-grazing field to send the final boss of the level of a kick in the ass. Obviously, the difficulty that over the levels, but overall, the game is very accessible to the point that serious gamers, who have been rocked by the mascot of Nintendo, will not gobble this game These people also take care to return the game from top to bottom, just for the pleasure of the challenge.

New Super Mario Bros

And we can say that designers are given away to their heart, because the game is beautiful, let alone a DS Lite which is shining brightly. The animations of Mario, enemies and all that constitutes a foreground are simply extraordinary, delicate, detailed, colorful, without compromising the accuracy of movement by a breakdown too finicky. You should see the mug of these impostors of Goomba, now able to jump at the last moment for a smile. But is the future, no surge of Mario that gently removes his arms like an airplane, his manner slightly clumsy when it is at arm’s length one shell, but this trash Lakitu appears gradually bottom of the screen to unleash his minions, not to mention zooming imperceptible, and good taste, when Mario spins into the air after being propelled by a trampoline. Also say that the attack rodeo, this little jump on the buttocks, which can bounce back to full speed on blocks of rooms. Sweet sensation of pure happiness.

The sets in 2D are also very colorful, often with taste, and even if we did not find an abundance of Dawn of Sorrow, the quality is impeccable. Needless to say the game runs smoothly at all times, just near overload, when cannonballs are really too many. The main musical theme, but not great, at least has the merit of trotting in the head once the console off.

The next "New" still remains at the discretion of the player, because, basically, the news certainly many, do not seem to have all been exploited. Touch Panel Control aspect is completely overshadowed, but we also think the integration of movements Mario 64: Attack the rodeo and the rebound on the walls are actually two welcome additions to diversify the gameplay of Mario 2D ( even if it was possible to explode bricks in other Mario), but the triple jump serves, so to say never, except being clever. Ditto, the fact that along the wall or hang a cornice remains the matter of a few levels, but it is more a gimmick than anything else. As for the new changes, there’s good and less good. Widely highlighted during the presentation of the game, moving into Mega Mario is a bonus rather marginal, which can explode everything in its path as Attila the same boss, with bonuses of living in the key. Fun, but it does not replace being able to fly with a cape or tail of a raccoon, for example. The same applies to the blue shell that offers protection against enemy attacks, stooping, like the coat of brothers Marto in Mario 3. By accelerating, Mario runs like a shot in stunning all enemies on the way, but watch out for rebounds, which you can quickly send down a hole.

As for the Mini Mario, still smaller than the basic Mario, he is the sole authority to go into mini pipes, which often open to secret passageways. His weight does not allow him to crush the enemies except those who are its size (there), and inertia lunar him often plays tricks.  It is also the only transformation that allows Mario to walk on water … an old trick of mustachioed, apparently it.
Otherwise, the new Mario incorporates the principle of bulk red pieces, but also moving random brothers Marto on the world map, just to spice come early or mid-level.  sGift packages also wander from time to time for a nice little bonus. We finally find mushroom houses in some areas of the map, just to full of life or options before attacking a castle presumed dangerous.  That said, let’s be honest, Mario DS is not a problem at all fans of the first hour, those who triumphed handily in Lost Levels and boats cannon Mario 3.

Again, everything is a matter of dosage, and small deviations made agreements Mario, seemingly minor, completely upset the difficulty. In this episode, the slightest touch does not necessarily refer to the condition of small Mario, if our plumber friend was in bloom before being smashed by a bullet, he went back through the intermediate stage of Super Mario. Blasphemy, yes, since the number of rights to the error is twice as high … as the number of mushrooms per square meter. Obviously subject to a battery of intensive tests, the difficulty of the New Mario Bros.. Does not want to offend anybody, it’s a fact. Result, there is always a field to throw you to save the day when not a 1-up. A true proliferation.

Will be completed in five hours by the average player, that’s why he disappoint with its lack of challenge. Yet this is the 2D component provided in most levels, 80 in eight worlds, with a multitude of situations and settings at least as varied a Super Mario World. Moreover, to wring the shot at a false impression levels are slightly longer than before simply plugging Mario 3 to compare the (harsh) reality in our memories.  Simply, there is no real challenge, internships New Super Mario shipped much faster than they should. 

The transformation into Fire Mario, too powerful and frequent, can kill almost all enemies without even having to jump a height, monsters insensitive as beetles and moray eels are rare. In the first Mario 2D, the less Brother Marto represented a real threat, no margin of error was allowed, he should not miss. With this new Mario DS, it was mostly the impression that he was placed hair cell to the right place to eat his fireball, even before he could make the slightest movement.

All that might seem incidental, because zapped at high speed, then find a way, at least one utility. The blue shell to unlock galleries of tiny bricks, mini Mario and stratospheric leaps to bounce off the walls and reach the pipes off, hidden switches to penetrate the secrets of Ghost House, access to hidden worlds 4 and 7 , barred from the start … as we discover the secret passages, sometimes unsuspected, the level design of this Mario, questionable early hours, shows the height of his illustrious seniors. 

That is to say brilliant. Without falling into the trap of "any evidence" to Princess Peach, with its exclamation points too much talking, that New Mario has also been designed to make research challenging nor too easy or too razor. As each star will be displayed on the screen below in a specific order, that his appearance in the level, the player always knows roughly what perimeter search the missing piece. And everything becomes a potential index of block strangely alone Paratroops flying alone, probably waiting for someone to bounce it. It’s already a good point that.
Mario DS also surprise on the side of multi. So we expected a stupid duel in the race as Sonic, as the first presentation E3 suggested, we are facing a real mini-game full of vice and carrot, playable course in a multi cartridge. The aim of the Mario vs. Luigi mode is simple: our brothers are both plumbers on a small level that the infinity loop (five choices), ready to fight to catch the required number of stars (3, 5 or 10). The stars appear randomly at different places in the playing area, just take a look at the lower screen to locate on the radar if necessary. 

sWhere the idea becomes powerful is that it is possible to attempt a mile and dirt to steal the stars of the opponent. He bounced over, of course, but also the distance shot with fireballs, or darken over her star or shell, and so on. It is even possible in the underground level of hiding at the top of the screen to better snipe an opponent. Exhilarating.

As the levels were designed with vice, they also reserve their share of surprises, the classic, herbal piranha, holes in walls and grinders. Barriers which not only kill, but the stars are away. A counter is also present to offer a random item every eight rooms, without needing to type a block. The number of lives available early in the game, and the number of victories required is for players to fix the situation. The result is a game truly great fendard, against all odds, to the point of regret that there are not two or three more courses, even a game four. In game four, he will happily issue for other mini-games, which are mostly the same as Super Mario 64 DS, but playable with four multi cartridge this time, in addition to the solo. Their probative use the touch screen is more to do, and as the mode to play in small compete, with distribution points like a party game, interest is soaring.



Cheats, Tips and Hints

List of Levels in the Game :

World 1

  1. Livin’ Large – The mega mushroom transforms Mario into an impressive behemoth who obliterates every enemy or obstacles in his path.
  2. Start Coin
    Three star coins are hidden within each level. Once found, they go into your inventory.
  3. Mini Mario – This map consist of a mini pipe which is only accessible to Mini Mario. This pipe leads to hidden Star Coin.
  4. Under The Sea – In this Mario find himself in an underwater world  that scrolls automatically. Luckily, Koopa Mario is an excellent swimmer.
  5. Wall Jump – This is World 1 Castel level. Mario uses his Wall jump technique to reach an exclusive star coin.

World 2

  1. Pokey Patrol – Mario can’t stomp on Pokeys, but Fire Mario can destroy them easily. Just aim the head.
  2. Underground Oasis –  Leave it to Mario to find a sewer in the middle of the desert. In the World 2-3 Mario must raise the water level to go out.
  3. Elusive Exit – It would be easy to go down the green pipe. But where the pipe lead. Koopa will help.
  4. Moving the Earth – Mario can perform higher jumps and flat earth to get unreachable items.
  5. Rotation Platforms – Mario finds series of rotating platforms in the World 2 Tower.
  6. World 3
  7. Cheep-Chomp – The cheep-chomp is very hungry. This purple species is ready and ready to hunt your down.
  8. Skeeter – This pesky critters are formidable foes if you fall in water.
  9. A Plumber’s Dream – Pipes world.
  10. Big Bad Boss – A tough level.
  11. Mad Dash – Mario could patiently passed between this mad pillars.

World 4

  1. 1 up 
  2. Nice Fishy 
  3. Boo
  4. Bob- omb Barrage
  5. Dorrie Ride

World 5

  1. Keep it Rollin’
  2. Fungus Fun
  3. Broozer
  4. In the Ghost house
  5. Incline Slide

World 6

  1. Bullet bounce
  2. Lakitu
  3. Conveyor Confusion
  4. Underwater Whirlpool
  5. Slippery Surfaces
  6. Power ups –
  7. Mega Mushroom
  8. Mini Mushroom
  9. Koopa Shell
  10. Fire Flower
  11. Star Man

Game Cheats

Play as Luigi –

On the screen to select files, scroll to a file, hold down L + R pressed A and then you can play with Luigi in 1 player mode.

Unlock Worlds –

  • Access to world 4: Kill the boss in the last castle of World 2 with Mini Mario to enter the world 4.
  • Access to world 5: Take the secret passage in the middle of round the world 1 level. Take the secret passage in the world 2-A.
  • Access to world 6: Take the secret passage in the house ghost of the world 3.
  • Access to the world 7: Take the secret passage in the house ghost of the world 4. Kill the boss in the last castle of World 5 with Mini Mario to finally enter the world 7.
  • Access to world 8: Take the secret passage in the house ghost of the world 5. Beat the boss in the last castle of World 6 with Mega Mario is to unlock the world 8

Secret Exit

  1. Secret exit in World 7-4 : To locate this exit, you must first provide yourself with a mini mushroom (store it if possible). Go to the middle level and just be sure to get into the top left of the screen. You will see a block "? "Driving. Turn you into Mini Mario and jump on that block. It will normally stop. Then jump into a small hole in the brick wall. Make a jump on the opposite wall to get on the top left of the wall. Continue and you will see a mini pipe that only Mini Mario can go.
  2. Secret exit in World 7-5 : Just before arriving at the giant beast, you’ll see a pipe covered by blocks. Use the Bob-ombs to destroy the blocks and enter the pipe.
  3. Secret exit in World 7-6 : After reaching half the level, you’ll arrive in an area with 2 rows of blocks. You must be big (not mega). Break the middle block of the top row, then the third block of the bottom row. A vine will appear. Climb up and you reach the exit.

The Warps

  1. Warp World 1 to 5 : Go into the tower of the World 1 with a blue shell. Go to the first pipe that you eject into the air. When you descend, take the golden door. There will then open platforms moving randomly. On the right there is a hole that always keeps the same space. Go there and you will see 3 blocks. Use the blue shell and destroyed, and the next 3. Keep right and you will see a gun that will propel you directly to the world 5.
  2. Warp the world from 2 to 5 : In the secret stage 2-A, towards the end, there is a last trampoline that allows you to access the last coin star. Instead you let fall normally, repeat the jump and get completely right. Jump on the turtle red you see on the last platform, at the end of your descent, to jump a little higher to reach another platform with a pipe in a small alcove. Take the tube to enter the world 5.
  3. Warp World 5 to 8 : Enter in the house ghost world 5 and take a mushroom hidden in a block. Climb the stairs to a place where there are 3 blocks on the left of the screen. Climb it and jump to reveal 3 invisible blocks. Make a jump on the wall next to climb on these 3 blocks. Place yourself in the middle and jump a block with a vine will appear. Climb up and take the door. Kill the 2 pumpkins and stay right in the middle because the platforms will tremble. You risk nothing if you stay in the middle. When they reached the top, exit and jump on the flag. A path will open to enter the canon that will propel you to the world 8.

New patterns of substance


  • Finish the game, then again the world 1. You will see a new blue Toad house. The funds are inside. They can be purchased. The 5th and final bottom is reached once the stars recovered 20 pieces, all courses completed and all outputs secret discoveries.

Some Tips for beginners –   

  1. Bonus unlimited in the house Toad : Finish the entire game (including bonus levels letter). Restart the game and the home of Toad not go more after the bonus.
  2. Toad Houses : Finish the course with a time ending in 11, 22 or 33 for a red house with bonuses.
    Finish the course with a time ending in 44, 55 or 66 for a green house with a mini game to earn lives. Finish the course with a time ending in 77, 88 or 99 for an orange house with a mega mushroom.
  3. Save anywhere : You must finish the game to have that option

  4. Icons stars : Finish the game to see a star icon next to your backup file. Finish the entire game, with all stages and worlds and secret exits to see a 2nd star. Spend all the parts out of the game for a 3rd star.

  5. Extra Life : Collect 100 pieces.

  6. Infinite Lives : In world 2-4, must reach the end level. On reaching the staircase positioned at the third step from the bottom, he must succeed in jumping right until the turtle reaches the march. If this maneuver does not work from the first repeat, returning back to do re-appear again the tortoise. It is a nod to the original Super Mario Bros..

  7. Around the World 7-5, throw a blue shell between the two guns to get an extra life every 4 seconds.

  8. Screen credits for touch screen credits to move the letters and sounds make the game

  9. Easily beat the bosses of the world 8 : All you need is a mega mushroom stock. Once before the boss, take it and go for it directly on them to beat them.

  10. See dance enemies : Some enemies (not bosses, not bullets or flying enemies) dance when the choir sings in the background music.

  11. Hall boss vacuum : In the castle of World 6, be sure to have a mega mushroom stock. Take to the boss (the one with the tank). When the mole is ejected, and jump over the tank explode. The key will not appear and the time elapse. The room is empty and it only remains to repeat …

  12. Complete each level with all the parts to unlock the Stars boxes Items fly.

  13. World 4: Defeat the boss of World 2 Castle with Mini Mario.

  14. World 7: Defeat the boss of World 5 Castle with Mini Mario.


Unlock Mushroom Houses:

  1. The Mushroom House appear on Map according to the clock at the end of the level.
  2. Orange Mushroom House – Mega Mushroom: Finish a level with a time of 77, 88 or 99.
  3. Red Mushroom House – Items: Finish a level with a time at 11, 22 or 33.
  4. Green House Mushroom – Life: Finish a level with a time at 44, 55 or 66.

Unlock Theme and Fireworks moose Mario Bros:

  • Finish a level with a time at 11, 22, 33 or 44.

Unlock 1 Life at the end of levels:

  • If you can touch the top of the flag to a level you get an extra life.

Unlock the Stars on the backup file:

  • 1 Star: Beat the game 1 time.
  • 2 Stars: Beat the game 2 times.
  • 3 Stars: Complete the game by collecting all the Star Coins and using them all.

Unlock the Secret Challenge Mode:

  • Put the game on Pause in being on the screen Map and made the following manipulation L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y. You can not then go back through the levels. You must have finished the game the first time that the code works.

Positive points :

Many secrets to discover
The taste of the old with something new
A multi wickedly fun    

Negative points :
Very short, very easy
The triple jump is not used
The principle of safeguarding may irritate
New bonus more or less useful
Challenge annex more interesting than the main quest


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