Pokemon Rumble Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

The Pokemon Rumble has good style graphics rather special, Nintendo Japan announced the game Melee! Pokemon Scramble! Of its platform for online download WiiWare on the home console of the firm. Developed by the studios Ambrell, the same who had developed My Pokemon Ranch, this game seems to retain the style of its big brother, however, to differ with the emergence of new gameplay elements.

The interest of the title will indeed be totally different from what we could discover with the Pokemon license until now, the style is closer to the beat them all as the RPG or action / adventure.  It is through hordes of enemies that you must fight to continue your journey.
Another mode called Battle Royal, where you will achieve the same kind of games in a closed arena. You unlock progressively as fighting other Pokemon  and collect coins that allow you to unlock others, but also to buy new technology.  It is clear that the game will be playable up to four simultaneously.

Hundreds of dogs and their Pokemon,  battle royal fight until the last one animal remains .  Pokemon’s dream is to become champion. We beat the strong competition, aim at the strongest champion!

You therefore embodies a Pokemon,  like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for example, which occurs this time as a toy to reload with a key, like an old toy articulated. These Pokemon can be imported from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum (and certainly the remakes of Gold and Silver), some of whom may be stored in the Wiimote, like the Miis, and it ‘s often overlooked, it also has a flash memory.



In fact, Pokemon Scramble points a game dating to last year, in the Pokemon Ranch. It is inspired mainly about the looks, deliberately minimalist, with small angular characters in 2D, built like origami, and adopting a touch "Mii".  Different Pokemon represented confront in a circular arena, with natural levels and different powers, the legendary forms of Boss and even some brilliant  Pokemon on occasion. Different Monsters move by bumping each other, being operated by a "virtual" retro-friction, like small cars. The game of course has no desire to expose a complete Pokédex on the front of the stage, since only a handful of Pokemon are citizenship, curiously, mostly first-and fourth generation.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon level offered its first episode in 3D! Starting, three episodes of the series are available on WiiWare,  the system for downloading games on the Wii. The alternatives available are: Fire, Light and Storm.  Again, these are the elements that are honored with their lots of differences between each episode.  The gamble to move to 3D is daring but still good, since the principles of the original series are here. One version exclusive Pokemon are available to form different teams per episode.

Another innovation is the game takes advantage of the WiiConnect24 system, which allows exchange of letters (a bit like e-mail) on the Internet, personalized. Through the same system, it is possible to obtain information regarding the capture of the rarest Pokemon, including Mew.

These different mini-games that are the thematic essence of the title unfolds in a universe made of unpublished various attractions such as the "Air Race", each of these attractions is easier to understand with any specific type of Pokemon and this Course Air is for example the strings of the type of  Volume. Happiness Pokemon conditions are  exclusive of changes in some of them in the RPG (Togepi into Togetic, for example) would be a priori part of the concept of the game, by the derivative term of "friendship"; quality friendship uniting the Pokemon Trainer’s improving their respective performances in the game in shading, is the notion of "PokePark" which is reminiscent of, literally, the amusement park real that Nintendo bestiary was dedicated to Pokemon in 2005, notably during the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. An unprecedented world also, finally, on a graph, since even if they are in 3D, imaging common date used in My Pokemon  Ranch,  and Rumble, respectively, will not be renewed for the benefit of a graphic model certainly simplistic – nothing can prove it formally, but many think, experience – but less well in the new form.


Cheats, Tips and Hints –

User this codes to get your Favorite Pokemon.

Bibarel   9236-7400
Bidar 9236-7400 
Bippa  1770-0982 
Boo Byrne  5958-6223 
Bronzong  8379-5196 
Bull Electric  3111-7449 
Cailliau  3376-0940 
Castorno  9236-7400
Ceriflor  1923-1298
Charizard  9600-4319 
Cherimu  1923-1298 
Dainozu  9986-3607 
Evoli 5873-1954
Feunard –   1923-1298
Gaburiasu  1824-8991 
Giratina  3421-4198 
Gombe  Exhibit! 
Gureishia  8473-9946 
Gyarados  6750-2839 
Hikozaru  0331-4118 
Jibakoiru  6106-1639 
Kabarudon  2219-8658 
Kabigon  2405-3396 
Kiss splinter  9266-8795 
Luke Rio  9721-3750 
Manyura 9965-2344 
Mew  6614-0248 
Ninetales  6295-6406 
Parasekuto  7653-3521 
Phyllali  7702-2229
Pikachu  2110-9011 
Rattata 3884-9402
Rejigigasu  0752-0878 
Rifia  7702-2229 
Rotom   9966-1569
Shaymin  7837-7094 
Tarinorme  9986-3607
Thunder 8106-8836 
Tom Roberts  9966-1569 
Vaporeon 9338-1684 
Zapdos  8106-8836

Tips for Beginners –

Step1 —

  • In order to participate in the Battle Royal you needed more than a Pokemon with a certain strength. In Battle Royal before heading go to a variety of friends gather  out looking for a stage!
    When you get off the stage,  hot battle begins.  Move freely to their Pokemon,  topple the enemy in a variety of techniques.
  • And for fighting with the enemy,  you’ll have to bring down the enemy.  Pokemon is down,  as they’re playing with friends is whopping.  Pushing down makes more and more powerful Pokemon attack.  
  • Pokemon  is down and then defeat the enemy,  this is like money in the world.  This P is "terminal" and when and where the solicitation of friends,  so you will be able to pick up the a new pokemon and find the moves!

  • At the end of stage boss is waiting!  Diver missing a powerful moves, and work hard.  Also if you are lucky fellow then you can gain something.


Step 2


  • In order to participate in the Battle Royal it is needed that a Pokemon must have certain strength.  In Battle Royal before heading go to a variety of friends gather  out looking for a stage!

  • When you get off the stage,  hot battle begins.  Move freely to their Pokemon,  topple the enemy in a variety of techniques.


Step 3

  • And win the battle royal, I’ll can go to the next grade. Aim at greater heights in the new grade.
  • The terminal, – watchword can allow you to to recruit friends with.  This "watchword" in the use of, and usually it can be a rare Pokemon to their friends and peers!
  • The Terminal  –  "Unidentified recruiting puts  the input screen shown on the right hand "slogan" When you enter,  you’ll have a friend who came out of the Pokemon
  • Terminal has the facility for you to break up with fellow Pokemon.  And leave here with their particular Pokemon, P together with the "ticket" There is to be issued. By using this, also Dekirurashii their fellow legendary Pokemon whopping visionary! !
  • Continue to fellow Pokemon and, in rare cases "and as" There is a Pokemon that appear. These Pokemon, but I have special powers. [speed and quickness u] , HP to recover naturally 』to『 Riyu omniscience and type is varied.
  • Pokemon and his friends are in the terminal stages, there seems to be that rare and usually featuring different colored Pokemon. Probability of occurrence is rare Pokemon in a different color, so very low, I’ll take care of you find!
  • The terminal, and fellow recruit, you can check the records to play. Firm to prepare before heading to the stage and battle royal.
  • Visit the peers when looking for here. In addition to recruitment of P using the "speech Ai" or "ticket" to use, it can also be a special Pokemon friends.
  • To break up with more friends. Friend broke up the "every souvenir" makes going to place. Conditions and also can be a special friend 『Pokemon ticket sometimes it’s the will to.
  • Using P, and I’ll learn the moves can be. The types of moves will be remembered by increasing grade of P will require many more!
  • Wii I’ll be here to carry the Pokemon in the remote control. Wii at a friend’s house, let’s play with your favorite Pokemon!
  • When playing with your friend here! Friends and colleagues gathered to help us, to challenge the Battle Royal!
  • When you want to see Pokemon Pokemon and colleagues found that here! You caught a fish or something?
  • The game can be recorded and seen.

Terminal  "Asobu – Allows  four people can play simultaneously.  From another Wii, Wii and put the remote control and choose favorite Pokemon, I’ll play you will be able to help!

  1. Terminal  "Unidentified recruiting " – This  will introduce you to how to get tickets to their fellow Pokemon. To get their tickets and left some Pokemon, and it must satisfy certain conditions.
  2. Here "Dialga" "Thunder" "Gyarados" I will introduce you to how to get tickets to his friends, may be possible to obtain another ticket to find out the laws! ?
  3. Media  Wakareru King –  Let’s break up with five carp in the fish! Magikarp their "every souvenir" I’m going to put me to Gyaradosuchiketto as!
  4. Win the battle royal to become more intense at higher the grade is raised, it is important to use both a few powerful moves. Here are the moves I’m going to introduce a convenient and highly recommended.
  5. Other moves are also presented here, we’ll go in favor of the various battle royal to try. Battle of two and find your own way the work of two different brands, but the battle will be more fun! !
  6. And activate the moves, it moves us very convenient to automatically follow the enemy. To reach the enemy away, it’s possible to unilaterally attack moves out of the position of the enemy!

Appropriate moves

  • Self-centering, which moves to extend the widely spread. Many high power that can wipe out the enemy and is surrounded by the enemy had time!

Large characters, electrical discharge, and self-confidence

  1. Charizard : large characters

  2. Pachirisu : electrical discharge

Moves :

  1. I bolts until 10, works belongs to petal, and Iron Tail

  2. Such as Pikachu with a clean hit is a high probability of getting a critical.

Then of course, the bottom of the game remains the same: our hero travels this time the world map and hundreds of creatures with some that appear at a certain time of day (divided into three parts: morning, afternoon, night), others are male or female (reproduction possible) and it identifies in the game .  Firstly on a technical level, the game finally offers good graphics . Just take a look on the Game Boy Color versions to see what progress has been made.


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