Left 4 Dead 2 Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

From Valve (the creators of Counter-Strike, Half-Life and more) comes Left 4 Dead, a new kind of action game for the PC and Xbox 360 that features single player, co-op and multiplayer game modes. Set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, L4D offers four expansive "movie campaigns" that challenge you and your fellow survivors to battle thousands of swarming zombies as you travel across the rooftops of an abandoned metropolis, through rural ghost towns and pitch-black forests. In addition to the movie campaigns, Left 4 Dead features a Versus mode that allows you to play as the Boss Zombies.

New technology dubbed "the AI Director" is used to generate a unique gameplay experience every time you play. The Director tailors the frequency and ferocity of the zombie attacks to your performance, adjusting pacing, special effects and audio on the fly. Left 4 Dead is due for worldwide release on the PC and Xbox 360 on November 18 in the US, and Nov 21 around the globe. A playable demo will be available November 11 on both platforms the world over.

Left 4 Dead 2 is characterized by a pace which only becomes higher and higher the further we advanced, and which rarely offers the same experience no matter how many times you’ve played the course before. The reason is "The Director" which is the invisible man behind controlling zombie attacks. As in the first game, he is the reason that kept the tension high all the time and prove here in chapter two his disgust by redeploying the strips here and there, if that’s what it takes to challenge.

Dynamically variable Left 4 Dead gameplay is so moved to a higher level where the system can procedurally to change weather conditions, the disposition of buildings and structures on the tract map, the enemy population and other phenomena in response to player behavior. The result is a unique gaming experience tailored to the taste and performance of the participants, totally different and satisfactory in every game.

Finally, the addition of new characters, zombie bosses, weapons and items,  is Left 4 Dead 2 significantly larger game than its predecessor, with more co-operative campaigns, multiple campaigns in Versus mode, more maps for the Survival mode.

"It’s not that we took the Expert Difficulty level and only his players a little more difficult," he said in the very beginning the discussion. "Realistic mode is you can play along with any of the four original difficulty."  The whole thing is a lie primarily in the right team communication and mutual assistance. Only together will have the chance to survive tough opponents, against whom nothing can do yourself. The new title adds to gaming style L4D fight near using subjects such as chainsaw, pelvis, ax or baseball bat. At the same time a 2.0 "directed by artificial intelligence."

A demo for the game "Left 4 Dead 2" is now released on PC and Xbox 360 to the members who have purchased a Gold subscription to Xbox Live. Other members must wait until the 10th November.
The popular Versus option from its predecessor, is naturally included again. All playing through the campaign again, but with the twist that the four human players are now zombies instead. To the apartment are a bunch of new zombies to play as, here in among the poison spitting "Spit", the violent "Charger" and the dramatic Jockey. The roles of the extinct is cooperation more important, even more so than usual, not least because there is not much more than a projectile to transform one into a puddle on the floor. Most importantly, it is to know about all the different zombies specialties, and learn how to play them before you just rush the enemy.

When I take the role of the Spit, I propose, therefore, usually with a Jockey. Jockey can, with luck retain one of the survivors, while I as a splinter can send a send a puddle of poison into the area where the jockey holds him. That means a quick end to any team of four people.

Gears of War 2 Horde and had Halo 3: odst had Firefighter,  therefore,  it is also quite natural to Left 4 Dead 2 has its own flavor and it’s called Survival. The goal is the same: to defend themselves as long as possible against endless hordes of enemies. However, it is also room for a new multiplayer option called "Scavenger", and here the survivors carry petrol cans out to fill a generator up and keep it running. My clear favorite among the news is "realism", an additional opportunity to campaign for all the toughest players, with the main gun is the way to survive, and where any help is peeled off.

Valves robust successor to build on a wonderful concept, and do it brilliantly. All of you are working at full stretch, and therefore is Left 4 Dead 2 is always interesting – and always insanely funny. There are more undead, more weapons and more cooperative joy than ever before. And therefore it is the perfect medicine for four zombie-sick players.

The Story :

The infection has spread to the whole country and the only medicine available is hot lead.  Lead in bullets from a shotgun, an automatic rifle from a sniper rifle,  some SMG’ere and pistols of various colors and shapes.  There is also Molotov cocktails,  pipe bombs,  grenade launchers,  chainsaws,  katana-sword,  fire axes,  frying pans and Electric Guitars,  to sit up when the hordes have to fight back.  I especially love the chain saw, as I’ve got a pretty close and delicate compared to when to cut into dead meat.

Predecessor’s weakest point is hence were fixed for in Left 4 Dead 2 is a totally different dimension. Even better, it will be when my four-man group, taking a break in a local weapons shop in the game’s first chapter Dead Center. Here we are mounting each of our laser weapons designed. We are rusting up.

Of the total of five matchless entertaining chapters, is my personal favorite Dark Carnival, which consists of an amusement park and the surrounding area. It is a place which, already after the first play-through, offers plenty of memorable moments. I think the discomfort over the gray witch we met in the love tunnel, which spread panic when we were chased by the 30 died in a rollercoaster, the black humor, as Ellis blows a handful of clowns in pieces, leaving the air red for several seconds.
A satisfactory detail is that the explosive zombie mass murder not only results in red blood clouds more. Physics engine is so been updated so it really looks carcasses, heads and arms flying in all directions. Actually it all works so well that I already have a bit sorry for those countries which will only get a censored version of the game to see it here are splatter entertainment at a high level.
Chaos is at all times totally, and actually reported it to Valve for the Xbox 360 version, reached the wall of how much they could push the console’s memory, because anarchy on the screen. In contrast to console players look forward to playing two at a console, because the developer has included a split-screen function.

Very effective in the fight, especially when it is covered with vomit Boomer, these toys were accompanied, however, a disadvantage in size since our version was to get rid of before using again our firearms . One can imagine that the willingness of developers to that level is to avoid a permanent replacement for the famous shot in the butt fucks these new toys oh so effective slashing to the zombie. The presence of incendiary munitions (limited) to certain locations will also spice up the atmosphere, even if it has seemed a bit less efficient (but more controlled) than our old firebombs. Whatever happens, the arsonists will be more cautious in Left 4 Dead 2 since we talked about zombies equipped with fireproof suits Hazmat.

A note in passing that our friends the undead have become a bit more brittle between the two games, and it is now possible to extract the face or dismember a little more methodically than late last year . Later specifications, Left 4 Dead 2 have five campaigns unpublished playable from the outset in all three modes existing relief (Coop, Versus and Survival) and a multiplayer mode yet unpublished kept locked. In addition to the Charger, will host the bestiary visibly at least two new "special zombies" and yet we were promised at least 20 new side weapons / items. As for the AI Director, it would also be improved in this sequel to that certain passages of the game cards can be changed in their architecture / accessibility from one party to another. All this is very nice in the abstract, but when you see the size and content of updates free of a certain FPS Multi developed by the same studio, one wonders just why they should pay the price hard for a suite that looks more like a DLC than anything else so far.

Characters :

Louis – Louis had been working up the courage to quit his job as Junior Systems Analyst at his company’s IT department when a virus showed up and downsized the world. Now Louis has a new set of goals (live long enough to succeed) and a new set of tools (guns, sharp objects) to help him achieve them. With any luck, he’ll figure out how the new management operates before they get a chance to murder him.

Francis – Cocky, loud, and pretty sure he’s indestructible, Francis acts like the zombie apocalypse is the world’s biggest bar fight. When the virus hit, everybody else stockpiled food and looked for a place to hide. Francis found a gun and had some fun. No cops, no laws, no order—if it wasn’t for all the zombies, he could almost get used to life like this.

Zoey – After spending her first semester holed up in a dorm room watching old horror movies, Zoey was given a choice: Stop fooling around and get her grades up, or drop out. Now that the planet’s overrun with murderous zombies, and all of her professors are dead, Zoey at least has the cold comfort that she’s been studying up on the right subject after all.

Bill – It took two eventful tours in Vietnam, a handful of medals, a knee full of shrapnel, and an honorable discharge before the unthinkable happened: Bill ran out of wars. But now an army of infected undead has declared war on humanity. After decades of aimless drifting and dead-end jobs, Bill’s finally gotten back the only thing he ever wanted: an enemy to fight.

The Infected :

The Horde – Meet the zombie horde: eerily fast, sensitive to loud noises and movement, and able to attack in ravenous waves. They might not notice you right away, but when they do, watch out they’re fast, and it won’t take long for them to close the distance.

The Witch – Witches only want to be left alone so they can enjoy a good cry. They hate flashlights and loud noises, but what they hate more than anything is being shot at. If you hear the Witch’s tell tale sobs, turn off your flashlights and try to sneak around her. If she starts to get angry, her growl will let you know she’s close to attacking.

The Boomer – The fat, slow Boomer vomits a thick bile with two side effects: It blinds Survivors, and it attracts hordes of Infected. When Boomers are killed, they explode, showering bile on anyone nearby. Get close to Survivors when attacking. Even if you miss, they might not.

The Smoker – Smokers work best from an out-of-sight vantage point. Ensnaring Survivors from rooftops leaves them helpless and hanging—perfect targets for a pounce or vomit attack from a teammate.

The Hunter – Hunters are a mutated breed of zombie—faster, fiercer and far more dangerous than common Infected. Keep your ears perked—a shriek from the darkness means a Hunter is near, and ready to pounce in for the kill.

The Tank – Mutated through infection, the Tank’s only strategy is brute force. Find the Survivors. Pummel them to death. Repeat. Healthy Survivors can run slightly faster than you. Try to trap them in tight areas, or use a thrown chunk of concrete to stun them.

Campaign :

No Mercy – The No Mercy campaign finds you on the rooftop of an obliterated apartment complex, deep in the heart of the once-thriving metropolis of Fairfield—now completely overrun with hordes of Infected. A voice from a bullhorn calls out from a rescue helicopter: Get to the roof of nearby Mercy Hospital and be airlifted to safety. Even if it means shooting your way through narrow alleys, open sewers and seething waves of zombies to get there.

Death Toll – Shoot, shove and sprint through a nightmare suburbia consumed by the Infected horde. The Death Toll campaign has your team of survivors making their way down a turnpike littered with abandoned cars to the nearby ghost town of Riverside—the site of a failed stand-off between the last of humanity and a limitless swarm of undead. Fight through the ruins of small town America to the waterfront nearby, where a rescue party can take you upriver to safety.

Dead Air – Guide your team of Survivors out of the downtown core of Newburg’s business district, through derelict office floors and still-inhabited cubicles, and out onto the runway of Metro International Airport, where the only thing standing between you and the last plane out of the city is a murderous army of the undead.

Blood Harvest – Zombies lurk behind every tree, over every hilltop and behind every shadow in this terrifying moonlit search for a rumored evacuation zone to the north: several acres of back-country farmland taken over by the military to get the last of humanity out of Ground Zero. Plunge through pitch-black forests, stumble blindly through fields of swaying corn, and take aim at the silhouettes leaping at you from the darkness—all towards finding a hold-out that might already have been abandoned to the horde.

L4D Cheats, Hints & Tips

Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 Trailer

A LOAD OF CONTRAST  Kill a Charger with a weapon to melee while he supported a target. 
ACID REFLEX  Kill a Spitter before she had time to spit.
ANTI-TANK  Kill a Tank using weapons of melee.
BOZO ON FIRE  Using Molotov cocktails, set fire to a clown’s head at least 10 infected joint. 
BULLDOZER  As a Charger, grab a survivor and hit it against the ground for 15 seconds. 
Burning COOLED  As a jockey, riding a survivor and take him into a puddle of acid Spitter. 
CAJUN raging  Finish the campaign Marais infected.
CL0WND  Kill 10 clowns.
COLLECTOR  Kill an infected each special type.
DESTRUCTION OF BRIDGES  Finish the campaign’s Parish.
ENEMIES CLOSER  Use all the weapons of melee to kill infected joint.
FASTER THAN DEATH  Revive 10 survivors brought ashore by the effects of adrenaline. 
FIRE AND FLAMES  Turn the heat to 50 infected common using incendiary rounds. 
FIRST RACING  As a jockey, riding a survivor for more than 12 seconds.
FORBIDDEN GAMES  Kill Jockey less than 2 seconds after he jumped on a survivor. 
FREE DWARF  Free Gnome Chompski carnival.
HEAD TO HEAD  Behead 200 infected with a weapon to melee.
HUNT Looters  Prevent the enemy team to recover any bottle at a party gathering mode. 
IN SADDLE  Ride survivors twice in one lifetime Jockey.
INTOUCHABLE  Defend yourself at the scene of the crash of the plane without suffering damage. 
KILLER INTIMATE  In Survival mode, get a coin using only weapons of melee
METEOROLOGIST  Finish the campaign torrential rain.
MIDNIGHT RIDER  Finish the campaign Dismal carnival.
MISSION AMPUTATION  Kill 15 Infected in a single shot grenade launcher.
MORE CRUEL LIFE  Complete campaign mode with the Expert mode enabled Realism. 
NO COMMON TRANSPORT  As a Charger, grab a survivor and take it from 25 yards.
OIL CRISIS  Make a survivor makes falling gasoline during overtime.
ONE FOR ALL  Deploy improved munitions and share it with your team. 
PACIFISM  Cross the candy and join the shelter without killing any Witch. 
PART OF HUNTING  Win a party gathering.
PERSONAL CHALLENGE  Complete all campaigns on Expert mode.
PRIVATE JET  As Spitter, touch each survivor with a single zone of acid
QUICK AS A MOUSTACHU  Prove you’re faster than Moustachio.
RAZZIA  Get 15 cans of gasoline in one part fashion collection.
SHORTAGE OF OIL  As infect special made to fall 25 drums of gasoline at the hands of your enemies.
SHOT OF JUICE  Revive 10 survivors died with the defibrillator.
SIPHONNEUR  Collect 100 cans of gasoline in collection mode.
STACKING TANK  Use a bomb bile against a tank.
Stealth  Cross the pound and join the shelter of the cemetery without raising an alarm. 
STRIKE  As a Charger, spill all members of the opposing team in a single charge. 
STRONG AS AN MOUSTACHU  Prove that you are stronger than Moustachio.
STRONG HAND  As Spitter, spit on surviving being strangled by a Smoker. 
SURVIVING AT ANY PRICE  Finish the Campaign Center of death.
TEAM SPIRIT  In Versus mode, leave the shelter for a teammate to revive him using defibrillators. 
THE CHAIN OF HOPE  Kill 100 infected joint using a chainsaw.
THE WEIGHT OF NUMBERS  Form a team and beat an opponent in versus mode or Collection 4 vs 4. 
THROUGH FLASH  Cross the bridge’s final in less than three minutes.
WAR FRONT  Finish a campaign using only weapons of melee.
WATER DISORDERS  Kill 10 muddy swamp while they are in water.
ZOMBIES SPOL  Recover 10 bottles of vomit on Boomer officers CEDA infected you killed. 

How to unlock all the Achievements of the game  :

A Helping Hand  Revive 50 survivors landed.
Country Doctor  Take care of 25 survivors with a care kit.
Pharmacist  Give pills to 10 Survivors.
Hands off my buddy  Protect a survivor of 50 attacks infected.
Stopped dead  Push a Hunter being pounce.
Crowned  Kill a Witch with a single shot in the head.
The Untouchables  No survivors have suffered damage after the rescue vehicle was contacted. 
Drag and Drop  Save a survivor of the language of a Smoker before he was injured. 
Who will live  You (or other survivor) must not suffer any injury after a Boomer you vomited it. 
The gun Survive an entire campaign using only pistols.
A breath of fresh air  Unleash a survivor trapped in a closet.
Anti-Hunter  Push a Hunter jumped on a survivor.
Not with the language!  Free yourself from a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue. 
No Smoking  Kill 10 Smokers who caught the survivors with their language. 
Fireworks  Burn down 101 infected.
Do Not Disturb  Sneak avoiding disturbing a single Witch throughout a campaign. 
Strong as a tank  Kill Tank alone.
The pen and the sword  Kill a Tank without it could harm a single survivor.
Safety First  Play an entire campaign with no survivors had been injured by a teammate. 
One person gives up!  Finish a season with 4 survivors still alive.
Indestructible  Finish a campaign without using a single kit to care for yourself
Hunter Witch  Kill a Witch without it could hurt a sole survivor.
All the slaughterhouse  Kill 1 000 infected with a machine gun up.
Pyrotechnics  Kill 30 Infected in a single explosion.
Zombie Genocide  Kill 53 595 infected.
Sacrifice  Treat a teammate when your own health is below 10.
Biped and proud of it  Finish a campaign without having been put ashore.
Psycho killer  Complete campaign mode Expert.
Invincible  Complete all campaigns on Expert mode.
Nothing special  Finish a campaign without any survivor is injured by a Special Infected. 
Burn the witch!  Burn down a Witch with a Molotov cocktail.
The Towering Inferno  Burn down a tank with a Molotov cocktail.
Dead on arrival  Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind.
Digestion  All survivors must complete a campaign without having to vomit on it. 
Salad brain  Make 100 shots in the head.
Clay Pigeon Shooting  Kill a Hunter in the head while he jumps.
Chief Medical Officer  Complete the campaign without thank you.
Rescue Mission  Leave a shelter to save a teammate to the ground and bring it inside safely. 
Du Rififi in town  Finish the Campaign Death Sentence.
Night Flight  Finish the campaign of air holes.
The fruit of the effort  Finish the campaign Bloody Harvest.
Cover  Save another Survivor from a Special Infected when he is down. 
Return to sender  Push a Boomer and then kill the person without splashing. 
Wildfire  Drag a survivor of 30 meters using your language Smoker. 
Heavy smoker  Strangled two Survivors in one life Smoker.
Day vomit  Vomit simultaneously on four survivors.
Double jump  Jump over two different Survivors in one life of Hunter.
All 4 Dead  Kill all four Survivors in one life of infected Special.
Total Destruction  Reach 5 000 dmg total on all your games played on special infected. 
At the slaughterhouse  Being infected, put down a survivor who entered and emerged from a shelter.


Left 4 Dead Walkthrough Guide

Cheats for Left 4 Dead :

Start the game – On the menu, go to Options and select Keyboard / Mouse.  A line "Enable developer console", select "Enabled".

Here, start the game during a game, press F12 to see the console (yes, all these manipulations to get there.)

In the field provided for that purpose, write.        sv_cheats 1

This will activate the cheat mode.

Then just enter :

Give X gives you the object X. X may be health, pistol, smg,  autoshotgun,  pipe_bomb  (the explosive) bombs.  You  may find : the console has an AutoComplete.  You’ll see other opportunities cheats appear gradually. 

Shoot zombies!  Control the infection are rampant in this game.  Play the different lanes along with your hold, both online and in your computer that faithfully follows you no matter what. A n outstanding multi-and single-player part just waiting on, to be slaughtered .  sv_cheats 1 must be on to the works .. not very many servers have it. otherwise you can always make your own.  sv_cheats 1 must be on to the works .. not very many servers have it. otherwise you can always make your own.

Here are the keys


give ammo: ok     This is the command Give but it is a little different because it allows for full ammunition. 
sv_infinite_ammo 1 Better than the unlimited ammunition, infinite ammunition. 

command changes the gameplay.  No need to micro-breaks to

recharge.  If you look at your chargers in use, you will see they do not 

move.  You can take all the time.  Especially handy if you’re a big fan of 

the shotgun,  super efficient near the front of a zombie but unfortunately a little clumsy to reload.  
noclip Fashion-pass walls. Mind you, I planted using it.
god 1 Do not forget the 1 if it does not work. Well, then, all team members suffer no harm. 
Immortality   Good
Get arms and money Impulse 101
Flight Mode   Fly
Fly through everything   Noclip
Enemies can not see you   Notarget
Turn off all bots to death   Bot_kill
Change course   Chang Level [track name]
Restart Round   SV_restart 1 or sv_restartround 1
Gravity   SV_gravity # (# is replaced with a digit eg 100).


Cheat List


z_spawn (Unknown) oak
boom want to build a pipe bomb where you stand. will drop a pipebomb in the center of the character ready to explode
director_force_panic_event For you into panic mode as a result of a great horde
director_panic_forever 1  Constant Panic mode
four / /  drop a Molotov in the center of the character lighting you on fire
give ammo Gives ammo
give auto_shotgun  Provides an auto shotgun
give first_aid_kit  Provides first aid
give gascan  Provides a petrol canister
give health  gives life
give hunting_rifle  Provides a hunting rifle
give oxygentank  Provides an oxygen bottle
give pain_pills  Provides pain style linde pills
give pipe_bomb  Provides a pipe bomb
give propanetank  Provides a propane
give shotgun  Gives a shotgun
give smg  Provides a smg
host_framerate 5  doing so you can run really fast
hunter_pz_claw_dmg 10
inferno_damage 40 / / Damage per second when getting Flamed
make molotov
make molotov  Provides a molotov
mat_luxels 1  do everything in blue checkers
mat_proxy 3  doing so mapped are green and usually constant
mat_wireframe 2  doing all mapped in wireframe
noclip  doing so you can fly over everything and can not get hurt
provide health
provide rifle  Gives a rifle
r_aspectratio 0.5  make so you can zoom in with all weapons like the AWP.
r_aspectratio 7  doing so it looks like you’re full
r_colorstaticprops 1 make the walls into a discotheque
r_drawothermodels 2  makes the models in wireframe
r_drawrenderboxes 1  doing some esp boxes around players
rescue_distance 4500
rescue_min_dead_time 60
survivor_extra_damage_ammo_factor 1 
survivor_walk_speed Replace  with a number, this will get you to move faster (you must hold SHIFT inside) 
sv_gravity 150  doing so you can jump high
These codes require that you are coughing   warp_all_survivors_here – For all the survivors to teleport to where your cursor points 
tongue_choke_damage_amount 10

warp_all_survivors_here / /  Warp all survivors to the player’s cursor
warp_all_survivors_to_battlefield  teleport all the survivors into kamppladesen. Wrap the urvivors to the Battlefield
warp_all_survivors_to_checkpoint  Warp all Survivors to the exit checkpoint, teleport all the survivors in front of a sikkerhedsrum
warp_all_survivors_to_finale  Warp all Survivors to the finals radio, teleport all the survivors to the last place
warp_far_survivor_here  teleport the survivors who are most distant to where your cursor points 
warp_far_survivor_here / /  Teleport the farthest away Survivor to your cursor position
warp_to_start_area  teleport to the place where a survivor will spawn
warp_to_start_area / /  Warp yourself to a survivor spawn area
z_acquire_far_range 2500
z_acquire_far_time 5
z_acquire_near_range 200
z_common_limit Replace with a number to make more zombies on the pitch
z_gun_damage 10 / / TODO Ttest this, think it controls Damage Done two zombies per bullet
z_hit_from_behind_factor 0 / / If a zombie hits you in the back, multiplier the Damage Done
z_mega_mob_size 50
z_mega_mob_spawn_min_interval 420
z_mob_spawn_max_interval_expert Replace with a figure to determine the minimum time period before a horde is coming 
z_mob_spawn_max_size Replace with a figure for determining the minimum size for a horde
z_mob_spawn_max_size 30
z_mob_spawn_min_interval_expert Replace with a figure to determine the minimum time period before a horde is coming 
z_mob_spawn_min_size Replace with a figure for determining the minimum size for a horde
z_must_wander 0
z_pounce_damage 5 / /  There’s a delay of 1 second where a teammate can knock it off and you do not take this damage 
z_spawn  Spawns a zombie where the cursor is
z_spawn aj will spawn one infected
z_spawn boomer  Spawn a booming where the cursor is
z_spawn Commonwealth
z_spawn hunter  Spawn a hunter where the cursor is
z_spawn mob Spawns a zombie horde where the cursor is
z_spawn smoker  Spawn a smoker where the cursor is
z_spawn tank  Spawn a tank where the cursor is
z_spawn witch
z_witch_damage 100

Minimum configuration needed:
Operating system: Windows 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP
Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
Memory: 1 GB for XP / 2GB for Vista
Graphics card: card compatible with DirectX 9, Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, Nvidia 6600 or higher
Hard Disk: 7.5 GB free disk space

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