Best software to start with Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest operating system by
Microsoft which is a part of series of Windows operating system. This
operating is system is designed for PC’s which comprises of Desktops,
Laptops, Netbooks, Tablet PC’s and the Media Center PC’s.  Windows 7
has fascinated a big part of users on its release. This seems similar
to Windows Vista.

Leaving the errors of past the latest version
displays more awareness for the user, powerful consistency and a
enjoyable environment. In the part of Hardware most of the drivers are
available and it also work much better on the latest hardware
configuration. The more latest system you have the better performance
you can drive from Windows 7. This also includes a Netbook in it. If
you are now using or thinking to Switch to Windows 7 then the software
part also carries out much concern. Which type of software to use, the
compatibility matters here.  The question comes in mind is that what
are the best free software by which you can take full advantage of
Windows 7.

Here you will discover the most top 10 free software for Windows  7.
This are software’s will provide you great help for the daily needs and
also replace the missing application which were more usable n Windows
Vista or Windows XP. This is a great start for finding out the new and
most essential features in a classic way. 

Going through this article you will get more
solution to get an effective virus prevention answer, nice archive
manager, an Email Client for your day to day solution, Video player,
full fledge Video Editing tool, a multi functional player and Disc
Burner service. This tools are mostly needed and many times gives out
more trouble.  I will also provide you a excellent choice between to
Browsers, which will not only help you to transfer your DATA from your
Current Windows Version, but also Install Windows 7 (Netbook) at a
great speed via bootable USB flash drive. Adopting this options will
give your great boost on Windows 7 platform.

Let’s begin with Protection and Security : -You can use
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) a free but powerful utility from
Microsoft which will definitely protect your Windows 7 from latest

1. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Before in later series of Windows7, installing
a third party Antivirus solution is highly recommended. It was
necessary to rely a third party tool to prevent your computer from
virus and safeguard your personal information & DATA in the same
hand. This was subjects to trolls.  A never ending fact which is occurs
mainly due to many security breaches. Windows is ruling the market of
operating system. There is a large number of users which work on
Windows. So it the primary target for most of the malware programs.
This does not include any security solutions available in the market.
Very few are prominent and give out expected results. Let’s take a
example of Avira AntiVir Personal Free edition. This antivirus
application is not fully compatible with Windows 7and gives out certain
issues. As compare to older solution by Microsoft like Windows Defender
in Vista, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is more appreciated. It
is a better solution which is designed to compete with latest License
copy. Now a Windows 7 owner has to rely less on third party solutions.
Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is available in both Windows 7 32
bit and 64 bit version. A value of money product. It also offers real
–time protection against the most latest spyware, virus, Trojan,
rootkits, etc. As the name tells you it comes free with Windows 7. It
is a essential and reliable tool. The resident scanner in Microsoft
Security Essentials (MSE) analyzes the activity of programs running in
the background with the downloading activity. The application monitors
the files downloaded from unsecure sites and attachments of a emails
also. Everything is then enhanced by regular & automatic updates in
various modes which gives out a satisfactory result on a system scan.
In case of detection qualification the application gives out
respectable results. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has a clean
and simple interface, but looks very immature. Although it does not
stands with the most licensed version of Antivirus tools in the current
market but the intention of Microsoft is to provide it users a free and
reliable security which fully meets the expectations of buyers.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) for Windows


2. Is there is a need of Changing the Browser of a Newly Installed Operating system ?

The answer is yes. Windows 7 offers you this option. The choices for your are Mozilla Firefox and Opera

In the starting of few weeks many has expected
a Windows 7 with free web browser. If not free but at least a
installation choice between many browsers. Finally the choice seems to
be contemporary at the moment. The new commercial version comes out
with Internet Explorer 8. However there is always choice of selecting a
different browser or un-installation of Internet Explorer 8. Seeing the
success  of Mozilla Firefox the competition has got new energy and many
new substitutes are offered. The first in the list apparently lies
Mozilla Firefox. This browser gives out more to the surfer. The main
advantage of this browser is the ability of adding up more additional
features or even customizing the current interface via many extensions,
make it popular. This fully satisfies the basic configuration of

The browser comprises of a fully
functional interface that gives different tabs, bookmarks, keyword
manifestation, anti phishing, customizable search engine, etc. This
helps Mozilla Firefox to meet and compete the latest web standards with
a very good level of security. The people you are much fanatic about
the customization will found many extensions in which some of are
greatly improved for the browser’s need.

At the end if talk about more options then there is only one and
excellent choice available. This refers to Opera browser. This browser
does not need extensions as what Mozilla Firefox needs. Because without
them it offers more unmatched range  of standard features. It is true
that Opera leads the way in many new innovations in surfboard like
mouse gesture, tabs, zooming options, scrolling, etc. The latest
version Opera 10 gives out a boost to facilitates more features which
make it more affordable. In the part of features Opera is always full
to neck.

It is integrated with content blocking tool,
Download manager with a BitTorrent support, web pages acceleration  for
faster loading by a special compression system that detects narrowband
connections, Email client (Widget), etc. All this features cannot be
useful to all at once we are grateful for the presence of such various
convenient features like custom style sheets for those who are visually
impaired. On the other hand Safar and Chrome are more market aggressive
while Opera remains yet to be revealed.


Download Opera

Download Firefox

3. Suitable Audio Player for Windows 7

AIMP2 is light, affordable & multifunctional tool.


Windows Media Player 12 with a built in library
manager (Default) cannot be overlooked in the matter of progress.
However the reputation is like and anti-pattern distinguish by too much
density.  You must be aware that is supports a low number of formats as
compare to the other tools. So this leaves Windows Media Player 12
behind in the competition. In case of video files I recommend you to
use a better and helping application for playing multimedia files. You
can here discover the excellent features of AIMP2.

AIMP2 is equipped with many features, it is
lightweight and fully customizable. This meets all the requirements of
a user. It completely supports many audio formats which include, MP3,
MPC,  MTM, WavPack, Speex, WAV, UMX and CDA. There are several options
on the Menu like Equalizer with 15 types of preloaded settings,
crossfade option for playback, rapid continuation of current song, the
audio playing speed, audio effects and component display. It also has a
inbuilt application which manages playlist and add up tracks
automatically from a device, search bar, tag editor, tabbed browser,
and of course the possibilities of creating and importing your favorite


The chapter does not ends here. You can listen
and record broadcast radio via internet. Convert the tracks from audio
CD to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV or you can simply register you songs  with an
integrated digital recorder.  The interface of AIMP2  turns out to be
fully customizable by downloading free skins from internet. For getting
your own look in AIMP2 you can also create skins via skin editor. This
allows you to edit and create new skins. It is a must get that type
software for Windows 7.

Download AIMP2

4. Windows Easy Transfer for transferring your data from current Windows System to Windows 7.

Windows Easy Transfer:

If you have decided to switch to Windows 7 then
this tools will be very helpful to you. But this strictly depends on
the Version of Windows you are using right now. Because at the same
time there is not opportunity  to update. Microsoft here does not
allows to upgrade files and settings from Windows 7 to Windows XP. The
only best solution for this is to take a back up the entire data and
perform complete re-installation of Windows 7. And then after that you
can get back your personal data on the new system.  This information
will be very helpful to your if you are spending on your Netbook to
upgrade from Windows 7 from Windows XP. Luckily Microsoft has already
planned for this. The Easy Transfer Wizard also offers to save
different user accounts which are created. You must run Windows 7 Easy
Transfer Wizard and select New Computer to restore your entire backup.

Download Windows Easy Transfer


5. More than Windows Movie Maker

Pinnacle VideoSpin

Windows Movie Maker is absent in Windows 7. It
certainly not the idle editing software but it still allows you to
render some sort of small services which is not worth investing.
Microsoft offers a new application on its place, Windows Live Movie
Maker. Apparently this software is encouraged by the lasts version of
iMovie that can be confused by its interface. This actually disturbs
some of the basic editing habits which includes a timeline ruler. For a
classic grip, VideoSpin Pinnacle is preferred. The developer of this
tools is popular for its famous Studio and VideoSpin which is simple
but has a enjoyable interface.


The annoying thing is that it is sometimes too
large. This regrets the compulsion of buying latest pack of codes to
export the videos in any format other than WMV. But it is possible here
to export videos to Youtube or YahooVideo. It is sufficient for those
who does not has a excessive need of editing.

Download Pinnacle VideoSpin

6. Managing your Archives in RAR, Zip, 7z, etc.

PeaZip :


Need of a good manager for archiving utilities
in Windows 7 lies just a click away. In this track there are more
competitors like the famous WinZip and WinRar, the two market leader in
their type of work and their serving for many years. In opposite to the
famous conviction, you can get more and excellent results with many
other free software’s in the market right now and specifically those
which belongs to a free world like 7-Zip. But as a starting tool for
Windows 7 I had chosen a new type of open-source solution called


PeaZip offers you a user friendly interface
with much better integration with the context Windows Menu. The
powerful compression utility allows you to manage your archives more
efficiently. In case of decompression and playback this tool supports a
tons of formats for example IP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, ISO, ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM,
DEB, RPM, JAR, UDF, XAR, XZ , LHA, DMG, etc. In case of compression you
can generate archives in 7Z, ZIP, ARC, BZ2, TGZ, PAQ, PEA, QUAD, TAR
and UPX. It is also possible here to generate multiple archives and
certainly the security module with powerful AES256 encryption,
Blowfish, twofish256 or Serpent256.

Download PeaZip

7. Flexible and Supple Email software in place of Outlook Express / Windows Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Either you choose Windows 7 or Windows Vista to
upgrade from Windows XP,  the new version of Windows does not have the
previously incorporated applications. This includes including Outlook
Express or Windows Mail for Vista.  To get a replacement you can get
the Windows Live Essentials suit. This consist of Windows Live Mail.
But we prefer  you Mozilla Thunderbird in this place. It is a free
Email Client software with multi-platform support which has proven its
standard over many years.

Even the software has not progress as fast as
compare to escort Mozilla Firefox, apparently it is getting prepared to
meet the consumers need with some better developments. This promises
the most interesting tabs management to view different types of files.
Others points are a customization theme support through multiple
extensions with integrated Personas, or indexing the messages more
easily.  If you prefer stability and functionality then this tools has
more than what you want. Like a tool to remove spam, a fully ,
customizable interface and the most important thing is a extension
support to get more add on features like Mozilla Firefox. Concisely, it
more than just replacing Outlook Express or Windows Mail, Thunderbird
is mail solution which is more than complete.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird

8. Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook via bootable USB.


Windows 7 is normally available in DVD version
for purchase, but an ISO image also meets the ever increasing growth of
Netbook without an optical drives support. So the question arises how
to install Windows 7 on Netbooks. One can be done by online upgrade and
the second by using a Bootable USB drive. This the most easiest way of
installing Windows 7 on a Netbook. Microsoft has also released a
dedicated tool for this purpose  which makes this task more easy. The
software defies the GPLv2 license illegally which indicates using the
source code of a free program called ImageMaster.

It is a free and portable WinToFlash service
which allows you to install Windows 7 with a USB device. The
sameoperation works on all earlier versions of Windows also like
Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. You can just simply
insert the Windows 7 bootable disc and then mount the disc image with a
Virtual CloneDrive. Here select Windows 7 and start the installation
process. Within a short span of time the utility will handles the
formatting of USB device and makes it bootable. This quickly transfers
the installation content in the disc.

WinToFlash download.

9. See any type of Video via a video player reference

VLC Media Player:

Windows Media Player 12 also suggest a
statement of bigger video files which are compatible among the new
features of the player. Second thing the player also want to give out
more in the terms of compatibility with respective to its formats like
the most popular videos on the web. This are continued to read by more
advanced Video player. Windows Media player is not enough for this.
Under such circumstances VLC Media player comes in mind. In case of
compatibility there are no worries if you are using this. It reads
almost all types of multimedia formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,
WMV, MOV, DivX, MKV, Xvid, FLV or AVI.  The interface of the tool is
simple, however managed  to improve itself from the version of 0.9 and
also offers a new video library support. This concluded that the most
users will get more advanced features including streaming of videos.
VLC is not just a video player it can also broadcast a video. This
options are not available in other tools . Though the simple look makes
it more attractive and useful.

Download VLC Media Player

10. Create CD /  DVD’s in Windows 7


From past operating system Microsoft has
offers many less features in burning category. In Windows 7 this has
become easier. To create a ISO image files simply right click on the
file and click on burn the disc image. This a asset of Windows 7 bit is
too limited to cope with the everyday need of burning solution. To fill
up this gap in Windows 7 you can use this excellent tool called IngBurn

As compare to other burning options
available for Windows right now this tool sis free for using and helps
out to generate CD / DVD in any format you want. The tool supports not
only ISO but also other formats like  BIN, IMG, LST, NRG, CCD, CDI,
CUE, PDI. Besides it can also create images formats to ISO, BIN, IMG
from saved records, file & folders. It is of course a simple
burning file to disc software which has also a full fledge menu. There
are many other options supported by this tool like disc checking, speed
testing, test mode, creating bootable ISO image file, etc. In short it
is a useful utility for Windows 7 which is a priority.  

Download Imgburn



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