Runaway A Twist of Fate walkthrough

Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a comic point-and-click adventure game and also the last part in the Runaway series. After the previous section in sunny Hawaii to have visited this part plays itself out in a more mature and urban areas. In the game you first drive both Brian and Gina, an important aspect in the story.

With Runaway: A Twist of Fate, Pendulo Studios pushes the genre’s limits and fills the gap between adventure game and animated movie.

The graphic engine behind Runaway has been entirely rethought and reprogrammed in order to take advantage of modern graphic cards. Now, shadows, dynamic lightning and smoothing effects ar used more efficiently and with more beautiful than ever graphics.

Each one the scenes where the action takes place has been hand-drawn from scratch: from outlines to sketches, from sketches to drawings and eventually from drawings to the computer, in very high resolution, where various effects are laid to set the mood, lightning and shadows. Finally, many 3D characters received a special treatment for each one of their scenes in order to help them naturally blend into the background.

More than 20 professional actors give their voices to the game’s large cast. There are literally hours of movie quality dialogs representing nearly 8,000 sentences during the adventure. Around 55 new pieces of music have been specially recorded for A Twist of Fate. Some them are new themes sung BY Vera Dominquez, ex-singer for the band Liquor, and whose vice mad sensation in the most adventure of Brian & Gina : Runaway a Road Adventure.


First Scene : Brian Basco is dead

After the burial ceremony, you take the loop from the grave wreath with and then go behind the crypt. After a brief conversation with Agatha follow her into the crypt. In the conversation you have the first opportunity to quit. Connect to an Agatha tools. These are located at the lower left side behind the base of the statue. Then go right down the stairs into the basement.  At the end of the tunnel, you can put the urn one and take the picture from the wall. Now exit the crypt again.

Go left to the cemetery entrance.  Take a Tool from here the scaffolding to the right of the gate and go back to the cemetery. You descend to the tour. Open the trunk of the Hearse,  and then you enter the chapel.  Here you define the Mat to the side and opening the door underneath.  Lift the glove of Ground and take the box of the ledge right above the picture.
Open the box and you will find a key with the can unlock the window bars.  Remove the collector from the space behind, the grille and pull the rope.  Back in the tour,  you will fill the glove at the well with water and then entered the garage to the Chapel.   Ask Luanne, why they are so busy and talk to her about the Installation instructions.  Offer it the guide to translate. Quit the conversation.

Put the glove in the fridge and pour the contents of the Urn in the wooden box.  Now use the urn to the glove & get out of the fridge. Take another one of the tools the anvil and then go back to the chapel. Here illuminate The book with a flashlight and then combine the Assembly instructions with the book.       Now go back to the cellar of the crypt. Here you keep to the polls and the hanging cables. Go behind the crypt and then ask.

You & Agatha lies in a translation of the assembly instructions.  Go then again behind the crypt and you try to insert the belt from the statue.  Rotate the statue from Columns and get support from the strap. The They now provide translation from the workshop at Luanne.  After when she  is gone, you can open the gate on the left side of the room and get more tool to insert. The Flex, you just stick to the collector and then go back into the crypt.

Look from the top to the basement and then attach a Leather straps at the angel.  Then go down the stairs to the basement and there further to the left to the tomb. Loosen the stone block in the center with a file and then bind the second leather strap on the block. Go back up the stairs and you look down from the top of the angel. Now with cutting the extended flex the steel cable at the head of the angel. Return to the Action get back into the upper floor back for another tool. With this tool, then hit the second wall in the basement.


Scene 2 :  The art of fleeing


Quit the conversation with Gabbo and go to 304th Room. Then look under the pillow of the right bed and walk towards the door until the Camera angle changes and you see the cabinets.  Attempt to open the door in the ceiling and then you talk with Marcello.  Ask him to climb through the door and then you talk to him about his performance with the imaginary box.  Ask him what was the imaginary box, and then they receive their own imaginary box.  Quit the conversation and leave the room.

Go back into the common room and enter it after the short sequence at once.  Take a tablet from the upper compartment of the cabinet and take besides a marker and the box with the clips from the shelf on the wall. I f you want to save me in the fourth chapter a walkway, you can even the garbage can outside the window of the room, rummaging sister. Now scroll down until the view changes. Enter one Hollister Sweet and you look at it then.  Now you can target Hollister “ Rancho Cuacamonga” write with the marker on the board.  Imagine now right next to Mr. Nice, so this geared his table.  Swap the two Panels and cut to the cutscene with the machete, the Straps from the bag.

Attach the clamps on the harness and go back rooms 304th Here you can view the harness and give it Marcello then the imaginary box. In room 300, the casino, you examine the scale and then put the weight.  Climb into the ventilation duct and a short return.  Then back into the hallway. Try to enter Room 305, talk the inmates on any subject and suggest during his Outburst against the weight of the radiator between rooms 303 and 304. Then return to the hall and take a look at the photo gallery. Paint your picture with Ernie the marker and get on later to create toolbox.

Scene 3 : A matching suicide

Take the gloves from the small cupboard next to the door and go down to change the view.  Take one of Cooking utensils from the rear corner and leave the hut by the rear output.  Walk out of here before the hut and get off at the bridge.  Now go right and you try to enter the shed.  Go cut your forest behind the hut, and cut one of the Herringbone with the wire cutters.
Enter the hut again and go up the stairs to find the to start a conversation with Bennett.  Ask him about the keys to the Scales.  Look under the kitchen and use the hook,  to fetch the key from the hole.  Use the spatula to get even with the envelope.  Then leave the house and enter the shed.  You can plug in cable and goggles.  Examine the envelope and the boxing gloves with goggles and enter the hut again. Sit in the chair to talk to Bennet. Talk.

You connect it to the hair and go up the stairs as soon as he disappeared.  Consider the trophy in the cabinet at the stairs and take the medallion itself. Examine the medallion and then move on to left on the floor.  Make an arrow from his quiver, and then plug also the arch.  Now click on the icon below right, in order to Bennet .  Switch and ask the officer whether he also believes Chapman had not Committed suicide.  Tell him that you are not from the FBI and but you have a friend at the FBI. They say, also a friend of Chapman, and you end the conversation first.

Let Gina go to the desk and use the phone to call Bennet. Give him Chapman’s nickname, Knuffelbar and then end the conversation.  Now switch back to Bennet and name the sheriff the right nickname.  After the cutscene,  you take the Starlights from Army box and go behind the hut. Here you use the key to the to open wells. Take the Starlights in the fountain, you tie the rope the arrow and shoot the arrow into the well. Examine the boots and then go back to the desk on the top floor of the hut.  Here connect the laptop to the power adapter and enter the password, hurricane a.

Scene 4 :  The unexpected allies

Talk with Gabbo on the tattoo and ask him for a suitable tool.  Then you can end the conversation.  If you have omitted in the second chapter to the trash rummage, you must now go into the common room, and this . catch up on. Now go to the casino (room 300) and use the copier. Insert the plastic tube and one, the drop in the poles right in the picture hangs. Then, climbing into the ventilation shaft and head out to Bennet Office.  However, they end up somewhere else first.

Take the small bowl of the pulley, the shackles of Right from the truck bed and some with medical instruments.  Go to Then into the swimming pool right in the picture. You lift the tube and set the forceps on.  With forceps pull a stick from the second hole from the left, with which you left  then the stretcher from the floor.  Now, you still wind the hose to the stretcher and leaving the room.

Now go directly to Bennett’s office. Disconnect the plastic tubing to the suction pump and suck it out of the coffee cup Bennet.  Proceed then to, belly of the beast. Put the candle into the bowl and then you put them briefly in the incinerator. Finely use the drawn tattoo Kurgan, and the machete to his to cut fingernails. Open the hatch in the middle of the room with the Iron bar, and then climb up the shaft.


Once at the top, place the shackles around the bars and twisting of the bar. On the roof, you must then only the Forceps applied to the cable.  Go behind the room divider to the left of the nurses’ station and you talk, Dr. Reset. "Give him some names and you say him, he looked tense.  Talk to him about his test and ask him to Neuroshockine XR. Help his memory with the words, clinical dead "and" electric shock "on the jumps.  Ask now for an Ernie Stun gun and give him the chips in return.

Scene 5 : Brian’s deconstruction

Go right to the top of the lane, and then climb the ladder up. There follows a series of video sequences. The first allows you to skip, if your knowledge about the story of Runaway 2 does not refresh want. Then you have to address each issue one time to move forward.  Finally, you take control of Colonel Kordsmeier.  Open the capsule in Brian’s hands and then plug the hand grenade into it. Then leave the tent and talk to O’Connor about his mission until he mentioned the glue and then eventually confiscate his glue.


End the call and take a coconut from the right Box on the back of the vehicle. Open the coconut with a knife, you shut the coconut with the adhesive O’Connor and enter the coconut. Enter the tent and go to the Desk.  Here you connect the USB to the laptop and use grenade then the radio.  Take the bucket, the iron and fill them in the bucket. Open the window and They rummage through the laundry basket. Ironing a message in the cloth and they just throw the juice out the window.

Scene 6 : The end draws is near

Take care of yourself first is not the leader, but you go into the alley back. Open the dumpster in the middle of the street and then go further to the left end of the alley. Here’s a hook hanging from the damaged Roller door, you insert. Now go left into the run-down.  Building. Where you plug in something a rubble and take even the.

Hammer of the barrier. Use the hook to the door of the crane to open. Brian automatically uses the crane to lift the metal plate. Rise Go down into the pit and you leave the site again. Lower the metal plate does not back down, you will be the open pit later need.   Leave the site again and go to the middle lane. Open the manhole cover with the hook and then go further to the right to top of the lane. Try again to climb the ladder.  Ask Tom if he has actually written films and offer him a their ideas to. If this Is it the story of runaway 1: A very simple type runs over a girl who is haunted by the Sandretti mafia.

Tell Tom and the rest of the story: you learn three transvestites to know who had lost in the desert. They come in an ancient village in the Wild West, which is inhabited by hippies and hackers. Then quit the Interview and take the elevator to the roof.  Take a look into the case and find a torch. Edit now look at the golden rooster on the roof and let him then with the welding torch.

Grasp the rope from the ground next to the role of shelf and a few things from the shelf. Drill with the tie pin holes in the cans and keep the doses to the cord. Now you need the whole thing just yet throw the laundry tray.

Scroll down to change the view. Pillaging the contents of the Cupboard and access even in the laundry wagon under the podium.  Climbing then up to the small window and put you where the flap book.  Well You go back to the big containers (change).  Use the phone and ask Gina to the iron. Finally, the node Cloth on the door to exit the basement.   Go left at the end of the street and ring the bell at the back door the restaurant. Ringing a second time, you ask the waiter, his to prove acting skills and you end the conversation. Ringing Now a third time and ask if the waiter, an Italian can imitate Mafioso.  Take yourself now in Toms, office and tell him you had a Buyer found for the screenplay.

Ask Tom then over the matter with the  Golden rooster say, the movie, A thousand ways: I love you "and the types  the screenplay has stolen from. Go back to the middle lane and then you will climb through the small window in the restaurant.  Try setting the Gockel exchange against the rubble, and edit the rubble then with a hammer.

After the cutscene, climbing back into the restaurant and steal you use the guest sleeps and take the money out of pocket.  Now rise again Tom’s office before the ladder, you enter the office but not yet. Place the notes on the handouts from the Pink Iguana, spray the trunk with the paint, put the fake pile of money in the suitcase and combine the bag with the container of chloroform on the table in front of Tom’s Office. Then enter the office. Now you just have to clear out of the way Fatzilla. Talk to him Simply and lure him to the site. If the pit is closed, You must, of course, before boarding the crane, and open the hole again.




Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a comic point-and-click adventure game and also the last part in the Runaway series. After the previous section in sunny Hawaii to have visited this part plays itself out in a more mature and urban areas. In the game you first drive both Brian and Gina, an important aspect in the story.

It is often said that the adventure game is on the decline, or even moribund. A close look, there’s nothing wrong because the titles of such number in the dozens each year, and some sticks in the mind. The first two episodes of Runaway, released respectively in 2003 and 2006, are in this case and it is therefore with some pleasure that we welcome today the third installment of the series. After examination, we realize that the recipe has not changed … And so much more!     

You will certainly understand, Runaway: A Twist of Fate part in the great tradition of adventure games, and therefore based on a very classic gameplay. The heroes that we control evolves screen fixed fixed screen, picks, or raises, objects to combine them or use them directly on certain parts of the scenery and talking to different characters in order to obtain useful information or unblock certain situations. The back and forth between different places are relatively numerous, but facilitated by the use of double-clicking, which not only out immediately with a screen, but also shorten trips in the same scene, the character is teleporting then one place to another in an elegant fade.


  1. how can i move the angel statu after i put on the lather belts atached againts the wall

    and how can we translete the book after we found a swedish guy … im kindah stuck here :o)

  2. I’ve gotten the first strap from the back of the Hearse, but how do I get the second one from the statue? “Rotate the statue from Columns and get support from the strap” didn’t really do much for me. I’ve attached the first strap to the ring in the cellar, and can’t get it loose. Am I doomed now or what?


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