Tony Hawk Ride Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

With Tony Hawk: Ride Activision are trying to win the skateboard-throne back from EA and the Skate series, but it is not made by sending the game as well as skateboard controller for all sorts of critics, so they can give their opinion.  

Earlier Tony Hawk games had extremely precise and complex combo systems for pulling off a wide variety of tricks, moves Ride condenses into a few different motions that are easy to confuse and often hard to pull off. Whether you’re a skater wannabe or the real deal, Tony Hawk: Ride’s imprecise attempt at blurring the line between virtual and actual skateboarding skating will leave you feeling slighted. In the end, it’s a cool experiment, but it quickly goes horribly wrong.

Do you also a true lover of skateboarding?  I am honestly not.  But the game of Tony Hawk, I always felt is very nice. I can still remember Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 got broken.   The latest edition of the venerable Tony Hawk skateboarding video game franchise slides across your carpet on a plastic skateboard in Tony Hawk: Ride.

Losing ground to EA’s Skate franchise, Activision tapped Robomodo developer to help take the Tony Hawk franchise in a whole new direction, ash wing standard controllers for a new plastic skateboard peripheral, attempt to bank on the success of peripheral-dependent titles like Guitar Hero. In Tony Hawk: Ride, players stand atop the included skateboard peripheral, tilting and raising the board to pull off tricks as high-tech sensors track the board’s movement.

It’s definitely a bold move, but as any skater can tell you, bold moves have a nasty habit of ending in a face-plant.

The Novelty: The concept behind Tony Hawk: Ride is certainly an intriguing one. A skateboarding game that uses a plastic skateboard controller had my attention from the moment it was first announced, and I have to admit that at first I was a charmed by the novelty of the whole thing. When you first get on the board and finish calibrating everything there are moments of giddy enjoyment. They fade quickly, but I’m giving Robomodo credit for at least trying.

The Board As An Object To Stand On: A plastic controller with delicate Innards that can handle close to 300 pounds or frustrated man jumping up and down on it without shattering into a million pieces is indeed a worthy piece of plastic. I’ve stopped doing less real skateboards.

The Board As A Game Controller: While it’s great for standing on and looking vaguely ridiculous, the Tony Hawk Ride controller falls short when it comes to actually controlling The Game.  At times it seems too sensitive, while other times it does not feel sensitive enough. In The Game’s "casual" difficulty, which guides you along on rails with Diverging paths, one does not have to worry about steering, instead focusing on performing tricks using a combination of tilting, lifting, and turning the board. At no point in the career mode Road Trip did I truly feel as if I were in control of what I was doing, attempt to do one thing and doing something completely different instead. I particularly had difficulty getting The Game to decide Whether it wanted to or manual.

Switching from "casual" to "confident" takes you off of the rails, giving you full control of your movement, which is great if you want to ride around in circles while the camera breaks. It takes a great deal of patience to master movement … unfortunately much more patience than I possess. Adjusting the sensitivity of the board helped, but not enough to make "confident" difficulty entertaining. It feels to me as if The Game was designed with casual play in mind, with not as much fine-tuning done for the more advanced modes.

Another point against the board that must be mentioned is the fact that while it features many of the controls of your standard Xbox 360 controller, many of them simply do not work at various points in The Game, requiring the use of a normal controller to Navigate menus. Why would you go to the trouble of adding all of those buttons if you could not use them? It makes no sense.

A Visual Throwback: While previous entries in the Tony Hawk series gift you interesting places to skate, ride’s levels are mainly linear, meaning that there is not much to see. The visuals are drab and Uninspired, which would not have been as much of an issue if the gameplay fell into place, but here we are. It’s a definite step backwards for the series, but the board probably will not register that step anyway.

Loading Time: The only thing worse than looking silly trying to control your skater as he or she speeds through the various courses in Ride is standing still for ridiculously long periods of time, staring at the loading screen. It does not help that between each new course or new challenge you not only have to wait while The Game loads but also indicate your riding stance (goofy or regular), over and over again. It’s more frustration on top of frustration, with a side of frustration.

Tampering  Skateboarding Is Not A Term: Little graphical and gameplay glitches abound in The Game. Oftentimes my skater would clip right through obstacles, or drop from seemingly solid ramps to the ground below. Furth Ring the feeling that The Game was designed with the casual on-rails gameplay in mind, the graphical hiccups Intensifying only when you take the training wheels off, not in the least aided by the aforementioned camera.

All The Small Things: On top of the big issues I’ve detailed here, there are a bunch of other nits I have to pick that did not warrant a full paragraph Hated on their own. Issues like tutorials that do not quite tutor, online multiplayer that consists of playing alone and comparing scores after the fact, and an overall lack of information provided in the menus and navigation.

It’s hard to care about unlocking new gear when The Game will not tell you what that gear is.

During one of my play sessions with Tony Hawk: Ride, my girlfriend looked up from her knitting and randomly said, "It’s a pity you can not play it with the regular controller. It looks fun." For me, that simple statement sums up everything that is wrong with The Game. Ride is a game built completely around a plastic skateboard controller that does not come close to getting the job done. Since the board is required to play, it drags everything else down with it-the integrity of the Tony Hawk franchise included.

Even for non skaters

As expected, it is to practice before the tricks on the board under your belt. Fortunately the game includes three difficulty levels, which is not an easy beginning skateboarder. In the lowest difficulty level, which was also playable on the Gamescom, the easier tricks to do. Think of an ollie, or other relatively easy moves.
You can move through just to the left or right leaning. A simple jump done by the front of your skateboard up to hopping, and everyone can do. With your foot next to the board to move, you move forward. You can also do grabs. To do this you simply touch the side of the skateboard. This relatively simple control after a few minutes to do good practice. For the difficult tricks you a little more to play

No new modes

The skateboard controller is really the only innovation in Tony Hawk: Ride. Modes like Create-a-Skater, the career mode and online mode were already incorporated in the previous games. It is a drawback of the offline multiplayer mode, this can only be played in turns. Online course, you can skate on the boards against each skate. Even the downhill mode is also back in the game. Here you will on a predetermined route, you cannot depart from it, the coolest tricks to do within as soon as possible.


Cheats, Tips and Hints :

  • 80 Quicksilver Level Unlock- It lies in the main menu under options and there under cheats.  Give it FEELINGEIGHTIES one and you will get free of the 80 Quicksilver level.
  • All Trophies :
  • Platinum Trophy  : Unlock all of the other trophies
  • Ready to Roll : Complete the Training Test Training in Street Challenge
  • Do not Be Nervous  – Unlock Tokyo Casual
  • Game Show Awaits  – Unlock Tokyo Confident
  • It’s Show Time  – Unlock Tokyo Hardcore
  • One Trick Pony – Venice Beach, Trick Session: Score 10,000 points in one combo
  • Grounded – LA River, Speed Session: Complete in under 1’30 without jumping
  • Manual Mover – Lower Wacker Drive, Speed Session: Complete in under 1’00 with 200 ft of Manuals
  • Monumental Task  – Loop Plaza, Challenge Session: Activate Signature moment during Challenge # 3
  • Speedster  – Central Park, Speed Session: Collect 60 seconds worth of time bubbles
  • Successful Matador  – Barcelona, Challenge Session: Complete all challenges without bailing
  • Highlight Reel  – Toledo, Trick Session: Total Score 20.000 points in the camera spots
  • Terminal Velocity  – Frankfurt Terminal Speed Session: Complete in under 1:45 without collecting any time bubbles
  • Handy Man – Venice Beach Half-Pipe: Score 10,000 points worth of Grabs
  • Quick Style  – Boom Boom Huck Jam: Fire off the Signature Moment within 20 seconds of session start
  • Heavy Lifting  – Central Park Half-Pipe: Perform 10 Invert
  • Certified Chiropractor  – Barcelona Half-Pipe: Perform 5 Spine Transfers
  • Stalls with Style –  Quiksilver Vert 80s: Fire off the Signature Moment using only Stalls
  • Channel Surfing – Quiksilver Vert 80s: The Channel Gap 5 Times in one session
  • Vert Master – Tree X2 Vertical U-Go Disaster: Complete without bailing
  • All Four One – Vans Downtown Showdown: Complete level successfully
  • In the Bank – Back to the Banks: Complete level successfully
  • Spelling Bee – Party Mode, eS Game of SKATE: About 15 letters given out in one game
  • Long Lasting Stride’s Manual  – Do one continuous 400 feet or Manual
  • T-Mobile Sidekick Grab 5 – Half-Pipe: Do 5 different Grab Tricks in one session


With all the attention that the new controller is, it seems that the graphics are a bit forgotten. These look pretty mediocre out there. Especially if you’re a little bit of speed you see a number of weaknesses as the graphics. Question is whether this really is, since you’ll be preoccupied with the skateboard controller. And the chance is there that these points are addressed, because the game is not over.

Fortunately, the game is a nice soundtrack. The alternation between hip-hop and rock songs and is well suited to the part where you skate. You can also enjoy 50 different songs, what a nice number.


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