The Sims 3 World Adventures Walkthrough, Tips & Cheats

Take your Sims on the adventure of their lives with The Sims 3 World Adventures. Guide your Sims to acclaimed fortune—or potential doom. Take your Sims to exotic destinations to hunt for hidden treasures.  Uncover new skills, experience new personality traits and garner rewards, if your Sims succeed.  Explore ancient tombs in the pyramids of Egypt, master martial arts in the Far East, and discover  rich culture and famous landmarks of France.  Adventure is on the horizon — what will your Sims discover?


  • Accept challenges, find treasures, discover what’s lurking in hidden caves and more.
  • Explore famous landmarks in China, Egypt, and France.
  • Learn new skills like photography and pursue new opportunities.
  • Meet new Sims from exotic locations and share their cultures.
  • Customize your Sims homes with new styles & artifacts from their adventures.
  • Get $10 worth of free SimPoints for The Sims 3 Store, and additional online features to be announced.


Be ready for the adventure the Sims will Travel around the world in Sims 3  World Adventure Edition. You can get fortune, leave in luxurious houses and experience a complete new personality.  The Sim3 World Adventure is first extension of the famous Sims 3 games. In this game it is the first time when the Sims leave their town and travel the world. They goes to The spiritual temples of china, Egypt to see Pyramids, The  Manor of France. This guide gives you details on each and every aspects on game from starting till the end. By this you can learn how to play, gain skills and avoid dangers.  By reading it you can maximize your skill and make great points.

The Sims likes to collect good stuff and the object list shows of what they all actually want from decorations to furniture and home appliances.  The same placed in the Sims houses on different locations.  This new game gives you a better control over the Sims Future.  There are more new & enhanced features added to this.

Players can make their Sims to travel to new destinations inspired by famous destinations in the real world for the first time in its history and seek new adventures. While exploring the foundations of an exotic city, there are no words to say what the Sims will find. Mastery of martial arts at Simla Shang, China, to explore its rich culture and famous sights on a romantic getaway to The Sims Fields * a reference to the Champs Elysees *, in France or exploring the depths of ancient tombs in the area of Al Simhara, Egypt, players will travel to their Sims on a journey that will change their lives. Players can accept challenges in search of hidden treasures, learn new skills and pursue new personal opportunities, meet new Sims with unique personalities, share their culture and take home, discovering new styles of their travel and share what they found on their adventures with the world through personal photographs, films and stories. In addition, players will receive 1000 SimPoints can be used online in The Sims 3 Store releases for PC / MAC Thurs content exclusively available on the Internet, available only for the expansion pack at launch, will be revealed soon .


Extensions of The Sims, it does not date from yesterday, there was always a crowd. The first of the third generation of the Sims without going into the scoop, you can be sure to announce within six to nine months a new extension will point the tip of his pocket on the shelves. And like every generation, there are extensions for all and in all genres, from the university life, apartment living, a remake of Lost and dinner almost perfect between Sims. There are good and less good, but what is certain is that it is primarily developed for fans of the series and if so this preview is not your case, you can stop read here, unless you have nothing better to do.

Destination Adventure will allow your Sims, if not affected by the crisis, going on vacation with his hard-earned savings. Choices, three destinations "dream" is offered to you, France, Egypt and China. Three countries in many different cultures and landscapes. Three destinations for three incredible adventures for your Sims. So they think they can spend days visiting historic monuments, to dredge in tents or sleeping all day in the sun, they are totally wrong. Destination Adventure is an extension that will not be any rest, either for the Sims for the player. Indeed just happened that you’ll be approached by different people to follow certain missions. Missions which will aim to unlock cool goodies to bring back from your vacation. That’s when the tourism ends and gives way to the great adventure.

The country that we were able to test for this afternoon was Egypt and we were able to discover some of the elements located in this extension. To you visits the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, Tombs of the Kings and go to meet new contacts and friendships. The crossing of the desert will not be easy. Appointments to the city center to find your local contacts, which will take you to various missions. Upon your arrival, your vacation time is counted by the limits of your visa. This is the excuse to justify your actions. You’ll have to perform many tasks for different contacts. The missions are substantially similar, it is basically to bring back a treasure that will gain your contact time to extend your stay for a few hours. If you fail, you will be sent directly to your city of Sims.

The background and how to play the Sims does not change, but as with the extension "The Castaway" for the game The Sims 2, you’ll find yourself propelled into an adventure game. If the regulars of the series, present on site, does not seem bewildered by the sudden change of gameplay, others, like much of the press present, remain skeptical about the compatibility of the initial grip, which remains a management game of life and that of an adventure game. Indeed Destination Adventure comes very clearly as a point & click where the different monuments you will visit contain puzzles and dangerous traps. A point & click which many rigidity to be handled by keeping the same style of playing that way management. The camera offers his usual quirks, when making your apartment or house does not seem to be more cooperative in a phase of adventure or exploration. You will also be possible to find different objects and combine them to solve certain puzzles. As objects, you can also learn many skills and combine them, as martial arts and meditation for teleportation. Note that you must absolutely visit some places before continuing your adventure, which does not give you immediate access to a world free open.

The scenario being what it is, to say nonexistent, and the pretext of validity of stay small, to find a genuine interest he had while there is a significant and meaningful interaction between the basic game and extension. This gateway is through the importation of memories of your travels to your home. Memories for many unnecessary. It is primarily decorative and collectible. But other than physical memory, you can also reduce physical memories, as diseases specific to each country, for example in Egypt mummification is raging. Although this state mummy you can use to scare your friends, you can obviously be cured by completing a series of mission to develop a drug or wait 14 days, incubation period of the disease. But you can also make friends / friends with the mummies and take you home and show your loved ones.

The game is not devoid of humor and that is what makes all the charms of a Sims, a comedy special that is sure to bring a smile to fans of the genre. A title clearly reserved to the owners of The Sims 3, well beyond the fact that you need the base game to play. Neither not see an adventure game full, only one player graduated from patent Sims, will find his bearings, although the gameplay flaws already mentioned have not been corrected. A nice extension that revolutionizes nothing but to take advantage of the large active community of Sims players.



Walkthrough :

Create Sim

  • Those who had played this game they know how to do create a Sim. The new Sims have more powerful options and with lots of new add-ons. You can just choose what you want in it. The faces and features are just like us.  There are tons of different types of ears, eyes, face gestures, etc. In addition to this you can also perform cosmetic surgery of your SIM.

Skills Tips

  • You can make any Sim to learn anything. After that doing the same work again the Sim can Master that work. If you make a Sim to Learn then he can became of Bookworm. In the same way you can teach a Sim Fishing, Gardening, Farming, etc.
  • Start by reading. Because this can make the Sim to learn faster. This will give you a full level boost in the game. When the levels becomes harder than you can attend more classes or get some nice books. This will reduce your time for each levels. 
  • In order to save some money always use public equipment. Just take an example of Athletic skills. This can be improved by sending the Sim to Gym. You can buy objects there.  But if you want to save money then you can meet other Sims and use their product free.
  • When any Sim is in good mood then they learn much faster. Like if you want to gain some brain then play chess.
  • Buy cheap equipments  to save your money at every level.

Skills :

Athletics  & Charisma : If you are a Sim which belongs to Sports then it is very important that you develop Athletic skills for your Sports career.  If any Sim has to get better in his career then he has to take some initiative regarding it. For Athletic Sim can go to Gym or exercise at home also. They can do exercise with TV or Stereo at home.  To develop benefits for different level do this :

  • In the first level the Sim can choose to Jog.
  • On Level 5 they run faster around the town on foot by developing the skills.

Challengs :

  • Body Builder : In this Sim have to give 60 Minutes for Workout
  • Marathon : In this Sim must complete 500 Kilometer which will enable the Sim to get long healthier life.
  • Fitness  :  For good fitness Sims should spend 75 hours around different Gyms and cardio
  • Celebrity : To become celebrity a Sim must associate itself with 25 local Sims
  • Personable : Sim need at least  50 local residents.
  • Super Friendly : You need 20 friends to become super friendly.
  • All’s Best Friend : For this you need to have at least 10 best friend
  • Comedian :  Say at least 100 jokes with some laughs.

Cooking in Sims 3 : To gain Cooking skill a Sim has to hardwork. The same can be gained by going classes, making meals, recipe books, etc. The benefit of this skill is that every Sim needs food to survive. Sim can also eat quick meals directly from the fridge but that will not improve the cooking skill. Better quality of meal can be cooked by better harvesting. ow to gain Skills here :

  • Star Chef : Make at least 50 Meals
  • World Class Chef : Make at least 75 dishes.

Fishing :
Fishing good for Food, relaxing and earning some money. This can be acquire by Fishing classes, reading books,     etc. You does not need any tool for this.

Challenges :

  • Amateur :  You have to catch each fish of each type and try to catch bigger fish.
  • Commercial : To become a commercial fisherman you have to catch at least 350 fish otherwise you remain normal.

Gardening :

  • It is great for outdoor Sims. This skill turns your backyard to a farm form where you get food and earn some money also. It takes lot of time to get master in this skill. The same quality can be acquired by classes and reading books.

Challenges :

  • Master : He must have planted each and  every of plants one time each. There are many varieties in it.
  • Boss : Botanical bosses needed to plant 75 perfect fruits and vegetables.    
  • Master farmer : To gain this position you need to harvest at least 650 fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of this skill is Sim can earn new songs and enjoy listening.  Sim will get new song on each level if he performs this continuous.

Guitar :

  • Sims can play Guitar on public locations. This will add more amount in the Sims Bank. The higher your skills the higher you will gain. To make money practice hard.

Challenges :

  • Master : Learn each and every song awarded and which is available on the bookstore.
  • Star : Sim has to play at least in 10 parties and on venues.
  • Money Maker : Earn $5,000 by playing guitar and get a new master track.

Handiness :

  • It is a good skill to repair broken objects and ensure calamity. It can be gained by Take Handiness Class, reading and repairing. Once the skill is acquired Sim can develop their homes and repair other objects.

Challenges :

  • Electrician : You have to repair at least 10 electrical objects.
  • Plumber : Repair at least 10 plumbing objects
  • Tinkerer :  Finish 10 upgrades on house items.

Different Careers in The Sims 3 World Adventure :

Business :

  • It is the easiest career of all. You have to work Monday to Friday from 8 to 6 as per your job position. A Sim can be in Courier, Clerk, Corporate, CEO, Manager, etc. You salary keeps on increasing after that. You have to hold meetings, Meet the workers, Chat, mess with boss, etc. In order to make good career in this field you must need to have good relationship with the boss.

Criminal :

  • Once who want to be a bad guy then you can go for this. Here you get two choices Bad and Evil. There are different position in this field like Decoy, Cutpurse, Thugs, Bagman, etc. In this you have to work hard, Relax, practice illegal activity, meet the accomplice, side job, etc will be your activity.


  • If you want to be a master in this category then you have to be expert of cooking. It is a high paying career.

Journalism :

  • It is the nobles Job. But hard work is needed here.

Notes : Once you have setup yourself for travelling then you can go out for the world. The opening prices for a 3 day trip is 1,300 for China, 1,600 for Eqypt and 1,900 for France. Only adult Sims are needed to be travel others are not.

Some Cheats :

  1. Simple Steps to Pass through a Tomb
  2. Press Ctrl + C and don’t leave it. Then types testingCheatsenabled true. Once you are in a tomb then you can do this anywhere you want, just press the Shift Key and then click on the ground. Once you enter then enter teleport. Keep holding the shift key.  The other way to pass is make a Sim to meditate. After that you can teleport. This also works when you have less inventory.
  3. Collect important things for your Adventure :
  4. For this you have to first reach France or Egypt depends on your choice. Get a Scooter here.  Then go to Sims house and go to mode and use the copy to tool and copy the Scooter.  In this way you can collect numerous items like historic coins, axe etc.
  5. How to get Infinite Cash
  6. To get an infinite cash press and hold Ctrl +  Shift + C. Then types testingcheatsenabled on.  After that types family funds and then your family name. Family name means the last name of a Sim. After that type how much amount you want by giving familyfundsABC. In the place of ABC types the last name of Sim and give the amount – 99999999999999999999999. For e.g. familyfundsABC10 then you will get 10 coin.
  7. Teleport
  8. Press Ctrl + Shift + C and then type ( testingcheatsenabled on ) without brackets to activate the cheats. Press Shift and click anywhere you want.

Highlights of the Game:

  • Sims will no finally see the World in the game. You will visit places like China, France and Egypt.
  • The game is full of Dangerous event and Adventure. Sims gets in the Tombs and maps will give you direction to avoid traps.
  • New skills like martial arts and nectar making will let you make your Sims more powerful. You can customize the same as your own.
  • You will discover more new treasures in your travel which is based on completely historical objects.



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