Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Walkthrough, Cheats & Tips

Grand Theft Auto is a traditional single player experience, but the
creators of Chinatown Wars has nevertheless incorporated several game
modes that will allow four players to compete provided they have a
cartridge each. Course, "Gang Bang" survivor SC, defending the base,
racing booty tournament … There’s something for every taste, often
race to frag, conquest or area of cooperation, but with small
variations, or vehicles when the cops come to mingle with all this gay
brothel. The game is local but we can still enjoy online to exchange
goods or favorite GPS. Nevertheless, if this game can be multi
perceived as pure bonus in light of the enormous quality of the main
adventure, real online game would have been welcome, as is the
opportunity to play more than two Players … Fortunately, the title
also has a proper life and even more than most DS games. Allow a half
hours to complete the adventure, and much more if you take the time to
enjoy the additional activities proposed by the city, or if you are

At first glance, Chinatown Wars could be mistaken for a return to the
Grand Theft Auto series’ humble 2D beginnings. The action is viewed
from a more or less top-down perspective, and of course you still spend
much of your time driving stolen cars and causing trouble with
firearms. But the similarities between this superb PSP game and its
’90s progenitors pretty much end there. Chinatown Wars actually has
more in common with GTAs III and IV than it does with earlier games,
and, remarkably, it even adds to and improves on the formula that made
those games so successful. That’s a bold statement for sure, but
Chinatown Wars really is that good… It’s also one of the best GTA
games yet."passionate about the drug deal, a very lucrative activity
naturally and therefore motivating
To accompany the return of Huang Lee on a new laptop, the publisher
promises graphics resized for the PSP screen with improved brightness
and entertainment magazines and corrected. Rockstar also spoke of new
exclusive missions. It was unclear if the many mini-games to touch
screen will be stored and easily retrofitted for the new format. Note
that the game will be available both on UMD and for download.



Complete solution GTA Chinatown Wars Grand Theft Auto is primarily a
story of power and squabble among criminals. U.S. gangs are fighting
against the Mexican gangs. The Italian mafia who reject the Russian
mafia. The Japanese Yakuza that do not support the insubordination of
Cubans. However, Rockstar has forgotten all these years one sixth of
the planet by failing to place a Chinese gang. Afraid to put one
billion and half people back, the error was quickly corrected and GTA:
Chinatown Wars was born featuring the charismatic Lee Huang. From our
side, we still waiting for a GTA: Gangs of Paris featuring John Doe.

Walkthrough :

Complete solution GTA Chinatown Wars Grand Theft Auto is primarily a
story of power and squabble among criminals. U.S. gangs are fighting
against the Mexican gangs. The Italian mafia who reject the Russian
mafia. The Japanese Yakuza that do not support the insubordination of
Cubans. However, Rockstar has forgotten all these years one sixth of
the planet by failing to place a Chinese gang. Afraid to put one
billion and half people back, the error was quickly corrected and GTA:
Chinatown Wars was born featuring the charismatic Lee Huang. From our
side, we still waiting for a GTA: Gangs of Paris featuring John Doe.

This walkthrough will cover everything needed to do to realize some 100%. Here a small summary of what it takes to get there:

  • 58 main missions and 2 sculptures of For dogs recovering
  • 14 missions of 8 random characters
  • 80 dealer to find trophies and 7 to obtain
  • 21 hideouts to discover and get 1 trophy
  • 16 gigs for 15 medals
  • 35 routes to 35 medals
  • 35 slaughter of 35 medals
  • 30 unique jumps
  • 100 surveillance cameras to destroy

Characters Game Play :


Mission Kenny

Yu Jian :

Welcome to Liberty City! As a welcoming committee you will receive a
bullet in the head and the chance to drown in the back seat of a car.
To avoid such a thing, use your stylus to tap against the back window
of the car . Head over to ensuitre yellow dot on the map. Walk along
the dock and take the car marked by an arrow for your first course of
robbery. Use the stylus to turn the screwdriver in the direction
indicated, and thus start the car. Your route will be plotted on the
GPS, you only have to go there to find your uncle Kenny. Once outside
the restaurant, get off the car and walk on the yellow chevrons to meet
his uncle for the first time. Great reunion! Follow the yellow route
GPS to get to your apartment which is right next door.

Mission successful: $ 50

Pursuit Farce

You will receive an e-mail from Kenny who asked you to see .  Back
in the restaurant next door and walk on the yellow chevrons to trigger
the mission. It will ask to see some of these men are still not
returned. Climb into the car of Kenny  for a little tutorial on the use
of GPS. Once at destination, you’ll meet a delightful surprise: The
last survivor of the mission. The cops have spotted you, and after a
little history on how to escape them, it will be up to you. Two ways to
sow the cops: you can either enter a garage Pay n ‘Spray for $ 100 and
you become invisible to police. Either you blow up two of their cars to
lower the rate of finding a star . If you blow up a third of their car,
you have sown and you will just have to stay quiet as long as the stars
dimmed disappear. Return to your apartment to complete the mission. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Under The Gun

Your uncle will ask you to go train. Go see the weapon master in the
next street and next you see a head known. Hit the dummy as instructed,
and then retrieve the weapon down and destroy the dummy in his pulling.
No time to go, there’s trouble! Follow Ling and she tells you to search
the dumpster to retrieve a weapon stashed here. Find Ling on yellow dot
on the map. It will go down by the rival gang, killing 3 thugs in the
alley and then climb on the roof to find the owner of the restaurant
and the last gangster. Once the boss rescued the mission ends. 

Mission successful: $ 50


You will receive an email from Kenny who asks you to avenge see Ling.
After going from Kenny, take a car and follow the yellow route GPS to
find the rival gang’s hideout . One of the gangsters will surprise you
and be saved, do not kill him right away, follow him and he will lead
you to his colleagues. Here, kill everyone, another car comes, continue
the carnage . It is possible that the gangsters bar with one of two
cars, if so hurry up to take another and continue it to the finish. The
mission is successful when all the dead gangsters. 

Mission successful: $ 50

The wheelman

Kenny will ask you to work for Chan. You will have 3 cars to deliver
his garage in 6 hours. Top flat! To find them easily, enter the GPS
menu, click on the magnifying glass, select one of three and you will
have a direct route to the last blue . The nearest car is parked in a
small parking obsolete. When you step inside, you’ll need to use the
style to remove the lid by removing screws and then move the two son on
the side to be able to connect all the brass in the stock. The GPS
automatically indicate the position of the garage with the
corresponding plot. Follow him, park the car inside and go for the
second car. The second closest car is in a small alley near a parked
police car. When you climb inside, you will unlock an immobilizer
before they can bring it. Lift the panel, connect your computer to the
car and get the code to. Wait for the good figures appear and click it.
Once the 4 digit good, you can start peacefully and return to the
garage. The third and last car did not have immobilizer systems
whatsoever but instead she parked near a gas station.  If unfortunately
you go for the job in a careless manner, the explosion is assured to
please you park far away and do the rest of the way up to the car.
Bring it to the garage to complete the mission. You will now have
access to the dealer. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Tricks Of The Triad

You will now see another aspect of GTA: CW, it is the drug deal. Uncle
kenny wants you for a transaction. He left the goods at your apartment,
go to find a red box. A small tutorial will explain how to make a
profit. Go find the dealer Kenny, he is symbolized by the GPS on a
briefcase blue. Beware if you are chased by the cops and fear he will
flee. Once near him, press the select button to open the menu deal,
select LSD and sell it all. He mentioned the presence of surveillance
cameras in Liberty City . There are 100 to destroy the whole city.
Refer to the section on cameras for more details. 

Once your first deal, you will receive an email from another dealer
about an offer not to leave. Set a GPS route by clicking on the link in
the mail to find it. It offers the coke price of $ 5 each! Buy him all
his stock and the police will get involved.  Escape by returning to
your apartment. It is not worth worry about cops, simply go to your
apartment and your dorgue hideout in the red box to complete the

From now on you will have the opportunity to deal the drug and
therefore can make you quite a lot of money.  Refer to the "Dealer: a
profitable trade" for more details. You will also receive an email Chan
Jaoming  for which you can now work and a mail from Kenny who will tell
you he has to seize property for $ 5,000. You do not take immediately
to continue his mission, but keep in a corner of your mind that you’ll
need $ 5000 one of these mornings to continue.

Mission Successful: 0 $

Natural Killer Burn

Kenny fails to enforce, is to address a burning problem magazin seems
the most logical solution. Go to the petrol station marked on the GPS
to your first Molotov cocktail. Slide the pump with the stylus over the
bottle to fill it, then take the cloth and insert it into the bottle
(drag it twice) to make a cocktail. Once there is more gas available,
go to the park and swing cocktails on the cars) then the store using
the stylus as shown . Keep one or two cocktails to swing on the fire
truck that arrives to extinguish the fire. When you run out, go into
the backyard to find 5 on the ground) and continue the carnage. Once
the store destroyed, the mission ends. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Recruitment Drive

Kenny lack of men! He needs you to recruit new fellows. To get there,
you’ll need to save victims of other gangs in order to provide
protection against party services . You’ll need a 5 seater car to
perform your duties as required, exit the banshees and comets so. It
should always be a car of this kind of attacks near to get your team to
the next location. You’ll save 3 victims  before taking them to be
tattooed by you to the effigy of the gang! You will have the immense
privilege of making your first job here for tattoo artists.  Once the
tattoo completed the mission will end. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Carpe Dime (Required: Bomb disposal mission of Zhou and $ 5,000)

After the 3rd mission of Zhou "Bomb disposal", you will receive an
e-mail asking Kenny to join him in his new hideout with the $ 5,000
that you had asked some time ago. Uncle Kenny, after you have cheated a
few dollars wants you to recover the van from a man who has just
arrived in town. You’ll have to force the driver to get off without
destroying the vehicle provided. Dab it until it descend and retrieve
the van. Then go for the garage Kenny and you’ll have to cut the glove
box to retrieve a collection of deals. 

Now you can make the "van-jacking" and steal the goods of enemy gangs.
You will also receive 3 e-mail from Kenny Chan and Zhou that all three
need you.

Mission Successful: 0 $

Store Wars (Required: Mission Carpe Dime Kenny)

Kenny believes that the Spanish Lords are responsible for theft by Yu
Jian. A small correction is necessary. You’ll have to park 4 vehicles
to block the road, there is a truck on a path that can help you . 4
waves of gangsters are coming, just kill them all before the store is
in flames. There is also a bulletproof vest that might be useful down
the street between the wall and the tree. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Copter carnage (Required: The Mission bagging the dogs tail Heston)

You’ll have to clean again the other shit! Protect merchandise Kenny
attacks by Spanish Lords, and these buggers are well fitted .  I hope
you will too. You will be firmly told by a helicopter, Uzis and cars.
If your health gets too low, do not hesitate to climb into a car and
finish rolling them over. Once all dead, follow the helicopter. Refer
often to the GPS to find out about where it is located. He’ll go to the
heliport on the island to the north.

Mission successful: $ 400

Kenny Strikes Back

Now that the Spanish Lords warehouse was located, needed a little
carnage. Head towards the warehouse and walk into the yellow chevrons
to open the gate. The objective is to steal the van at the rear of the
warehouse. Kill the few guards inside and pass under the arches  to
puncture the van. Other gangsters will reapply and will prevent you
from going out, kill them and the gates open. There is now enough to
bring the goods into the van to the hideout of Kenny. The Spanish Lords
essairont to stop but they are not really effective and does not
constitute a real threat. 

From now you can go when you want to store the Spanish lords and
attempt to steal back the goods. You will also receive an email from
Kenny who will congratulate you, and one that Heston will be asked to

Mission Successful: 0 $ (coke x3)

Missed the boat? "(Required: Mission Street of rage Heston)

The mission is to intercept a commodity that must arrive by boat. Go to
the port side and climb into the boat indicated by a blue arrow . The
goal is to reach the blue dot on the map before a certain time (you
should have 2 hours to go). Lack of bowl, the gang of chickens has
noticed your little traffic and you are now hunted by the police. The
engine  will drop for the second time, restart it and speed back toward
the dock where you take the boat. Indeed, having sown the Coast Guard
you will be asked to return for bringing the goods. 

You will then receive three e-mail, which Kenny will ask you to take a
look at Zhou and Chan and you will spin the keys to these apartments.
An email will come from Chan who will offer a little party. The latest
comes from Zhou proposal that gold to make.

Mission Successful: 0 $ (White 10)

Rat Race (Required: Wi-find mission Heston)
He found a way to return the case to Hsin at any price. This mission is
much like "Driven to Destruction" Zhou except that this time it is you
who is in charge of the mini-gun . After a moment, the roles are
reversed, and you must drive to the residence of Hsin gaffe by the
bombs that dropped the helicopter . 
The message reached Hsin, and he is grateful. Kenny is now the boss. You will receive an email from Kenny who knows where Chan.

Mission Successful: 0 $

The first missions of Chan are available after you finish the 6th mission Kenny: Tricks of the Triad


Missions Chan

Pimp his ride

Chan wants to win the race gang marking its authority, and for this you
will need help to traffic the engine of the champion. Follow the route
of the GPS to find his car and follow him by keeping your distance to
avoid being noticed. Mount quickly into his car and bring it to the
garage Chan said on the GPS to fix a bit the engine. Do not go back
especially in the Pay n ‘Spray next door, otherwise you will fail the
mission because of time. Indeed, in just a few hours a truck will pick
up his car, hurry! Once trafficked, bring it where it was being careful
not to over the bruise. Note in passing the sharp change in behavior!
Once the car brought back in time, the mission ends. 

Mission successful: $ 50

Whack the racers

The race will start and Chan needs your help. Find a car powerful
enough and smashes his opponents to assure him the first place! Go to
the start line and once the race begins recoup the drivers and stave
them (the blue arrow indicates Chan did not go for it!). This task is
difficult because despite all the efforts your competitors will always
return to the load. The technique is not to seek the opponents but to
stay all the time around Chan, preferably behind him. A simple touch
cons car enough to make it slow enough for Chan keeps his head. The
last lap is the most important because whatever you do the first two,
the situation remains substantially unchanged. Once Chan wins the race,
go see him and praise him. 

Mission successful: $ 100

Jakin ‘Chan

Chan has been removed! Take his car near the garage and follow the blue
path. The disciples of Chan managed to kill his attackers but the boss
is always in the car in flames! Go quickly find a fire truck into the
barracks to side and put the fire back by following the instructions.
The water jet is used as Molotov cocktails. Once Chan saved from the
flames, get into his car and bring it to his garage. Attention members
of the opposing gang will you block the road. Chan is not easy thanks,
and your employer’s relationship with it will break then. 

Mission successful: $ 150

Raw Deal (Required: Mission Carpe Dime Kenny)

Chan will fall into the trap most obvious history, your goal is to
protect it. Watch out for cars that explode in all directions and pick
up the vest to the left. Chan to drive yellow dot on the GPS. The
direct route is blocked, go through the narrow path between buildings
on the right and jump over the boxes around the barrage. Once on the
road, take a car to drive Chan safe with his father. Attention opposing
gangs have AK-47. 
In the final mission you will encounter the Inspector Wade Heston which
you propose to work for him. You will receive one shortly after this
mission two mails, one of Hsing Jaoming, father of Chan wants you to
work for him and one of Heston who wants the same thing. Heston will
leave a hideout on the second island also.

Mission successful: $ 200

Sa-Boat Ages (Required: Mission Missed the boat? Kenny)

To celebrate his coronation, Chan offers a boat race, if you win you
win. Climb aboard your boat and cross all the yellow circles.
Unfortunately the race goes awry and the Spanish lords arrive well
reassembled. Defend Chan (yet) of his assailants . Until the helicopter
to collect later. Feel free to shoot even when you’re near them, the
explosions will not do anything until you are aboard your boat. 

Mission successful: $ 0 (Taz 12)

Counterfeit gangster (Required: Mission One shot, one kill of Hsing)

The FBI will land in less than 6 hours, it’s time that you have to get
rid of merchandise Chan and thus exculpate any crime. The "goods" is
packaged in boxes. Use GPS to have been traced to any other cases and
destroy them. 
The second part of the mission is to build cars traffic water. First
you have to do with a mini-game is to control a crane , follow the
instructions on the tip of the stylus and everything will go well. The
second car park has no crane nearby. Climb aboard a bulldozer and push
the car to water. If you ever fall into the water, swim on the right to
find a pontoon next to your mission and continue with the second
You will receive an e-mail Chan who is tired of waiting for the estate. Join now to Video to hear his "plan of hell".

Mission Successful: 0 $

Slaying with fire

Chan freaked out and wants to bump his gang of incompetent. You will
find yourself aboard a helicopter to the house with petrol bombs (the
dream of all). There are no major problems here, this is much like the
first mission of Zhou "Stealing the show" except that instead of cash,
you have Molotov cocktails. There will be 3 rocket launchers to kill
and 1 helicopter at the end of the mission so be careful just these
moments you cannot miss. 

Mission successful: $ 250

Clear the pier (Required: Mission Rat Race Kenny)

It’s time to make a new massacre. You will be accompanied by some men
to kill Chan. There are some grenades and a gun near the truck left,
and a bulletproof vest near a container . Keep towing everyone you see
with a small red arrow above his head until arriving at the warehouse
door . 

Take the left door, but once you step back, you swing a grenade.
Continue along the corridor (it’s still fairly linear), there’s health
before the exit door. Exit the warehouse to find Chan. Climb speed in
the second car he has left and continue it for the kill.

Mission Successful: 0 $


The mission of Zhou

Early Zhou missions are available after you finish the 2nd mission
Chan: Whack the racers. He will contact you by e-mail and ask you first
of all to provide 20 units of weed. The email sent contains a map with
territories controlled and the types of drugs there. You can buy 20
bags of weed easily Jamaican territory. Keep the mail, the card in it
may be helpful.

Stealing the show

Once the 20 bags of weed in his pocket, see Zhou Ming in ALANT to "Z"
on the GPS. He wants to know your value you entrust a "balancer". Climb
into the pickup and go to the gas station. You will find yourself on
the back of a truck of goods and the same way as swinging a molotov
cocktail, you need the cash balance of goods on the pick-up that you
will follow. After 15 cases properly balanced, jump the truck, walk up
to board the pick-up and bring the goods to Zhou. 

Mission successful: $ 150


Zhou has a friend who needs to get out of jail. Directorate airport for
the next search. Fly the ambulance surrounded by cops and bring in Uri
Zhou! This trip will really not easy. Not only you will be highly
sought (3 stars) but also the heart of Uri can loose at any time. Once
this happens, repeatedly click the icon with your stylus heart to
restart it. All this driving course. Uri Once in the garage of Zhou,
the psychopath latter will wake up and you have gained a new friend

Mission successful: $ 150

Bomb disposal

Our dear heart-breaker wants to enjoy a bite to attack the cam. Take
his car to the side and use the GPS to get the plot to cars drug.
You’ll have to initially get into the red van near each car and defuse
the bomb. To get there click on the voltmeter and then touch each wire
to check their blood. The wire to the highest voltage is cut. After
each bomb defused two men Hsing equipped with Uzis will try to kill
you. Once the 3 bombs defused, the stooges Hsing would take to blue
cars that you must protect. Follow the route and kill the 3 men with
Uzis trying to destroy the car. A message will tell you then another
van is on the way. You can either destroy the road or defuse a fourth
bomb when it is parked You will receive an e-mail from Kenny that you
request to provide $ 5,000 to his new hideout.

Mission successful: $ 200

Driven to Destruction (Required: Mission Carpe Dime Kenny)

Get into the pickup and drive to the Zhou territory of Jamaica for a
little carnage . There are a total of 4 groups to kill. Nothing too
complicated, just make sure that the pickup did not suffer too much

Mission successful $ 300

Cash & Burn (Required: Mission Missed the boat? Kenny)

Zhou will leave you a flamethrower in a car in front of his hiding
place for setting fire to a shop. Take the car and follow the yellow
route on the GPS to go to the famous material to ash. Open the fence
and get into the property. There are a total of 18 burn cases. The
first 3 are on the left side of the fence. Once these first 3 cases
burned, you will attack relentlessly by the owners of such material.
Give them a helping flamethrower for calm. There are also health
completely south (shown in green on the image 12) in case of hard
knocks. Once the 18 cases burned, the mission is over. 

Mission Successful: 0 $

Dragon Haul Z

A circle is held in less than 5 hours and you’ll profit Day for China
to interfere in the crowd. Go catch a truck to pick up your costume and
visit the Liberty City Bank. Will it take a mini-game that will not
arouse the suspicions of people during the Parade. The more you drag
the movements required, the more your meter will increase suspicions.
If it is full, it’s mission failure. If instead you manage to complete
the entire parade you’re done with this setting. 
You will receive an email from Kenny that informs you that the FBI is on the tracks. It will ask you to join his club Hsing.

Mission successful: $ 1,000

The fandom menace (Required: Mission One shot, one kill of Hsing)

You will find Zhou overwhelmed with fans and will lead to the south of
the island for his appointment. along the path you have to do with the
paparazzi on a motorcycle. When one of them a photo of Zhou, will kill
to avoid bad press. Once Chun Chun Fung in the car, keep your mission
led or mashing of paparazzi and drive them both to the triangle.
Finally, Chow Chin climb aboard and you will just have to escort all
these people from Zhou. 
You will receive an email that says Heston to help lift the veil on this mole.

Mission successful: $ 200

So near, yet sonar (Required: Mission Torpedo Run Heston)

Zhou will ask you to retrieve the cargo that you have sunk during the
previous mission with Heston. Take a boat to the side and go to the
yellow circle to enter the area to search. You need to use the sonar
boat with the A button to retrieve the boxes of goods flows. You also
fall on other useless objects as well as the Coast Guard. To avoid
being spotted you do not use sonar as a geek, and wait until the gauge
is emptied detection before using it again. To trace an object, use the
sonar is just above. Once the 4 cases found, return it to the pier
where you went to finish the mission. 
You will then receive a message from Hsin Jaoming that you immediately request his hideout. Does not wait.

Mission Successful: 0 $ (LSD 15)

Hit from the Tong (Required: Mission Rat Race Kenny) 

Find Zhou, get into the property by breaking the lock and go to the
center. You will be firmly told by a bunch of guards. Kill them all,
take the body armor and health near the elevator and go up in the
latter . Zhou attack you from the helicopter, quickly take the rocket
launcher and lock Zhou pressing the R button before shooting him. As
long as you stay glued to the bottom of the roof, its rockets can not
reach you, please just pay attention to his gun. To avoid it, you paste
the wall in the center of the roof. When 2 rockets affect Zhou flee it,
then get off the roof by elevator. Other hostile forces will rise up
against you. Do not go for the job, run more toward the south and
approach the prudes. There are new health and body armor available near
the elevator shaft, take the fart before the lock and climb onto the
roof of the building. Same story as before, Zhou tap twice with your
rocket launcher, he will flee again. Down and a new wave of bodyguards
arrive. Run this time heading north toward the expected one by one
(Fig. 22). Take the elevator up to the roof of the last building and
tap Zhou twice more to finally get to shoot him.


Missions Lester

The first mission of Lester is available after completing the 4th
mission Hsin: By myriad of swords. It will give him 10 bags of taz to
accept to work with you. His mail will contain a map of the territories
of drugs to help you find easily.

Double trouble

Lester has infiltrated the Angels of Death, but unfortunately there is
nothing on a motorcycle. It will be up to you to impress the Angels.
Climb on the bike and go to their benchmark. Do a burn with the bike
with B and Y) and jump over the 3 bikes with the springboard in front.
You will then have a small course to make up their rival gang. get off
your bike and kill them all to impress the Angels of Death. Step back
on the bike path and continue following the yellow arrow circles. You
see other rival bikers on motorcycles. Kill all but one and see Lester
back to his hideout. It will leave you with explosives and take them
back to the bike park using the ramp . To take it, stop right in front,
move to the end of the street and go for it straight. Continue to
follow the signposted route to the world, get off the bike and place
the explosives. Enter the code to blow up the world and conclude the
mission. Lester has managed to enter the gang with you! 

Mission Successful: 0 $

Faster pusher man! Sell! Sell!

For the final round of initiation, he must sell as much coke as
possible. But Lester does not feel capable of doing and you will
entrust the task. This mission is very simple, approach customers (blue
dots on the GPS), and transfer a packet of coke in the same manner as a
conventional deal. You do not even have to get off the vehicle .
Competitors will play a spoiler, trying to bite you customer but they
are not hardy enough to be worrisome. Once all the packages delivered,
see Lester back to his home and the mission is complete. 

Mission Successful: 0 $ (Coke 10)

Convoy Conflict (Required: Mission Steal the wheels of Rudy)

Arm yourself with machine guns before starting the mission. To find the
traitor in the gang, he must get the confidence to get the boss and his
wife. For that, he must accomplish a great mission. Get on the bike
behind that of Lester and follow it. It will take you to the dock and
you will not one but two vans to protect. On board your two wheels,
scan the GPS to see red dots representing gangsters and kill them.
After a time two cars will dams. Destroy them with grenades if you have
it on hand, if the duck-quick well done with your machine gun. Keep
your guard up to reach the hideout of Angels. Normally as you have
ammunition and you’ll be on board your car, everything will go well 
You will receive an email that says Heston have mess with the IAD.

Mission successful: $ 500

See no evil (Required: Mission Evidence dash Heston)

Your mission is to protect Meredith and Lester other Angels. Climb
aboard the motorcycle Lester and follow the two lovebirds. Take care,
Meredith realizes that if you protect Lester, the whole operation will
fail. Then try to kill the other bikers as far as possible from the
car. The second part of the mission is to prevent riders from entering
the apartment of Lester and Meredith. Stay in front of the apartment
and wait for them. Once all dead, the mission is successful. 
Lester will send you a message. It confirms that the Angels of Death
are in no way involved in the case of the mole, which infuriates the
triads. This concludes your missions with Lester.

Mission Successful: 0 $


The hideouts :

More than just save points, the hideouts will help you leave the car
park (garage) and recover the stolen goods in vans (insulation). Once
the 21 hideouts in your possession, you will get a trophy "keys of the

Map hideouts:

  • The hideouts circled in red represent those obtained during your main tasks.
  • The hideout is surrounded by white that obtained during the random character mission.
  • The  hideout is surrounded by young that obtained through the scratch game.
  • The hideouts surrounded not represent those to buy.
  • 5
    hideouts main tasks: When you start the adventure, only the hideout
    Cerveza Heights is available. When you advance in line with your
    missions, some of your bosses let you stash one more in the city of
    Liberty City to facilitate your activities. 
  • Cerveza Heights garage: Yes, insulation: Yes 
  • South Bohan garage: no, insulation: no 
  • Lancaster: garage: Yes, insulation: Yes 
  • Lower Easton garage: Yes, isolation: no 
  • Northwood: garage: Yes, isolation: no 
  • 1
    hideout random character mission: Wilhelm, one of random characters,
    will drop its key apartment before disappearing. And a hideout for
    free, one! Refer to the chapter "The missions of random characters" for
    more details. 
  • Meadow Hills: garage: Yes, isolation: no (white) 
  • 1
    hideaway game scratch: You’ve probably noticed one of those shops that
    sells scratch-off games. A game can win a house (picture scratching).
    There are no special techniques, if not good luck! A gambling houses
    selling their green tickets is to HLM Firefly Island on the right.


  • Star Junction garage: Yes, insulation: Yes (yellow)
  • 14 hideouts to buy:
  • The remaining 21 hideouts to buy is between $ 7,000 and $ 15,000.
  • Little Bay: $ 12,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Steinway: $ 15,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Boabo: $ 10,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Rotterdam Hill: $ 8,000 Garage: no, insulation: Yes
  • South slopes: $ 12,000 Garage: Yes, insulation: Yes
  • Hove Beach: $ 8,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Hove beach $ 8000 garage: no, insulation: no
  • Firefly Island: $ 7000 Garage: No, insulation: no
  • Colony Island: $ 11,000 Garage: Yes, insulation: Yes
  • Suffolk: $ 9,000 Garage: no, insulation: no
  • The Meat Quarter: $ 9,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Middle Park: $ 8,000 Garage: no, insulation: no
  • Varsity Heights: $ 8,000 Garage: Yes, isolation: no
  • Northwood: $ 9,000 Garage: Yes, insulation: Yes
  • Trophy key to the city get the 21 hideouts

Cheats, hints and Tips :

Key Combinations :





Life L L R A A B B R
Bulletproof vest L L R A A B B R
Weapons 1 R UP     B DOWN    LEFT    R B RIGHT   
Weapons 2 R UP     B DOWN    LEFT    R A RIGHT   
Weapons 3 R UP     Y DOWN    LEFT    R Y RIGHT   
Weapons 4 R UP     X DOWN    LEFT    R X RIGHT   
Lowering the level of research R X X Y Y R L L
Increase the level of research L L R Y Y X X R
Cloudy UP     DOWN    LEFT    RIGHT    X Y L R
Strom UP     DOWN    LEFT    RIGHT    B Y R L
Heavy rain UP     DOWN    LEFT    RIGHT    A X R L
Rain UP     DOWN    LEFT    RIGHT    Y A L R
Sun UP     DOWN    LEFT    RIGHT    A B L R
Level Change L L R Y Y X X R
Cupid  L L R B B A A R
Explosive Gun L R X Y A B UP     DOWN   


Enter the following while playing – without a break! The cars will be available for purchase at the dealership Boabo.

Cars :

  • Banshee : Complete mission "Weapons of Mass Destruction".
  • Bulldozer  : Complete mission "Counterfeit Gangster".
  • Cognoscenti : Complete mission "Grave Situation".
  • Comet  : Complete mission "Jackin Chan.
  • Coquette : Complete mission "Raw Deal".
  • Hearse : Complete mission "Wheelman".
  • Hellenbach : Finish the mission "Bomb Disposal".
  • Infernos  : Finish the mission "Cash & Burn".
  • Limo  : Finish all missions Guy.
  • NRG 900  : Complete mission "Wheelman".
  • Patriot  : Complete mission "Wheelman".
  • X Resolution : Complete mission "Pimp His Ride".
  • Rhino  : Finish all main missions.
  • Saber GT : Finish the mission "Operation Northwood".
  • 500 XLR8 : Getting a bronze medal in every race of Algonquin.
  • RS Style : Getting a bronze medal in every race of Bohan.
  • MK GT9 : Getting a bronze medal in every race Broker and Duke.
  • Go-Kart : Getting a bronze medal in all the "Go-Kart.
  • Formula R : Getting a bronze medal in all street races.
  • Cityscape : Getting a bronze medal in all the timed challenges.

Hints :

  • Run to infinity : Complete 5 missions ambulances.
  • Sales at Ammo-Nation : Getting the gold medal with all weapons in the shooting.
  • Gold Medal : Get a score of 10 000 or more with a weapon.
  • Immunized against fire : Getting the gold medal in the game of mini fire truck.
  • Life that regenerates : Getting the gold medal in the delivery missions noodles.
  • Increase the size of the bag Delivery  : Getting the gold medal in the mission of delivering mail.
  • Increase the strength of body armor : Complete 5 missions carnage with 100% kill.
  • Taxi
    shielded : Successfully carry 15 customers following so that all become
    armored taxis when you are indoors. This does not affect the statistics
    of cheating on your backup.
  • Safe money : Make a total profit of $ 2000. 

Trophies :

  • Syringe platinum : Selling the "white".
  • Pill jars diamond  :Sale of "LSD."
  • Bang inlaid : Selling "tranquilizers."
  • Wooden spoon : Losing $ 500 in a deal.
  • Binoculars gold  : Found 40 dealers.
  • Briefcase titanium  : Found 80 dealers.
  • All trophies
  • Safe money : Make a total profit of $ 2000.
  • Syringe platinum : Selling the "white".
  • Pill jars diamond  : Sale of "LSD."
  • Bang inlaid : Selling "tranquilizers."
  • Wooden spoon  : Losing $ 500 in a deal.
  • Binoculars gold : Found 40 dealers.
  • Briefcase titanium : Found 80 dealers.
  • Key embedded in the city  : Buy the 21 hideouts.


Conclusion :

Equally at the level of ergonomics, adapt successfully Grand Theft Auto
on the DS was also a real technical challenge. From this perspective,
Rockstar Leeds has just made prowess with a technique that recalls the
early episodes of the series, but perfectly suited for mobile.
Virtually rendered in its entirety, Liberty City is huge – even seen
from above – and full of life with places that are quickly recognized.
There is traffic, pedestrians that react to your misdeeds, and 3D
engine combines readability and flow, all with a graphics rendering
that we did not expect. If we do not think the DS can still book us
such surprises, the artistic aspect is equally impressive with a
succession of still images of the most beautiful effect and gangsters
who have real good rotten mouths. Despite the low storage of DS
cartridges, it was also entitled to digitized voice from time to time
and real radio stations with various music styles (rock, hip hop, jazz,
dub and …), in each case a selection of songs really convincing. In
both substance over form, GTA Chinatown Wars is simply "Interesting" as
they say today’s youth

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