Need for Speed Nitro Walkthrough

Overview :

Electronic Arts over many years some of the longest series of video game market. Need For Speed is certainly among them, and having recently surpassed 100 million copies sold, is preparing now to increase this already impressive number with the new chapter Nintendo Wii: Need For Speed: Nitro.

The developers at EA have finally realized they could no longer expect to achieve on the Wii versions of the press "Scale" and system of supervision of those games developed for other consoles. A similar operation, in fact, up to now has not brought great results in terms of sales. With Need For Speed: Nitro things change, finally, and although not everything went the right way, you say that you breathe the freshness in this series desperately needed.
In essence, programmers have decided to evolve the series by including within its mechanical pinch of Burnout, in order to make each race fast, frenetic and addictive.

In this title, in fact, the player finds himself having to run at incredible speed paths through citizens beaten by police cars, while at the same time to bite the dust to their opponents and at the same time … May the buildings with their own graffiti . Yes, you read that right. Action typical of arcade driving games, in Need For Speed: Nitro you add that "touch of color" in more that never hurts.

The world is your circuit. You are a wandering soul who travels the streets of cities around the world … nearly 200 km / h in order to win races and car paint these streets with your own colors. The decor reflects your street domination.
But competition is fierce. In each city awaits a champion determined to defend its original colors, and the police will also be of the party. After all, is fair game. Besides, everyone knows that the best drivers are never caught, and you’re a part. To prove you around the world and mark each location of your fingerprint.

Chain up the victories and your flying skills will be recognized by all.

Disguised subtitle Shift on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the new NFS is name is Need for Speed Nitro on Wii and DS, an important distinction since the two titles have very little in common or almost. On the home console from Nintendo, EA has in fact a racing game more in the vein of the saga with its urban layout, its shortcuts and police. One visit and five destinations (Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, etc..) In which we engage in testing very classic traditional races or elimination, drift, drag, challenges photo radar or against the clock, all driving a car roughly thirty modeled as somewhat caricatured. They still come to recognize a Renault 4L (!), A Beetle or a Chevy Camaro SS or a Pagani Zonda R. In track, this little world is governed by one law, one of the nitro – hence the title – that we accumulate in two cylinders rolling at high speed or slip, for example. Suffice it then trigger a bottle or two at a time to gain strength and hope to run the first place. Nothing really new or exciting, the gameplay is very arcade but showing quite dynamic. Too bad it lacks depth and accuracy leaves something to be desired configuration Wiimote (vertically or horizontally), keeping in mind that there is always the same circuit, not very inspired to remain. The rest is also much more pleasant with very average graphics for a NFS light playing on his little cartoon and colored side to score points, but in vain.


Walkthrough :

New angle of attack for the new NFS! NFS: Nitro is one of three games recently announced and will focus more on the arcade. This will be offered on the Wii and lads, so this is a Nintendo exclusive. Electronic Arts seems to be trying to reach the general public, and accordingly propose in this aspect of graphics and racing more accessible than usual. The graphics will be offered less realistic, more sympathetic, and also runs less making head-oriented recreation.
Among the innovations are the possibility of sudden acceleration (nitro actually) with a power reserve that is recharged through the excesses carried out during races. As usual, the police will come you put a spoke in the wheel if you are not wise.

Also, we find this game in new licensed cars that you can customize at your leisure. On next generation consoles, the Need For Speed series has clearly taken a turn to the simulation with the intoxicatin. Need For Speed Shift. Unlike the Wii hosting for the first time an episode specially developed for Nintendo consoles: A 100% arcade meets the sweet name of Need For Speed Nitro.

Well aware that the potential of the Wii is not limited to simple modifications, Electronic Arts continues to offer versions specific to the Nintendo console for each of its flagship series. If the episode Annual Need For Speed dedicated to next generation consoles has been developed by the English Slighty Mad, the EA Montreal, which was responsible for producing the opus specifically for the Wii. Here, there is no question of simulation settings or sharp, but rather a succession of slips and chase a clear arcade version. In choosing a theme and a colorful graphic design cars made more grotesque, the little guys in Montreal wanted to make Nitro a true identity. And if it obscures the scenery textures simplistic, it is clear that the vision proposed by embedding Nitro glue rather well with his punchy and joyful atmosphere.

We regret, however, poverty environments with only 5 city destinations: Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Cairo and Singapore. Even if the roadmap may seem tempting, the circuits are similar and terrible plots do not vary much: only three itineraries for each city. In other words, the tower owner runs very quickly, with a bitter feeling of fatigue exacerbated by a small number of modes. Cons-the-clock, personalized workshop, disposal, drift, drag, … found and all the classic recipe, with no real twist. Only Mode "drag" (a race on a straight line) is finally fun and interesting. For the rest, Need For Speed Nitro goes completely challenge the benefit of an increase in ultra The goal is simple – once again – not repel people by offering a game accessible to all. Only now, Need For Speed Nitro confused too quickly simplicity and mediocrity.

Starting with a gameplay too imprecise to control drifts and enjoy the gameplay still fast, lively and unrestrained. To enjoy it more, you are strongly advised also the standard configuration or even dust the GameCube pad. History to add some spice to the races, the hotel developers have incorporated three important elements: dual gauge nitro and two bonus represented by a key and a plate of Police. Nothing complicated, however knowing that the two gauges nitro fill in as and when your performance, while the key to repair his body instantly. The third element, perhaps most interestingly, allows the player to return enforcement to another opponent. However, we saw the police much more aggressive in this episode …

Need for speed finally split into two completely different games. Simulator Need for speed shift and pure arcade affair Need for speed nitro and no wonder, the last few parts though EA did not know where to hit the ground running and to whom to please. Older players (read: old-timers first to fifth component NFS) has asked simulator and the younger more hungry after the arcade chase.

Need for speed nitro will not receive any intensive model cars, damage or complex physics. Cars just skating furiously in the ways of their flames from the tires instead smudges on the road and sparks fly when you see the opponent up so slow You can expect your furious driving.

There is no doubt that EA are working with smart minds. This year will see two completely different NFS and how to survive the game style (hopefully both) apparently decided to marketability. Enjoy the video of the game Need for speed nitro!

Twelve official parts and various by-products is one of the most successful series of racing games now. This year has been announced in addition to the regular NFS Nitro also thirteenth part, "Need for Speed XIII: Shift." As we have seen in the titles of "Need for Speed Underground" and "Need for Speed: Undercover" knows, one is also based here again on popular action movies.

"Need for Speed: Nitro" meanwhile is a kind of plug & play to play. The familiar from the series, real-life huge fleet of cars – all ninety sports cars will be selectable in all its beauty – can be brought out into the street and are equipped with several boosts, without a long preface. And as always, we must be careful so that you will not get caught by the police.

Tips and Hints :

List of Cars in Need for Shift Nitro : 

Class A:

  • Dodge Challenger R / T, 2009
  • Audi TT RS; 2009
  • Ford / Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010
  • Audi R8, so in 2008
  • Nissan GTR-R35 so in 2008
  • Chevy Corvette ZR1 so in 2008
  • Lamborghini Gallardo so in 2008
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS so in 2008
  • Ford GT; 2006
  • Lamborghini Reventon, 2007
  • Pagani Zonda R, 2009

Class B:

  • Dodge Charger R / T, 1969
  • Ford Escort Cosworth, 1996
  • Chevy Corvette C3, 1968
  • Subaru WRX STI; 2006
  • Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, 2009
  • Nissan 370Z, 2009
  • Ford Shelby Mustang GT500E, 1967
  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, 2009
  • Nissan Skyline GTR R34, 2002
  • Porsche Cayman S, so in 2008

Class C:

  • Renault 4L, 1980
  • Volkswagen Westfalia in 1960
  • Nissan Cube, 2009
  • GMC Hummer H2 SUT so in 2008
  • Volkswagen Beetle in 1963
  • Chevy Camaro SS, 1967
  • Ford Adrenalin
  • Toyota Corolla, 1986
  • Telsa Motors Roadster, 2009

Tracks :

Rio De Janeiro :

Start your Street racing career in
this South American mega city, home to amazing mountainous scenery and
beautiful beachfronts. Race through the dense downtown, past the
beachfronts, tunnels and through the mountain Favelas on these
forgiving but exciting roads.

Cairo :

Making the moves across the
Atlantic to Egypt’s Capital city the largest in the Arab world – you
will face new challenges on the local highways, roads and market
streets. This hot and dusty city is a favorite with tourist but more
importantly has some awesome racing possibilities.

Madrid :

your career develops  you move into Europe and Spain’s capital city in
your next challenge. The roads  twist through the city streets  and
offer more challenge with their narrower width and tight turns.
Tunnels, a Metro station and highways are some of the highlights as you
race around the city.

Singapore :

This Asian sovereign city-state
is a modern metropolis, home to countess highways and a dense downtown
core. Race through the cities’ major sea port and on through the
downtown streets. The roads here are busy and fast, but don’t be
fooled, you will need to master drifting to win.

Dubai :

You have
done it, you have reached the ultimate playground – ever growing road
network, countless buildings and construction zones and beautiful
scenery offer the biggest challenge for any street racer. The roads are
narrow and busy – and some aren’t even finished – as you race through a
Marina, car parks and the downtown highway.

Controls :

Wii Wheel

Turn The Wheel to steer

2 –  Accelerate
1 –  Tap: Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse
A  – Nitro
+ – Look back (Down)
+ – Power up (Up)
B – Tap : Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse

Wii Remote

Twist controller to steer

A – Accelerate
(( )) Shake for Nitro
+ – Look back (Up)
+ – Power up (Down)
B – Tap : Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse 

Wii Remote + Nunchuk

Rotate Analog stick to steer

B – Tap : Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse

A – Accelerate

(( )) Shake Wii  for Nitro

C – Look back
Z – User Power up

Wii Classic

Steer with the left analog stick
Y – Look back
A – Use power up
L – Tap : Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse
R – Accelerate
B – Nitro

Steer with the left analog stick
Y – Look back
L – Tap : Drift / Hold: Break/ Reverse
A – Use Power Up
B – Nitro
R – Accelerate

Tips :

Drift Tips :

Drifting is sliding a car through a corner with the rear of the car drifting out to create the slide. Front engine rear drive cars are the best cars for drifting, which allow you to use the brake in concert with the throttle to help create the drift. To setup a car for a drift you should approach the corner as fast as possible. Just before the corner, you must apply the brake, shift down and turn the car into the corner. You want to turn the car hard enough to get the rear of the car to start to slide. As the car starts to slide, counter steer, let off on the brake and apply the throttle. You want the rear wheels of the car to spin, which keeps the car moving forward and pushes the counter steer the car through the corner. Use the handbrake, to start the slide, applying the hand brake just as you enter the corner.

Drag :

At the drag races have made a small mistake: there are only 4 participants. So for all those infected have 4 controllers of any kind: After selecting the license, the 4 controller for Wii Remotes and press "A" and with all the "Accept". Drag races start and go sit with a car to the finish. Opponent does not exist, as of 4 participants 4 Real players are, and thus no place for computer opponents is gone.

Where Need for Speed: Nitro really comes into its own, is in its pure and simple fun-factor. Speed sensation and skidding are as tasty endorphin. No advanced options, no plot, no online options and no frills. Indeed, only one camera angle – yes, one. Forgot all about the deficiencies, leading to the accelerator and run by the devil. It is unrealistically fast in the simplified graphic lanes, because there is deliberately cut the richness of detail so the whole scenario completely effortless glide.

With Nintendo’s white console lacks in graphical volume, the return of analog control options. The car can be controlled in different ways: With the traditional Wii Remote Nunchuck connected with, or with the Wii remote in one hand, where you twist the control of rotating and shaking it to use nitro. You can also use classic controllers, but the absolute best experience is disputed by the white rat that is put into the Wii Remote in. The steering wheel was otherwise an irrelevant gimmick in Mario Kart, but in Need for Speed: Nitro is a perfect wheel steering gear.

Positive Points :

  • The little cartoon funny side if not catchy
  • A relatively dynamic gameplay …    
  • Very easy

Negative Points :

  • Lacking in depth and sometimes precision
  • Too classic
  • Not enough channels
  • Personalization too superficial

Conclusion :

Need for Speed: Nitro has a quite reasonable potential to delight racing hungry Wii owners. Demanding gamers looking for quality racing game with an arsenal of options and empathy should stay away. Do we have the opportunity to acquire other, more prestigious brands in the racing game, so there is not much evidence of madness to acquire this title. But if you are frozen out, and sincerely miss something to use its steering wheel for the Wii, then you should not be afraid to use the license for a ride on Nitro. Fast access, low barrier and colorful automotive dreams – good chance to enjoy the larger car-happy boys and hard not to enjoy in small doses.


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