Need for Speed Nitro Walkthrough

Overview :

Electronic Arts over many years some of the longest series of video game market. Need For Speed is certainly among them, and having recently surpassed 100 million copies sold, is preparing now to increase this already impressive number with the new chapter Nintendo Wii: Need For Speed: Nitro.

The developers at EA have finally realized they could no longer expect to achieve on the Wii versions of the press "Scale" and system of supervision of those games developed for other consoles. A similar operation, in fact, up to now has not brought great results in terms of sales. With Need For Speed: Nitro things change, finally, and although not everything went the right way, you say that you breathe the freshness in this series desperately needed.
In essence, programmers have decided to evolve the series by including within its mechanical pinch of Burnout, in order to make each race fast, frenetic and addictive.

In this title, in fact, the player finds himself having to run at incredible speed paths through citizens beaten by police cars, while at the same time to bite the dust to their opponents and at the same time ... May the buildings with their own graffiti . Yes, you read that right. Action typical of arcade driving games, in Need For Speed: Nitro you add that "touch of color" in more that never hurts.

The world is your circuit. You are a wandering soul who travels the streets of cities around the world ... nearly 200 km / h in order to win races and car paint these streets with your own colors. The decor reflects your street domination.
But competition is fierce. In each city awaits a champion determined to defend its original colors, and the police will also be of the party. After all, is fair game. Besides, everyone knows that the best drivers are never caught, and you're a part. To prove you around the world and mark each location of your fingerprint.

Chain up the victories and your flying skills will be recognized by all.

Disguised subtitle Shift on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the new NFS is name is Need for Speed Nitro on Wii and DS, an important distinction since the two titles have very little in common or almost. On the home console from Nintendo, EA has in fact a racing game more in the vein of the saga with its urban layout, its shortcuts and police. One visit and five destinations (Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, etc..) In which we engage in testing very classic traditional races or elimination, drift, drag, challenges photo radar or against the clock, all driving a car roughly thirty modeled as somewhat caricatured. They still come to recognize a Renault 4L (!), A Beetle or a Chevy Camaro SS or a Pagani Zonda R. In track, this little world is governed by one law, one of the nitro - hence the title - that we accumulate in two cylinders rolling at high speed or slip, for example. Suffice it then trigger a bottle or