Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles Cheats, Tips and Walkthrough

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a shooting game on Wii. Battle your way through Racoon City, a city infested with zombies after a mysterious incident occurs in a laboratory of Umbrella Corporation.  Carrying high the banner of the gaming company’s greener on the planet, Capcom is actively campaigning for the recycling of its license and for many years. Indeed, if the Gun Survivor series has never had good press, the Japanese company had nevertheless managed to evolve the concept by relying on rail-shooter. More limited but capable of inducing a frantic action with automatic movement, the kind we had offered The Umbrella Chronicles, nice little game but full of flaws. The Darkside Chronicles followed suit and therefore is not without surprise that we are faced with a formatted book providing some good sensations.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles builds on the rail (the player does not control the movement and locations poking virtual rail). The aim is again a shooter game in which the player shoots and surprisingly only occasionally chooses the path that you can play on the track riding on. Storywise, the game is to study events related to Resident Evil 2, two main characters are thus Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who previously reveal segments of the story already in Umbrella Chronicles. On the agenda, or the game is to promote cooperation, which will dispose of the zombie people living partner, but only locally. If no one will be mad enough to hand, take the reins of the other AI character. Another novelty is the ability to dodge the zombies bites with the newly implemented maneuvers in games of this genre which is not quite unusual.

Although most of our enemies and yet were still undead, there were some newcomers, insecticide mostly on a par with the perennial giant spiders and other aquatic Hunters seen in Resident Evil Outbreak. There is also a big influence in Resident Evil 5 sets, at least at the departure, through the first village bathed in abundant that light element ubiquitous in the last episode for the Next Gen. A good introduction, to the staging mastered synonymous with non-stop action and heroic charges. Everything also seemed punchier than before, the zombies never losing an opportunity to rush over to full speed. The rest of the demo was so nervous, continuing our journey in a quarry, mine or even a cave. We Signal also at one point, Krauser and Leon must protect a young girl, the scene resembling much the end of the first Resident Evil name. Regarding the gameplay, nothing changes, using the Wiimote to move the viewfinder to the screen and draw while the Nunchuk is put to work to change weapon. Nothing to add since the handling was already very good in the previous section. We conclude by stating that context actions are always in the spotlight, they used to avoid a blow or cons to launch attacks.

The Game Walkthrough



It is the default weapon.  Your handgun is probably your most useful weapon, it comes with unlimited ammo and is probably one of the cheapest weapons to upgrade. It’s a pain to acquire the headshots you need to earn to "S" in each chapter with any other weapon, so be sure to upgrade your handgun when you get a chance.


It is the default weapon.  The shotgun is going to be one of your most valuable boss-fighting weapons, it’s also great for those pesky Lickers and Toads that just will not die or those hard-to-reach lights that you’re trying to break. However, it can therefore be the most expensive weapon to upgrade, so do it sparingly.

Sub Machine gun

It is the default weapon.  The sub-machine gun is a great weapon to rack up the kills if you’re running out of grenades. Use this weapon on roaches, spiders and other baby small-but-numerous enemies to boost your grade at the End Enemies Eliminated of each chapter. It’s a weak starter weapon and cheaper to upgrade.


It is the default weapon.  Grenades are great for killing enemies that are small, yet bunched together. A single grenade could rack up your Enemies Eliminated stat by a hundred. They are hard to come by sometimes though, so use them only when you need to. You do not get any grenades at the beginning of The Game, but they can be acquired in the coming chapters. Grenades cannot be upgraded.

Bow Gun

You will get this gun in Memories of a Lost City –  Chapter 2. It can shoot a series of high-speed arrows, although it’s a little more expensive to upgrade. Can be very valuable when fighting certain bosses or a horde of zombies, however, I do not consider this as important as a shotgun but rather a nearly-as-good substitute.

Boss :

Shoot for its head and mouth as those are its only apparent weaknesses. The shotgun is extremely valuable in draining its HP. Be sure to the grave sub-machine gun ammo at the foot of the boss, it’ll come in handy for this fight. When the boss swings back and it looks like it’s about to hit you, try to land a shot right in its head, sparing you from its attack.

This is a pretty easy boss, as long as you stay persistent. It has two  weakness that I can tell, it’s head and an eyeball on the side of the body that you won’t be able to shoot until a little later. The fight will start with a dodge, get it if you can as he can do some pretty bad damage to you. Pull out your shotgun and let loose on its head, he’ll eventually ram you into a hole, where he’ll send slugs flying on you. Shoot them before they  latch on, they can give you some last-minute auto-gold. Once you make it back to the surface, keep shooting its head, until he grabs you and swings you around, Claire and Leon will note an eyeball on its left side, right where his ribs should be, let loose on it with your sub machine-gun.

Shoot for the head, I cannot stress this enough, SHOOT FOR ITS HEAD. Forget the rest of his body and aim for the bright, shiny, bald part of the head or he’ll tear you a new one. Claire and Leon quickly run back, thwarted by two zombies just waking up and you probably won’t have enough time to kill these. Grab the shotgun ammo at the end of the hallway, you’ll probably need the shells.

Once you turn around, if you don’t kill those zombies you just ran passed,  the big scary dude will take care of it for you by effortlessly knocking them aside. Claire and Leon fall to the ground and the big scary dude will tower over them, dodge this. If you hit him in the head enough times, he’ll fall to his knees, this is a good time to reload as he’ll stop chasing you momentarily.

You’ll get enough time to regroup yourself before he starts after you again, use the same method and shoot his head until he falls to his knees. Around the corner, a fire will block your way and what’s worse, is big scary dude just doesn’t seem to die.  If he looks like he’s swinging his arms back to knock you, shoot his head and it’ll momentarily disorient him.  Shoot the smoke alarm right above the fire to put it out and resume the chase. Grab the herb right after the fire and heal if you need to.


  • Leon S. Kennedy – A Policeman and Main character in the game.
  • Jack Krauser –  A special agent for assistance.
  • Javier Hidalgo
  • Claire Redfield – College Student. Fighting for his Missing brother in the restricted area.
  • Steve Burnside – Prisoner who escaped from Rockfort Island.
  • Chris Redfield – A  S.T.A.R.S. member and brother of Claire Redfield
  • Ada Wong –  A woman with great skills. After Leon saved her she helped in return for the favor.
  • Sherry Birkin – Young girl infected with T – Virus.
  • Manuela – Infected from birth. Her mother was infected from T Virus. Receiving treatment through T-Veronica Virus to keep the disease under control.

Enemies :

  • Villager Zombies
  • Javier Zombies
  • Jumping Man-eater
  • Hilda
  • Plague Crawler
  • Hunter  Gamma
  • Worker Zombies3
  • South American Bat
  • Anubis
  • Jabberwock S3
  • Ivy +YX
  • South American Ants
  • Piranha
  • Mercenary Zombie
  • Second Form Hilda
  • V Complex
  • Town Zombie
  • Zombie Dogs
  • Crow
  • Licker
  • G Adult Body
  • Giant Spiders
  • Large Roach
  • Lurker
  • Alligator
  • Tyrant T-103
  • Giant Moth
  • Baby Moth
  • Bandersnatch
  • Parasites
  • Tyrant (T-103 Mass Produced Type)
  • Ants
  • Tentacle
  • Jabberwock S3
  • Veronica Plant
  • Steve Burnside

Story :

Resident Evil : The Dark Side Chronicles puts us during the events of Resident Evil 2, next to Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in Racoon City totally infested with zombies. The developers have said will focus on Resident Evil 2 as Leon and Claire were equipped with heavy Personalities who deserved to be revisited. Especially since Resident Evil 2 is one of the most popular episodes of fans. (and perhaps also because this episode was not used in Umbrella Chronicles …). Masachika Kawata the game’s producer also stated that the development team took into account the criticisms against Umbrella Chronicles. The game engine has been improved leading to a better management of lighting, new graphic effects and the inclusion of the famous Havok physics engine to enhance the immersion and create a horrific experience.

The Game begins  with Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser, navigating their way through the jungle somewhere in South America, dated in 2002. Leon pulls out photos of their target, which is a man named Javier Hidalgo, whom is hiding out somewhere near. They plan to meet a guide in the small village of Amparo, who will lead them to Javier’s mansion. They enter the small village nearby to find it desolate and seemingly vacant. The radio can be heard in the background, mentioning something about missing girls just as Leon and Jack see the numerous posters plastered on the tattered fence of various missing girls.

The demo of Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles begins at the beginning of Resident Evil 2, when Leon, just out of school police encounter is Claire Redfield in search of his brother Chris, the main character of the first Resident Evil . First observation, the game still runs on a rail and it is no longer possible to slightly move the camera as was the case in Resident: Umbrella Chronicles. This inability to move the camera has done a better profile setting, particularly in terms of framing and camera effects to the shoulder. Further dialogues are more numerous between the two players throughout the game, thereby enhancing the immersion by giving the impression of actually taking part in history. The collection of items is done to the object in question and pressing the A button on the Wiimote. A new very significant improvements in Resident Evil: Chronicles Dark Side is the ability to assign weapons or items to the directional cross the Wiimote, allowing to change weapons or use an item on the fly.

Once found a companion in misfortune, you will just have to sharpen your reflexes to avoid being overtaken by events. You tell me it will be rather simple in the sense that you only have to walk the viewfinder screen to eliminate zombies, piranhas, hunters, giant spiders, but also knock out elements of the set bonus for finding and ammunition. Deuce, I just realized that I could finish my test here since I have explained everything there was to explain. Still take our courage in both hands and dig the issue. As I said, from a purely conceptual standpoint, The Darkside Chronicles is a copy-paste from The Umbrella Chronicles. Suddenly, life is roughly the same (about 8 hours) even if Cavia has artificially inflated the while using the weapon customization. Indeed, the latter has now boost more features (rate of fire, reload speed, power …) but will demand a lot of pesos in exchange for any improvement. In fact, you will constantly draw on everything around you hoping to drop a few coins hidden. Unfortunately, even being fast, it will try several times if you want to upgrade fully or even partially each of your arms.

The other novelty of this episode is mainly about the dynamic action scenes. If those of The Umbrella Chronicles softies were rather the exception of boss battles, those of The Darkside Chronicles opt for radical change. The problem is that the mere idea of developers to enhance this nervousness is to have opted for a realization typed "handheld camera" maximizing the tremors. It was like in this case to adjust this effect to the image of what Dead Space proposed extraction but apparently it has not been a concern for Cavia. The result? A tangle of sequences to give dizzy, sort of retrospective of the whole work of Michael Bay denoting completely with the aspect ultra raised more contemplative scenes. It’s so obvious that as to measure progress, we lug more passages, sometimes lasting thirty seconds, where time seems to stand still: here, we look at an inert body for an eternity, then we will scan the ceiling while talking to teammate … Frankly, it was seen better in terms of storytelling.

But all is not black in The Darkside Chronicles. As mentioned before, we will have a bit of new blood through an unprecedented scenario featuring Leon and Krauser. Especially attractive in this way will bring us some clarification about the virus Veronica while the day on the links between the two men. In sum, although the chapter suffers from the same problems as her classmates, it is pleasant to find that old enemy after Krauser Resident Evil 4. Also, note for those who would pose the question that is full of adventure boss. Although we face those already encountered in episodes adapted, it is nice to meet face to them all they ask again a very special technique to be beaten.
Many bosses are facing and you ask a cool head and a bundle of ammunition.

More beautiful – especially in the levels derived from Code Veronica – and more thought to what controls – no more tremors Nunchuk to defeat an enemy – Darkside Chronicles is nevertheless allowed to play without displeasure, let alone two players when any Licker or any spider falls under the crossfire of two handguns.  Alone, we can only deal with IA of the useless, the zero degree of assistance. Worse, if the energy of partner comes to empty, this means using the spray / continuous best game over the worst. Although painful, especially when we cannot count the times when your teammate is busted without preventing the turning of a corridor. But Darkside Chronicles reserve a few pieces of bravery, including the boss several phases, such Birkin from Resident Evil 2, which are opportunities to justify the extensive use of special weapons.

Arranged ergonomically on the cross directional and configurable at any time with a break, shotguns, grenade launchers and other rockets obviously leave marks in the flesh. And as it is possible to boost their firepower through the points and the gold recovered in chapter after chapter, it may be advisable to replay some old chapters to fill munitions and of upgrades to smoke some bosses recalcitrant. Unlike d ‘Umbrella Chronicles, the game offers connectivity with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to compare their scores. The most finicky will certainly notice that the game is ultimately less long (just under seven hours) and far provided in Annexes chapters that the original game, but unlocking the alternate costumes in qualifying asked nevertheless quite abnegation.

Fortunately, the controls based on motion capture and the QTE are fairly rare, except for occasional combinations of buttons in boss battles and the few confrontations in melee with zombies, where frantically shaking the Wiimote is generally sufficient to achieve his ends. Once again, you’ll learn to aimless and random decorative elements even during times of respite, lest they contain loot hidden like silver or secret files to read later .
Leon and Jack approach to out-of-place well in the town center and see a staggering one coming towards them. It becomes apparent that this is the first zombie you’ll encounter in The Game. Shoot it quickly and try to get a headshot as the others to come are not so easy. Two more zombies will attack from behind, again take your time and try to land headshots on both of these. After those are dead, three more will appear toward you, but before you get a chance to shoot at these, the camera will turn again to see yet another zombie heading toward you.  Since you do not have much time to kill these, throw a grenade (if you have them) or pull out your sub-machine gun and hope for a couple of kills.

You’ll run into an alleyway and immediately be stopped by two more zombies. Be sure to shoot the fruit baskets and pots in this area, you’ll get the first Umbrella archive file, 500 gold, and possibly some auto-gold.  Try to get headshots as once these are dead, you’ll be greeted by two more behind you.  As you go around the corner, pick up the sub-machine gun ammo. Another zombie wants to attack the character you did not choose (if you’re Leon, it’ll attack Jack and vice versa), it’ll be hard to get a critical on this one, so just try to kill it quickly so it does not do much damage to your partner. Try to shoot every pot you can for the next Umbrella archive file and there’s grenades Around the same area, not to mention that area is a GOLD MINE!

Before you enter the next alleyway, on the grave-the-counter herb. Leon and Jack wants to run into another small alleyway and your partner wants to hop over the fence, do not worry about shooting the zombies behind you just yet.  As soon as you jump over the fence to rejoin your partner, they’ll break through the fence and you’ll get a chance to dispose of them. Once you pass through the gate, you’ll be greeted by two spiders, one on the wall and one on the ground. Try not to use your shotgun, you’ll need this ammo later. You’ll proceed over the unstable (and dangerous!) Bridge. Shoot the sheets drying on the lines, a lot of them will give you some auto-gold, very helpful in upgrading your weapons later.

To the right two zombies will attack you from behind, try your best to get critical. Next you’ll have to kill two toads one after the other, just kill them quick sparingly but use your shotgun, be sure to get the herb that’s next to the building. Two more zombies will break through the shack, take your time but do not let them hurt you. You’ll be surrounded by toads in front and behind you. As you run across the roof and dispose of another toad, you’ll see the church.

To the left right as you turn, you’ll be surrounded by piranhas, several want to jump at you (use the sub-machine gun, if you have to).  Next, kill the single toad before you approach a water-logged shack. Shoot the wooden door as quickly as possible as this could affect your time. Grave the herb on the shelf, then use your handgun to get your last remaining headshots.

Chapters :

Four zombies will stumble toward you, you have plenty of time to get critical on these if you wish. Grab the herb here. Behind you, a flock of crows will attack, shoot quickly unless you want to be crow food.

Behind you, three crows will fly at you, again kill them as quick as you can,  if you have some free shotgun or sub machine-gun ammo, it might be better to pull them out as you have a hectic time ahead. When you fall to the ground, a single zombie will rush at you from the vents,  if you can’t get a head shot, don’t worry, it can be pretty hard. Your character will stand up to face two more zombies, if you’re lacking on head shots, go ahead and get them here, but make sure to grab the herb on the ground and to shoot as many lights out as you can in the tunnel, there’s an Umbrella archive file here. You’ll also get a glance at the herb near the  entrance of the police station from the Courtyard path, go ahead and grab it for an extra boost.

This chapter opens with Claire riding her bike to Raccoon City and Leon doing A voice-over. It shows Claire and Leon fighting together in the city, Claire explains she’s searching for her missing brother. The two decide to head to the police station and away from the burning bus. You’ll be surprised by your first zombie encounter, after you dispose of him several more will begin to awaken. If you have grenades, you should probably use one or two here, you’ll need a lot of kills if you plan on getting to S. There’s no boss at the end of this chapter, so you really should not have to spare any.

Cheats :

The only way to end the chapters in class "S" is to repeat again and again, each time looking at the scores and look or you do not have the "S" if for example it is in " numbers of enemies killed "and we’ll remember them or is all opponents (it depends on the chapters), for example at the beginning of (re 2) you have more time or Leon and clear way to avoid full of zombies in the streets. .. does not look silly, shooting with the gun to get up, sometimes get the rank "s" did not want that in a detail like … do not forget to kill a maximum of bats, cockroaches, birds ect …

By cons me I had a surprise! At a time without explanation when I did not increase the power of my weapon (gun) I was surprised to kill spiders and species of toads by taking just two shots?? I had already started the chapter several times to get the rank "S" is because of that? often when we start a chapter at a time opponents die faster or it is a bug?

Unlock Costumes  –

  • Chris Costumes : Finish the mission Operation Javier Chapter 5 in Normal.
  • Mafia Costume  : Get an S rank on mission Oblivion Chapter 7 in Normal.
  • Costumes Krauser : Held detective – Get an S rank on mission Operation Javier Chapter 5 in Normal.
  • Uniform mercenary : Finish the mission Operation Javier Chapter 5 in Normal.
  • Costumes Leon  : Uniform Officer  – Finish the mission Operation Javier chapter 7 on hard mode.
  • Held detective : Get an S rank on mission Operation Javier Chapters 1 to 5 in Normal.
  • RPD uniform : Finish the mission Operation Javier chapter 7 on hard mode.
  • Bonus Scenarios (Krauser) : Finish the mission Operation Javier Chapter 7 in less than 10 minutes.
  • Very difficult : Finish the game on hard mode to unlock this mode.
  • Fashion Tofu : Finish the mission Operation Javier Chapter 5 in Normal. Tofu mode will be available in the lower right corner of the main menu.
  • Operation Javier (chapters 6 and 7) : To unlock these last two chapters, you must defeat the boss of Chapter 5 as soon as possible to save a character.
  • Very Easy Mode : Choose Continue 10 times in Easy Mode to access the Very Easy mode.
  • Missile : Complete all sections of the game on hard.

All bonuses

  • Scenario bonus Krauser  :  Finish Chapter 7 level "Operation Javier" in less than 10 minutes.
  • Tofu Fashion  : Finish Chapter 5 level "Operation Javier" in normal mode.
  • Mode very difficult  : Finish the game in hard mode.
  • Linear launcher  : Complete all sections of the game in hard mode.
  • Krauser Bonus Scenes :  Chapter 5: Complete surgical Javier 10 minutes
  • Linear start screen :  Play the game on Hard with
  • Operation Javier Chapter 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. :      Defeat the boss in Chapter 5 as soon as possible to save a character and thereby unlock the other chapters
  • New levels  : You can unlock two more difficulty levels. Once Very Easy (Very Easy) by her in a level ten times on Continue (Continue), and click once a Very Hard (Hart), if you’ve played through the game on "hard".
  • Trophy     
  • Speedster :  You complete all chapters in under five hours
  • STARS Mission : Completing the secret scenario
  • Bomber : Use you have 50 grenades
  • Vegetarian : Use you have 50 herbs
  • Put trust in others : The partner has killed 30 enemies
  • Trigger Happy     Spend more than 10,000 shots
  • Zombie Shooter : Kill 100 zombies
  • Zombie Hunter  : Kill 500 zombies
  • Zombie Killer : Kill 1000 Zombies
  • Hunter Killer :     Kill 100 Hunters
  • Killer Licker  : Kill 50 Lickers
  • Head Shooter :  Realize a 50 Head Shots
  • Head Hunter :  Realize a 100 Head Shots
  • Executioner  :  Realize a 500 Headshots
  • Memory of a Lost City 1 to 8     Finish using all the chapters on the hard mode without the "Continue"
  • Oblivion Game of 1 to 7  : Finish using all the chapters on the hard mode without the "Continue"
  • Operation Javier 1 to 5  :  Finish using all the chapters on the hard mode without the "Continue"
  • Well off   :  Get over 50,000 funds
  • Wealthy  :  Get over 100,000 money
  • Ultra Rich  :  Get over 150,000 money
  • Operation Javier Chapter 6 & 7  : At the end of surgery Javier Chapter 5 you must defeat the Boss very quickly to save a particular character. This turns the switch on the two last chapter.

Some Tips

  • If you choose Normal or Hard mode, get ready to drool in several places. Thus favors the two-player mode from the outset, it is of course much more fun and easier than the Solo. The Journey Home will ask 7 to 8 hours for between curly but the unlock able bonus mode and some others funny, you’ll come back through.
  • At the end of surgery Javier Chapter 5 you must defeat the Boss very quickly to save a particular character. This turns the switch on the two last chapter.
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is too difficult for you? When it begins to lightly 10 times the Continue feature that shuts it freely even easier game mode.

Cheat Codes :

  • Infinite Ammo  :  040CDDB4 60000000
  • No recharging necessary  :  0406C618 60,000,000
  • Infinite Health  :  040ACA74 60,000,000
  • Infinite Health (Partner)   :  C20FC690 00000001 :  D01F00F8 00000000
  • All weapons unlocked  :  040CDE34 38,002,710 :  040CDE38 90,030,120
  • Complete Archive   :  040CE794 3960FFFF  :  040CE798 7D6301AE  :  040CE79C 38,600,001
  • Infinite green herbs  :  04733890 0000270F
  • Infinite Cash   :  04FFA378 0098967F
  • Tooltips  : I think it is better if the gun first adds value, because they use most often. Here again the values for the maximum.
  • Line Lunch :  The weapon that has been in Alice, you can unlock. We need only to all chapters (all! Play through) to hard.
  • Linear Launcher  : The Linear Launcher is the strongest weapon in the game switches into one free in the one game played through on Hard difficulty. He has no limit for reloading ammunition but takes a long time.

Conclusion :

The level of the previous episode, the visual of what Darkside Chronicles constantly oscillates is between mediocre, good and very good concept. We still appreciate the excellent return of Code Veronica in a different light and cinematic wise, many more successful than The Umbrella Chronicles. In absolute terms, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles seeks copy / paste of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. It is still a shooter for the Wii subjective. We are again dependent on automatic movement and is of course possible to play alone or with a classmate. In short, nothing new in the concept. Conversely, this series will focus this time on the second and fourth episodes of the saga thereby featuring other duels – Steve and Claire, the latter being also teamed up with Leon. And precisely this latter which is now seen that we could play the unpublished chapter where the man the president appeared with his ally, Jack Krauser, who had already made a notable appearance in the excellent Resident Evil 4.

From a technical standpoint, The Darkside Chronicles falls into the category of what is best on Wii – the beautifully rendered scenery are highlighted by a procession of enemies that are beautifully recreated. The passages fighting bosses are a real treat. With the huge hordes of enemies that fill the screen we can enjoy a reinvention of some unbridled sequences most horribly memorable ever seen in a game even if you missed parts of the immense saga Resident Evil, it is difficult not to be seduced by what is clearly a linear shooter of the highest order.

Positive Points  :

  • Relive the old Resident Evil
  • The unpublished chapter that links
  • Two-player Fun
  • Graphics better than first

The Negative points :

  • A rhythm game wobbly
  • A camera on speed
  • Some really ugly environments


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