Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles Cheats, Tips and Walkthrough

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles is a shooting game on Wii. Battle your way through Racoon City, a city infested with zombies after a mysterious incident occurs in a laboratory of Umbrella Corporation.  Carrying high the banner of the gaming company's greener on the planet, Capcom is actively campaigning for the recycling of its license and for many years. Indeed, if the Gun Survivor series has never had good press, the Japanese company had nevertheless managed to evolve the concept by relying on rail-shooter. More limited but capable of inducing a frantic action with automatic movement, the kind we had offered The Umbrella Chronicles, nice little game but full of flaws. The Darkside Chronicles followed suit and therefore is not without surprise that we are faced with a formatted book providing some good sensations.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles builds on the rail (the player does not control the movement and locations poking virtual rail). The aim is again a shooter game in which the player shoots and surprisingly only occasionally chooses the path that you can play on the track riding on. Storywise, the game is to study events related to Resident Evil 2, two main characters are thus Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who previously reveal segments of the story already in Umbrella Chronicles. On the agenda, or the game is to promote cooperation, which will dispose of the zombie people living partner, but only locally. If no one will be mad enough to hand, take the reins of the other AI character. Another novelty is the ability to dodge the zombies bites with the newly implemented maneuvers in games of this genre which is not quite unusual.

Although most of our enemies and yet were still undead, there were some newcomers, insecticide mostly on a par with the perennial giant spiders and other aquatic Hunters seen in Resident Evil Outbreak. There is also a big influence in Resident Evil 5 sets, at least at the departure, through the first village bathed in abundant that light element ubiquitous in the last episode for the Next Gen. A good introduction, to the staging mastered synonymous with non-stop action and heroic charges. Everything also seemed punchier than before, the zombies never losing an opportunity to rush over to full speed. The rest of the demo was so nervous, continuing our journey in a quarry, mine or even a cave. We Signal also at one point, Krauser and Leon must protect a young girl, the scene resembling much the end of the first Resident Evil name. Regarding the gameplay, nothing changes, using the Wiimote to move the viewfinder to the screen and draw while the Nunchuk is put to work to change weapon. Nothing to add since the handling was already very good in the previous section. We conclude by stating that context actions are always in the spotlight, they used to avoid a blow or cons to launch attacks.

The Game Walkthrough



It is the default weapon.  Your handgun is probably your most useful weapon, it comes with