James Cameron's Avatar : The Game Walkthrough and Tips

In James Cameron's Avatar: The Game is adaptation of James Cameron's
next film, one of the largest and most respected directors in the
industry. In this game, you travels to different world called Pandora.
Specially selected to be a part in Avatar Plan, a rarely known science
fiction project released by the RDA Corporation, which drawing out
Pandora for some uncommon resources. You will learn to lead your own
Avatar. He is a hybrid from your DNA and also a Native species of
Pandora called as the Na’vi. As you travel in the Pandoran Jungle you
will explore more about the different creature of Pandora, the Na’vi
and their struggle about saving the Pandora from the Corporation. This
is the main point of the conflict in the picture. You have to prove
that you are true to your commitment or you are false. Will you fight
with RDA or against in order to change the conflict motive which is
escalating out of control. Or on the other hand you will support Na’vs,
battle which will protect the Pandora from the attack of RDA.

The proposed film Avatar in the field, moves to a new generation
interactive environment by means of shooter action with a tinge of
adventure and role. Ubisoft has received full support from the team
behind the film, to provide an experience worthy of the occasion,
during the more than 2 years of development have passed, which without
any doubt an inspiring message.

Our mission, or rather the first mission in the game, is getting into
the planet and exterminate the local creatures. Ubisoft has worked hard
in recent years to avoid the disaster of "another action game about a
movie" with her best weapon production. The Avatar video game is very
visual (without going further, it uses the graphics engine for Far Cry
2) with multiple adjustments to save the environment. The graphics engine chosen for the occasion has been so successful that
provided in Far Cry 2: The Dunia Engine, for the versatility it offered
for the representation of organic environments plagued by vegetation.
Then, a robust and efficient playable becomes essential to carry out
such a great company with success, so we decided to develop a mechanism
based on video games as Gears of War, Lost Planet, and even Mass
Effect. Without any doubts, the Ubisoft Montreal team superbly chosen
each of their referents, finally bringing a touch of originality action
and subplots that make the gaming experience very enjoyable and

Pandora a place of Dreams and Distruction

A graphic level, AVATAR: The Game features an artistic approach inherited from the film. However, how to nuance its own creators, game scenarios are recreated from scratch, by reference to the environments that we will see in the film but getting a completely new and original result. Thanks to the aforementioned Dunia Engine, the highlight of the stage performance in AVATAR: The Game, corresponding to the wild scenery that offers detailed, peppered with vegetation.

Moreover, during some phases of flight and in certain parts of the adventure, we will see the mountains floating weightless and other elements that make a very remarkable spectacle to environments, using a model with a density more than acceptable and a mapping work accordingly. The lighting