Lego Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues Walkthrough, Tips and Cheats

Overview :

Lego Indiana Jones 2 : The Adventure Continues continues combines the fun and creative construction of LEGO bricks with the wits, daring and non-stop action of one of cinema’s most beloved adventure heroes. With a unique, toung-in-cheek take on all the Indian Jones files- including for the first time ever Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – LEGO Indiana Jones 2 follows Dr. Jones’ escapades from the jungles experience the most authentic LEGO experience yet by fusing their levels with the ones in the game to create a custom experience. In LEGO Indian Jones 2, everyone can build, battle and brawl their way through their favorite cinematic moments  – or create their own.

Activision, LucasArts and Lego offer us relive the adventures of one of the most famous archaeologists of film with Lego Indiana Jones 2: The adventure continues. The game features a nice touch characteristic of the famous pieces of Lego and perhaps make us think that this is a childish game. Not so, since this is a game suitable for all audiences, who will challenge us to complete and unlock a host of characters, vehicles and accessories.
Graphically the game is developed to match Lego pieces, with characters moving in different detailed scenarios with simplicity, but actually serving its purpose: islands, towns, cities, districts or squares. Anything that is conducive to its destruction will be recognizable by its bright colors and the levers or objects that are activated by a brightness or the appearance of a blue triangle to approach with our character.

As for the sound only hear sounds of floats, vehicles, actions or movements of our characters as Lego dolls gesture but do not talk. This is what we are unable to open the mouth of Lego. In short, Lego Indiana Jones 2 has great graphics and is the game of the year but we will spend hours in front of the console as any to try to get all game objects. Recommended for those who want to spend with your kids or friends a good time but sometimes really difficult challenges offers us and get a good number of Lego pieces will take time.

Walkthroughs :

World Hubs : (LEVELS) :

  • Raiders of The Lost Ark
  • Temple of Doom
  • Last Crusade
  • Crystal Skull : USA
  • Crystal Skull : Peru
  • Crystal Skull : Akator

Characters :

  • Indiana Jones
  • Marion Ravenwood
  • Short Round
  • Prof. Henry Jones, Senior
  • Mola Ram
  • Mutt

Story :

All this with the particularity of playing either alone or with a friend and spend some great moments. We also have ways to design our own adventure or building with Lego bricks levels. Every detail for those who feel creative in front of the console or pc and want to design really complex levels. But go into detail to know more of the game.
Although the game is based almost entirely on fourth "movie" Indiana Jones, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, we may also revisit the three previous films, yes, in a fairly succinct and brief end up in a jiffy . The cooperative system is one of the great strengths of the game but inexplicably is limited to local multiplayer. Also, the level editor that allows us (with great patience and tenacity) to build with Lego bricks as we pass over his head, has no online options. In these times when the Internet are shared from computer viruses to levels of Little Big Planet, passing by all the copyrighted material, is so absurd that we can share our creations with other players.

The relationship between Lego and Traveler’s Tales began four years ago, Lego Star Wars. That title was a real surprise for all gamers to the point of laying the foundations of every title featuring these miniature dolls. Since then these Englishmen settled near Manchester have developed nine games based on the license. In all we had to destroy piles of Lego building and then back together into something completely different, collecting thousands of small coins and live some of the most epic adventure that has chronicled the world of cinema, with that special touch, elegant and suitable for all audiences that characterizes this license.

For that reason we are not surprised that the last game to be added to the long list of titles Lego-Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues-exploit the legacy of their predecessors and try to refine it as far as possible. The mirror in which the developers had to look was more than clear: the first Lego Indiana Jones. So much so that while the tone of this sequel is on the latest film in the film saga, the first three movies of the character also have their share of limelight. Thus, both fans of the original trilogy (Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade), as those who have known the character for his latest movie, there is room in the new Traveler’s Tales . Everything starts compulsory with the first scenes of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to go slowly unlocking the rest of production. These are composed of various levels completely original, although the number of phases focusing on each of these crops is lower than those we see based on the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The different worlds of each film are separated from the start menu and unique environments so we can return to play the various chapters separately at any time. So every movie trilogy is an old chapter and the last installment of the series alone occupies three separate chapters. The playability of these is well known, a perfect copy for the operation of the other Lego games. It is a platform game packed with puzzles, which also will have to destroy parts of the stage and then reconstruct them as other objects. The other big key to complete the construction of this game are the currencies that we collect in each level will enable us to unlock new vehicles, characters, abilities …

While the biggest change we will find is more important phase in the vehicles we drive, timed races and chases with a rather low speed. There is a great addition, as found in other Lego sets many levels of this type. Besides checking these motorized mounts just not be sufficiently flexible, so the fun during these levels suffers. And is that which works best Lego Indiana Jones 2 is in the stages we must go on foot, discovering and investigating new mapping scenarios in search of all the secrets hidden in each environment. The battles will be frequent, although the simplicity chairs each, the number of animations for each attack has been enhanced to add some variety. We may use guns, whips, shovels, grenades perfume

Each character has their own ability that we must use wisely.

This brings us to one of the most important parts of each set of Lego, the cooperative factor is printed on each game. The title in question is no exception and it gives us virtually at all times to two different characters. While we play alone, the poor will be controlled by artificial intelligence that is showing the game. Will often see as our partner stalls and falls again and again in a seemingly simple precipice. True control is allowed to change from one character to another at any time, but doing so means that the character is the We controlled before it becomes suddenly foolish.


So the cooperative mode is almost essential to fully enjoy the adventure, more so considering that this time has enabled a split screen for the times when players are exhausted. Proper operation and the division did not mind at all, so we consider this as a breakthrough in the saga of Traveler’s Tales. The penalty is not to include any of the online options of which he showed Lego Star Wars: The Complete Trilogy, which limits the cooperative multiplayer games locally. It is incomprehensible that lack, and more taking into account the similarity of the two titles (and all games with Lego characters).

If we continue with the weaknesses of this title, we can cite the absence of any indication that guide us to the next task or search. It therefore not uncommon that we end up stumbling through the level until finding a solution to what prevented our progress in the level. Another detail that will fill us with rage and helplessness is the tendency of currencies parts too quickly disappear from the map. It may seem a minor detail, but when it comes time to unlock more advanced reward is a nuisance that the most valuable pieces vanish before we can take that.

Small flaws aside, there is another great innovation that deserves comment: the level editor. For the first time gives us a set of tools that allow us to create levels and characters completely original adventure. Using all the materials that can be found in the story mode, we will create an almost infinite number of levels. The possibilities are vast, as is somewhat difficult to first contact the editor, but with some dedication the result can be highly satisfactory. We can place buildings, enemies, scenarios, change behavior, mount traps … Only our creativity is the limit. A pity there is no way to share these levels with other players.

Techniques found that follow the same patterns of previous Lego games, with minor improvements such as water treatment and greater solidity of objects on stage. While attempts have been made that the number of destructible objects increases, this change is not really noticed just in the general aspect of the game. For its part, paragraph Sonora is allegedly cornered by the sounds funny and a good handful unintelligible dialogues house brand. Nothing new in this aspect nor in orchestrated melodies. Large pieces in the short term, but somewhat repetitive after a few hours of play. In Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues find a game for the whole family, able to entertain both the young with the variety of levels and their low level of difficulty, as most seasoned players with many challenges find in each level. Its gameplay is still fun and able to hook us for many hours, but the immobility of this saga can reach tire expert players in Lego adventure.

Similarly, the cheats and bonus items are won now searching for different objects in the game world rather than the power brick lonely as before. If you overwrite, for example, 10 scorpions in the hub of the Temple of Doom, a box containing a bonus gameplay is immediately ready to be purchased. These are the traditional bonus which we are accustomed – score multiplier, power of rapid reconstruction or repair, as well as stupid things like funny money and fake mustaches – but they are now integrated in an area of active play in Instead of being stuffed in the menu.

This radical revision of a familiar system is not without difficulties growing. The hubs are poorly identified, often arranged so disturbing, it is easy to miss areas of core gameplay being adventurous. I spent much more time than necessary trying to find just the second mission of history in The Last Crusade, halting in areas that were not available yet, wondering what to look exactly. The new set size imperatively demanded a map or a compass, something to push you towards key areas -or simply at areas of interest.

The problem is aggravated by some design decisions amazingly annoying. The bonus levels can be completed by players with certain skills, but the game tells you that after you have started the challenge. It would be better to know that we need before entering, especially when you’re limited to two characters at once.

At the same time, unlike previous LEGO games, where you could scroll through a list of characters selected automatically covering all the skills you might need, the secondary characters can be found in the area and their corresponding must be changed manually. Having to enter the crossing of the gaming world in reverse just to go get someone with a javelin is a tedious chore – especially when you’ve forgotten where it regenerates.

Since it takes mentally visualize six hubs of respectable size, navigation becomes an event rather than a pleasure. I noticed that my son – another big fan of the series – asked me to return the lever more often than usual because he does not remember where the game wants it to go. This is the first LEGO where we felt that achieving the 100% completion is more difficult than it deserves.

This is particularly annoying that it is also an excellent performance, full of changes large and small making a real plus. We can now target the point of impact whips, throws and weapons fire from the fire button pressed, thereby eliminating the random penalized under the previous games.

Vehicles, missing the first Lego Indy are included here with a model of steering slightly improved. Agile and quick, it is really great fun to browse their driving levels designed for driving. They are less suited to some of the latest checkpoint races where unevenness are frequent and irritating when some of them tend to turn to a hitch due to modeling more complex effects physical. This does, however, than cars. With submarines, ships, aircraft – even with the camels and elephants – to browse these large maps, there are enough varieties of speed to overcome the slight inaccuracy of flight still present.

The camera has been improved with more success, thanks to the split screen that is long overdue. If you’re away from your companion, the screen splits in half diagonally. If you get closer to reseal the scenery when you’re in the same image.

This allows a real game together, each player is free to pursue different goals for mutual benefit, even if the level design does not really takes advantage of this new freedom. You will encounter problems always close to each other, but just knowing that you will not be ejected from the screen by mistake makes the experience less chaotic.
However, our old enemy tear of v-sync is back unpleasant – even if a menu option disables it. It is less easy to forgive some gels sporadic gameplay and several notable shortcomings on for most of the characters come into play in the achievement of targets and vehicles that refuse to generate.

Fortunately, outside of the campaign, there is a strong attempt to incorporate the key concept of building LEGO inside the game, you continue to keep a button pressed to build things in the game, but the Builder LEGO offers a flexible way to build your own game worlds, or edit existing ones, brick by brick.

Cheats :

In the menu Extras, enter any of the following codes :

All Cheats  
2GK562 Mutt  
2GK562: Mutt  
2U7YCV whip snake  
2UJQWC: Mannequin: Child  
2W8QR3 : Indiana Jones : Disguised  
3FQFKS : Indiana Jones : Official  
3PG5EL: Mannequin: Nina  
4C5AKH Professor Henry Jones  
7AWX3J : Lao Che  
7EQF47 boxer  
7VLKAF Biplane  
82RMC2: Mola Ram  
8BDJG5 : Indiana Jones : CS  
94RUAJ: Willie: Singer  
Alien PXT4UP  
BC5PTY Rolls-Royce: Phantom  
BDJG5 Indiana Jones: CS  
Beep Beep  UU3VSC
Boxer – 7EQF47  
Coin Magnet EGSM5B  
Dig fast XYAN83
Digging quickly  XYAN83
Disguise  Y9TE98
Dovchenko – WL4T6N  
DZFY9S Indiana Jones: Collect 8  
E88YRP: Salah  
EGSM5B: magnet coin  
Fast Fix  3Z7PJX
Fearless TUXNZF
FGLKYS : Indiana Jones: 2  
FTL48S Rene Belloq  
Hot Rod YLG2TN  
Indiana Jones Disguised – 2W8QR3  
Indiana Jones: 1 – PGWSEA  
Indiana Jones: 2 – FGLKYS  
Indiana Jones: Collect – DZFY9S  
Indiana Jones: CS – 8BDJG5  
Indiana Jones: Desert-M4C34K  
Indiana Jones: DJ – QUNZUT  
Indiana Jones: Kali – J2XS97  
Indiana Jones: Officer – 3FQFKS  
Invincibility  6JBB65
J2XS97 : Indiana Jones : Kali  
J2XS97 Indiana Jones: Kali  
Lao Che – 7AWX3J  
Lao Che 7AWX3J  
M4C34K : Indiana Jones : Desert  
Mac – P4PCDY  
Mannequin: Female Adult – U7SMVK  
Mannequin: Male Adult – QPWDMM  
Mannequin: Toddler – 2UJQWC  
Mannequin: Young girl – 3PG5EL  
Mola Ram – 82RMC2  
Mola Ram 82RMC2  
Mutt – 2GK562  
P4PCDY : Mac  
PGWSEA Indiana Jones: 1  
Professor Henry Jones – 4C5AKH  
PXT4UP: alien  
QPWDMM : Mannequin : Boy  
QUNZUT : Indiana Jones : DJ  
Rapid Construction  
Rapid Repair 3Z7PJX
Rene Belloq – FTL48S  
Rink  TY9P4U
RM3E84 Stunt Plane  
RM3E84: plane  
Salah – E88YRP  
Score x10  V7JYBU
Score x2  U38VJP
Score x3  PEHHPZ
Score x4  UXGTB3
Score x6  XWJ5EY
Score x8  S5UZCP
Silhouettes  FQGPYH
U7SMVK : Mannequin : Girl  
Willie 94RUAJ: Singer  
Willie: Singer – 94RUAJ  
WL4T6N : Dovchenko  
WL4T6N Dovchenko  
YLG2TN: vata hot


Vehicle :  
Biplane – 7VLKAF  
Stunt Plane – RM3E84  
Rolls-Royce: Phantom – BC5PTY  
Hot Rod – YLG2TN  
Alien – PXT4UP  
Vessel to be inter-dimensional PXT4UP

All characters.  
Unlock Dovchenko WL4T6N
Unlock Henry Jones 4C5AKH
Unlock Indiana Jones (Desert disguise) 2W8QR3
Unlock Indiana Jones (Desert) M4C34K
Unlock Indiana Jones (Kali) J2XS97
Unlock Indiana Jones (officer) 3FQFKS
Unlock Indiana Jones (Tuxedo) QUNZUT
Unlock Indiana Jones 1 PGWSEA
Unlock Indiana Jones 2 FGLKY5
Unlock Indiana Jones 3 DZFY9S
Unlock Lao Che 7AWX3J
Unlock manikin (male) QPWDMM
Unlock manikin (male) QPWDMM
Unlock mannequin (female) U7SMVK
Unlock mannequin (female) U7SMVK
Unlock Mola Ram 82RMC2
Unlock Mutt 2GK562
Unlock Rene Belloq FTL48S
Unlock Sallah E88YRP
Unlock the boxer 7EQF47
Unlock Willie 94RUAJ
All levels  
Creator Finish the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – act 1.
Raiders of the Lost Ark Finish the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – act 1.
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Act 2 Finish the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – act 1.
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Act 3 Finish the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Act 2.
The Temple of Doom Finish the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Last Crusade Finish the Temple of Doom.
The super bonus levels Finish a super bonus level.

All Items.  
Whip snake 2U7YCV
Magnet coin EGSM5B
All trophies  
All Bronze trophies.  
And three times it falls! Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Skull 3.
Dangerous snakes, you will. Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Ticket.
Grab the snake! Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Skull 2.
I thought he was closer. Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Skull 1.
Purified by the wrath of God. Modifies a bonus level in the Constructor.
Rely on yourself. Finished levels of Tutorial Manufacturer.
They were archaeologists! Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Skull 3.
We called the dog Indiana. Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Crusade.
What are you looking guys? Create a custom character.
You betrayed Shiva! Finished all levels in story mode Kernel Temple of Doom.
All the silver trophy.  
Am I a monkey pretentious? Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Temple of Doom.
I can almost. Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Crusade.
I do not believe in tricks. Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Ticket.
I even love the color. Manufacturer Creates a level validated.
I wanted to say … dying comrade. Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Skull 1.
In the space between spaces. Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Enhanced Skull 3.
It is not grave robbers. Finished all the Levels in Kernel mode Treasury Skull 2.
It was very, very strong. Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Bonus Ticket.
The situation does not improve. Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Enhanced Crusade.
What striking imagination. Finished in a "Create Your Own Adventure".
You dare not do. Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Enhanced Temple of Doom.
You’re really an old crazy. Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Enhanced Skull 2.
You’re what, 80 dig? Finished all the Levels in Kernel Mode Enhanced Skull 1.
Coin Magnet – EGSM5B
Snake Whip – 2U7YCV

Conclusion :

After forays into Star Wars and Batman, the pieces back to the saga of the most famous archaeologist in the entertainment industry. And with that, fans of Lego adventures are in luck. The proven success formula in earlier games this license back once again to delight his legion of fans. It adds a full screen editor and game. Everything else we have seen already several times, so the surprises of this Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is limited. If this does not pose a problem, find a long family adventure and fun.

The best

  • The full level editor
  • Long-plagued and now Lego
  • The chance to play split-screen

The worst

  • Missing a cooperative through internet
  • The AI is poor peer
  • No surprises in its development and gameplay

Specification :

  • Available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Playstation portable, Nintendo DS and Windows Computer.
  • For Windows System Requirements :
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • Direct X9.0c support.
  • Intel P4 1.8Ghz or AMD Athlon XP 2200+.
  • 256 MB of Minimum but 1GB Recommended.


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