Prototype 2 Walkthrough

This time Alex looks to be more cruel and powerful. He looks to be the villain in game which controls the Mutants also. While following the Heller will first encounter a Mutant. With a knife in this hand he is bound to die or kill. The first chapter does not provide any special power to Heller. You will need to perform dodge or jump type of skills here. Later on Heller will be attacked by a big creepy zombie who looks more similar to the women in first game who termed to be mother of all infections. Also you will need to kill a mutant with knife. Keep an eye on the screen instructions. After that a new cinematic begins where Heller found himself in front of Alex Mercer. After attacking by Alex Mercer, Heller survives and found himself in a very changed situation. Here you will learn basic attack skills with enhanced power because of Mercer Virus. Some zombie’s attacks and the screen guide you to with the key to perform action. Heller finds himself captivated in a room from where he tries to escape. The first objective of this part is to defeat the infected. Tap and Hold if you are using your Xbox or PS3 lets you to perform combo attacks.


The same can be done via Mouse Click and holding the front key W or whatever assigned. A high kick offer devastating effect to bring down number of infected in single time. This was some kind of new test perform to generate another Mercer. There is lots of violence and blood in the game. As the cinematic ends Heller consumes a Black Troop commando to escape the location. The health bar on the top left indicates the amount of life left in Heller. Grab the Trooper and consume him to get more health. Consume more infected in the room to heal yourself. The default key might be E in the pc (not yet out for pc). As your health is full you will need to find the way out. The only way to get out is broken the window on tab. Grab the table and throw it to lab window.  As Heller escape from the lab window another cut scene appears which brings the real twist. Alex Mercer shows Heller the cause of virus outbreak and asks him help to destroy Gentek and virus created by them. In this part Heller follows Mercer instructions to fight with the virus. So in short. Alex needs a companion to deal with Gentek and infection. From here Heller begins to play the role of Mercer.

The second chapter begins with Black Troop inspection in the city to distinguish infected and non infected. They are over the city killing those who carry infection will be soon turning to flesh eating zombies. A kind of Resident Evil stuff. This is the Yellow Zone where a secure refugee area is constructed. This is the first checkpoint of game where Heller deals with Black Troop soldiers. Keep an eye on the Alert Meter. Which