Prototype 2 Walkthrough

is Red means you are watched and hunted soon. As the meter go down you can disguise yourself to hide from others and stay cleaner on the road. Hit the commander and consume him. Same like older game after consume you can take their form also. The first objective in this part is to escape from the solders. The attacks are quick and frequent know. Heller already owns all the abilities of Mercer. The glide in air, high kick and devastating attack. Heller has to escape the Alert now. The Alert Meter should be off. Try to find location where you are unseen for a while. Unless and until the Alert Meter is off you cannot shapeshift. The helicopter attack is more devastating which consume a large part of your health in less time. So here you need to be more frequent in the game. An arrow on the screen shows you the place of objective. The same blue arrow covered with black and blue outline mostly placed on high ground. Run towards it. As you reach your first objective is to locate Father Guerra in a Church. Location is showed in the map. Grab your boots and run like hell. Heller abilities are better than Mercer. He is equipped with glide, high jump type of upgrades which we have to purchase in Prototype.

Look into the cinematic for further discussion. Father Guerra says Blackwatch kind of cause for stuff which is disagreed by Heller. Next stop is Hospital where Heller will find the Commander to find the Blackwatch Truth. The infected vision tells Heller about his target to consume. This infected vision now called as Hunting ability. The ability allows you to found your target in millions. The target is shown in a Red Skeleton whom you can attack blindly. To begin attack you will need to send a Hunting pulse first. After that when the target is located, change yourself to soldier whom you consumed before and charge to avoid sudden attacks. The memories of Command will put lights on the coming objective. After consuming the Commander as usual escape the alert. Heller’s next objective is to reach the parking lot of Hospital and consume the Blackwatch Commander. The soldiers which he consumes are keys to reach the objectives. The Hunt Pulse lets you to find the target. If you cannot see you can search from high altitude. As you keep moving you can press the Hunt Pulse to locate your target. You have to cross that broken bridge by jumping higher and gliding. The commander is on broken bridge. Once you locate him consume him. The memories told Heller now to locate Colonel Rooks. The same things begin now. Find yourself safe place to get rid of those Helicopters. You have to escape the alert as soon as you can. This your first Mission which completes knows. And another mission Operation FlyStrap is unlocked. Also there are number of Blackboxes which you can keep collecting to find better upgrades. Heller's job is to collect those 5 Blackboxes to become