How to connect SteelSeries Spectrum Audiomixer to TV

How to connect SteelSeries Spectrum Audiomixer to TV

SteelSeries Specturm Audiomixer is another nice gadget for your gamepad controller. It offer you options to play game with more ease where you have full control on your ingame volume. The AudioMixer works almost with any kind of 3.5mm jack Headset.  It is convenient to use with your existing gamepad controller and many of you are wondering to use with your TV or Monitor. It works with only those devices which has either support for RCA splitter or a audio jack.   


It is possible to use it with a TV or Monitor. You can plug it directly to the audio/headphone jack. This is a 3.5mm green color connector which on the back of cpu case. For PC or Monitor it is not tough, but to get it work on TV you need RCA Splitter. RCA Jacks are different in comparison to regular 3.5mm connectors. There is a small reference image which can help you to understand the connectivity.


As you can see I above image. Connect the RCA splitter to TV RCA hacks and then hook the audiomixer on it. Below that you can see two ports which will be use to connect the headphone .


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