Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Max Payne is returned with its 3rd installment filled with thrill and action. Max Payne is a hit series where you can enjoy a gameplay consist of enough action and spy jobs. In this chapter Max Payne is in Brazil where he has to protect the family of Rodrigo Branco. His past still trouble him which are hidden secrets of his life. As Max Payne keeps on moving in an alien city, he has to fight his way out to reach the truth. Enrich with good graphics and nice chapter, Max Payne 3 is an entertainment packet. This time Rockstar has added more to the shooting. More better timing and advance mechanics helps a gamer to get realistic action.


  • Multiplayer: Max Payne 3 introduces an explosive and innovative multiplayer experience, bringing Max Payne’s signature Shoot dodge and Bullet Time gameplay features along with a range of new and expanded special abilities into the arena of competitive online multiplayer.
  • Weapons: From automatics to handguns to rifles and explosives, Max wields (and dual-wields) a wide range of high-powered weaponry in both single player and multiplayer. Max Payne 3 provides devastating firepower for any and all situations that call for decisive and punishing action. Find out more about Max’s arsenal in the features below.
  • Characters and Gangs: From New York to São Paulo, explore intelligence gathered on the characters and gangs that you will encounter throughout the treacherous story of Max Payne 3.

Chapter 1: Something Rotten In The Air

After when you are done with the adjustment of your settings the game begins with a pub or you can say some kind of bar where poker face people are dancing like zombies.  A character introduction begins here. Glued to the screen to find what the story is all about. Member of a rich family are kidnapped from the scene and from here the actual story begins. After the cinematic ends up you are now in the game to shoot those bullies. See the screen instruction which will guide you to shoot. The lock is new feature here which you can hit and lock the enemy. Then you can shoot in any manner the bullet hits the target. The famous dodge shoot is still included with better mechanics.  The lock feature allows you here to control your aim. It is necessary that at start you must learn how to navigate those controls properly. Pick some guns from the ground and move forward. At a situation when the women is being kept hostage by the kidnappers you need to jump from the left side of windows and land on a slop roof. That is the right time to aim properly and hit. Now there are some more enemies in the building. The lift takes you down. Max Payne 3 also consists of a cover feature. Where by hitting the key assigned you can take cover to the most nearest object. This is a kind of life saver.

Also there are other special key assigned to shoot the target from cover. I am not going to provide each key detail as there is not much to explain here. All screen instruction simply guide you for that. Now pickup a shotgun and then move ahead.  A new feature called as Bulletcam appears here. Under this you can simply slow down the moving bullet and shoot more to kill the enemy in front. Go straight to the downside towards parking. Now there is more number of enemies. Use double gun, take cover and shoot them one by one. Do not waste much time here. They keep moving ahead. Do not just dodge and kill them. Keep yourself cover as much as you can and hit from the cover only. Take them down one by one. The flashing button into the garage will help you to open the doors. So keep an eye on those green lights.

As you keep moving you have to take care for objects. These objects can be anywhere and are your clues to move ahead. They also play a vital role in solving your coming queries. There are ample of enemies in the garage. As you kill some of them you can see once person is being taken by the kidnappers. Shoot the car tire to stop them.  Your health will be ended soon when you are hitted. To regain that you need to find painkillers. With good cinematic the game looks more realistic to play. There is ample of blood in the game. Like head burst out with blood all over and etc. Making you the most deadly killer on screen. Later the cinematic tell you the next story.

Chapter 2: Nothing But The Second Best

Here the game begins with long cinematic where two members of that family are being kidnapped from a nightclub. Max is appointed to protect them under every condition.  The scene begins when Max jumps from the window and a whole league of thugs are below. Spoiling the entire party they took the hostage with them. One by one you have to follow the bring them down. After landing on the ground take cover and then shoot them. They will fire like hell on you. Take cover under the blue table. Shoot go ahead collect some weapons and follow them. You will get more new number of weapons here. March towards the staircase. The enemies will be in your way. Aim and shoot is the one precision that you need to learn properly. Under this, playing with Hard Lock can be more helpful as it auto aims the enemies. All you need to check that when you are moving do not simply jump. Because they are in between hitting regularly with machine guns. Your ample of health will be wasted in moving ahead.

So take cover and move. Here shoot and cover is important. Ahead in the upper hall there are more to kill. Get behind the door and shoot when you see them moving towards you. After a small cinematic you can see shooters are killing innocent party animals. The entire gameplay is based on cover and shooting. You will find some weapons here.  At the end you can see three door. The door with green led handle is open. There is another character inside it. As you open the door the new cinematic begins. After a small conversation the game begins back again. This is a quiet long chapter where you have to find the places and wipeout shooters. Certain clues are displayed on the screen. Read them and move ahead. You can see a restricted door ahead. Enter that. This will take to you the kitchen. Two more enemies are ahead. Shoot them. After getting out from the kitchen you can see the girl hostage being taken away. Move and kill all those which are in the room. Take cover and move. After that another cinematic shows Max struggling to reach on the top floor by using a window cleaner lift and then attacked by helicopter.

He manages to escape and then jump from the building to catch the helicopter. Here you can now shoot on the enemies from helicopter. To take cover you have to use the helicopter door part only. A girl is being kept as hostage by the thugs and as she ran you need to protect her. This is a bit longer gameplay where they keep on appearing on the roof. The girl tries to escape and with your help she can get out safely. Just aim properly and shoot. Avoid getting hit. As she keeps running she is being blocked by many. The cinematic keeps the story moving ahead. Now the second part here is to shoot by hanging on the edge of helicopter. The entire part consists of proper aim. Here hard lock plays a vital role. If you play that on free aim you might get distracted very easily. You can shoot the missiles comings toward the helicopter. In that way you can borrow more time in the game. So also keep an eye on the shooter who is launching missiles on you. After that you can see Max falling on the helipad. Follow the same route which was taken by the girl. There will be more encounters. Moving on the roof and crossing the hotel name you will find more enemies. Kill them and keep moving slowly. At the end when Max enters in a large hall where he can find that girl and she is safe. The objective for these chapters is completed.

Chapter 3: Just Another Day At The Office

The third chapter begins with cinematic in police headquarters. This chapter also offers you co-operative gameplay. After being attacked 2 times the rich family of Rodrigo Branco is under fear. Still his wife is being captivated and after delivering certain amount she might get released. Here Max takes the responsibility of giving money those gangs and releases the hostage. In a stadium Max is hurt by a bullet. At this part the game becomes a bit defensive where you have to follow your partner to land safely somewhere. Move slowly and do not jump or run fast or you will be spotted and killed. Your partner will signal you at the time of moving. As you reach a clinic inside stadium the cinematic shows that Max treated and now read to be back in business. Some of the starting part is based on hiding and moving. While once the wound is treated Max has to kill each of them one by one. It is necessary that you keep patience in that part. Do not run ahead. Hide somewhere till those people appear. Use dodges to kill them. Your partner here shows you the way to move head. You will also earn a trophy here. The stadium is a quiet big place to wander. You have to take cover to the nearest object. The enemies whom you will kill will drop weapons. Collect them. Move ahead until you ends up in a lobby where two enemies are on the top side. Take cover and aim on them.

Once you shoot them others will be coming to kill you. After splitting up from your partner move ahead and kill the enemy in front of you. Pickup the torch. You can see flash lights in front of those who are carrying the torch. This becomes easier to track and kill. You have to move as low as you can. Just shoot and take cover. Those enemies will be moving near you and as they reach hit them.  There is some nice action packed in this place. Your weapons cycle seems to be full. Near the stairs two more enemies will be desperately shooting on you. Under such circumstances hide near the wall. Wait for some time as you can see they are near cover and shoot. Do not dodge or you will be killed. The torch light gives the indication that the enemy’s lies below and you have to attack them slowly. It is sometime hard to kill those when they are not fully exposed. There are more to kill now and this will continue till you see a new cinematic where your partner got trapped. One he escaped by locking them down the sniper gameplay begins.

Bulletcam will give you live action here. Kill each of them one by one by following the torchlight. Your partner tries to escape from the situation. You have to eliminate all the enemies on this ways that so that he can land upon a safer place. A mixture of sniper gameplay is the actual part in this chapter. It is not really complicated to aim and shoot. Precision is what required here.  Once you are done with the sniper thing the next cinematic shows up what to do. You have to get the money bag. A troop of soldiers appears to be the enemy this time.  Take them down one by one and climb up. The cinematic shows up how you get the final person. Later on both Max and his partner are out of the scene.
Chapter 4 : Anyone Can Buy Me A Drink

This chapter starts with Max in a bar where is drinking and is trouble by some group of people. The cinematic took a long time to explain a new partner here. After killing one guy among them Max indulge in the same problem which he is facing from last 3 chapters. The entire clubs looks too filled with thugs and you can be attack from anywhere. So better keep yourself as much cover as you can. You can see the bullets and get the location of person. Kill all enter the kitchen collect some clue and get outside where you two gangs are negotiating. You have only the small wall to cover yourself and without wasting much time shoot them all. Once all is ended as you move ahead a group of more enemies appear to come in a car. This part to have a mixture of co-operative and action gameplay. When the killing is ended Max enters in room with his partner where he shared drink. Outside the boss of gang appears where he blames to Max about killing his son. This time Max finds himself in real trouble. So a tougher gameplay begins.

Max has to escape safely from the building which is guarded by enemies and are on watch to kill him. There are snipers and killers. So be careful and move ahead. In lobby you can see green laser lights which are aimed to kill whoever moves. Run as fast as you can. But before that kill the one who is at the end of lobby. Or else you will be attacked from both sides. There are certain clues in the area which can be used for survival. Do not forget to check the rooms as there can valuable information. You have to reach the roof top as fast as you can. AS you keep moving from the lobby you will be attacked and at the end you can see a exist door to reach roof. I hope you have enough painkillers to keep you alive on the way. More enemies are on the roof. So take cover and get them one by one.  Ahead you can see Max hiding above a water tank. From here you have to take down a group of people.

You have to kill each and everyone before someone blows the tank. Because as the tank blast Max land on the wall of roof top and if anyone is alive you will be shot dead on the spot. So kill as fast as you can. You will find your partner in the scenario. You have to clear out more peoples in the room. Your partner will take inside a garage where a number of thugs are hiding. This part has the same type of gameplay. Nothing is new here. Just hide and shoot. Do not expose yourself as you can be killed very soon. You will get an AK47 rifle in the way. This gun is more powerful and deadly.  Follow your partner. Some more enemies to kill ahead. Once done the chapter ends with a cinematic conversation between Max and other character.

Chapter 5 : Alive If Not Exactly Well

This chapter starts with Max intro in a speed boot taken to a forest type place by his new partner. They are onto some government mission. The first part of this chapter consists of finding way. There are no shooters here. You have to find the way to enter the building buy shooting the lock. Later on when you find the right way you can see the enemies. At nooks and corner if you search properly you can collect objects like torch, ammunition and painkillers. So you can do one thing after killing them try to navigate in all corners. It is safe to move as the killers will appears in later stage. As you move you can see an empty room where a cinematic runs with two enemies.

One of them locates you. Kill them and move ahead. You can simply check the corners to get new upgrades. Later on you can see a half closed shutter at the end of room. There are many enemies behind it. Open them and take cover to shoot. Once you are done kill them and move ahead towards the trailer area. There are ample of people waiting for you here. You have to move slowly and take  cover as you can. This chapter has more about searching stuff. Because there are less action here. You have to find ways to reach as far as you can. People are located on the remote places. After reaching at a proper place you can see a group of enemies. You have to first land and find a proper place to hide. So that you can take all of them one by one slowly. It is not necessary that you jump of in between them. Some dodge jump will  be helpful here if you landed in between the enemies. What is requiring here is to find the proper path. Because a maximum time here is wasted wandering around. The area is quiet big and looks for closed door. At the end you will need to press a lever to way to reach another location. At that point a cinematic can show you the glimpse of hostage. This lever will connect a bridge. This is also a very long place where you can see boats booked nearby. Enemies will be now in boots and you have to move slowly take cover and shoot them. You must not expose much. Get as much cover as you can. You have to explorer every part here. You can find closed doors that can be opened by shooting on the locks.

At the end when you are done with the enemies Max landed on a petrol pump which blast and he in water. After that he helped by his partner the one who put him in this trouble. The coming part is to shoot the enemies following you in boat. Once you are done with them, you have to follow the boat which has the hostage. They might attack you with missiles and you can shoot them directly to avoid maximum damage. The same is application for Grenade attack. You can see enemies on the shore house attacking you or throwing grenades. The boat will move faster and you will need to kill each of them one by one. The game becomes aggressive in this part with heavy weapons. To get a more clear shot the boat just ran over a placement which pushes the boat above in air. Without wasting time Max got a clear hit of thugs. Shoot them as fast as you can before the boat falls in water.  But still after lots of effort they escape with the hostage. The chapter ends here.
Chapter 6 : A Dame, A Dork, And A Drunk

The 64th chapter begins with the headquarter where Rodrigo Branco is in trouble. The entire place is under attack with some silly troops of soldieries. Max job is to eliminate them all and create a safe passage. You have to kill each of them in the office for the next cinematic.  An office guy shows up place to Max. Max job here is to eliminate the enemies in every room of building. He is guided by the office guy here who took him to every passage. This is also a very large place to find and kill each of them. Follow the character you will get ample action in between. On the way keep on looking for new upgrades. You can pickup certain stuff which will be surely beneficial for you at the end.

The entire area is sealed now. Walk from the lobby to the reception. A group of enemies in a vehicle simply dash the entrance. Jump ahead and keep shooting. There will be large number of enemies incoming now. This is a tougher part of the game where you are attacked suddenly. A tougher enemy masked with gun machine. Hide yourself somewhere till they shoot. They halt in between for second attack. That is the time you have to shoot. They will shoot like hell and that will eat up your health in faster way. So do not try to expose yourself. You can see the effect when they shoot any object. Max returns and found that Rodrigo Branco is dead. And a bomb is planted which will throw Max out of window. The entire place is burning. You have to find a safe escape here. There are not enemies but to save life Max has to find a safe passage. The complication begins as Max face more enemies. The place is going to burst into pieces and you need to ensure that you did damage much. Because at this point there are ample of things that can kill your health.  This chapter ends with a cinematic where Max speak to a burned soldier.

Chapter 7 : A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature


Chapter 8 : Ain’t No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise

Chapter 9 :  Here I Was Again, Halfway Down The World

Chapter 10  : It’s Drive Or Shoot, Sister

Chapter 11 : Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas And Greed

Chapter 12 : The Great American Savior Of The Poor

Chapter 13 :  A Fat Bald Dude With A Bad Temper

Chapter 14 :  One Card Left To Play


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