Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC Walkthrough and Tips

Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC Walkthrough and Tips

Hitman Sniper Challenge is another DLC add-on released for Hitman Absolution game series. If you love action game, then this would be a preferred choice. To some extent the DLC provides you a slow action adventure game. The DLC is engaged mostly with point-and-shoot gameplay. With enough patience and mouse skills you can easily eliminate distant enemies. This DLC features none other than Agent-47 who is on task to deal with enemies through sniper gun. You would have never played this kind of series in any other Hitman games. It looks a bit worst to some extent because on the existing environment under this DLC you can be distracted very easily. Sniper does not means that enemies are visible to you instantly, they are located to at a far away place where you have to capture them through zoom. The impact of attack is awesome which brings down the enemy with one shot. To some extent Agent-47 has to be in hidden location while killing them one by one in strategic mode. There is no different levels that you have to move on. After reaching at the topmost floor your mission begins. Sniper Challenge DLC deals with a new mechanic to shoot via sniper. I had played a number of sniper games among which this one is a bit more challenging. Because you have to maintain the balance with target. You cannot move your mouse randomly to adjust the corsair on enemies.


You have to shoot the enemy on one shot rather than injuring them first and thus raising the alarm. If you can check a gameplay video on Youtube, you can then easily figure out how this actually works. Hitting with precision on head will give you a clear idea. The impact is so hard, that the enemies is thrown towards the front side. While in other games the enemies falls after hit on floor. When I took the first shot, I was a bit shocked the way enemy died. To some extent it gives you a feeling of real sniper hit. The DLC is well designed for those who love to play a slow pace shooting game. The sniper reloads after 3 shot probably in first few minutes. Somehow you might find the game a bit annoying while locating the enemies. As some of them are on the roof or in corridor while in between objects. Instead of levels the game deals challenges and some of them are time based. The DLC is divided into 15 different challenges. Each of them has a different type of gameplay. Some are time based, where you have to carry execution within the given time limit. You need to take care that you do not raise an alarm. The perfect shot is always to be hit on the head. So what you need to do is maintain a good mouse control. The mouse is too sensitive here. Or if you are playing it on PlayStation or Xbox then you might not find it complicated.


The game demands for precision. Because somehow your shot can be missed very easily in start. For Hitman fans this game is a perfect treat. Killing silently is the best ability of Agent-47 which is a mixture of skill and strategy. What I like about this game is that it is quiet exciting when you keep a sniper loaded and wait for the right target. The game is not recommended for aggressive people who will find it boring when they are not able to locate someone. The challenge is not at all over till you deal with each and every enemy in the building. To some extent the location of guards is difficult to find. But with your sniper zoom you can get the right place. The game is a bit redesigned with new graphics. As I had said above the game is slow paced. So if you are not willing to wait you must avoid the DLC. At some part you will need to wait for the enemy to appear. Somehow it is a bit complicated to shoot on moving target. So wait till the target stands at some place and you get the right shot.



In Sniper Challenge, Agent-47 has been given a task to kill guards of a Richard Strong Jr. This guy is CEO of Stallion Armaments. He is engaged with ammunition supply during the 1st Gulft war. He stays in building which is heavily guarded. The game does not deal with complicated weapon or gadget. There is sniper gun on the rooftop. To gain a nice reputation on leader-board, try to shoot on head at maximum time. Bodyshot are not yet awarded nicely. It is possible to shoot multiple target with single bullet. But for that they must be in a line or else you can miss the same. The game needs internet connection so that it can upload your current score directly. This makes it more competitive. Hitman Sniper Challenge gives you a small glimpse of Hitman Absolution. This is an upcoming game which will deal with similar mechanics and level. Lets begin with some tips and a short guide on Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC.


Tips :Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC starts with a short introduction of Richard Strong Jr. First of all this guy does not moves in public and is barely visible. He will appear at 5-Star Carrington Hotel in downtown Chicago during his company’s annual meeting. Aget-47 is assigned with a job to target the enemy by first clearing the guards in the building. But on the same hand the game comes with a condition. You cannot leave witness behind. The game ask for complete undercover act which remains un-noticeable in many ways. As the CEO is already protected after eliminating the target you have a time frame. If you do not shoot all the guards within time limit you might loose the challenge. Below are some beginner tips that will help you to get the right target and easy kills.

  • Play some start levels to improve your mouse precision. Make adjustment and settings as per your need. When you move the mouse, or joystick, the crosshair is shifted more towards the left. You must have a proper balance, and right assumption to stop the mouse at a location. When you shoot on moving enemies it is necessary that you shoot a bit ahead so that the target can land on the bullet way. Or else you will miss and then guard will raise alert.
  • Spotting enemy is another most important skill. It is easier to locate them, but some of them will not be easily noticeable. The guard looks completely different in comparison to civilians. They look like some of the guys from men in black. So you can get an idea whom to shoot. The guards mostly move near the building corridors or on the helipad. Wait for sometime and then shoot. Do not just simply press the trigger.
  • To avoid alarm, shoot a enemy when they are near to the balcony wall or at edges. The bullet impact is so hard, that when it hits the right target the body of target will fell down. In this way the other guards are not alerted. The body fells down and there is no alert.
  • Shoot on head instead of body. Like if you are playing the elevator level, the guard tries to come out. At that point when you shoot them, they fell inside the elevator un-noticed. So take your time for the right shot. The target is not going to move anywhere. They move on the single place to and fro. You must avoid body injury instead. A number of time when you shoot on the body the guard will die, but sometime it will be noticed causing the level to fail.


List of Challenges in Hitman Sniper Challenge DLC :]

  • Leap of the Ninja
  • No Pigeons Were Harmed
  • Bored Chipmunk
  • Long Live the Patriot
  • Gnome Invasion
  • Elevated
  • Ohh Mine Got!
  • It’s a Trap
  • Rapid Execution
  • Crack all Eggs
  • WOW!
  • Mr. X
  • Fly By Prevented
  • Rub the Duck



After a short introduction you will land in the first challenge. This is time based challenge where you have to eliminate the guards within 15 minutes before Richard appears finally. With each head-shot you will earn a good points. A appropriate shot can give you +1500 points on each shot. The time works on the right side with limited number of bullets. So do not waste them out. When you are trying to locate the guards try to check each and every part of building. From edges to roof. some of them will be spot more easily. The corsair on screen looks like a very traditional but yet reliable weapon used. Along with each shot you will also receive hidden bonus. The gun recoil rate is too high. When you take a shot the gun gives a solid kick back which entirely destroy your precision. So it is quiet necessary that when you are taking a shot give the right at one time only. The gun is loaded with a silencer. So even if you miss any target you do not need to worry about the alarm. It is still unnoticeable at certain start level. Hit back again properly. As those guards are in black code, to some extent they are hardly noticeable. The sniper zoom is the only method you have to locate them manually.


Other than this there are some settings in the game which may give you a better way to locate the enemies. Unlike infrared or night mode, you can view the guards separately when they are moving. The zooming quality is far more better. You can simply peek in any window you want. On the right side of building you can see a small party event. There are multiple guards located. You can differentiate among guards via different mode settings. The guards will reflected in black and white icons. Also you can simply see through objects and at that point you can shot. Do not shoot on guards when there are more than 1 moving next to each other. Let them get separated to some distance. You can also shoot the guards who is behind a object like tree. Just activate the see through mode and hit him. The only major time wasted is to locate them and then wait for sometime until multiple enemies are separated with each other. Because the core requirement of game is to kill them all silently.


Challenges Details


Now lets deal with each and every challenge in the game. The game has around 15 set of different challenges where you have to bring down a certain number of enemies. The more you move ahead the more difficult type of gameplay it offers.


1. Leap of the Ninja — This is the first challenge in Hitman Sniper DLC. This level deal with shooting a guy which at the edge of tower. You can see around 4 tall buildings on your screen in which the second is the place where the target lies. You have first take down a number of guards to reach that guy. He looks to be sneaking from top. Your zooming ability and precision will be tested here. The guy lies on the top edge. Keep your snipe zoom on top and try to hit him with one shot. You will need time to take the right shot. The challenge deal with killing around 14 guards within the time frame given. So when you had gone through the intro level it would not be complicated for you to locate the guards.


2. No Pigeons Were Harmed — This level deals with locating and shooting the pigeons. I am not sure why this level is added, but surely this will test your sniping skills. It is a bit complicated to locate those tiny birds. I can give you rough calculation to locate those birds. There are around 5 pigeons in the game. You have to find them and kill each of it without raising any alarm. The first bird is located between two building in front. Zoom and move your mouse down between those building you will locate the bird easily. The second one is on the roof. Move your sniper towards left when you pass through the disco area. You can locate lamps on roof. There is one pigeon sitting on one of them. The third one is on more topper part. Move your gun a bit upper side where you can locate a iron bar which is used for fix lights or boards. There is big banner on the building. There is pigeon sitting on it. The fourth pigeon lies near to the party area. The bird is sitting on one of the nearest poll on above side. The first life to the extreme left on the trees off roof. Find and kill him.


3. Bored Chipmunk — For this a maximum time will be wasted to find whom to kill. As a shortcut go to extreme left. Move your sniper zoom a bit below to locate the stuff inside a window. Shoot and this level is over.


4. Long Live the Patriot — Towards your left side there is a skycrapper. At the edge not on extreme top, you can see a man who is engaged with a punching bag. You have to shoot that bag two time until falls down. Once you are done this challenge is also over.


5. Gnome Invasion – In this level you have to find and shoot garden gnome. They are located at different places in the building. After hitting one the other will appear. The first gnome is located below the helipad on the left side. The second one is located at bit in middle of building inside a window. Take your way down from the party area. You will locate it easily. The third one is just near to the previous one. Move your sniper zoom towards the right side. You will find a weird creature in window. Ignore him and move a bit more to the right. It just outside the building.


6. Elevated — This is a bit different level where you have to bring the guard near elevator. For this zoom to the elevator area. Hit the elevator light and the door will open. The guard will go to peek inside. Shoot him and he will fell down and will be un-noticed.


7. Ohh Mine Got! — This is a bit complicated level. There are mines on the roof. You have to shoot each of them and activate it. They are mostly placed over small tower. They lie only on the roof so you can locate them one by one. The issue here is that some guards are on the roof. And when the find that the mine is activated they will de-activate it and will raise the alert. This will cause you challenge loss. So at this point you have to shoot a number of guards and activate the mines also. There are around 10 mines which lies all over the roof. Locate them one by one. And if you found a guard nearby, shoot him.


8. It’s a Trap — At this level you have to kill a guard in different way. Instead of killing him with your bullet you have to bring him in a trap. For thise move towards the right side of building. There are barrels kept on small platform which is tied with a rope. The guards is below floor. As the guard moves ahead you have to shoot the rope. All barrels will fall on the guard.


9. Rapid Execution — This challenge is a bit tough and demands more skill. This is a 2min mission in which you have to kill as much guards as you can. The guards are mostly patrolling in lobby, roof and near the elevator. Try to locate them as early as you can. This is a panic mission. You have to kill Richard Strong and his all guards here. You can use the mines to kill multiple enemy at a single time. This level will help you to earn a maximum number of points. The guards will be running way. You can let them go and those who stand back kill them one by one clearing the entire area.


10. Crack all Eggs — This is another advance challenge. In this you have to kill every guard along with Richard Strong with head-shot only. When you shoot you can find some of the guards tries to locate your direction. You can then shoot them instantly. The level is quiet long taking a bit much time in killing each of them one by one. You can take benefit of your full sniping skills her.e


11.WOW! — This is another weird mission added for fun sake. In this you have to locate and shoot three cloth pieces. They are on different location. When you are done with that you can find a stripper who will give you a bit entertainment. The first cloth is located to wards the right side on pool. The second is at the bench near the pond on the roof and the third one is in the dancing area. You can zoom to find a beer.


There are other three pending levels yet to update. You can enjoy further levels by playing in yourself. As there is no complicated part left here. The game offers you a short intro in the start which will guide you for the level basic. The game all in all is quiet adventurous to some extent.




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