How to reduce Battery Consumption of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to reduce Battery Consumption of Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Fast battery drain is the most common issue with smartphoens. It is because many unwanted services and applications running the background. Devcie like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 requires a good amount of power. Due to which we get a big size battery on it. It runs on a 3200mAh battery which is enough to give you a entire day usage. But only if you are optimiziing it properly. There are number of third party app which can do this job, but sometime it is not effective. So here I am going to show you some simple ways through whcih you can optimize the battery and use the phone for longer time.

1. Switching to Sleep Mode: Press the power button to turn off the screen. This is called as Sleep Mode. Whenever you are not using the phone turn it off and keep it aside.

2. Kill all background process:  You can turn of all running applications through Task Manager. Go in Settings > Apps. In that tap on Active Applications. At the right top you can see End All button. Tap on it and done. All background apps will be closed.

3. Turn of Bluetooh/Wifi/AutoSync:  When you are not using Bluetooth, Wifi and AutoSync turn them off. You can disable them through Notification Panel.

4. Reduce Brightness:  Keep the brightness of screen on low or on auto. This will put less impact on the battery.

5. Reduce Backligt Timeout:  The backlight remains turned for a time interval. Keep it on minimum.



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