How to use Pen Window on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to use Pen Window on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Pen Window all you to instantly loanch multiple applications on the home screen. You can add as many app of your choice. You can add app shortcut inside Pen Window. Every effective to startup instant pps. Tap Pen Window on the air command. Draw a line around an area, and then select an application. The application is launched in the area that you have drawn. To minimise the application, tap . Minimised applications are always displayed on top. To close the applications, tap.

Step 1: Enable Air Command from Settings > Controls > Motion Control > Air Command.

Step 2: Hover S-Pen over Screen by pressing S-Pen Button to launch Air Command. Select Pen Window from Air Command Menu

Step 3: Now draw a square window on the homescreen.

Step 4: You will see a app window from where you can launch different apps.


Step 5: You can launch as many apps you want in floating window.


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