How to use Group Play on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

How to use Group Play on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Group Play is an amazing featuer which offer you to share your phone content on similar devcies. Through the app you can stream your phone content on others. It works very nicely and fast. Like if you want to show your photos, you can enable Group Play and the photos will be available on all devices screen. This feature is available for Samsung only. The app uses wifi to trasnfer content. Any active internet connection through wifi wll be turned off while using it. Do not forget to turn on NFC before starting the Group Play App.

Step 1: Launch the Group Play applicatin from Galaxy Note 3. There are two options now. The first is Join Group where you can join a existing group and the second one is Create Group.  To share your content tap on Create Group. You will see a set of few options like Sharing Music, Images, Documents and playing game together. Tap anyone of your choice. Like Music.

Step 2: Select the song from list provided. And tap on Done.

Step 3: The phone will start playing in the Music. Ask your friends to tap on Group Play app in their phone and select Join Group.

Step 4: Once connnected they will get a notification on Music. Tap on it to play the song.


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