Moto E Android Smartphone Root, Flash Rom and Un-Root Guide

Moto E Android Smartphone Root, Flash Rom and Un-Root Guide

Moto E is the best budget android phone in the market. This device comes with Android Kitkat operating system. The latest one with ample of great features and good hardware. At a cost of Rs.7000 the device gives you more features. It comes two colors. White and Black. The white model has glossy back cover while black one comes with rubberize back cover that gives more grip. It comes with a 4.3inch screen enough for chatting and playing games. Moto E is one of the best android phone that has durable design also. Today I am going to show you the way to root it. Rooting means accessing Super User access. A full admin rights to modify the rom, to remove pre-installed applications and do other stuff. After rooting the device warranty is gone. Because it is a unofficial method. If you want to play with Custom Roms then you have to root it. And it is not really necessary that after rooting, you have to install a custom rom. You can still use the device with existing firmware, but you can use more advance applications on the device. Like you can backup your existing stock rom.

Using different Android optimizer app you can increase the phone performance and boost battery output. Luckily we have a procedure through which we can restore the original state of Moto E back. It will restore the warranty status. And it will also help you to troubleshoot phone brick issue. Ample of time people are not happy with rooting stuff and want the old firmware back. In Moto E we are having that process. That makes the model safer to root.


  • 4.3 Inches qHD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 (960 x 540 Pixels Resolution)
  • Android v4.4 (KitKat)
  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, Dual Core Processor
  • Adreno 302, 400 MHz Single GPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Internal Storage
  • 5 Megapixel Primary Camera
  • 1980 mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim / Micro SIM
  • Cost: Rs.6999 (Flipkart)
  • Color: Black & White


  • Before moving ahead with modifying the official settings is good to backup your phone data. You can use MoboGenie for that. To backup enable USB Debugging and connect the phone to your pc. Launch MoboGenie and backup your data.
  • It is on your risk to try out all the processes below. Wrong method make the device fail to boot.
  • Go in Settings and Tap on About. There you can find the entire phone firmware details. Like android version, build number, etc. Copy those things. Take a screenshot or note them down. IF you are not satisfied with rooting you can locate the stock rom through the build number.
  • After rooting or installing custom rom, your phone will not receive any upcoming official OTA updates by Google.
  • After rooting or installing custom rom, your phone is not eligible for any official warranty.
  • Rooting or custom rom also generate a few security risk. The process is not officially supported by the manufacturer, and there can vulnerabilities in the device.
  • If you go with improper procedure your device can brick or fail to boot. At that time there are two options. First to restore the stock rom or to carry the phone to service center.
  • When you are done with rooting, backup the existing phone rom. It is very easy. Install Rom Manager from Google Play after rooting. Launch the app and tap on Backup Current Rom. The rom is saved either in SD Card. It will in .zip format. Copy the file and paste it in your pc. Using the same Rom Manager you can restore the rom back again in future. Do this before making any changes after rooting. This is just like making a system image.
  • After enabling usb debugging when you connect the phone first time to your pc, a new driver installation window will appear. This is the phones pre-loader driver. And if it is missing then you will have issue with using ADB method. You can download Google's Universal USB Drivers and ADB Debug Bridge from the official site.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Motorola E Android Smartphone:

To install custom rom or to remove pre-installed apps or to backup rom you need to root the phone. Root means gaining access to the phones internal storage or system partition. Where the operating system is installed. This partition is locked by the manufacturer. Users are not officially allowed to make changes. That is why rooting cause warranty issue. Rooting Moto E consist of three parts.

  • Unlocking the Bootloader: This will help us to boot the phone in custom recovery.
  • Rooting Moto E: We can flash roms.
  • Installing Custom Recovery: Custom recovery gives a advance menu initiate rom flashing.

Step 1: Unlocking the Bootloader for Moto E:

A). You can get the process on the official site of Moto E if you are having doubts about the below content. I had tried to make things simple.

B). Visit the following link: UNLOCK MOTO E BOOTLOADER. Read the instructions carefully. Then click on Next.

C). Sign in with your Gmail or Motorola ID. If you are using Gmail use the account which you had synced on your Moto E phone. You will have to create a Motorola ID through your Existing Gmail ID. Click on Signup.

D). Download and install ANDROID SDK. After setup a Android SDK directory will be created in your C Drive.

E). Download the latest Moto-E USB DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS. Download the latest Moto-E USB DRIVERS FOR Mac OS X.

F). Once you are done with the above things you have to restart your phone in Fastboot mode. Turn off the phone. Hold the Volume Down button first and then press the Power button. The device will start in Fastboot Mode like above screen. If the phone boot in normal mode then again turn it off. Hold the Volume Down first and then Power button. After 5 seconds leave the power button and keep holding the volume down. And leave it after 3 seconds.

G). Connect Moto E to your pc(Windows/Mac) through USB Cable. Leave the device and do not do anything.

Note: The location where Android SDK installed is :-

  • C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk – For Windows 32 bit
  • C:Program Files(x86)Androidandroid-sdk – For Windows 64 bit

H). Hold Shift key from the keyboard and right click inside the folder. And click on Open Command Window Here. This will directly put you in Fastboot path.

I). Now in cmd type the following command  $ fastboot oem get_unlock_data and hit enter.

J). You will get a unlock key from the device as above. If you are using windows then copy the key leaving the (bootloader). The key will be in a single continues format like –  0A40040192024205#4C4D355631323030373731363031303332323239#BD008A672BA4746C2CE02328A2AC0C39F951A3E5#1F532800020000000000000000000000

K). You will get a unlock key from the device live above. You have to copy paste that on the Unlook Moto E Bootloader page. On which you had login with your Moto D. There is a box on that. Paste the key in that and click on Can my device be unlocked?. Accept the Agreement and you will have Request a Unlock Key button there. Click on that. You will receive a unlock key in your email. Login to your Gmail inbox and copy the Unlock code.

L). The next command you have to type in cmd is $ fastboot OEM unlock TYPEYOURUNIQUEUNLOCKEYHERE & hit enter. Check your phone screen. The process for unlocking bootloader is started. A warning sign will appear on the phone screen. Device will restart in normal mode.


After when you are done with unlocking the bootloader, Rooting process continues. We are going to use similar things in it. The same fastboot method. There are few things you have to download. First TWERP Recovery Image for Moto E. This will remove the stock recovery screen and add a more advance one. You will need SuperSU, Flashable File Manager and Android ADB setup in your system.

  • Copy SuperSu and Flashable File Manager zip file in the internal storage of moto e. Move the recovery.img file which is flashable TWRP Recovery file in the android sdk folder.
  • Now go in Android SDK folder. The location is above. Hold the shift key and right click in it. Select Open Command Window here.
  • Type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter. The device will restart. Then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img. And hit enter. It is necessary that you must type the right file name. The flashing process will start. Once done with that type fastboot reboot. The last command you have to type is adb reboot recovery. The device will not start in the new recovery menu from where you can go ahead flashing rom.


Moto E comes with stock Android Kitkat rom. That is the latest one. There are very few roms available for this device.  You can still test CyanogenMod 11 and SlimKat ROMs on the same that brings out more advance features compare to the regular one. Few more roms you can test is Carbon Custom ROM, EHNDROIX Custom ROM,  PAC-Man Custom ROM, etc.

  • To install Custom rom you have to download the rom package first. This rom package is a single zip file which will be using for flashing. Once you install TWRP Recovery there is no need to use a fastboot method.
  • Once you find your favorite rom package copy the entire zip file in the external storage of device. Like in the SD Card.
  • Now restart your phone TWRP Recovery holing the Power + Volume Down key.
  • Using the Volume key select to Wipe Cache and Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  • Select Install from Zip card. Use the power button to select things. Go the sd card and select the rom package.
  • The flashing process will start. It will take some time and then reboot your phone.


  • There are two things you need. First you have to find the stock firmware of your Moto E device. That will be on the basis of build number. You can search on Google for that and second you need Android ADB Setup.
  • Download the stock firmware. Rename the file as recovery.img and move that in the Android SDK Folder. The location is provided above.
  • Go in Android SDK Folder and hold the shift button from keyboard and press right click. Choose Open Command Window Here.
  • In CMD Type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter. Then type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and hit enter. The last command is fastboot reboot to restart the phone. Based on the rom the official settings will be restored.
  • If this process does not help you then you can go with another process which is on XDA. There is an guide Restore Moto E Stock Firmware on XDA which a longer way but working.


  • If your device is not detected in cmd fastboot mode then try to update the usb drivers. Go in Device Manager and check for any pending hardware. There will be a exclamation mark. That means the usb drivers are not updated. I had provided the driver link on top for Mac and Windows.
  • Try to use the official usb cable that comes in the mobile package.
  • Keep your phone fully charged. Low battery increase the risk of device brick.
  • Use apps like Rom Manager, Titanium Backup Pro, etc to keep a full updated backup. Keep multiple copies. Rooting, Flashing will wipe out the internal rom. So everything is gone.
  • Do not interrupt the process. Leave it until it gets complete.


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