How to make Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone a media server

How to make Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone a media server

Media Server is an device through which you can directly stream music, photos and videos. You don't require a pc for that. all you need is a Windows lan network. For example if you configure a laptop as a media server in Network Places below Media Devices you can see the laptop. When you double click on that, Windows Media Player open up an at the left side below Other Libraries you can see the server. Click on it and from Windows Media Player main menu choose what you want to see. By default there are options like Music, Videos, Pictures, Recorded TVs, and Playlist. You can double click on anyone to play it from the shared device. This is very easy to use and you don't have to mess much with settings. The good part of Sony Xperia Z2 is that it has a Media Server integrated in it. There is no need to find any third party app. All you need is a Wifi Connection of your lan area network. And you can stream the videos of your phone to your pc directly. You can also stream the content to a smart TV, tablet, and many other devices that support media server. I am going to show you the full process here through which you can instantly share your device content with others. Media server can be access on Mac and Linux also.

Tap on Settings. Under Wireless and Network you can find Xperia Connectivity. Tap on that.

Scroll down to Media Server Settings. Tap on it.

Next to Share Media you can see a slider button. Drag the same to right to turn it on.

You can set the server name by tapping on the top side where you can see a small icon of device. The media server is on now.

Now go on your Windows pc and open Network. In that below Media Devices you can see the media server name. Double click on that to start Windows Media Player.

At the left side you can again see the media server name below other libraries. Click on it. And you will see the categories. To stream video double click on videos > all videos.

Now go back in the Settings > Xperia Connectivity > Media Server Settings and tap to allow access to your pc. You can find the Mac address under pending devices. Tap on that. There are few options like always allow, or allow this time or deny. If you want this permanent then set it to always allow. And if you want it for temporary usage then tap on allow this time.

The device is no moved to Registered Devices.

Now go back on Windows Media Player and refresh the screen. Or click on the media sever then click on videos  > all videos.

You can now access the phone media directly in Windows Media Player through wifi. just double click on any video to start. You can do the same with pictures and music files also.


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