How to turn on FTP File Transfer on WD My Passport Wireless 1TB

How to turn on FTP File Transfer on WD My Passport Wireless 1TB

WD My Passport Wireless is an impressive portable hard drive which comes loaded with many features and easy to configure. Being a wireless storage solution it is essential that bring multiple  file transfer options. Among which one is the regular wifi file transfer. That is downloading or uploading files from WD My Passport Wireless. Second is sharing the hard drive on a wireless network where it is access like a shared storage in the LAN network. And third using it like a FTP server. That means you can use it like some kind of backup solution. WD My Passport Wireless has a feature through which you can turn on FTP settings and you can move files in it through a FTP client. The setup is simple for that.

The first thing you have to do is connect a Smartphone or tablet with the hard drive through Wifi. Then launch a browse and type mypassport.local or in the url.

Go the admin section and scroll down. You can see SSH and FTP option under Access. Turn on the FTP. Later on to access the drive through FTP you can try as the default IP of FTP and 21 as port. It is recommended to add Username and Password for secure access.

FTP Settings:

  • FTP Server Address: (default IP to access the drive)
  • FTP Server Port Address: 21 (not changeable)
  • Passive Mode: Should be Disabled
  • Proxy Server: Should be Disabled
  • Login Method/Name: Anonymous (no password required)
  • Target Folder: Public/<folder> (case sensitive) 


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