How to Mount ISO image in Windows 7 using free tools

As administrator of Windows, you need to know how to work with ISO files and how to get access to them. In this article I’ll tell you why you should be considerate to the ISO file and how to mount them in Windows 7 using free tools. Want to install the basic software applications, operating system, or access to any virtual CD / DVD drive? If so, you need to know what the ISO file and how to get access to it.

What is an ISO file and how to access it?

ISO file – a file format the disk image, defined by the International Organization for Standardization (International Standards Organization – ISO). Thus, this format was named after the organization that created it. Chances are that during the storage of a CD or DVD image on your hard drive (rather than on optical media), it is stored in the format "ISO". These files have the extension ".Iso".

For example, if you download the Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 or Microsoft Office, these files will be formatted. ISO. Also, software for virtualization on servers and workstations can mount these. ISO files to a virtual DVD drive with the virtual machine. If you use VMware Workstation or Microsoft Virtual PC, both of these virtual machines are able to open. ISO files to install the operating system or applications. However, there are situations when you need only one file contained in the form of ISO. Or you need to mount the ISO image on your local computer (without the virtual machine) to install the application.

In Windows 7, if you double click on .ISO file, you will be asked to burn it to CD / DVD drive, as shown in the figure below:

In addition to the built-in Windows 7 software application for burning / authoring CD / DVD from third-party manufacturers can record these images of a CD or DVD and create for you a physical medium. Of course, this is not a problem. However, Windows cannot show you that contains this image and you cannot get files from it. ISO image. Although such programs for CD / DVD burner can record an image on the optical drive, they do not allow you to download files from etogo.ISO file. Thus, you only can burn this image to a physical disk, insert it into the drive, and then see its contents in order to get some files contained in it.

Here you need an application for emulyatsii.ISO files on your local computer, for which you do not have to pay.

Free utilities that can be downloaded to view ISO files

Fortunately, there are a number of tools for emulation. ISO files in Windows. However, not all of them are compatible with Windows 7, so be careful. In fact, I even heard that if you make upgrade your computer to version Win7, when these tools you have installed, they simply do not work after the upgrade. Please make sure that you use the tools are compatible with Windows 7.

I have always relied on one specific tool to emulate. ISO images, and this tool called Daemon Tools (I will tell you about it in the next section). During the search for this article, I discovered that there are a number of other tools for working with ISO, which are compatible with Windows 7. One of my favorite applications, which works as a compression tool (like the program ZIP) and which does not emulate ISO files as virtual drives, is a free utility 7-Zip. I tried it on Windows 7, and it worked perfectly:

Here is a list of some other application to emulate the ISO, which according to their manufacturers, are compatible with Windows 7:

  • Magic ISO
  • Virtual CloneDrive
  • PowerISO (the free version can be read from ISO, but has restrictions on the creation and editing of ISO files)

Finally, remember that the tool "Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM", which can be found on the Internet, is not compatible with Vista or Windows 7.

How to install a free Daemon Tools Lite in Windows 7

As I said above, my favorite tool to work with the ISO is "Daemon Tools", which has existed for quite some time. Today, the version that I used to use is called "Lite" version, but there is also a paid version with additional features. But even the Lite version allows you to emulate a 4 CD, DVD-ROM, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray drive. With this tool, you can mount ISO images, and access to the files they contain. Daemon Tools also allows you to create ISO images and even set passwords for these files, images ISO.

In the Internet you can find information about that, "daemon tools is not compatible with Windows 7, but it is not true if you use 4.35.5 or later.

Daemon Tools Lite works by installing the application (requires restart OS), which allows you to mount ISO files with the label. Of these, you can begin to mount ISO files and create ISO files using a tool daemon-tools, which appears in the taskbar.

Install Daemon Tools Lite is simple. Download the file size of 8 MB of here (Be sure to download the product from the manufacturer’s website, and not from the site, which copied the old version and dumped her in the guise of the new version).

I have run the installation wizard and adopted the English language by default.

Then I clicked Next and accept the license agreement. Next, I chose to install the free version (Free Version), and not pay a licensed version.

You can choose to install all the components (a minimal set of components is quite enough), I chose the option to create a shortcut in the Start menu, in the side toolbar (Windows sidebar gadget), and integration into Windows Explorer.

I decided not to change the start page of your browser and then start the installation. I received a warning the Security Center in the side toolbar.

After installation, I restarted my PC.

After restarting, I have a new tool in the side toolbar of Windows 7, and I could also run the daemon-tools from the Start menu.

Any way to allow me to mount an ISO image and view it. To do this, I hit the virtual device (Virtual Devices), my new Virtual CD drive – the Drive E: "- and then choose the option image of Mount (Mount Image).

I point the way to my ISO file, and the ISO file is mounted on a virtual CD / DVD drive "drive E:".

Then I choose my computer, I come to Drive E:, and viewing the DVD image.

By the way, Daemon Tools Lite supports many other types of images in addition to ISO, as shown in Figure 9 below.

The ability to mount an ISO image is a very important skill for any administrator Windows. Surprisingly, but in Windows there is absolutely no resources to help you with this. Fortunately there are a number of other applications that make this task simple, while data applications are free, and my favorite is daemon-tools Lite. Moreover, I really like that it is compatible with Windows 7!


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