Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough And Cheats

Finally, Mass Effect 2 has shown for the first time. One of the best RPG
of 2007 saw his second chapter approaching with giant strides to the
delight of lovers of big interstellar space. Two years after Commander
Shepard repelled invading Reapers bent on the destruction of organic
life, a mysterious new enemy has emerged. On the fringes of known space,
something is silently abducting entire human colonies. Now Shepard must
work with Cerberus, a ruthless organization devoted to human survival
at any cost, to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced.

Conceived as a trilogy from the beginning, Mass Effect aims to embed the
player in an adventure of epic proportions in which each component is
simply added to the previous one, ultimately forming a coherent whole.
There is nothing surprising about the fact that Mass Effect 2 is able to
support backups from the first round, your character, your choices
during the adventure, the characters dead or alive and to keep account
in your new game. However, newcomers will not be expelled before they
reached the door. According to Bioware, it is quite possible to discover
the universe of Mass Effect from his suite, by the magic of the
detailed introduction.

Mass Effect 2

If it is far from having clarified all the shadows, this presentation
will at least have to know a little about that Mass Effect 2, starting
with the confirmation of no-death "Commander Shepard. Fact which also
seems to surprise a lot of people in the galaxy. We obviously do not
know about that. In any case, Shepard is not only alive, but he is even
ready to embark on a mission described as suicidal. While the threat of
the Reapers will crescendo, many disappearances are listed in the
colonies. The devil seeks to go solve the mystery. He is now head a new
team to which he wishes to add an unsavory character, Thane, a murderer
of the most gifted. Not particularly rich in details, the E3
presentation is divided into 3 segments.

The first of them gave us the opportunity to see the progress made on
the interactive cut-scenes yet been "Scotch" Mass Effect. For the
record, the dialogue system to multiple-choice game is based on
sequences whose staging, lip synchronization and process to fit the
player’s choice. Aboard a flying car in the middle of heavy traffic,
Shepard and Asari anonymous develop their approach. As in the previous
episode, this kinematical high fly act as dialogues. 

The main difference here is the camera shots of frequently changing from
the inside to the outside to remind the player that he is running and
that decisions must be made quickly. Once there, the team then enters a
gigantic tower in which it is interrupted by an overzealous guard.
Again, the dialogue opens but the appearance of a symbol in the lower
left indicates that it is possible to put a definitive end. On pressing
the right key, Shepard keeps the balance by the bay window.

The next scene shows also the leap in these dialogues. Opposed to this
time Asari, the player enjoys a scene at the corners very mobile, more
dramatic than in Mass Effect’s first name. The conversation will however
be interrupted by Thane itself, making a grand entrance that can not
say anything but we can discover the face of a new race in the game, the
Drells. During this sequence, each has seen progress in terms of
animations that have become even more natural. Incidentally, these
various "kinematic" also shows the change of style in the universe, sets
and lights are darker, indicating a heavy atmosphere and dark threats.

Following the demo was dedicated to fighting. Here, the change is even
more radical. First, it is finally possible to give orders to individual
team members and without having to put the game paused. Moreover, the
fight directly inspired action games. One point that grief can be
certain. They can at least feel reassured knowing that the Wheel of
Power is always present and can pause the game for a more subtle
approach. A subtlety that was not really needed when Shepard, tired of
his pop-guns and telekinetic powers decided to release a devastating
rocket launchers have done wonders on the turrets which obstructed his
way. Please note that physics is now taken into account during the
fighting and it is therefore possible heavy objects on the enemies to
get rid of.

In Mass Effect 2 grow old acquaintances (Joker, Ashley Williams,
Tali’Zorah …) but mostly we are introduced to new players, including
some previously unpublished and unknown races locations, forming a more
extensive and ambitious than the previous game . However, the first
thing we noticed were the latest additions to the combat system, aimed
to provide a renewed sense of play. Perhaps that’s why Shepard’s health
now is AutoRecover as in most shooters today, it is equally obvious that
the system of our weapon overheating has been replaced by the
consumption of ammunition. But yes, a universal ammunition magazines
that we collect from fallen enemies to recharge any weapon we have. 

To be more specific, in this sequel to multiply our arms, with between
20 different weapons which include pistols, shotguns, rocket launchers,
gravity weapons, grenade launchers, assault rifles, sniper … To
summarize, an arsenal that now do more damage to the aim that we have to
fight for our statistics. So our peephole assume a significant role as a
shot over the head annihilate the enemy, while a hit on the leg will
only lose range of motion.

Finally, the last part of the demo was enough to burn the retinas. It
would probably be considered good by preventing those who wish to keep
the surprise intact, do not read, even if it is certain that this scene
will rebound. The others know that Bioware gave us the spectacle of a
Normandy succumbing to the assaults of an attack of unprecedented
violence. Inside a ship on fire and ready to tear in half, Shepard makes
sure that his crew climbed aboard evacuation capsules before crossing
corridors to try to save Joker, the pilot persisted. En route, the hero
will fire at empty space within an area of the gutted unit. 

A deafening silence will be so disturbed by the sound of breathing
Shepard in his suit. Managing to reach Joker, the valiant commander will
nevertheless projected into space just as the Normandy will the soul.
Transformed into ordinary debris, our hero begins to wiggle like a worm,
while clouds of gas escaping from the meeting. Bioware conclude this
demo by explaining the choices the player can actually lead to Shepard’s
death. From our side, we do not know if what we saw is already written,
or if all this will depend much on us.

Graphically the title is kept at the same level as the first
installment, and that’s great news. However, there have been further
shaped polished and expressions of the characters in the adventure to
come out best in the interactive movie of BioWare, which is that
certainly every level during the action is perfectly chosen to achieve a
cinematic representation studied where each of the protagonists seems
to be really alive. To this we must add that animation, in addition to
increased in number, they have improved, which comes into direct contact
with the physics, which during the early stages of the game helped us
to feel for a moment in the empty space with a unusual realism. 

Perhaps it is premature to draw conclusions, but if anything goes awry,
Mass Effect 2 promises to be a more than worthy sequel to both the
player who finished as the previous title for the new user who wants to
look out for the first time the expanding universe BioWare. A universe
that we will discover more in late January next year, when these two
immense reach of the exclusive DVD to Xbox 360 and PC.

Mass Effect 2 Cheats :

125 points:
Mission accomplished: Save all humanity from certain annihilation galaxy

75 points:
Madness: Complete the game on the difficulty level "Madness"
without changing the
Do not leave anyone: Keep alive the team for the suicide mission
Long Service Medal: Complete Mass Effect 2 twice, or once with a
character imported from Mass Effect 1

50 points:
Suicide mission: Use the relay Omega 4
Lover: Maintain a relationship with a partner
Agent: Complete 5 missions unexplored planets discovered by

25 points:
Defense colonial : It defends a human colony on an attack
Ghost ship: Comprehensive research of alien abandoned wreck

15 points:
Against all odds: Survives suicide mission
Master of Arms: Kill 5 enemies with various heavy weapons during
the game
Specialist Overload: Neutralize enemy shields 25
Alteration Specialist: Altera barriers 25 enemies
Incineration Specialist: Incineration 25 enemy armor
Operating: Complete a mission discovered when analyzing a
unexplored planet
Scholar: Unlock 15 new entries in the Codex of Mass Effect 2
Technical: Get 10 technological improvements
Specialist weapon: Improving completely a weapon
Powerful: Develop any power
Much training: See all videos advanced combat training at
Shepard’s private terminal.

10 points:
Very sneaky: Back to active duty
The convicted: He recruits the convicted biotic
The Krogan: Recruit the Krogan
The Archangel: Recruit Archangel
Professor: Recruit Professor
The Quariana: He recruits the quariana
The Righteous: He recruits the righteous
The Murderer: Recruit the murderer
Friend or Foe: Get Geth technology
The Prodigal: Earn the loyalty of the officer of Cerberus
The shadow of the father: Earn loyalty Force Cerberus
Catharsis: Earn the loyalty of the convicted biotic
Warlord: Earn loyalty Krogan
Grab this specter: Earn the loyalty of Archangel
The cure: Earn your teacher’s loyalty
Treason: Earn the loyalty of the quariana
Spirit of Change: Aid to the Justice to carry out its mission
Parental neglect: Earn loyalty murderer
A house divided: Hijacks a bus Geth
Teasers: Get 30 low humanoid shot in the head with any weapon
Wrestler: Shoot and kill 20 enemies after tomb of a punch
Big game: Defeat from the jaws threshers
Tactical: Reaches 20 different targets with various biotic powers
to combine the effects
Relentless: Make 20 enemies scream when they fall or burn
Browser: Visit 100% of a cluster of planets unexplored
Player One: Reach level 30 with a character
Scientist: Complete any research project in the laboratory of

5 points:
Missing in action: Save your crew from an attack overwhelming
Prospector: Get after analyzing mineral resources and tap into a
world of galactic map
A fashion: Customize your armor in Normandy accommodation 


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