StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Walkthrough and Cheats

Already crossed many times on various shows over the past two years,
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty logically occupied an important place on
the stand public Blizzard this Gamescom alongside Diablo III. Of course
playable, following the phenomenal StarCraft (released in 1997 in the
United States and 1998 with us) was unveiled this time not only in
multiplayer, but mostly solo, something previously not released by
Blizzard. It was therefore an opportunity to see the promises of
American developer, who had specifically explained the lengthy
development of title and its separation into three parts because of his
solo part, announced as particularly immersive and more elaborate than
the average. And the result is, indeed, quite startling, Explanations.

The story of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty takes place four years after
the conclusion of StarCraft: Brood War. Players take the role of Jim
Raynor. The singleplayer mode is brought to life with a so-called
history mode where players are able to interact with the environment;
for instance, you can talk to NPCs and discover the latest news from all
over the in-game world. Players are able to buy upgrades, hire
mercenaries and conduct laboratory research. For example, if a player
prefers to use marines, he or she can concentrate all their efforts on
upgrading this unit. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’s singleplayer
campaign consist of 28 non-linear missions. The sequence of events
differ depending on the actions of the player.

Featuring a unique single-player campaign that picks up where StarCraft:
Brood War left off, StarCraft II present a cast of new heroes and
familiar faces in an edgy sci-fi story filled with adventure and
intrigue. In addition, Blizzard again offers unparalleled online play
through, the company’s world-renowned gaming service, with
several enhancements and new features to make StarCraft II the ultimate
competitive real-time strategy game.

Command Three Powerful

StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg.
These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the
fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original,
StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will
do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.

Experience an Epic

StarCraft’s storyline spans thirty missions spread across three unique
campaigns, creating a true sci-fi epic. Follow Jim Raynor on his quest
to save the the Terran colonies from destruction; serve the cunning Zerg
Overmind as it hatches a deadly plan; and lead the Protoss Prelates in
the desperate defense of their homeworld.

Create and Share your
Own Maps:

StarCraft includes the map editor used by the game’s developers to
create all of StarCraft’s single and multiplayer maps. Use it to
conceive your own multiplayer battlegrounds and campaigns, and share
them with your friends.

Prove your Mettle
Online With

Take the fight online with up to seven of your friends via,
Blizzard Entertainment’s free online gaming service. Find matches, share
strategies, and compete in regional ladders to see who controls the

Rediscover a Real-Time
Strategy Classic:

StarCraft introduced many revolutionary new features that have since
become staples of the real-time strategy genre: asymmetric factions,
meticulous balance, and a strong emphasis on deep strategy and high
accessibility. Find out why even more than ten years later, StarCraft
continues to headline gaming tournaments worldwide. 


First in a series of three titles, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty will
contain the Terran single player campaign, one of the three races of the
historical saga of Blizzard – the others being of course the Zerg and
Protoss, also appointments in this series. Logically, the demo Gamescom
game invited us to explore the solo game in charge of Terrans, with two
different missions to choose after choosing its level of difficulty
(four in number) and attended a long cut-scene. Though staged, the
latter set the stage by announcing the return of the zerg, sacked from
many planets. A vision of horror to the famous Jim Raynor, one discovers
that in his ship, the Hyperion, and we lead in small phases so gaming
adventure point & click between each mission.

By the way the game sequences intercalated between each spacewalk in
X-Wing, so we can wander in and visit the Hyperion Bridge, the canteen,
the laboratory or the armory, each part having obviously useful. The
bridge allows to choose their missions or even to collect some
information about them, while the canteen – rather than a dilettante if
any – will go to recruit some mercenaries who can lend a hand once in
the field ( Having made their building). In turn, the laboratory will
invite us to collect a lot of trinkets on a mission, and bring them all
home to be analyzed to give us their secrets on the behavior of our
enemies. A strategic advantage is by finding permanent bonus for our
units. Same purpose for the gun, allowing us to use the money raised by
completing our missions and unlock upgrades to our buildings or our
units, reflecting a substantial decline in their production cost or
improve care provided by our Medics example. This promises.

After our trip ended on the Hyperion, it’s time to sort out this vermin
zerg through two missions down to the more conventional way for a STR.
For each, we have two objectives, one primary and one optional, only the
first counted for the success of the mission and then to pocket the
money, and unblock the passage a new unit. There were only five in this
little demo: the normal SCV (collectors crystals and gas vespene), the
Marines, Medics but the Marauders (grenade launchers particularly
effective against armored units) and Firebats, Marines equipped
flamethrowers are motivated according to their "Fight fire with fire".

As for targets on the planet Agria, it was to harvest DNA from Chrysalis
scattered throughout the map, not far from the zerg of course spinning
and a helping hand to the Terran colony in the neighborhood for s ‘exile
to a safer shore. Between escort and attacks targeted bases Annexes
zerg (the two main ones being particularly well guarded), the task
proved well paced, with deployments zerg air or through tunnels cramer
happily with the support Firebats and that of Terran base to protect
also the enemy offensive.

The second mission available to us took place on Monlyth, and unlock it,
the Marauders. Our objective was here – always with a base to support –
to find and recover a relic before the protoss zerg not seize it, and
in tracking down a few others as well, aliens this time (optional). A
fairly simple program, the protoss defenses are hardly impressive,
especially when an army of Marauders advanced the tip of her nose.
Little surprise last minute when making the desired relic, four guards
Protoss crashed the party.

Huge, they do arise, however, no real problem with an army properly
micro-managed, their rays are indeed terribly destructive, but their
distance well short of attack. A little hit and run around and be played
then. Informative, these two missions will have only reinforced the
strength of the gameplay of StarCraft II, as always nervous, controlled
and treated. The brand has also had the merit of making us wait by the
launch of the beta closed American game, originally scheduled for this
summer, put postponed to a later date. The output of this sequence is,
in turn, expected early next year.

Cheats Codes for

The tricks only work when you play against the computer in either normal
campaign or a little game. Network obviously do not serve these tricks.
The tricks are good when you are doing a campaign and want to see how
the AI works and if the computer does everything you want to do. All the
tricks are activated in the same way. The following codes are used
during your games in one player mode. Press ENTER, type the code and
then ENTER again.

show me the money : 10,000 of
Minerals and Gas

whats mine is mine : 500 of

breathe deep : + 500 vespene

Something for Nothing :
Everything is upgraded

operation CWAL: Construction
and upgrade quick snapshot

The Gathering: Unlimited
psionic ability

war is not what it used to be:
No fog of war

Food for thought: No limit
supply to the building units

black sheep wall: Reveal map

noglues: No psionics for

modify the phase variance:
Built something

Medieval man: Upgrades units

there is no cow level: Skip

staying alive: Continue after
the end of the mission

man over game: Winning the

game over man: Losing the Game


  1. Starcraft 2: Wings Of Liberty. Well mate you may have posted some cheats but those are for the old school Starcraft game the first of them, doesnt work on the new one 🙂 (Hint Hint)

  2. there are only three cheats i know of there is:
    moredotsmoredots = no cost for building
    terribleterribledamage = god mode
    whysoserious = 5000 credits
    but be careful using cheats in campagn makes u unable to win achievments
    so there u go a gift from me to u


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