Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Walkthrough and Cheats

This year, the license Tiger Woods takes the lead and comes to us from
the beginning of summer. A godsend for desperate the club, especially as
they are able, for the first time in the history of the series, expect
the official license of the U.S. Open. Tiger Woods expects even the full
summer season to make his annual update. In the month of June in the
United States, the tiger rolled on Wii. The reason for this early exit
has a name: Wii MotionPlus, the famous optional device intended to make
the Wiimote finally said. So, what does the gear in golf? It’s pretty
simple. It can more precisely control the power of his shots and manage
the effects of ball in real time. The swing still runs in mimicking the
gesture with his remote control, but the feeling of control is more
advanced. The approaches are thinner and lighter swing the putt, still
very delicate, gaining sensitivity. In short, not worth carping: yes,
the Wii Motion is a real plus in this PGA Tour 10.

Before the WM +, swing the Wiimote already made her little effect. But
honestly, it was never entirely comfortable. Previously, the correct
trajectory of the bullet meant accommodate the wanderings of the
console. Identify the limits of recognition of movement and adjust his
movements, willingly or unwillingly, to a rough gameplay. Now the player
must find solutions themselves. While accompanying the ball, reducing
parasitic actions, not just a single sweep with the forearm, all this
affects the quality of the swing.


Of course, it is still possible to eat away the remote while playing
bowling so, but the key is there: when we want to take for a golfer, it
can be done in ideal conditions. And it is not binding. Before each
shot, the player is asked to point the remote control down, as when he
prepares to swing a real club. By validating his position with the B
button, it indicates a point by referring to the console from which
define the direction of his gesture accurately. The rest is a matter of
feeling. Also note that it is not necessary to buy two WM + for
multiplayer play. You can share a single remote control to turn (except
for mini-games).

One begins to have the usual Tiger Woods is a license that EA Sports by
refining touches each episode, making these new suspicions that are
ultimately much more than that in the eyes of fans. Tradition is
respected in this opus 10, the first range of EA Sports to unveil its
forms in Europe, ever alone in the world to the radius of the simulated
golf. Leading notable additions, the presence of the U.S. Open and
Bethpage Park, site of one of the biggest tournaments on the American

EA has managed to turn the machine licenses were bunched at the same
time right to use the formal rules of the USGA. Immersion level, it is
used and it must be admitted that the presence of such a competition
fills a hole that deserves to be stuffed more tournaments like this.
Nevertheless, this occurrence is without doubt the attraction of Tiger
Woods PGA Tour 10, which for the rest of its content, has opted for the
classic, and this is understandable.


Full and bristling with all kinds of settings (you can even play the old
with the stick analog), Tiger Woods 10 offers three levels of
difficulty interchangeable at any time. The simplest, called All Play,
greatly assists the player by showing the trajectory of the bullet and
drop point. Mode "beginner" par excellence, the All Play is reserved for
newcomers as it is stifling the WM +. To take full advantage of the
accessory, it is better to play directly in standard mode or in advanced
for the gifted. At this level of demand there, the new appendix
Nintendo adds especially challenging for small businesses Tiger Woods.


Specifically, this simulation already pointed in the past becomes even
more demanding and requires a minimum investment. Would that leave for a
perfectly straight swing. Not easy the first time! Same story for the
effects of ball. Launch a big draw (indeed left) poses no problem, but
to play with finesse, that is to say to rotate a little to the left or
slightly to the right, he must hang. Moreover, the online game promises
to be particularly unbalanced between owners MotionPlus and others,
clearly favored.

Tiger Woods has one more trick up his bag and put too much on its
plastic and all that that entails. First set, the crowd and its
reactions, largely reworked in order to stick to the curve of your shot.
For example, if the ball goes over them, the spectators begin to
protect themselves and if they touch one of them, it will complain about
the impact such hopping on one leg. A detail that makes her little
effect. Another increase visual impact but also the gameplay is the
management of weather.

A little late to be used, the dynamic weather is a major development in
that it changes the playing conditions, making such courses more heavily
in case of rain, significantly slowing the ball. This becomes an
additional parameter with which to write, in addition to the wind, the
surface or the physical setting. However, in view has always been his
own, Tiger Woods does not thereby become a game since elitist mechanisms
keep gameplay simple and quickly assimilated. The only fault I can do
in this sense is not to be localized, which will pose some problems for
anglophobes during the first hours of play.

If you dig enough, there is another reason to prefer the grip of this
iteration to that of his eldest the putting accuracy. These are able to
putt without frustration by beating his actions as best as possible.
Indeed, in making its dowsing, the player can influence the trajectory
of the ball if he raised the stick in orienting to one side. Thus,
whether to keep a straight path, he must ensure that no fluctuation of
the gesture could not go and interfere. The allergic to this method can
always disable the putting accuracy and return to more traditional
mechanisms, but frankly less realistic and enjoyment, those of Tiger
Woods 2009 edition. In parallel, new game modes have appeared, starting
with the Practice mode, to play on any course and enter as many shots as
desired to perfect his swing.


Except the incursion Welcome WM +, news does not upset on the turf PGA
Tour 10. For the milling, we note nevertheless seven new official term,
bringing the total number of land at twenty-seven, and a climate
management system in real time based on the weather channel console. The
tuning club is back, as the majors, the PGA Tour schedule or the FedEx
Cup. Fifteen mini-games provide a little fun multiplayer that all very
seriously, including target shooting, juggling without interest or
confrontations in electric carts ridiculous. The online game hosts
various tournaments, while retaining the traditional random encounters
or friends, during which all golfers play simultaneously. However, no
effort has been granted level graphics. The game is still ugly, aliased
as impossible and almost insulting to the physics of top names from the
golfing world.


To conclude this overview, you can not ignore the Disc Golf. It is a
game of frisbee, the main bonus of this PGA Tour 10 and incidentally the
last tech demo to fashion to prove that the Wii MotionPlus is not a
scam. Indeed, it is bluffing. Not very profound over time, but bluffing.
We can already predict that some Wii owners spend most of their parts
on the original mode and easy access. The little hand that holds the
virtual disk on the screen follows the movements performed by the player
to perfection, with a reaction time Honorable whatever speed. For now,
this cousin of The Thing is running mainly on a rotation axis fixed (no
longer diagonal translations, for example), but let’s hope for games to
come. Fingers crossed.

In a completely different style, Tiger Woods 10 has four original
scenarios in a completely new way in which it is to rewrite the history
of golf. Finally, online play host to daily and weekly tournaments some
of which can be played in parallel competitions held in reality, for a
single tournament. What boost the interest of Online, a bit lacking in
originality in the previous opus.Playing in front of huge galleries and
hearing crowd reactions from nearby holes, take your game to the next
level when it matters most as you try to hold off a charging Tiger Woods
and other PGA TOUR Pros. Whether you’re fighting the course, the crowd,
dynamic weather conditions, or the field, feel the drama on every swing
with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10.

Cheats and tips:

Unlock the courses for play in all game play modes:

  • Bay Hill Club and Lodge :
    Complete the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Bay Hill.
  • Bethpage Black : Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Bethpage.
  • East Lake CC : Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for East Lake.
  • Firestone CC : Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Firestone.
  • Harbor Town Golf Links :
    Complete the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Harbor Town.
  • Hazeltine CC : Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Hazeltine.
  • Oakmont CC : Complete the
    ‘Hard’ Challenge for Oakmont.
  • Pinehurst No. 2: Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Pinehurst.
  • Torrey Pines GC : Complete
    the ‘Hard’ Challenge for Torrey Pines.
  • TPC Boston : Complete the
    ‘Hard’ Challenge for TPC Boston.

Unlocking all characters. Complete the challenge within in Career
Mode to unlock the following characters:

Adam Scott : Complete the
‘Easy’ Challenge at TPC Boston.

Alexei Eichelberg : Complete
the ‘Medium’ Challenge at TPC Boston.

Annabelle Townsend : Complete
the ‘Hard’ Challenge at TPC Sawgrass.

Annika Sörenstam : Complete
the ‘Hard’ Challenge at Doral.

Anthony Kim : Complete the
‘Hard’ Challenge at Oakmont.

Chris DiMarco : Complete the
‘Medium’ Challenge at Firestone.

Cristie Kerr : Complete the
‘Hard’ Challenge at Pebble Beach.

Edwin "Pops" Masterson :
Complete the ‘Hard’ Challenge at Turnberry.

Hal Duff : Complete the ‘Hard’
Challenge at East Lake.

Justin Rose : Complete the
‘Medium’ Challenge at Harbor Town.

Luke Donald : Complete the
‘Medium’ Challenge at Pinehurst.

Moa "Big Mo" Ta’a Vatu :
Complete the ‘Hard’ Challenge at St Andrews.

Natalie Gulbis : Complete the
‘Medium’ Challenge at Turnberry.

Nick Dougherty : Complete the
‘Easy’ Challenge at Oakmont.

Paula Creamer : Complete the
‘Easy’ Challenge at St Andrews.

Retief Goosen : Complete the
‘Easy’ Challenge at East Lake.

Rocco Mediate : Complete the
‘Hard’ Challenge at Torrey Pines.

Rory Mcilroy : Complete the
‘Easy’ Challenge at Wentworth.

Super Tiger : Complete the
‘Hard’ Challenge at Wentworth.

Suzanne Mcintyre : Complete
the ‘Medium’ Challenge at Hazeltine.

Takeharu "Tsunami" Moto :
Complete the ‘Hard’ Challenge at Bethpage.

Tiffany "Tiff" Williamson :
Complete the ‘Medium’ Challenge at Bay Hill.

Vijay Singh : Complete the
‘Hard’ Challenge at TPC Boston.


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