Battlefield Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Cheats

Set in the near future, the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player
campaign drops gamers behind enemy lines as part of a squad of four
soldiers – risking it all to go AWOL on a personal quest. Featuring a
dramatic storyline flavoured with attitude, Battlefield: Bad Company
leads gamers far from the traditional frontlines on a wild ride with a
group of renegade soldiers who decide that sometimes the gratitude of a
nation just isn’t enough. The Battlefield series has a long background
in the game, especially if we focus on the PC world. For an overview of
the single player campaign of one of the FPS the most anticipated in the
coming months, this time directly in Stockholm that Digital Illusions
CE gave us an appointment a few days ago, in their local dominant the
seductive Swedish capital, covered with snow for the occasion. And war
is that this saga has been offering experiences focus of multiplayer in
which two armies faced for quite Tempo.

However, despite its many appearances in support, has been a franchise
with little presence on consoles, mostly because their games are not
highlighted in single player mode. This changed with the emergence of
Battlefield Bad Company, which brought us an elaborate campaign to a
player, and a full multiplayer mode. Now, at just under two years of
leaving the first, we could test the game resumed, both the campaign and
the multiplayer mode. And when you talk about a look, it’s really what
it is all.


The story places us in the situation that the Russians are trying to
enter the United States by two sides: from below by the Panama Canal and
up to Alaska. Our group of soldiers, the same as in the first part
discover one of these places that the enemy is preparing a formidable
weapon with which to threaten America, and therefore should locate
before use. As we saw, the story seems to be a lighter note, especially
because members of our team will drop humorous comments that will help
reduce the tension of the moment. And indeed, the management of weapons
is also an aspect that will mark progress in Bad Company 2. From
anti-tank rocket launchers to the dagger through a catalog of rifles,
machine guns, machine guns and sniper rifles, each found his moment of
glory, the moment he will use in a scenario where hazards are likely

Another improvement is the decor. Developers have wanted more detailed
and immersive. We return to this point in our comments on the video but
you can already tell you that the wager seems successful. Argument put
forward: the care taken in multiplayer. Then, clearly, he must believe
the developer’s word for nothing has been revealed. Rest they want to
emphasize the need to work as a true platoon of soldiers in these parts
to many. A new fact emerged in these presentations and it will take
getting used to. This is the word "Persistence" (yes, in English …)
which means that players will have rewards for time spent on online
gaming. So far, no details yet filtered about the nature of these

In the version we tested were available two chapters of the campaign,
the third and fourth. The first was at Panama in a camp in the middle of
the jungle, while the second we moved to the cold Alaska. The game is
going forward by making a relatively wide roads that allow us to
approach the enemies as you want (but if we move too far from the main
area, the game will warn us that we are leaving the playing area).
During our way we will find several preset events and enemies always
appear the same site, as usual in these games, although the pace is
slightly different, more quiet moments that allow us to explore the
territory. And is that the game will reward exploration to find new
weapons to add to our inventory and M-Com stations we reloaded
ammunition and allow us to change weapon. After the theory, practice, or
almost. The video we were shown takes place in a snowy environment. 

As promised, the scenery is indeed beautiful and immersive. In the
distance we can see the huge mountains and very detailed. In a nutshell,
we believe it. Bad Company requires, the context is not a current or
prospective. Indeed, the commando unit involved in preventing an
invasion launched by Russia in the U.S. via Alaska. The purpose of the
mission which has been shown to take possession of a truck and its
contents. Obviously, the vehicle is particularly reinforced. However,
men commando force their way through the streets of the village around
them, taking care to remain mostly harmless. It thus appears that the
fighting will take place: protecting themselves behind any wall or cases
that arise for not leaving until the "gust" the unwise who would dare
show his nose. It must be said that the caution since enemy troops fresh
Hind helicopter landed at regular intervals.

Obviously, the extraction could not really be done smoothly and our
grenade launcher quickly replaced our sniper to clean wooden huts
planted here and there. Numerous, violent, occurring without warning in
favor of some scripts, the enemies do not really allowed to do and
demanded caution and guile. A few minutes later, after having sold off a
tank and liberated in extremis our target, we met a passenger on a
helicopter flying over a snowy mountain and basting with the gatling a
military enemy. Good rail shooting session to prepare for our landing
and our attack to a communication tower located in the hills. Again, the
enemy left us no respite, some holding their positions at any cost,
while others rushed recklessly to meet us, forcing us to remain always
on guard. After an explosive trip on rooftops and in alleys of a small
hamlet, is driving a jeep that was finished our walk to chase a nerve on
winding roads and loaded jeeps and quads enemies.

The second phase begins at this level that the commando joined and took
over the famous truck. Therefore, the player is placed on the shelf at
the rear of the vehicle and must be protected. Initially, they are quads
that attack. No problem. A burst of machine pistol and is well placed,
depending on the accuracy of the shooting or the driver or his passenger
shot that ends sealed. The difficulty goes up a notch with the arrival
of armored vehicles.

Not only do they shoot the largest caliber, but to get rid of the
bullets are not enough. Here we can thank the person who had the good
idea of grafting a grenade launcher under the barrel of pistols. Two
shots adjusted and armored become fire traps for their occupants. After
one of them is aptly ended his run across the road is blocked and could
think himself safe from his pursuers. But no. In fact, the moment has
been chosen by attack helicopters to take action. Gust Gust cons, all
this will end very badly for the soldier it represents when one of these
devices decides to follow the truck engulfed in the tunnel where it is
located. Gigantic explosion, great light and fade on the logo of the
game with his grenade flanked by a smiley. 

In this Second Chapter, we had a more varied gameplay. We began to board
a helicopter from which, thanks to a huge machine gun, arrasábamos a
camp full of enemies. After this, the level is developed more or less
normal until the end of it, we should get behind the wheel of a
snowmobile and initiating a chase. The car handled really well, although
sometimes went a bit. Fortunately the game was not very demanding and
even if we fell by the wayside, we could recover and return to the main
road before time runs out. If it were only missions 3 and 4 of the
single player campaign – we will keep thus overgeneralize our
impressions – we can still note some clear differences between the level
design of two episodes of Bad Company. 

This result seems, in fact, offer less extensive levels or, at least, a
bit less open than the first round. Sacrificing the idea of sandbox
without falling into the script so excessive Modern Warfare, DICE has
still more clearly wanted to accompany the player in its growth to
better emphasize the intensity of fighting and enhance their appearance
dramatically. What we are reassured, the maps still leave a good margin
of maneuver for policymakers and still offer several ways to conduct its
attacks and potentially bypass enemy positions to take them by
surprise. More importantly, the sets are still as susceptible to
powerful explosions and gunfire, and were shattered when we abuse them,
which can change their configuration from creating a wall where we
blocked the road before.

During the game, as we say, the scenarios are relatively wide, but
follow a more or less linear way. This gives us considerable freedom
when we approach and attack enemies, something vital, though we will be
accompanied at all times from other riders, our colleagues will not be
too effective (though immortal), so we will be to do the dirty work.
When fighting, we find areas of small houses that take advantage of any
hole to open fire and others in which we find anything to cover us.

When shooting, we encountered a rather large weapon and we must bear in
mind that all weapons have a secondary function will be taken into
account, because at times use this additional role will be crucial.
After playing a while on the campaign, we had the opportunity to try the
multiplayer mode length. First we tried the method of squares, which
unlike the massive battles that usually brings the saga, we find
fighting four against four. Playing this way we could try a typical team
deathmatch, which wins the most deadly build up and how to protect your
base, in which there are attackers and defenders and the goal is to put
some explosives in the enemy bases to make that leap into the air. 

But good things come in massive battles of up to 24 players, where the
vast worlds are highly recommended the use of vehicles. This is one of
the hallmarks of the series, is that we can fly in battle tanks, jet or
helicopter, anything that will make us very effective against an enemy
(at the expense of making us very visible). With these players we also
have several game modes such as destroy or capture the enemy base
(hoisting the flag of your team to take possession of it. The size of
the stage and the four available character classes (assault, engineer,
doctor or sniper) makes the strategy is vital.Graphically the game looks
great, and there is a great improvement over the first half. 

The most obvious changes are the size of the stage and have become
destructive. For if in the first part could destroy many elements, there
was always the structure Delos buildings. Not now, pudiéndolo destroy
almost everything, which is a big improvement. Furthermore, the
scenarios are even larger, though the game limits us to get too far from
the playing area. In the rest of the elements the game looks good,
although some textures that need to be polished, if not reach the
quality we want. Additionally, the game suffers from some flicker due to
the resolution of some textures, which we hope to resolve. Another
detail that we did not like is the effect of rain, and it seemed to be
raining by area, giving a strange feeling.

Explosions, backgrounds and animations, level graphics looks great.
Another remark: the variety of gameplay. So was it in ten minutes of
something rather permissive but still imposing some pressure by the
number of enemies present a much more scripted moment where we had to
react very fast and very accurate aim. However, in a case in the other,
the tension was palpable. No failure to report? If, nevertheless. The
artificial intelligence that led the enemies in the first phase we have
not really felt up to it. We sometimes had the impression they were
waiting to take a shot or they made mistakes just to serve as targets.
But all this is greatly improved as far as Battlefield Bad Company 2 is
not expected before the end of the year.

The smoke is realistic, persistent and direction changes when a
component (eg vehicle) through it. The dust is also very well
transcribed and everything is fully supported by a soundtrack of
excellent quality. The player is immersed in his fight and this is
essential. However the multiplayer, although excellent, is far from
perfect. Besides aliasing, bug display and of a collision (the passages
through walls or floors, etc..), There are some things a little more
troublesome. Indeed, the management of damage (on men) sometimes seems
random, with for example a sniper can kill in one shot a man several
meters while it only hurt a short distance. Moreover, note that the
weapons made available at a higher level are not necessarily more
"better" than those obtained before. While the effectiveness of a weapon
is mainly that of the soldier who wears it, but still, it would have
been preferable to have some gradation. 

The Battlefield: Bad Company cinematic single-player experience captures
the freedom and intensity of the Battlefield series’ multiplayer
sandbox gameplay in a dynamic world where nearly everything is
destructible. Players have total freedom to be daring and innovative,
adapting to and tackling challenges in unexpected Battlefield-style
ways. Create sniping positions by blowing out a piece of a wall or drive
your tank straight through a small house. The ever-changing battlefield
forces players, their teammates and enemies to react accordingly. The
game also features the all new, objective based multiplayer game mode
"Gold Rush", supporting 24 players online. Play as attackers and
defenders and make full use of the tactical destruction as well as the
unique vehicle experience of Battlefield: Bad Company.


This Battlefield Bad Company 2 has taken over from the first half and
has improved every aspect of this. At a time when we have so many games
in the genre and atmosphere so similar, any contribution is appreciated
that new things, and this title makes it: large, open scenarios, a
different tempo that rewards exploration, a story with characters who
take life too seriously and a massive multiplayer where vehicle use is
key. No doubt an excellent proposal that if after sanding all fallito
we’ve seen, it becomes a game much to consider for fans of the genre.
Battlefield: Bad Company is the first game built from the ground up for
next-generation consoles using DICE’s bleeding-edge Frostbite game
engine, delivering unrivaled graphics, effects and gameplay.

Battlefield: Bad
Company 2 Tip:

When the transition begins and that the three tanks began to move, wait
for the game saves and then drop the tank and return to the village
visited just before (where are the weapons and C4). There are more than
wait for the tanks arrive at their destination (see their location on
the map), then join them and thus avoid the need to protect them from

  • The thirst for gold (10) : Find one gold bar
  • Specialist (10) : (Online) Reach the 3rd rank
  • Sergeant Major (10) : (Online) Reach the 8th rank
  • The parachute of Darwin (10) : (Online) Planer without a
    parachute for 3 seconds
  • Gold digger (15) : Finish "Welcome to Bad Company" in normal
  • Not even a pin (15) : Finish "Acta non verba" in normal
  • The Will (15) : Finish "The Crossing" in normal
  • It may be useful (15) : Finish "Connecting for by" normal
  • The Russian trap (15) : Finish "Air Force One" in normal
  • We take that boat (15) : Finish "The raid" in normal
  • Safe & Sound (15) : Finish a mission without dying (any
  • First come, first served (15) : Find 5 different materials
  • A soldier very "wall" (15) : Destroy 200 walls
  • Lumberjack at times (15) : Shave a little wood
  • Getting Started (15) : Finish an online game (with ranking)
  • The break-wall (15) : (Online) Destroy 1 000 walls
  • Deforestation (15) : (Online) 1 000 Felling trees
  • The brother in arms (15) : (Online) Take a group in the menu,
    find a friend and play a round
  • Team spirit (15) : (Online) Count 20 members of the group as
    reinforcements for you in a round unless you die
  • Souvenirs, souvenirs (15) : (Online) Take 3 pictures using
  • Midway (20) : Find half of the material
  • The fire from heaven (20) : Kill 25 enemies in personal
  • The hypochondriac (20) : Use the automatic injector 50 times
  • The versatile (20) : Drive all vehicle types (Jeep, Tank,
    helicopter, boat)
  • The luck factor (20) : Touching an enemy helicopter with
    laser sight
  • The precious (20) : Find half of the gold bars
  • On the Edge (20) : Climb the highest point of the game
  • The "Drywall" (20) : (Online) Get 5 nameplates from 5
    different players
  • The collector (20) : (Online) Get 50 nameplates from 50
    different players
  • First class (20) : (Online) Finish 1st in a ranked match
  • The Multi (20) : (Online) Have at least one enemy killed in
    each vehicle
  • A brave soldier (20) : (Online) Get half decorations
  • Pigs imperialists (25) : Finish "The raid" on Hard
  • Action, not words (25) : Finish "Welcome to Bad Company" on
  • Where they go like that? (25) : Finish "Acta non verba" in
  • Farewell, the baboon (25) : Finish "The Crossing" on Hard
  • Handicap (25) : Finish "Connecting for by" difficult
  • In Russia? (25) : Finish "Air Force One" on Hard
  • The killer on the loose (25) : Kill 25 enemy personnel
  • On Target (25) : Find All Hardware
  • The punchy (25) : (Online): Play 100 games online
  • Colonel (25) : (Online) Reach the 20th rank
  • Drunk driver (25) : (Online) 100 killed using a vehicle
  • The closet medals (25) : (Online) Get all the decorations
  • At your orders! (30) : Finish "Ghost Town" in normal
  • Order demobilization (30) : Finish "Ghost Town" on Hard
  • It is called El Dorado (30) : Find all gold bars
  • Cleaning rule (30) : (Online) Kill 10 enemy soldiers 002
  • Marshal (35) : (Online) Reach the 25th rank

Battlefield: Bad
Company 2 Cheat Codes:

  • cov3r1ngthecorn3r : Unlock the UZI
  • try4ndrunf0rcov3r : Unlock the M60 machine gun
  • your3mynextt4rget : Unlock Sniper Rifle QBU88
  • aw3somef1rep0wer : Unlock the gun USAS-12


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