Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Walkthrough And Cheats

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, the first video game in the Budokai
Tenkaichi series to come to next gen console, boasts superior graphics
that enhance the sense of the characters’ speed and power. Featuring
stunning HD graphics and audio, destructible environments and enhanced
character features, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast takes players far beyond
the realms of the original anime series.After Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit
means, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is the second attempt by Namco to tax
on super saiyans consoles HD. Super-powered fighters, tournaments and
scriptwriting bows are well known again in the program this fighting
game expected to turn in by fans wanting. This game has not unleashed
the passions, saying that waiting Raging Dragon Ball Blast is a
euphemism. Well now, there is the new Dragon Ball which, while
abandoning the Zeto its title, is none the less a clone of previous HD
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. Good or bad news, you see but what is
certain is that beyond his qualifications, the title was a little hard
to please at all levels.

Interactive and destructible environments bring a new layer of
intensity to the battle stages featured in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.
Smash opponents into rocks to increase their damage count and gain the
upper hand in battles. Featuring the series’ trademark combat style,
the game hosts a variety of the most popular characters taken from the
series, all of which have enhanced features such as facial expressions
for a deeper level of immersion into the Dragon Ball universe. It was
evident that the arrival of Raging Blast on HD consoles of the moment
would be the effect of a small bomb, especially since the designers had
decided to resume the same ingredients that led to the success of the
original series.

But too willing to follow a recipe that begins to know by heart, Spike
necessarily exposed to harsh criticism and a public demand for
ever-new. However, the first contact with DB: Raging Blast appears
quite nice. Apart from the opening credits which may cause some
gnashing teeth, the rest of the game is well seal Spike, beginning with
gameplay that seems to be able to adapt to the new generation of
consoles. Camera in the back, ultra-large environments, freedom of
action and nearly unlimited super powers ever spectacular leg Tenkaichi
seems to have remained intact, perhaps too much . We must really look a
little more on the grip for realize that not much has changed.


All chapters and significant battles of the series are present, and
small novelty Raging Blast, there is no need to do all the fighting one
by one to play his favorite scene. To begin, there is an extreme
simplification orders. It is true that the Tenkaichi series on PS2
called some time to adapt and less through the night with the joystick,
difficult for ordinary people to remember the various processes to try
out for the slightest kamehame. With Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, no need
to stick post-its everywhere on his television screen, simply point a
direction with the right analog stick and our super-warriors come out
their best attacks. Indeed, the story mode is divided into 5 or 6
chapters (Sayans attack, the attack on Cyborgs, the journey to Namek,
the FVO, etc..) Themselves contain all the important battles. The
opportunity now to be directly mythical battle between Goku and Frieza
super warrior without typing the many pranks that precedes it. Let the
purists can rest assured, everything is unlocked from the start, and it
will indeed play a few brawls to attend the entire scenario and unlock
new characters.

To have a fresh look at the series of Toriyama, Namco Bandai has merely
to appeal to Spike already in charge of the previous Tenkaichi
including Raging Blast is finally a High Definition version. However,
one wonders if this parallel is not the right choice knowing that some
of this new opus, thesaurus Vegeta and Broly in SS3, have unleashed the
wrath of many fans. Sterile debate making us say that it is difficult
to change an institution of the manga without incurring
disproportionate reactions sometimes. Anyway, Spike was here attached
to identically reproduce what they had done with those Tenkaichi
although we note the absence of some combos or a panel of less
important characters. However, although many fighters from the OAVs do
not answer the call, the list is still the most consistent. Better,
even within each arc, the player will select the struggle of interest,
and can for example quickly deal with Gohan Cell directly without going
through his battle with Goku or intervention desperate C – 16. A small
welcome freedom, even if the collectors stuff is still all fighting to
end to unlock the many hidden bonuses, and above all gain new

On the tatami, the heart of the gameplay is very quickly identified: we
are dealing with a void type "Tenkaichi" has once again changed
slightly from one episode to another, but not too much. For the
revolution could use some work, and those who could play the previous
parts quickly regain their bearings. Big potato waltz that sends the
opponent off load Ki Kameha … The classic pattern that can change
quickly, however if the opponent dodges the Masters and cons.
Therefore, we must learn to vary his combos to surprise, or send to
boost each time its wave energy, direction and pressing the button
shown on screen very quickly, to strike with all his power. More
complicated combinations of learning is especially reflexes that allow
players to achieve a high level on Raging Blast. Once again, the timing
to avoid a rush or a ball of fire appear in the back of his opponent is
pretty tight, but if successful the result is so enjoyment of it is
really worth. More broadly, the game retains what made the number one
asset of the series, namely dementia special moves that make perfect
justice to the power dissipation of the heroes of DBZ. And see two
players confirmed to tap it, and often gives rise to sequences of
teleportation madness with the three corners of the arena by sticking
mammoth mandalas, as in the cartoon.

Indeed, no fewer than 70 warriors are available even if this figure
includes multiple versions of a hero. In sum, it will "merely" entitled
to forty fighters and although large piti and Gohan come together
again, we will be glad to find an eclectic selection ranging from Doria
Cell via Bardack, C-19, Dr. Gero , Barta, Vegeta, Piccolo, and so on of
the best. In short, a strict view of the combatants, we can say that
the title is doing well honestly we regret the absence of certain
characters, for example from the much maligned series Dragon Ball GT.
However, we can always customize their hero with upgrades used to
improve its chi, defense, special techniques, etc.. Note however that
in addition to items you can buy with points gleaned from the many
gameplay modes, some will be released only under certain conditions. In
short, once you have everything available, you will only make your
little mess by doing the same with your special techniques that you can
choose to associate with one of the directions of the right stick.

This brings us to the gameplay, interesting in many ways but also
leading a major frustration to many problems. First, we note big
worries camera during matches, especially when our opponent is a great
distance. In this case, the objective will stick to our character that
we did without the possibility of our enemy. Issues for a possible
response. Even more annoying given that for some attacks (called the
Ram), you must wait until your character shines then release a key so
that it runs. The problem is that the timing is very precise and they
will then be based on the movement of personal anticipation that famous
highlighted. However, if you can control everything, you should take a
clear advantage over your rival since whatever the miles separating you
from him, this technique you will arrive directly on the enemy to deal
a blow then continue to thrash to tamper PIFS.

By a magical twist to the scenario of origin, our two super-warriors
can indeed reach the point of ultimate power which had been exclusive
to Goku and Gotenks. Some fans have absolute scream é scandal on the
forums at the announcement of these imagined characters, while others
are happy to find some news in this Raging Blast. In this regard, among
the more welcome additions to the game, there is the possibility to
access different games mode Fights the Dragon. This is in effect
divided into several distinct sections (Saiyan saga, Baddack, Cyborgs,
Buu, etc..), One can easily switch from one party to another without
completing the previous one. Better still, within each chapter, you can
even select the struggle that we love, always provided that it is
accessible because it must still keep a certain challenge. An excellent
idea that we not hesitate to point out, especially since the fan starts
seriously tired when you have to retype all the various sagas of DBZ he
knows on his fingertips.

It may also wince at some faint ideas like linking special attacks to
pressure and direction of the right stick. Impractical especially
moderately accurate, especially when it is back to the wall in a
confined area and trying to cons-attack quickly. All this tends to
improve with a bit of training but in absolute terms, we would have
preferred a compromise stick + action button. Yet beyond these
questionable gameplay choices, it is undeniable that the battles are
less than usual nag. This will result in well control and evasion
against attacks could hope for placing strikes followed or
teleportation can lead to destructive technique claimant also
combinations of buttons to perform fast to get the full power energy.
In the same vein, in domesticating the changes and call a friend in
battle to take over, we will reach some fine clashes. By cons, it was
like that Spike abandons once again sticks in duels of mandalas or
attacks based super-powers, especially in story mode to the difficulty
poorly determined.

The game also keeps a few shortcomings of its own. The collision
handling hazardous sometimes you will miss attacks without much reason,
and the "invisible walls" are still present, thus wasting a lot fun at
times. But the worst is probably the camera completely in the cabbage
that can not show the enemy in too many situations. he must at once go
in blindly "piff" the attack, which is often to eat a good cons in my
head, even a Kameha that there was absolutely no way to anticipate. The
passages are confined to a disaster, and it would be more often flee
like a coward high into the air to breathe a little and fight under
normal conditions.

These defects are however offset by a good cast of about forty
warriors, even if older episodes were better in the past, and the
presence of some distinguished guests like overkill Broly SSJ3 which
has already caused so much of ink. Absolutely monstrous the beast does
not disappoint in any case and is equal to what one might imagine. In
the same vein, integrating sécnarios fantasy is a little nicer. There
is such a tournament to determine which land is strongest (Krillin for
the occasion), if GoJet put a beating on Vegito, or if TRUNKS the
future may hold in respect chibi-TRUNKS boosted by his training with
Vegeta . The kind of questions cans for ordinary mortals, but that feed
the fan forums for years, and here are finally some kind of response. A
word also about the game modes, still complete with online play, a
billion things to collect, and tournament modes and dojo (training)

Indeed, if the powers of the characters are taken into account in the
manner Fights the Dragon, we find sometimes clashes too long and
difficult access (even easy). Clenching knowing that this mode,
fragmented into many confrontations in the absence of proper staging,
flew all the sagas of the anime, the arrival of Raditz until the defeat
of Buu. There is even some alternative scenarios (between Super Vegeto
Super Vegeta, Bardack cons his grandchildren and great grand-son …)
able to inflate a life well consistent with not a lot of unlockable
bonus (bios music, dialogue, costumes, hitting) or several other
challenges. We think here in Traditional Versus, World Championship or
Super Championship with different rules and proposing to make crystal
balls to get rare items.

The cel-shading that yet perfectly suited to the series two years ago
appears now obsolete. It must be said that Spike did not really
sprained ankle since the studio was simply take the same engine to
match the PS3 and X360. Certainly, it has gained in subtlety but
currently lacks a clear model of polygons, especially since the two
consoles now possible to achieve excellent results in terms of
graphics. Worse yet, in 1080p, we realize that the textures, or
cel-Shadee not prove they are completely outdated and it is high time
for Namco Bandai Games to inject money to his two studios prestigious
(Dimps and Spike) to enable them to stall their real talents. For now,
he must be content with upgrades barely visible when they are not
errors of gameplay that can still bring down the license below our

Who says new consoles also said the achievement level, and on this
side, the game is finally satisfied the minimum. We are left with the
equivalent of episodes PS2, smooth, and with a bit more detail, but not
much. The arenas are a little wider, the engine is quite smooth, but
not enough to impress, especially after seeing what a game like Naruto
Ultimate Ninja Storm could give in the same area. Fortunately, the
special moves are in full view and the atmosphere DBZ is still there,
with plenty of cinematic and compelling voices in Japan. Nevertheless,
one could legitimately expect more from a technical, and the contract
is for once only half fulfilled. It should be noted, finally, for those
who are wondering, the "2 to 8 players in network" said the back of the
box does absolutely nothing since it refers only to the World
Championship for 8 "mandaleurs" synonymous with fighting occurring
still 1V1. Note that even when the parties are online much more stable
than Burst Limit, either during a game against a French or a foreigner,
and we have noted no problems with liquidity. A good point even though
it will not this an episode Raging Blast essential. As it stands, it
will only play punchy, but fun to deal with many defects.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Character Codes:

The saga of Bardock.

  • Bardock : Finish "The betrayal of Freezer: éradiction operation of Saiyens..

The saga of cyborgs.

  • Trunks (with sword) : Finish "Hey, that was long! The return of Goku and the mysterious child.
  • C-16 : Finish C-16 starts! ".
  • C-17 : Finish C-17 against the new Piccolo.
  • C-18 : Finish "Beautiful and powerful! C-18 has no weakness.

The Buu saga.

  • Gotenks and Super Saiyan Gotenks : Finish "Gotenks is incredible! The explosive power of Gotenks.
  • Buu Jr. : Finish "Buu progresses! Final struggle in the world of Kaio Shin.
  • Majin Vegeta : Finish "The fateful confrontation: Vegeta against Goku!".
  • Trunks and Super Saiyan Trunks : Finish "Vegeta shocked the incredible power of Trunks small.

Alternative histories.

  • Broly Broly and Super Saiyan Broly Legendary Super : Finish "Freedom!".
  • Gogeta : Finish Fusion & Potala Part 1: Super Gogeta ".
  • Vegeto and Super Vegeto : Finish Fusion & Potala Part 2: Super Vegeto ".
  • Videl : Finish "The student".
  • Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 : Finish "The highest of the Super Saiyajin 3".

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Tips:

  • Completed 100% (100) : Complete all the success.
  • Saiyajin saga ended (10) : Finish saga Saiyajin in Fighting the Dragon.
  • Frieza saga ended (10) : Finish the Frieza saga in the Drunken Dragon.
  • Saga cyborg completed (10) : Finish the saga of cyborgs in Fighting the Dragon.
  • Buu saga ended (10) : Finish the Buu saga in Fighting the Dragon.
  • Bardock saga ended (10) : Complete the Saga Bardock in Fighting the Dragon.
  • Super Saiyajin saga ended (10) : Complete Saga of the Super Saiyajin legendary Fighting the Dragon.
  • Saga Hist. alternatives completed (10) : Finish saga Stories alternatives Fights the Dragon.
  • Warrior lack of combat (10) : Unlock all the battles of the Drunken Dragon.
  • Brise-limit! (40) : Win all the battles in the Dragon Fights level difficult.
  • Collector characters (10) : Unlock all characters.
  • King Fashion (10) : Unlock all outfits.
  • Flambeur (20) : Earn many points D.
  • Possessing stars (10) : Get 100 stars.
  • King of the arcade (30) : Finish in first place in the Super League in Arcade mode.
  • Super Survivor (30) : Finish in first place in the Super League in Survival mode.
  • Speeder (30) : Finish in first place in the Super League in Trial mode.
  • Hunter points (30) : Finish in first place in Super League Score mode max.
  • Undefeated champion (30) : Finish in first place in the Championship Mode Super KO max.
  • Bonus battle was over (30) : Win all the bonus battle of Super League Score mode max.
  • Mad about the battle (20) : Win 100 wins in versus mode against the AI.
  • Friendship mad (10) : Participate in 10 fights or more Versus J1 cons J2.
  • Days of endless battles (10) : Participate in 30 fights or more Versus J1 cons J2.
  • Total Destruction (10) : Destroy all the objects on each card Versus J1 cons IA.
  • Fought all the characters (10) : Fight with all the characters.
  • Fought on all cards (10) : Fight on all the battle maps.
  • 1st step on the world stage (10) : Participate in a battle on Xbox LIVE for the first time.
  • 10 titles won (10) : Win 10 or more titles on Xbox LIVE.
  • 20 titles won (30) : Win 20 or more titles on Xbox LIVE.
  • 30 titles won (60) : Win 30 or more titles on Xbox LIVE.
  • Veteran Warrior (20) : Reach your 100th battle on Xbox LIVE.
  • World Championship Xbox LIVE (30) : Win the World Championship on Xbox LIVE.
  • World Champion (10) : Win the World Championship offline.
  • Champion Cell Game (10) : Win the Cell Game offline.
  • Hunting Items (20) : Find all the objects.
  • Extension box of items (10) : See the box of items up.
  • Characters all custom (10) : Customize your game for each character.
  • Master of Arts Combat (10) : Complete the Dojo fighter for beginners.
  • Amateur art of combat (10) : Complete the Dojo battle (basic).
  • Master art of combat (10) : Complete the Dojo battle (advanced).
  • Proof of Training (10) : Do 30 exercises fighting in solo / team battles.
  • Talker (10) : Go with introductions and stories from the Wikipedia characters of the museum.
  • Maestro (10) : Get all the music game

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Success secrets:

  • Secret Achievement (30) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (60) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (40) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

How to unlock the hidden characters:

  • Broly : Complete Mission: Freedom!
  • Super Broly : Complete Mission: Freedom!
  • Super Saiyan Broly : Complete Mission: Freedom!
  • Gogeta : Complete Mission: Merger & Patara Part 1: Super Gogeta
  • Vegeto : Complete Mission: Merger & Patara Part 2: Super Vegeto
  • Super Vegeto : Complete Mission: Merger & Patara Part 2: Super Vegeto
  • Videl : Complete Mission: The disciple

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast features over 70 playable characters,
including transformations, and allows you to relive epic battles from
the series or experience alternate moments not included in the original
anime and manga. With stunning 3D graphics, powerful and customizable
Super Attacks, online gameplay and large-scale, destructible
environments that allow you to fully experience the devastation of your
attacks. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is set to deliver more explosive
fighting action than ever seen before!


Based on the popular Dragon Ball Z series
– Relive pivotal moments from the Dragon Ball Z series with more than
100 epic battles or experience alternate moments not included in the
original series!

Fight as all of your favorite characters
– Including transformations, battle as more than 70 playable characters
including Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Vegeta, Frieza, Android 16,
Cell and Broly.

Massive worlds with destructible environments
– Feel the destructive power of your attacks as you alter any of the 10
large-scale battlefields. Smash your opponent to bits or inflict
massive damage by embedding them into mountains, buildings and debris!

Multiple modes of play – Hone
your techniques in the Dojo and then put them to the test in either the
Dragon Battle Collection or Super Battle Trial single-player modes.
Ready to face-off against friends? Challenge them in a variety of
offline or online multiplayer modes, including Versus and the World
Tournament Online!

Powerful and customizable attacks
– Live the Dragon Ball Z experience with signature moves and Super
Attacks, including the all new “Super Rising” move. During team
battles, characters fight together, freely switching between members
and assisting one another with support actions. You can also improve
your characters’ abilities through item and Super Attack customization,
equipping them with your favorite moves to match your fighting style.

Anime-inspired HD graphics
The hit franchise comes to life! The next-gen systems deliver high
quality cel-shaded graphics in stunning HD and include impressive
visuals such as GlowFX and Radial Blur.

Unlockable content – Earn D-Points to unlock new abilities and items!


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