How to surf internet with your mobile phone

Is the internet something you reserve for your PC? There is no reason to
do that now. Mobile can namely be a full-fledged browsing tool for you.

It does not matter whether you’re sitting at a cafe or on a bus stop.
With mobile, you can read news, check Facebook or do other things you
normally do on the internet.

WAP is the
cheapest and fastest

The right software can do most of today’s mobile surfing common sites.
Many sites also have their own wap page. This is a version of the
website that is customized for mobile phones. This means that they fit
better on the mobile screen, costs less to surfing and is also faster.

For example, you can use instead of, and to
get a mobile-adapted version of Google. The mobile version can also have
other addresses, such as Facebook which has

A number of local newspapers have also been available in mobile version.
See for example to see the overview of the CNDC News on

There are also separate search engines to find wap pages. NDTV, for
example, on search you will get You should search on
your mobile after normal Internet sites, we recommend using

The advantages of WAP sites are therefore that they are cheap to browse,
and they take less time to open. The disadvantage is that they often
are simplified, so losing many of the features on the website. In
addition, many of the pictures removed.

to surf the full internet pages?

It is possible to surf the web with regular mobile account, but when you
need a decent browser. We recommend Opera Mini. This browser is able to
download web pages to a fraction of the price you normally pay, due to a
smart technical solution. In addition, it is much faster than other

In addition, often the Opera Mini web is better than the built-in
browser, so it’s easier to find.

Read more about Opera Mini.

When Opera Mini is in place, only feed the browser with common internet
addresses. In addition, your browser can view WAP pages if you just want
to skim over the latest news.

Internet on
your mobile

A solution that we have seen more and more about the mobile browsers is a
zoom feature where you can browse the page in full size without losing
the overview.

Previously, it was more common that web pages were reshuffle and placed
in a single column, so you will need to scroll horizontally.

The Opera Mini is a server on the internet that makes the job of
adapting the page to your mobile. It downloads on your mobile a finished
and easy version of this page. Therefore, it’s faster and costs less.

Do you have a smartphone?

A smartphone is usually better equipped to surf the internet than
regular phones. The screen is often greater, and browser is more

A smart browser often allows internet-page in full version on a larger
screen, and therefore provides a better overview. Do you have a phone
with touch screen; it has a more advanced browser also best adapted to
this. Such a browser can also make it possible to have multiple browser
windows open simultaneously.

1. Windows

Do you have a phone with Windows Mobile; it has often the Internet
Explorer which is pre-installed. Need a more advanced browser; you
should take a look at Opera 10 for Windows Mobile. This browser can be
among other that let you browse in several windows at a time, so it is
more effective. The browser is available in a free beta-version.

2. Nokia Series 60

More advanced Nokia phones are Series 60. Here you have a browser that
is made by Nokia itself. This browser lets you surf with ease, and is in
our opinion, the best Web browser for Series 60.

3. Sony Ericsson UIQ

Most advanced Sony Ericsson phones have a browser from the site. The
browser works just great.

If this is not built, there is a beta version of Opera Mobile 10.


Are you going to surf the cheapest possible, then you should still use
Opera Mini even if you have a smartphone. Using the mobile-adapted sites
is also far cheaper than to surf the full sites.

Some smartphones have Wi-Fi support, so you can connect phone to your
wireless home network and surf your ADSL line. So you surf with your
mobile phone without spending anything extra.


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