Microsoft Office 2010 overview guide

Microsoft offers eager to test, free, almost completed version of its
forthcoming Office suite. We have not resisted the temptation.

It’s like the spring bloom the shelves of your stores, the various
editions of the new version of Office, the essential office suite from
Microsoft. Office 2010 will land just over three years after
its predecessor, Office 2007, released January 30, 2007.

But, now, during the first months of its release, just until October 30,
2010, the publisher offers everyone free to test a beta version. In
other words, a draft, but its already very accomplished and fully

It’s peculiarity? This is a unique edition of Office, for the "Family
and Small Business", which besides having the "Word" word processing,
Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation software and digital notebook
OneNote presents the traditional "Home and Student" edition that
includes the Outlook mail client. The first pleasant surprise is thus
proving Outlook both at home and in business, much more convenient as
Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Live Mail to manage email effectively.

Mobility, accessibility and sharing

But you’re probably wondering what is so special about it as Office 2010
will bring more power than its predecessor already qualified by the
evil tongues of gas plant. The answer lies in three words: mobility,
accessibility and sharing.

Mobility, because of Microsoft will not only decline suite on
smartphones with Windows Mobile naturally, but also BlackBerry and

Accessibility, because Office 2010 is intended to be used from any
computer connected to the Internet. And so, through its Web Apps (Web
application), reduced versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is
available online via a simple Internet browser (Internet Explorer,
Firefox or Safari).

Share, because Microsoft has worked on the collaborative features of
Office. In other words, he has developed tools to write and edit
documents, spreadsheets and presentations, several at the same time and
without stepping on the toes! While tools are primarily designed for
professional use, they are nevertheless attractive to all family

Word and Excel evolve smoothly

If you’re already familiar with Office 2007 menus and its ribbon, a
first look at the new interface result should not be confusing. No doubt
you even think that Microsoft did not have much competitors, Word and
Excel 2010 were mere clones of their predecessors. Well, think again,
because even though new versions of the software of word processor and
spreadsheet have not been as many changes as other office, they still
contain some news … rather nice!

Throw in
your paintings!

"A good sketch is better than a long speech" Bonaparte said. Could
Microsoft engineers meditated on this quote? One thing is sure; the new
Excel will be more graphic, and therefore more meaningful. What’s better
than a curve, however small it may be to see a glance the upward trend –
phew! – Or down – ouch! – Of its budget? This is precisely what enables
the Sparklines of Excel 2010. And the pros of the worksheet will also
enjoy Slicers that can create floating windows consisting of buttons for
sorting options to a PivotTable.

Graphics in cell

In a table, select a row of values. Under the tab "Insertion", in the
"Graphics sparkline" area, click "Curve", "Column" or
"Conclusions/Losses". In the window that appears, specify a destination
cell in the field "Range of location" and confirm with "OK". That’s it!
Your row of values is represented graphically. Change the leisurely pace
of this curve through the options available in the Excel ribbon.

Dynamic Views

You’re a pro in PivotTables? Try therefore Slicers! In the tab
"Insertion", in the "Filter" area, click "Slicer" to register a real

Your articles have the appearance

Small touches of new Word 2010 make your documents not only more
attractive, but also more comprehensible! More attractive, because to
highlight a title, phrase, word, you can play with the effects of text:
shadows and lights, colors… More understandable, because of Word 2010
allows you to quickly translate all or part of a text in many languages.
But beware! The Internet connection is required.


Select with the help of the mouse a sentence of your document and then
under the "Home" tab, click "Text Effects". Simply move the mouse
pointer on the different effects available to see the result. Have you
noticed the effects of reflection that you can apply? It appears as if
your text is reflected in a mirror.

Translation on the fly

To translate a document or just a paragraph, nothing is simpler. On the
"Review" tab, simply click for example on "Mini-translator". Choose the
language translation. Select all or part of your document with the
mouse, then drag the mouse pointer above and hop, it’s magic, the
translation automatically appears!

Outlook is

Outlook is primarily a professional email software. But, obviously, that
makes lustrous that some of you are correct, simply because it is
proving much more convenient as Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Live
Mail to manage your emails. Is that why Microsoft is now offering the
new edition in its wider audience, entitled Family and Small Business?

Anyway, Outlook is, with PowerPoint, the software that suffered the
biggest facelift in its 2010 version. And, undoubtedly, with its new,
Outlook 2010 is affirmed once again as the Rolls messaging software.
Judge for yourself!

Your conversations fall
to your desires

The problem of mail – electronic or not – is that accumulates very
easily! And it was soon to crumble beneath Outlook 2010. So the problem
is in a new way. Rather than managing your emails individually, it
groups them by conversation. This does not make you think of another
mail, but online it? Ah, that means Outlook takes small inspiration from


In the list of your emails; click the small arrow to the left of one of
them to display all messages – including those you’ve sent – part of the
same conversation.


To remove redundant messages from a conversation, which unnecessarily
clog your inbox, under "Home" tab on Outlook Ribbon, in the "Remove"
area, click "Clean" and then "Clean the conversation".


Tired of being a part of some groups? So just ignore this e-mail
exchanges that bother you. For this go to "Home" tab on Outlook Ribbon,
in the delete box click "Ignore".

Your menus
are awry

This was introduced in the 2007 version which is adopted in 2010! What?
But the ribbon, of course! This ribbon has appeared in Word, Excel and
PowerPoint 2007, and replaces the menu bar. Outlook then standardizes
the look on the other bricks of Office software. And we must recognize
that it suits him.


Certainly, a small adjustment period is necessary. But once accustomed
to, you can not do without it. The ribbon is the new center steering in
Outlook, giving access to all functions and options of the suite.

Your foibles are just a click away

Did you used to systematically store the emails of loved ones in a
specific folder? Except that you do automatically track emails from your
ex to your lawyer? Or maybe you regularly send messages to a list of
friends, always the same. In short, like everyone else, you have your
foibles and you appreciate everything that you can keep them. So, say
thank you to Outlook 2010 and its new shortcuts.

shortcuts after mouse

Under "Home" tab in the area "Quick Actions", click "Create to define an
action to perform each time you click on the shortcut". But beware; the
Actions box fast can only contain a maximum of nine shortcuts. Choose
them well.

PowerPoint makes his show!

Office 2010 has continued innovating surprise where we least expected
it! Thus, while Word and Excel evolve smoothly, Powerpoint does not
half-measures. In its 2010 version, the presentation software becomes a
true platform multimedia editing. A platform which offers a new set of
tools to juggle his texts, photos and videos!

Suddenly, the PowerPoint professional color fades to use software by all
age groups, both capable of exposing very seriously the business of a
company at a meeting of that show, extremely playful, a assembling with
the newlyweds before their meeting!

chains have style

A successful presentation is a presentation where images, videos and
texts are linked together without jerks, for the greatest visual comfort
of your viewers. So take care of the chains of your PowerPoint
sessions! And this, with ease, thanks to the effects of transitions that
the 2010 version offers. And if you give an air of madness in your text
by animating a little!


The "Transitions" tab of PowerPoint Ribbon let your mouse linger over
the different effects available. Then click the small arrow pointing
down to view more effects.

Animations Galore

Select a text frame and "Animation" tab of PowerPoint Ribbon, place the
mouse pointer on one of the activities proposed and watch your text.
It’s hot! Click on the small arrow pointing down to view all events

Your photos are good

If you intend to make a small presentation of newlyweds to host their
wedding dinner, you probably do not want to spend hours working in this
presentation juggling different software. Well, now, no need to juggle.
PowerPoint 2010 is able to showcase your pictures in just a few clicks.

Quick Fixes

You have inserted a picture in your presentation? Select it, and under
the tab "Format" of PowerPoint Ribbon, use the tools at your disposal to
add a frame, resize or edit the image edges.

Click, for example, "Corrections" to adjust the brightness and contrast
of your shot. Move the mouse pointer on the various proposals settings
PowerPoint to judge the results.

Clipping Express

Clipping an image is no longer the preserve of the software image
editing! PowerPoint 2010 can do it too. Select your photo and "Format"
tab of PowerPoint Ribbon, click "Remove background". Spontaneously,
PowerPoint offers a clipping more or less rude. Adjust it by simply
marking your own areas of the photo you want to keep or not.

Your videos make their movies

Whether in a business meeting or at home with friends, what’s better
than a short video to capture the attention of his audience? But it is
also necessary to know the scene well without encroaching on the beds of
video editing software, PowerPoint now provides a little more than the
bare essentials, resize, crop or adjust the brightness and contrast to a
short sequence. And in a few clicks!

Included … YouTube
and company!

And if you get your video on the Web, nothing could be easier provided
they are connected! "Insertion" tab of PowerPoint Ribbon in the "Media",
click on the "Video" option, then the "Video from a video site online"
option. In the window that appears, paste the link to your video. On
YouTube, the link is in the field "Embed a video on a site" in the
column to the right of the webpage.

Projection in relief

To enhance your video, give a little relief with the 3D effect! To do
this, click on your video, then select the "Format" tab of PowerPoint
Ribbon. In the "Styles Video", choose from quarantine frameworks
proposed. Click on the small arrow pointing down to reveal the framework
proposed in 3D with reflection effects.

Editing video

Your movie is too long? Right click it and select "Cut Video". In the
window that appears, you can redefine the start and end of your

Things are happening behind the

Office 2010 is not just a set of software building blocks isolated.
Admittedly, Word, Excel and Outlook are autonomous programs that do not
need others to work. Nevertheless, they share the same foundations. And
this is even more visible now with Office 2010 that Microsoft has
revisited what he calls himself backstage of its office suite. We found
all the features common to different applications composing. But you’re
probably wondering how to access the backstage of Office 2010? Nothing
is easier! Simply click on the "File" tab.

make a good impression

Now, there is no need to request a print preview to get an idea on paper
rendering of a document, spreadsheet, presentation, email. For this
preview, you go to the "Print" menu of the "File" tab. An overview which
naturally changes depending on the print settings you choose.

small air copier

Select the tab "File", click "Print". And now that appear all the
printing options that you could wish: color, assembly, duplex, etc.
Practice! It’s like almost to a photocopier!

share course

We announced the opening of the file sharing that was one of the
watchwords of Office 2010. To convince you, we invite you to click,
always under the tab "File" on the "Share" menu. Microsoft has grouped
in a single window all the options to send, distribute or place on a
public place your documents, spreadsheets and presentations.


Do you have a Windows Live ID? You know, the one you used to chat with
instant messaging, Windows Live Messenger. So you get a free space for
online storage of 25 GB and you can store your Office 2010 files. Be
able to access them from any computer, either to share with friends,
family. Just click on "Save Skydrive", then "Login" to identify you.
Save your file in the "Public" if you want to share, if not on file "My


Posting a document is not easier. Click "Send using mail" to attach your
document to an email. And if you saved your document in the Public
folder on your Skydrive, so that other people that you want can change
it, then click on "Send a link" to create an email, you can contact
these people, and will contain a link to your document. In fact, you
know that Office 2010 lets you work with people on the same document at
the same time?

Live at home

You are so proud of your PowerPoint presentation to broadcast it live to
your friends? Click "Spread Slideshow" and again "Spread Slideshow"
(next). In the new window, click "Begin Broadcast". An Internet address
appears. Send it to your friends so they go there with their browser.
When they are ready, just click on "Start Slideshow".

Note that part in Live

One of the biggest news of Office 2010, is its variation in online
version: Office Web Apps. Admittedly, this is only a lighter version,
but it can still create or rework a document easily from any computer
connected to the Internet, as does its competitor Google Docs. Note that
Microsoft ensures its compatibility with Internet Explorer, Firefox and
Safari. Check it on this
. Log in then, if not already with your Windows Live, and then
click My Documents. Attention to activate the Web Apps once and for all,
you must first register at least one document in Skydrive through
Office 2010.


Pull down "New" menu and select Microsoft Excel. A new page appears. In
the field "Name", type the name of your new Excel workbook, then click
the "Create" option. In fact, look no button to save your workbook to
your Skydrive! In Excel, Word, PowerPoint and One Note Web Apps, there
is no save button, because the documents are automatically saved. You
can at any moment, close your browser without fear of losing your job.


Pull down "New" menu and select Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation. A new
page appears. In the field "Name", type the name of your new PowerPoint
presentation, then click "Create". Note that any time you can switch to
your PowerPoint 2010 on your computer, clicking on the tab "File", then
Open PowerPoint.

OneNote and Word

The first is "to come" while the second is "still to come" so needless
to click on the link "Look for updates" or "Check for updates". Indeed,
the online versions of the digital notebook OneNote and Word word
processor will be available next spring. In other words, at the same
time as the final version of the Office suite is expected in 2010. Note
that in the meantime, you can always amuse yourself by typing your
letters in an Excel cell or PowerPoint slide.


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