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Borderlands on Xbox 360 is a first person shooter  crossed with role play (experience, expertise) that takes you on a mysterious planet, which looks like a futuristic Wild West. It offers players the opportunity to drive vehicles and handle a variety of weapons to meet very many quests. Playable solo, Borderlands also allows four participants to complete the adventure together in cooperation. The shooters needed a game like this. In recent years, elements of role-playing games have insinuated throughout the FPS, but in Borderlands is a full hybrid. Not so, it must be emphasized at the level of choice, history and consequences – in this area, it is comparable to games like STALKER – but at the loot, levels, characteristics, skills and in how to play with the inventory build up the character. Gearbox says it has created a shooter / role playing game, a RPS (an appellation that seems strangely familiar), and that means you’ll play a shooter much like an MMO.

When we speak of the influence RPG Borderlands, the classic reference is Diablo, but I think, pending the release of the third Diablo, that it is probably also relevant – even more – to emphasize that Borderlands is displaying many characteristics MMO. This is felt more strongly in the areas of early game, or you choose missions and where you make return trips on small areas of the map, picking up the loot and killing punks low level of dogs and lizards mutants. Like most MMOs general public, Borderlands takes time to find his stride, and it takes hours to begin to truly appreciate the approach adopted by Gearbox. This does not mean it’s not a fun game from the start – because he is – but it just really takes time to reveal all his tricks and make you really appreciate.

This is the "second wind", which gives you a little time to attempt a frag before your health is reduced to zero. If you manage to kill a bad guy, you’re back on your feet and keep fighting. However, when playing solo, this often means that people die in the corner where it was withdrawn because there is nobody on that shoot, or kill any hope of what is front of you. Together, your friends take advantage of this window to run your help and get back on track. This system becomes suddenly a good idea that enhances the experience for everyone involved. All signs point towards the game together.

It is undeniable that Borderlands is intended to be played cooperatively. Even if the single player quests are perfect to keep you busy and fun, the enormous increase in the number of enemies and your firepower when your friends join you makes the experience infinitely more chaotic and, therefore, more entertaining. Since we can get back up each other through this system comparable to that of Gears of War, huge battles can take place without anyone having to make a hasty retreat before a strong resistance. The structure of play, with the types of characters whose skills overlap, because any number of players necessary. Two or three players, great, whatever the task that awaits you. A soldier can even act as a healer in restoring the health of his teammates, while many other passive effects due to each character energize the group in various ways.

Four players is a riot, and each may go in or out over your progress. Campaigns are configured so that three other people may join and participate in your series of personal quests. As you are the host, other players will return to your own history, but they will nevertheless benefit from their presence in your party: levels, weapons and missions earned in online play are transferred campaigns solo everybody, everything is out of range of your level is simply inaccessible until you have reached a higher level. I feel that playing with strangers can be a little tricky because there is no automatic sharing of the loot and everyone can take what he wants. So beware of hunters loot. The world of Borderlands, as you probably know already, is a kind of landscape science-fiction post-apocalyptic. It’s a strange world covered with the rubble of war and colonization went wrong. Even if the technology level is high, thanks to corporations space nebulae who once operated the world, things are confused and in a state of regression. It is a world of robots and computers filled with indigenous armed to the teeth and mutant cannibals hungry for blood. Gearbox was beautifully staged and it is a great place to embark on an adventure.

All this being said, fans of shooters burn probably know what it is like Borderlands as a shooter. At this level there is a better fighting game gun that Fallout 3, and this because it is in many ways a fairly traditional FPS. The shields are recharged, as in Halo, and the ability to touch an opponent depends largely on your ability, even if the various arms have a coefficient of dispersion and trembling, probably defined by the characteristic precision. The headshots do more damage, even if it is in the occurrence of strokes "critical", and they are fatal or not depending on other factors introduced by the game: the difference of level.

However, the difficulty of the game does not necessarily climb the same time as you progress, even if it is to some extent. The enemies are of a higher or lower depending on your area where you are and the mission you are doing. Fight enemies with a level equal to or lower than yours makes the experience comparable to a classic FPS, since few field goals enough to take them down. For cons, the enemies of higher level or those who wear a name will cash a maximum of damage before being defeated. It is not realistic, but it’s very entertaining. The weapons are studied: the effects are carefully moderated so that when you hand in something more powerful, with a frequency of shooting higher, you really see the difference. The quick-firing bazookas are an almost comical to kill opponents.

The enemies are usually quite entertaining, but they fall short of interesting maneuvers well before the game is finished. The non-human creatures have often conduct a bleak simplicity – it is an area of their body that it must aim for the kill with critical hits and they just generally charge about you. The humanoid enemies are more difficult because they can retreat, use of shelters, and fire on the position where they last saw you. There are also some other problems, such as designing the characters. The four archetypes are not really different or interesting enough. It is true that they had all agreed to play solo, but they are not tailored for classes of classic characters, and their respective powers do not include more than do damage in different ways.

Mordecai, the hunter has the special ability probably the lowest in this case a bird. At first I found it useful because it makes a lot of damage, but over time it becomes less and less impressive, and it often fails to reach its target. I abandoned and respec (you can put your talents to zero and spend your skill points again, as in an MMO) to make someone more inclined sniper.

Roland, the soldier in the turret. That alone is enough to let me assume that many games together will groups of Roland (since you can play with any set of characters) activated together. The turret can reload ammunition and health of players and serve as shelter. By cons, walking out of step with Lilith, during which she becomes a ghost doing heavy damage, is an interesting idea, because you can using it to electrocute and burn enemies with one attack hybrid greenhouse area. It is however a strange way to play and some players undoubtedly will prefer to concentrate on weapons.

The only character who really seems to play differently and is a fun way to Brick, who can smash the whole world through his Berserk mode. If you put in this mode during gameplay, you get a formidable fighter in melee or a tank. In both cases, it is a way of entertaining game. Borderlands is unusual, fun to play, and for a violent Gearbox swerved created with elegance in a useful direction. The later history of the game would have been better – I would have liked to see the influence RPG extend to anything that pattern, level and the loot – and the end is disappointing. Nevertheless, it could well be the favorite game of the year for many people, since it is basically the pulse of the players. Raising the Roof and it picks up stuff. In that field, at least, Gearbox hit in right on target.

Game characters :

Lilith The Siren  : Weapons of choice : Incendiary, Shock and Corrosive Guns

Mordecai The Hunter : Sniper Rifles and Revolver

Brick : Explosive Weapons and Fist

Roland The Soldier : Combat Rifles and Shotguns.

Game Play :

On Pandora, vast desert, the laws are written every day with the blood of the weak. Strange planet-like Wild West post-apocalyptic disaster that will rock the stage nonetheless an amazing adventure. Yours, and perhaps even that of mates who have the courage to survey the world at your side to try to find the Ark, an alien priceless treasure buried underground. So, whoever you are, welcome to Borderlands, a single title at the crossroads between the FPS and role playing.

Borderlands is actually born of a mad ambition, that of combining two distinct genres into a coherent whole. And it is clear that the outcome of this bet is the least convincing. Then of course, do not wait for Borderlands history thick, marked by terrible revelations and incredible reversals. We hope no more of the game it gives us sequences "Call of Duty" crammed with scripts and visual madness. No, frankly, the big baby of Gearbox is more like a big story in which you kill hordes of bad guys and slobbering creatures for the sheer pleasure to drive up our statistics and ownership of guns still more powerful. Neither more nor less. However, if Borderlands we do not propose a scenario worthy of the name, it still manages to give life to an insane world that borrows as much to Mad Max to the excellent series Firefly. Mature and extremely violent despite a cell shading that is willing to associate a title to your lighter, Borderlands has a universe populated by psychopathic killers together in filthy decorated bases of human remains. The title also benefits from a particularly delirious design finishes to give life to this world of murderous fools.

And when one talks about fools precisely, as the introductions with the 4 treasure hunters will it be possible to embody in the game Each of these fanatics have his weapons of choice and take extra special competence that it will obviously evolve over the course of his wanderings. Each class (since in fact, is what it is) will access the same objects and specific mods that also reveal their full potential when you cross the soft cooperation. In short, know then, young adventurers, you can go hunting in the boots of the Furious Brick, a mountain of muscle fan of heavy weapons capable of spraying the mob with the sheer force of his fists of steel. Radically opposed to nag service, Mordecai much prefer a good sniper rifle and a nice little gun. The devil is also accompanied by a bird of prey he gladly send pecking the eyes of enemies too enterprising.

The third robber meets the sweet name of Roland. It is the soldier of the group and is also the most versatile character. At ease in all situations, however, favors the man assault rifles and good old pumps. It can also automatically deploy a turret associated with a small shield handy to avoid an adverse time. Finally, as a rose petal lost in the sewers, one discovers Lilith Mermaid, whose besetting sin is to be the popguns special incendiary munitions, electrical or corrosive. But the peculiarity of the beautiful, it can trigger hyperplasia, and thus become invisible and very fast for a short time while inflicting damage to nearby enemies.

You spend a lot of time sorting your gear. All the Merry Men have a unique skill tree, divided into three branches and you will be able to flourish by taking levels. Each time you pass a new level, your hero will become stronger and stronger and will receive a skill point to allocate as you wish. Lilith, for example, may choose to regain health when the trigger hyperplasia. Mordecai will in turn make the bird a little real vampire can steal life points to the enemy in order to benefit the employer. Charming. The options are numerous, always helpful and does not unbalance the game by making your character too powerful. Able to develop his warrior is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of Borderlands. But what to do to gain experience and boost your hero you ask, no doubt? It’s simple, you must kill, kill and kill again. We will engage in this joyous pastime in freely traversing a vast and divided into sectors more or less dangerous, or completing many quests, modeled, it must be confessed, on the most basic of MMO.

Collect crystals, burning brains of 10 Skagit these stray dogs which abound in the desert, get this gun, shoot as gang leader … The game even includes a very basic challenges (killed 1000 enemies in hand-to-body, crushing 25 people buggie) that you will always get more EXP points. For once, Borderlands is no longer evidence of any originality. It will nevertheless great fun to shoot down hordes of enemies before plunging over the countless items that they never fail to fall as you exhale. Pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, SMG, RPG, grenades, ammunition, grenades for mods (for making adhesive or even able to teleport directly to the feet of your target time), direct to your mods skills or shields more powerful features for business (health regeneration, increased resistance to flaming projectiles, etc..). It suffices to point to an object to see open a window summarizing all its features: power, rate of fire, size of the charger, plus a few scattered small oddities like the opportunity to enjoy bonuses when a vicious clubbing with rifle butts. Sorting require time but will pose no real problems, because of an ingenious color code. A feature marked in green denote an improvement over your current gear, while red indicates a less efficient gear. These multiple items may also be encountered while rummaging in the most diverse places: mailboxes, boxes and piles of trash or toilet bowls. In Borderlands, can contain any gear or dollars, we will also be spent in the arms dealers on the corner, sometimes taking advantage of offers of limited time.

Again, the title of Gearbox turns terribly gripping. In fact, we tend to forget quickly the form of enemies, however, varied and fun to fight, to not see in them a source of EXP and new weapons. Carried away by the rain especially pleasurable utensils war, the humble author of these lines almost forget to talk about the shootings themselves. But this side, Borderlands is again a good job, although some concerns had not failed to show by watching the latest gameplay videos of the beast sometimes take the body. The enemy AI in Borderlands is rather plain, they often simply rush headlong towards you in a straight line. The undisputed masters of this behavior are also the boss, obviously able to collect over 200 pounds of lead before giving up the ghost (and dropping a max of loot).

Remains that in general the number of enemies and variety require the player to be extremely cautious to ensure the headshots (synonym for "critical hit") and to preserve as much as possible. Surrounded by 5 midgets incendiary, watered by a sniper positioned on a ledge while looking for an eye and a brute chopper is not close to heavy, it will often play fine to get out alive. The victory, if only the enemies have a level higher than yours, becomes intoxicating. We especially appreciate being able, in cap and talent, face an enemy much stronger to ultimately generate a tidal wave of EXP. However, even with all good intentions, some opponents will be inaccessible without having spent some time leveler

Borderlands nevertheless manages to maintain a sufficiently coherent structure does not require you not to spend hours to kill Skag. Suffice it more generally, go to Table quests major cities and a few select tasks appropriate to your level (basically where we kill anything but mutt …). In short, despite its repetitiveness sometimes worthy of a Korean MMO, Gearbox’s baby is a little pleasure to cross. Comparison somewhat doubtful, however, that will make the transition to the ultimate strength of Borderlands: the multiplayer. As we mentioned already, the title may actually come together, to 2 in split screen on consoles or 4 locally or on the net. But this is, truly, the game reveals all its interest. For despite some major shortcomings, such as the inability to share the money or giving weapons to your mates other than throwing them on the ground, Borderlands takes on the airs of a great adventure. The power of opponents modeled on the strength of your group, which will accommodate people of all levels. Also note that it is entirely possible to use the heroes that you have developed solo. In all cases, we will have to play smarter in protecting the weakest, sharing and ammunition, leaving the right weapons to those who can best benefit.

If during a party populated by perfect strangers you come to lay your heart on the same peashooter, a small exchange of butts would tilt the game in a duel. Well, certainly you do not necessarily recover the dispute, but at least you can let off steam a little against the monkey. And if you lose the duel, you do suffer a small loss of points. In short, Borderlands no shortage of arguments and we could still blabber a moment on the vehicle handling improvement but needed or all the riches of a world that will take between 30 and 60 hours to cross. With its design pest, its successful battles, its tons of items to collect and its system of rewarding progress, no doubt that Borderlands will meet gaggle of adventurers. Like what Gearbox is indeed able to take his bet. Hats off gentlemen.

More information :

As the hero of this series signed Joss Whedon, the character that we run is undoubtedly motivated by greed. It must be said that the world around them requires that the traveler is able to defend themselves and that weapons such as ammunition, it is expensive. That is why we will have to accept various missions and varied but not to its sweet when it comes to the pockets to become an enemy corpse. Alternatively, although searching the scene without neglecting the dumpsters or sit on his character when he comes to pick the lock of a trunk. And, ultimately, perhaps the hero (or heroine) will manage to get their hands on some alien chest overflowing with wealth and echo local legends … The first principle of Borderlands game is a FPS. From the first moments, past the coat-tails of a small robot that is reminiscent of Wall-E, we advance with a view over his weapon.

First stop: the town of Firestone, which undergoes constant attack from bandits. Immediately, we realize that the enemies are quite formidable. They shoot pretty well and we should not hesitate to take cover to avoid premature death. The management of damage is a bit like a role-playing turn-based. Once we did fly, fly away we see a figure that indicates the number of health points which the enemy has to be private. And when shooting particularly well adjusted, it is a "Critical" that appears and highlights our achievement. But all is not necessarily simple. During our test, many shots have ended in nature, involving a serious character progression, not least at the level of firearms training

Sewing up the hero was able to eliminate the bandit chief. Once the dust has settled, it was high time to enjoy a little of the presence of some NPCs and meager facilities available. On this last point, expect a shock. Borderlands developers have taken to literally the idea of distributors that were found in Bioshock. Here you can purchase care or improvements to its weapons. Anyway … To hear these machines boast the merits of the products they offer as we left a big feeling of déjà vu. During our test, the village doctor has been our main provider in missions. We mainly asked to go retrieve traces of biological Skagit dirty creatures living along the fence that surrounds Firestone. Since these monsters are a cross between a pitbull and a hyena which would be grafted jaw of a great white shark, needless to say, asking permission to make a levy was not enough. We had to speak the powder again.

It must be said that Skaga moving in hordes and that these groups are of different strength. You find that closely resembles what one might see in a role play? Normal is the other game principle relied upon Borderlands. It is possible to choose among four character classes rather standard: the tank, the medic, the soldier and unit called stealth Syren whose preferred weapon is the sniper rifle. Each class has a tree growth divided into three parts: government offensive, defensive powers and special powers. For example, the soldier can improve its rate of fire submachine gun while Syren has the power to become invisible and to take this huge advantage longer taking experience. For its part, the drug could create a tower that will generate care for those who find nearby. Small feature of medic: he has at his disposal that make ammunition of health to those who use them. The best part is, it can give the balls to his teammates.

That leads us naturally to discuss the cooperative mode which we could play. Needless to really go into detail, it went as expected. The key to success against the bandits and Skaga was basically to stay together and enjoy the special abilities of the various team members. No major fault has occurred during this phase rather exciting. However, it must report a small detail really delusional. In this mode, and as the awkwardness of the player who directs the will brought to death’s door, the character will be miraculously saved provided quickly kill an opponent. In general, at that time, the screen darkens rapidly and there was little opportunity to take more than one bullet. So it is imperative that account … Only regret after this first test: not having had the opportunity to play a few moments with vehicles that are known to be an important element of Borderlands. But by leaving the game scheduled for late October, we probably can return to this point.

Tips, Cheats and Hints :

Finish the game once to unlock the New Game + mode where opponents are much more powerful.

All Successes :

  • Assembled Fyrestone (5)  : Finish 5 missions in Arid Badlands
  • Fyrestone is finished (15) : Finish all missions in Arid Badlands
  • Assembled in New Haven (10)  : Finish 5 missions in Rust Commons
  • New Haven, it’s over (20)  : Finish all missions in the Rust Commons
  • It’s-a me! The plumber! (15)  : Kill an enemy by jumping on his head.
  • The ace driver (10)  : Drive around the Ring of Speed Dingles in less than 31 seconds.
  • Archaeologist (20)  : Apply an ancient elemental
  • Beginner (5) : Achieving level 5
  • Novice (10) : Reach level 10
  • Expert (20) : Reach level 20
  • Hardcore (30) : Reach level 30
  • Monomaniacal (40)  : Reach level 40
  • Skag Gully discovery (5) : Discover Skag Gully
  • Sledge’s Safe House Discovery (5) : Discover Sledge’s Safe House
  • Headstone Mine discovered (5) : Discover Headstone Mine
  • Trash Coast Discovery (5) : Explore the Coast Trash
  • Scrapyard discovered (10) : Discover Scrapyard
  • Krom’s Canyon Short (10) : Discover Krom’s Canyon
  • Crimson Lance Enclave found (15)  : Discover Crimson Lance Enclave
  • ERIDIAN Promontory discovered (15)  : Discover Eridiana Promontory
  • Champion (50) : Reach level 50
  • A little blood on the tires! (20)  : Crush 25 enemies with a vehicle.
  • Tough guy (10) : Rakka kill 5 in under 10 seconds.
  • Pandora-Dog Millionaire (50)  : Earning 1 000 000 dollars.
  • Wholesale (25) : Sell 50 guns from a store.
  • Gladiator (25) : Win a party arena
  • Dual-icieux (15) : Beat another player to a duel.
  • Group seeks trainer (25) : Rescue an ally threatened with death in some coop.
  • One for All (30) : Complete 15 missions in coop.
  • Everyone’s talking about. (10)  : Play coop with a Gearbox employee or someone who has this success.
  • Amateur weapon (20) : Reach level 10 expertise of a weapon
  • King of the duel (35) : Winning a battle without being hit.
  • The king of acid (25)  : Kill 25 enemies using weapons corrosive.
  • 1.21 Gigawatts (25)  : Kill 25 enemies with weapons power.
  • Arsonist (25)  : Kill 25 enemies using incendiary weapons.
  • The fireworks (15)  : Kill 25 enemies with explosive weapons.
  • Some call me … Tim (25)  : Equip your character with a Mod class.
  • Fully loaded (10)  : Rescue Claptrap enough for 42 sites in the inventory.
  • It’s a scandal (15)  : Kill an enemy with the action competence of the Mermaid.
  • Attention dog. (15)  : Kill 15 enemies with the power to share the Hunter.
  • The all out (15)  : Kill 15 enemies with the competence of furious action.
  • Combat deaths (15)  : Kill 15 enemies with the power of Action Soldier.
  • For all types of Secret Achievement (30)  : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

More tips and cheats :

  • Monomaniac (40) : Reach level 40
  • All the successes of additional content Zombie Island
  • The house of dam-Ned (25) : Complete the mission "The house of dam-Ned"
  • Cannon fodder for the Jakob (25) : Complete the mission "cannon fodder for the Jakob"
  • Cerveeeeeeeeeeeelle! (25) : Complete the mission "Cerveeeeeeeeeeeelle!"
  • Small Slam (10) : Complete the mission Make your evidence
  • Hell-Burbia (25) : Complete the challenge of Hell-Burbia Coliseum
  • Angelic Ruins (25) : Finish the great challenge of The Angelic Coliseum Ruins
  • Gully (25) : Complete the challenge of Coliseum Gully
  • Grand Slam (40) : Finish each of the 3 greatest challenges with only 1 character

Conclusion :

Throughout its development, Borderlands turns out to be puzzled. But Gearbox finally managed to complete its contract, mixing happily FPS and role playing games. The result of this union is sensitive not flawless, but the formula is so refreshing it would be almost criminalised to be missed. Already very dynamic, rich and well done, Borderlands literally bursts the screen when done with a bunch of buddies. We cannot therefore strongly advise you to form a small group of fighters with your knowledge and train them to your suite in the inhospitable tracts of worms. You will not regret it.

Gearbox has been very inspired by announcing the overhaul of the graphic style of her baby to turn to the cell shading. The technique here is perfectly controlled and gives life to a world of dirty air from the post-apocalyptic western style. The design will not please everyone, but it offers that many games look, but without success: a genuine identity. And if Pandora can seem a little too uniform, with its endless desert and sharp rocks pointing to the sky, the planet will always give us a few funny little things to compensate, as with those enemies who use signs as a loincloth. Quality sound effects and dubbing convincing contribute to give consistency to a crazy and unforgiving world. We only regret that the aftershocks of the various characters are not very many. Musically, Borderlands also provides the blow with compositions very well made although a little too recessed in some environments.


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