Mafia II Walkthrough

This component will not be a result of the first episode of Mafia and will be developed for Xbox, Playstation 3 and PC. The scenario will take place between the late ’40s and early ’50s. You can once again travel the city as you wish on various vehicles, like in the old GTA and the city will be available in full at the outset. The city and its inhabitants will be more realistic than ever, you will evolve into a living environment that will never show the same face as the times when you will peruse its streets. During the confrontation, you have the possibility to use decorative elements to shelter you, decor elements that you can also refer you to spice up the fights. The mission of the Mafia is to supplant its rival GTA IV in terms of realism, while offering graphics very excavated from what we’ve seen yet.Among the interesting improvements, we note the change of seasons with changeable weather and the lack of loading times, since the game will be full streaming.

Short Description of Game :

Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who is trying to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood. It was on the street that Vito learns that joining Mafia is the only router to wealth and respect for people of his standing. Wanting to escape the life of hardship that his father led, he dreams about becoming a “Made Man”.

A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend, Joe, will descend into the world of organized crime. Together, they will work to prove themselves to the Mafia as they try to make their names on the streets. Starting with low-level jobs like robbery and stealing cars, Vito and Joe escalate quickly up the Mafia family ladder, but the life as wise guy isn’t quite as glamorous as it seems.

Features of the Game :

  • Immersive Gangster Experience : Through strong, authentic characterization, compelling narrative and stunning presentation, the mature storyline will make players understand the pull and impossible escape of life in Mafia
  • Action-Packer Gameplay : Take part in heart-stopping cart-to-car chases, visceral hand-to-hand combat and intense gunplay, all of which come together to form a deep and engrossing gameplay experience.
  • Illusion Engine : 2K Czech’s proprietary Illusion Engine, allows gamers to explore Empire Bay’s 10 Square miles while transitioning from beautifully rendered outdoor environments to intricately designed interiors seamlessly without the need for loading times.
  • Authentic Portrayal of Mid – 20th Century America : Experience an epic story set across two decades where the clothing, cars and advertising are meticulously created to replicate the feel of a 40s and 50s American city: as player progress through the eras the city and its elements will change to reflect the time period
  • Soundtrack Reflects the Mood of the Era : Players will be immersed in the Golden Era of America as Mafia II features tracks from some of the era’s most influential artists.

Game Plot :

1945. Returning to the United States after having served in Europe, Vito Scaletta is a promise not to miss anything. He joins the fastest way to make a name, reputation and money that goes with it: the Mafia. It incorporates one of the great families of theEmpire City with his old friend Joe Barbaro and gradually climbed the ladder. Eight years after the original published Mafia II final. The game has been a long time coming, but now 2K Czech finally seemed to get the final details in place after the game was moved to its release next year.

This time we meet Vito and a new era with new gameplay mechanisms and an impressive engine, developed in-house. You can save your continuation cars in the garage, change them, buy and change clothes and everything is presented with liquid fights. You can see everything for yourself in a demonstration of 2K Czech, who finally came out on the Internet.

New York is still New York. Although the Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV does not really like New York, what he does not even claim it clearly and proudly displays its influences through decorative elements and features of the guidelines by architecture of its bridges, its towers and its districts. Presumably, the Empire Bay Mafia II does not look more closely imitates New York – or even what life in the 50s, when the game takes place – but the developer 2K Czech is looking another form of authenticity. It seeks to recreate the life of a gangster after the Second World War, felt hats strapped a tape-measure footwear, from any phone booth, the Billy Club and racketeering operations. Even if they are separated by different labels and some European borders, the world of organized crime 2K Czech is light years ahead of that of the excellent Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar North.

He manages to recreate the world directly and through almost disturbing action of the simplest: the beginning of a mission, a process now so commonplace and so natural in the modern adventures in open world that has evolved dementia. Initially, we began by driving through a city, ignoring traffic signals, stopping then to walk up a big yellow circle for a briefing, and now we start directly by leaps onto the roofs of cars and buildings the speed of a cheetah, eventually tumbling to the top of buildings like lightning and destroy a target icon, and woe to the game would think of forcing us to press a button or take our breath during process.

Conversely, in the Mafia II demo that we presented to the Gamescom, the gangster and aspiring player character Vito Scaletti pay a prostitute and makes him leave his apartment, dragged himself languidly to the fridge in the kitchen for a beer, walks into his apartment in a jacket and trousers inside, goes quietly into the phone in the hallway, where he received instructions. He will then quietly dressing, taking time to admire during that time another girl who is happy to shower rather coyly in her bathroom, and down from his apartment – noting in passing a man banging on a door and imploring his wife to forgive an apparent prank, and one woman currently scouring the floor – before heading outside to his garage to hesitate to take any car. Some players also excited that I will perhaps be a little time to get used to deliberately slow pace, but in practice the world is so richly detailed that my senses revel in contrast to the thoroughness of the recovery of Empire Bay.

While other open world games are compartmentalized, building a framework through technology and a mechanical routine that you can then bounce between history and booths missions annexes secure their foundations and leave you satisfied tinker yourself within the established framework, Mafia II seems obsessed to leave you gasping in disbelief and unwilling to leave anything to chance. While you start off in the direction of your appointment – a workshop held by the mafia Giuseppe, who runs the business – 2K Czech has a hand on almost everything

The game can reproduce a full cycle of day and night, and I have experienced much in the half-hour demo, but time of day is set for the events. That night when Vito starts a fire for a protection racket in a little later, because this is the time of day that suits, but we are now in daylight for a chance encounter that owes nothing to random: an asshole plowed into the rear of the car of a prostitute whom I spoke above a fire and began to nagging. Vito comes and intervenes. “Well my friend, forget it! “Who are you now to open your mouth? “Someone who does not hear you speak to a woman this way.” Soon his head was found embedded on the road in a car door, and you’re invited into the home of the young woman a little later “for coffee”. There are no loading screens between all this – there will be nowhere else, “said 2K – and transition between events preprogrammed cinematic and the gameplay is not a problem as the animation intelligent, fluidity of dialogue and the pace of the show asked you to invest quickly and easily in the event.

A similar scene unfolds after that Vito has happened in the workshop of Giuseppe. While preparing to enter, an associate of the Mafia in fate, and they both exchanged greetings. It turns out that he has a job for Vito – a colleague was having trouble setting up a protection racket. “An asshole he competes and that’s not good for business,” said our new acquaintance with a drawl. Vito mark a pause. “You want me … ? “No, this is not what it is. Not yet. The mission, should you accept it, is to burn a few cars in Millville under cover of darkness and without any finish on the floor. You can accept or decline the mission Annex – the interest of showing the scene for 2K Czech is to emphasize the fact that it is a task schedule, and missions annexes do not find in most menus, screens statistical routines and mechanical than anything else

We return to current affairs, and within the workshop, Giuseppe initiate the conversation. He has papers Vito – he makes a present, for reasons having to do with history but that we are not explained – but he also sells arms, ammunition, Molotov cocktails, lock picking tools and other valuable objects. Vito said goodbye to Giuseppe, but starting is accosted by two small strokes who want “that extends her sorrel, fatally. He pulls out a gun. However, when they break, a police officer shows up and threatens to stop Vito unless it can present a gun. It’s an option (provided you have one), others are trying to make a pot of wine to the cop (which may possibly walk) or for the purposes of the demo.

2K Czech said that the police system will be aggressive, but the goal is really to simulate realistic behavior, to ensure that the player will control Vito really act like a guy supposed to. Vito rushes down the street to his heels, chased by the cop who is now launching insults and blows his whistle, then jump over a fence and take cover behind a garbage container. Police said 2K did him a physical description – a game of degrees depending on the importance of the wanted criminal – and the plant is relatively easy, and it just change of clothes in any shop or flat to lose completely.

Vito needs a car to get to the center of Millville, he introduced then broke into a nearby Kingfisher, one of 50 vehicles inspired by fictional models of real this time. Breaking a window is an option, but it will attract attention and, as we are in a quiet street, Vito took the time to use his material picking, a pop-up showing the introduction and the play of hands in the mechanism. As he sets out, darkness falls – rather than say 2K Czech throws a veil of darkness in Empire Bay – and the streets are quieter, lighting very different. As we could not drive the car ourselves, it is difficult to judge its maneuverability, but when the rain begins to fall a little later the rear tends to hunt more significant at high speed, even if we have not seen, 2K said that during the car chases, bullets will fly into the glass splinters, sprinkle with impact body, slashed the tires and will generally badly composure player.

Arriving at the garage of Millville, Vito finds that two night guards talking inside. With a capacity of concealment basic – if you think that a guard can see you, he probably can – Vito is hideout outside and waits until one of them so pissed to stifle and hide in the shadow. He then attacked the guard left. The combat system is simplistic – the light and heavy attacks and a button to dodge – but combined with shots terminals depending on the context, this rule things quickly and convincingly. The second guard was on the ground, Vito Balance Molotov cocktails at cars from the garage and they ignite then putting fire to the building. The police sirens start to howl, and before Vito can escape, there are cops outside with whom he exchanged gunfire.

Taking a ball is not immediately fatal, but as with the police system, 2K has been aggressive in this area and warns that being shot is in itself very bad news and take down is almost inevitable when we are largely outnumbered. Similarly, get a cop is the ultimate crime of the game, and this will lead to a larger police presence on the streets, with cops having in mind a very precise description of Vito, which will prevent him from using to simple processes to be forgotten. Aware of these rules, Vito steals the last remaining car plunges at full speed at night, avoiding a dam a few blocks away, and then stash in an alley, looking away from flashing lights in his rearview mirror. He then reversed and headed to the garage of a friend close by to change the registration and color of the car.

It is a priori something unimportant, but the consistency of the construction of play suggests that it is an unintended insult, which will dent the $ 500 that you promised, rather than a minor incident no real consequence. 2K said that the garage can also be used to make costly improvements – new motor parts, components for easy steering and ornamentation. The emphasis on these expenditures is certainly emblematic of the game when you’ll want to spend that money, it will be on a car that you struggled to pay you, and you will do because the car is the symbol standard of a gangster.

In a sense, it is not surprising that the release of Mafia II has been postponed until next year (late, which according 2K Czech, is simply because it is not over), because developer does not build just a playground open world where you can assuage your frustrations down people by firing rockets on helicopters and by dressing so ridiculous. He built a life inside of Life, which will probably most of its relief by the authenticity of the conduct that may raise your hand, rather than the authenticity of the kind of world we are used to evolve and we have been perverse. To achieve this it is imperative to master the details, and it takes time. What will be fascinating to see will not necessarily see if the developer is reached, but rather what kind of story it will bring you to tell the quality of your actions.

Chapter 1 – The Old Country



In this room you will find links on the table, ammunition and weapons, which the following fighting again significantly simplifies. Here you learn the basics of the game, especially the cover system and the weapons control. Once you will be prompted, creates her your gun and fires at the head of the enemy troops. In the hustle and bustle can be difficult to identify the enemy. Watch therefore, the color of the crosshair. Is it red, it focuses on a villain? After you’ve cleaned the yard, it climbs to the left of the door through the window to flank the machine gun nest and disposed of with a grenade.

After you fight your way through the building, with her always looking for cover and fire from there should be featured. Later you meet on a hostage in the grip of a soldier. Here aims precisely to the villain. In the further course of her mission ballert from a balcony on an enemy group and in the end you land on a gun. Enemy attack from left and right of the entrance. It helps tremendously to bring the three trucks explode. We need only to hold out until a tank drives up. Then the mission is done.


Chapter 2: Home sweet home

Joe takes you to party in a bar. Then a taxi will take you to the place where your mother lives. Go home for the night. The next day you discover that your family owes money to a creditor. A man appears and threatens Francesca. Defend your sister giving him severely beating fists. You will learn how to use the dodging, hitting fast and powerful shots. Finish the battle and then go to Joe. If you’re hurt, you can recover from life by taking a sandwich or a drink in the fridge Joe. Use Joe’s car to go home to take the sheet Giuseppe demobilization and buy a nightingale. Train on the padlock to learn to use the nightingale. Then leave the building and use the nightingale to steal the car. A policeman noticed the crime. Flee to reduce the gauge blue, and then enter the studio to change the plate of the car. By changing the plate or the color of the car, it will no longer wanted by the police. Then go to the case of Bruska to get your gun and your first job: get a car for precise Bruska.

Before leaving the case, test the gun on an old car. Follow the marker on your GPS to find the car. Climb the fence to get to the place where the car. Shoot the guard then put you under cover to avoid enemy fire. After killing all the enemies, steal the car and drive to the case of Bruska. Many enemies might follow you on the road. Sow them and then return the car to Bruska for your reward. Go to Joe for the night. The next day you have an appointment with Derek to get a job. Follow Steve and then move the crates are loaded into the truck. You will automatically abandon this task, and then go outside the warehouse. After the cutscene, you get a new job which is to extort money from Dockers. Talking to dock to collect the money. Hustle and hit those who resist you. After three docks, you’ll have a fight with Bill. Use the buttons moves fast, powerful blows and dodging to fight effectively. Back then see Derek.

Chapter 3: Enemy of the State

Henry has a job for you that involve stealing the stamps of the office of price control. Drive to the apartment of Mary to give you information on how to return to the agency. You get the information while driving Mary to the hospital. Climb the fence and enter the building through the bathroom window. Move quietly so as not to alert the guards. When you arrive at the central square, climb the stairs to go upstairs. Neutralize the two guards on the second floor and enter the office of the Director to take the keys. Before going to the trunk, disable the last keeper on the ground floor.

Then enter the large door to the left of the guard post, and open the blue door to get to the basement. In the basement, get the Playboy magazine in one of the rooms and turn off the alarm. Go back upstairs to go to the trunk. Because the alarm is disabled, you will not have the police pursuing you. Go back to Henry. Unfortunately stamps expire the next day. You must sell them in six gas stations before the time limit. Start with the station nearest you and talk to the owner to confirm the sale of stamps. After the allotted time, go home Joe.

Chapter 4: Murphy’s Law

Your first goal is clear. In this mission, you’ll steal jewels from a jewelry store. Go see Joe for a uniform repairer, then follow the marker to reach the jewelry. Crack the door of the store, we kick it and waits for the cutscene. Follows immediately after Joe and you do not care about your first runner. Joe always stays behind and waits until he opens the doors. Hook the lock to enter. After the arrival of a gang of Ireland, you will be prosecuted by the police. Follow Joe in the library and cover it until he opened the door. Then fit the top of the stairs to reach the roof. When Joe goes to pick the lock, get cover and shoot the police to cover Joe. On the roof, follow Joe to the exit. You will have three phases of fire with police before leaving the roof. Remember to take cover because some police officers will be equipped with shotguns. Back at Joe then to finish the chapter.

Steal a car soon. Struggles with you, does not lock picks, simply smashes the window or dragged a driver from his car. Then you drive carefully in the direction of accommodation. On the way there is a workshop where you can possibly replace the number plates of the car. With a little care and a good eye on the radar, it should be no difficulty in unnoticed to come home. If you have problems here, hereto, just from a phone booth from the police authorities. This stops your flight immediately, but is very expensive.


Chapter 5 – The Buzzsaw

You begin the chapter by having the choice of saving or not the girlfriend of Joe. If you save, you get a trophy. Get close to her and the man who threatened and then play against it with bare hands. Then go to the bar to see Joe and Henry. Take your cue to go to the armory of Harry. Get the MG42 and drive the truck toward the flat 233. Your objective is to kill Sidney Pen said “the big whale.” Eliminate the MG42 with all the guards who are outside, then advance to the distillery. Once you have opened the door, sit down immediately to cover for enemies await your arrival. Clean the entire ground floor to move towards the stairs. Pay attention to the enemy with a shotgun waiting for you on the stairs. Take your chance to enter the room, just next to the stairs to find a playboy magazine. Also eliminate all enemies on the floor to move towards the elevator shaft. Keep straight for the elevator down two enemies you. Then go up the elevator to go upstairs. Do not stand at the gate to avoid enemy fire.

Go through the open door to take them from behind. Do not borrow on the door because an enemy with his gun waiting for you. Eliminate the last enemies to reach the big whale. Next, take the distillery avoiding you burn in flames. You lose your life if you’re too close to them. Drive as fast as possible before time out, heading home to El Greco that Henry receives treatment. After the cutscene you Joe escorted from the building and one floor down you ballert after another. Keep the burning ground out for the brightly lit exit. Come through and have a race against the clock begins: You must end before the time limit to reach the doctor. Just follow the route on the radar. Heading you will meet police, but in the last twisty section of the route, it can be quite shake well. After the cutscene you drive to your sister and then quietly go home.

Chapter 6: Time Well Spent

This mission consists almost entirely of cinematics. You are in prison and you must prove your worth in several series of unarmed combat. In the park, begin to move towards the bottom to meet Leo Galante. In between the obvious follow simple instructions. Your first boxing match in the courtyard you can only lose, then you learn Leo Galante know, your most important contact in jail. He teaches you new fighting moves. You will face Brian O’Neil, the Irish that you met in Chapter 4. Fight it using your buttons to dodge blows and fast and powerful. Then Leo will take you under his tutelage and teaches you how to use the cons in the gym. After your workout, you face two people. The first is flexible and rapid use cons attack and give rapid strokes. The second provides powerful blows. Use as a fighter for the previous attack and the cons of quick shots. Finish it then by catching and executing a final attack.

The next day, you are forced to clean the urinals until the custodian decides that the work is finished and you go take a shower. You fight for gay prisoners to defend yourself. Use as in previous battles against the attack to protect both you and type. If you wait too long, the guards will stop the fight. After seeing Leo, you are sent to occupy you to Brian once and for all. Of all the fighters, he is the one who has more life and more endurance. You will come to end attacks against the mixing and beating fast and powerful. Keep it simple and uses the top cover lock or quick strokes to win the conflict. We hope you enjoy this cinematic episode!

Chapter 7: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza

In this mission you will hardly playfully demanded. My first concerns a new apartment. If you have not already done so, you buy a suit and meet you and your friends with Joe. Go see Joe, for it takes you to your new apartment. Take the Playboy magazines on the dresser located in the penultimate stage, and on the table in your apartment. Then purchase a suit before joining Joe and Eddie. After the transition to a brothel, Eddie and Joe bring home. However, you will learn that there is a corpse in the trunk of Eddie. Follow the marker to reach the place where you bury the corpse. After that, move the other two at Joe’s apartment. The following is a boozy night that ends with a corpse in the trunk as well as a burial at night and fog. A fun mission, you should present no problems.

Chapter 8: The Wild Ones

Joe arrives at your apartment with a truck filled with cartons of cigarettes. Take the truck in different locations indicated by your reference. Serve customers with different cartridges they ask: red, blue or white. You are caught in conflict with slicked destroying your merchandise. Continue the car of one of slicked. However, you will lose sight and you will pass through a phone call to Eddie. Stop So the next telephone to contact Eddie. See you at the bar “Crazy Horse” to join Steve. With your gun, pull the building to be demolished. Then throw with Marty, a molotov cocktail to burn the bar. Then follow towards the smelter to eradicate gang slicked.

Eliminate the first salvo of the enemy while moving in the driveway. Think you shelter and alternate between your guns, rifles and machine guns, as many well-armed enemies await you. Before the second volley enemy, you have the opportunity to regain life by eating or drinking foods that are on the box. Proceed after casting by eliminating the second and third round of enemies. Be careful, some enemies are placed high on the walkways. At the end of casting, fly a hotrod and take it into the harbor, where Derek, to sell. With your money, return Eddie to repay.

Chapter 9: Balls & Beans

You must follow by car Luca, capo Clemente, without spots you. Follow him quietly until you reach the slaughterhouse Clemente. Then go straight to the slaughterhouse to find the sewers. Proceed to the bottom of the sewers to find a ladder. Once you’re on the court, you hide to avoid the guard sees you following the alert dog. Wait until everyone enters the slaughterhouse to start climbing towards the boiler. Move quietly in the boiler room to avoid waking the employee. Remember to take the playboy magazine next to the coal. Move cautiously into the corridor not to be spotted by the men of Luca and employees of the slaughterhouse. Go on a cold and in the great hall where the pigs are slaughtered. Hide yourself and pass along the equipment to get the other side of the room.

Allow employees to leave and care go to the room where Luca. Play an henchman Luca bare hands before saving the hostages. As for the prison, use the dodge and defend yourself against attack and typing at the same time. After rescuing the hostages, you have a first salvo enemy come to you to kill you. Put yourself in cover and kill all the enemies that come into the room. Luca asked for reinforcements to arrive to the court of the slaughterhouse. Get cover and pull it through the windows. Head out again near the front door of the slaughterhouse, because some enemies will come to take you back. Go back to Eddie, and then you’ll change your home or in a clothes shop. You enter now, you and your friend Joe, in the family.

Chapter 10: Room Service

Falcone is that Clemente died a good faith and for all. You’ll have to kill him in the Empire Hotel Bay with a bomb. Drive the car for Joe to get in the car park of the hotel. Go into the entrance on the left to go to the laundromat. Go forward into the room where the uniforms and dress you in the hotel employees to fool guards Clemente. Once the 18th floor, follow the guard to get to the conference room. Avoid being spotted by people who know you as the redhead prostitute, or even Henry Clemente. In the conference room, help Joe prepare the bomb and wipe the stain of blood on the ground. Climb the stairs to get on the roof. Eliminate all guards to reach the basket. As in previous shootings, you have some enemies with guns, rifles and machine guns. Near the car, you can take a Playboy magazine. Attach the employee with the car and get to the conference room.

Take the squeegee and wash the glass to avoid any suspicion with the guards. Once the bomb exploded, continue Clemente was not taken by the bomb. Eliminate all guards on the 18th floor. Many guards are equipped with machine guns, so be careful when taking cover. Then use the elevator to get to the park. Kill the guard waiting for you at the elevator, and enter the room in front of you finding a Playboy magazine. Remove first the enemy equipped with shotguns on the walkways height to avoid incurring major damage. Then, get straight to cover before entering the second room that leads to the parking lot. Other enemies are also waiting on the ground and on the catwalks high. Then continue by car Clemente, staying close to the black car.

Leave Joe eliminates the guard and make sure it touches Clemente with his weapon. Go get Joe in the bar afterwards “Lone Star”. But Joe accidentally kills the bartender. Pull the carcass to the car in the yard. Escape to the police before bringing Joe home. Once you have deposited Joe, take the car in case of Bruska to destroy it in the grinder.

Chapter 11: A very dear friend

Henry will be waiting outside your apartment to ask for work with the Falcone family. Get into the car of Henry and take him with Eddie. To join the family, Henry will have to kill Leo Galante. Leaving the bar, fly a car and drive as fast as possible before time runs toward the house of Leo. Avoid attracting the attention of the police to avoid wasting time. You arrived on time, but you have no time to escape. Try to hide in a corner even if you will be taken by Henry. Once in the clear, take the car to drive Leo at the station. When you get home, your sister is waiting for you at the door to talk about her husband. Follow the marker to get to the apartment of Eric. Enter the apartment and talk to Eric who plays with a woman in the kitchen. Give a good correction to Eric before returning home. You are attacked by the Irish will burn your house.

Go through the bathroom to jump out the window. An Irish welcome awaits you right next to you. Attack him to take his gun, and then remove the rest of the group. Avoid staying in one place not to be surrounded by your enemies. Steal a car and go to Joe. At Joe, get the Playboy bedside, and put the shirt Joe for dressing. Then go towards the Irish bar “Hill of Tara. Eliminate all Irish bars. Go through the door saloon to find a Playboy magazine. Go through the emergency door to find the leader. Continue to eliminate it. If you come to kill him, you unlock a trophy. After this hard day you get a new apartment to sleep: that of Marty.

Chapter 12 – The Ambush

Go join Henry. It has a plan to make fast money to provide the drug in China and sell it. Go see Bruno creditor to obtain money. Go then in the warehouse “Sea Gift” and follow the guard to meet Wong. After the case concluded, you will have an ambush by men of Falcone. Go upstairs to enter the warehouse. In the hall leading to the warehouse, you will find a Playboy magazine on the floor. In the warehouse, go down quickly on the ground floor while avoiding enemy fire. Eliminate the first henchmen in the warehouse. Kill then reinforcements arriving by car in the yard. Once all enemies are killed, steal a car, escape from the police, and visit the site indicates your cue to start your business.

On the way back it rated in an ambush. You know the drill: Addiction cover, fires, looking specifically at the mini map, where to hide other opponents. Your way is via the stairs in the warehouse right, where violent resistance is waiting. Moreover, there are mainly boards as cover. And that can be shot to pieces. Choose, then the positions that are protected by boxes a little better. Once you have until you fought on the patio, you grab one of the black cars and break through the gate. You will loose your persecutors going full throttle. Then you just need your goods to be delivered to the target point and the mission ends with a fun little montage.

Chapter 13: In the mouth of the dragon

Go to the park to join Henry. However you attend to his death by the Chinese. Eliminate the murderers and follow the car for Wong discreetly knows the location of its benchmark. Before entering the restaurant, you can go to the armory to equip you Harry. In the restaurant, eliminate all enemies on the ground floor and upstairs. During your advanced, many enemies will appear in the floor near the stairs. Proceed cautiously to go in the kitchen. More enemies await you in this new room: move still cautiously to avoid losing too much life. Be careful not to stay in front of the door leading to the court: an enemy will shoot through the door.

In the shelter, eliminate all enemies before you and height before entering the court. Then follow Joe into the room where there are drug addicts. Before entering the elevator, you will find a Playboy magazine in one room. In the hall of opium production, move quietly to surprise the guards. If you have alerted the manufacturers, who also have firearms, you have a small room armory found molotov cocktails, grenades and weapons (and a Playboy magazine). Once all the Chinese killed, see Wong. After his death, steal a car to escape police. Finally, finish the chapter when you get home.

Chapter 14: Elevator to the Scaffold

You begin the chapter by eliminating a former mafia who helped the FBI. After his death, escape from federal and drop Joe to place your mark indicates. As you’re still looking, think about changing clothes and steal a new car to lower the wanted level. Then roll to the port to join Derek. Follow Derek to settle a case with the dockers. However you will learn a horrible truth from Dockers. You must now kill Steve and Derek. Eliminate all men of Derek and Steve, on the quay. Once Steve and the other guards are dead, enter the warehouse. Get straight to cover to avoid the firebombs Derek. Change shelter from time to time to avoid the flames. Start by killing the guards on the ground running toward you. Then remove the two guards on the floor before mounting.

Climbing the stairs, you could have two guards who are waiting in the office of Derek. When you’re a little closer to Derek, he may prefer to kill you with machine guns. After Derek died, enter his office to collect the money. Sell cars Bruska or steal the money in the shops (the armories bring in more money than other stores) to get the $ 27,500 to the creditor Bruno. Then go to Joe, then go see Eddie, and finally go to the restaurant Da Vinci. At the top of a building under construction with Joe, quietly remove the guards before descending the stairs. Eliminate the guards on the lower floor and go to the next stairs to descend.

Descend carefully because some guards are waiting in the stairs. At the end of the stairs, a wall of flames blocking your passage requiring you to go through the hole in front of you (a Playboy magazine is on the ground at the time). Before passing through the hole, remove the new guards who are waiting on the other side. You will find some grenades on a crate to make your cleaning easier. Then down to the last room where the exit of the building. Many enemies await you both upstairs and downstairs of the hall, all armed with guns and machine guns. Put yourself in the shelter and eliminate all the guards before leaving. Take a car and take Joe at El Greco to cure. Then go back to see Bruno, the creditor to pay off your debt.


Chapter 15: Per Aspera Ad Astra, The Finale

You start a conversation with Leo and Wu in which you are proposing an offer: join the family and kill Vinci Carlo Falcone. After that, drive to the observatory where Falcone awaits. Start by killing all the guards that go down the stairs towards you. Once they are all dead, climb and walk in the hallway. Other enemies await you. Get away and shoot when they come to you. In the first room, eliminate the guard who throw grenades as well as that on the roof. When you approach the stairs, do not install immediately because the guards will throw a grenade and them go down to you. Then remove all the guards on the roof to move towards the room where the telescope. Before entering the telescope room, you will find a Playboy magazine in a corner of the roof near the door leading to the telescope. In the new room, a guard is up to you.

Then go carefully because the rest of the guard is ready to shoot. Preferably, stay on the stairs before entering the corridor, as you do not eliminate all the guards. Then kill many guards coming into the circular space. Many of them have shotguns and machine guns. Finally, kill the remaining guards who block access to the planetarium. Joe will help you fight the latest guards Falcone in the planetarium. The location of the control panel is a good place to hide. You can, with Joe, kill the enemies easily reach to you. Once all the guards removed, he’ll just kill Falcone. You do not need to leave your hideout. Shoot him when he is visible. After his death, enjoy the latest cinematic and the end of the game. Congratulations, you managed Mafia 2!


Conclusion :


At least the different versions, no problem. PS2 and Xbox versions of Mafia were not sincere games created with the same flair for detail as the PC version, and it could be felt. Here in 2K’s presentation rooms in Windsor, I have the opportunity to see one of the developers play a bit of Mafia II, and it strikes me immediately that the evolution of the console is running in parallel with the PC version. As for a Wii version, I would recommend keeping an eye on Mafia Kart (I used half of my journey to find the joke), where you form a trio with Birdo and Dennis Farina.  

Mafia II held the first game’s delicate balance between running and shooting, between history and the optional missions. The difference is this time that the sandbox has been openly nicer painted, despite the demonstration of the game itself is not really desirable long. But I bite into the smallest label in the surroundings are changed. The city of Lost Heaven has been replaced by Empire Bay, a fictional city on the U.S. east coast and inspired by New York. Meanwhile, the time period now fast forward to the 1940s and 50s, and it means firstly faster and improved mechanical cars, more sophisticated weapons and plenty of unbridled women who nimbly off the streets. History is also once again (thankfully!). We follow Vito scaletti who have come home from World War II and now in a hurry to get a foot in the door of the criminal underworld.

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  1. well, i need help on the end of chapter 14 when ur lookin for joe, and you goto the mona lisa resturant..well the door flashes like normal( place to go) but after i try to open the door nothin happens, the door wont open for some reason…any ideas? would be greatly appreciated. thx 🙂

  2. Guys, I am on Chapter 5 and I cant find the button to take the injured Mafia alongwith us

    Whats the button which can open the escalator door?

  3. In chapter 11 “You arrived on time, but you have no time to escape.”
    That’s not true, you can escape if you take the sheets and use it to drop from the balcony.

  4. You shouldn’t press any buttons, just head down the stairs and futher to the exit; more enemies will attack and your companions will follow you only when they are dead. Basically, they wait until you secure the area.

  5. I was expecting more from this game. I am not pleased I’m really pissed off that I spend $52.89 to have a game that I beat in 6 hours. I waited 2 years for this game and it’s a piece of shit. I loved the game play. I like longer games if you’re looking for a longer game don’t buy this. If you really want to play it I say, “rent”. It’s not worth the money. I also wish I did the Target deal where if you buy the game you get a free controller for the PS3. I am selling this game asap. I really was looking for more from the game producers for waiting two years. I read about it in GameInformer and GamePro and was really looking forward to it. But like I said, i am VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Also hated the ending. Fucking bullshit….

  6. Hi,

    It’s a game bug…There’s no fix for it yet. You need to restart chapter 14, and after killing Derek delivery cars to Bruski instead of robbing shops. If you earn cash by delivering the cars only game will let you to level 15. It sounds weird but you may go for a confirmation to official game website.



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