Dante’s Inferno Walkthrough, Tips and Codes

In early 2010, it is a genre that was definitely on a roll. Following
on from a God of War, Dante’s Inferno does not hide his close
relationship with the series of Sony. Building on the same type of
gameplay and a structure more or less similar, the baby of Visceral
Games emancipated some of its model a universe far more unhealthy than
the upper reaches of Mount Olympus. Spectacular, effective and rather
easy to design since God of War has shown the way, the beat’em all 3D
is a recipe that works. Not surprising to see Electronic Arts into the
breach because of a beat in its major portfolio. A limit of sacrilege
and two fingers to trigger the wrath of God, Dante’s Inferno is an
adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s poem entitled "The Divine Comedy" in
which the character runs through the epic nine circles of Hell to save
the soul of his beloved Beatrice. A journey that will not only: go to

Dante’s Inferno is an epic third person action adventure game based on
part one of Dante Alighieri’s classic poem, “The Divine Comedy.” You
will play as Dante as he descends into the nine circles of Hell,
fighting through a gauntlet of unimaginable evils as you try to take
back the soul of your beloved Beatrice. It will bring players into the
Western view the most emblematic of the beyond, created in the
thirteenth century by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the early
part of his classic epic The Divine Comedy. Dante’s Inferno is a story
adapted with the aim to deliver a gaming experience of action in the
third person to show great while making the vision of Dante’s Inferno
video games. Players take the role of Dante plunging into Hell to find
Beatrice, his beloved murdered with Lucifer seduces the soul to drag
into the abyss. Beatrice Dante wants to save but he quickly realizes he
must confront his own demons in hell, for his own redemption. To begin
with Dante’s Inferno, you do not pay royalties or worry about Dante
Alighieri sends his lawyers to complain that you’ve distorted his work.

Inspired by the real Dante Alighieri, but adapted for a new generation
and a new medium, the hero of the game is a soldier who defies death
and fights for love against impossible odds. The Italian mercenary
Dante returns home from the wars to find that his beloved Beatrice has
been murdered, and her soul pulled down into Hell by a dark force. He
gives chase, and vows to get her back. For weapons, he wields Death’s
soul-reaping scythe, and commands holy powers of the cross, given to
him by Beatrice. In the game, Dante goes on a spectacular journey
through the afterlife to save his beloved Beatrice from the clutches of
evil. But what starts out as a rescue mission quickly changes into a
redemption story, where Dante must confront his own dark past and the
sins he carries with him into Hell. He faces the epic inhospitable
terrain of the underworld, huge monsters and guardians, sinister
demons, the people and sins of his past, and the ultimate traitor.



You who enter into these places, forget everything, or almost, that you
know of The Divine Comedy. Indeed, although the journey of Dante is
still driven by the search of his loving wife died and Virgil guides us
as our descent, the rest is more like a fantasy than a desire to stick
closely to the poem Dante Alighieri. Is this bad? Way in the sense that
the aim here is to use a database to give an action game, a fabulous
background. On this point, the result is indeed very convincing, thanks
to the artist Wayne Barlowe had offered his talents to several hellish
creatures. Indeed, if the artistic aspect is uneven, both in modeling
characters and environments color choices too homogeneous, we take
pleasure in discovering this Pandemonium of pixels passing through the
hands of more developers having little to prove. But precisely the
reverse of the coin is the fact that we would have liked to see Dante’s
Inferno of the Dead Space beat’em all, it is not final.


Armed with his scythe and the Cross of his beloved, Dante has to face
the worst monstrosities. Fortunately he has behind him a player to
thumbs sharpened, ready to handle an unhappy that she will experience
the same hell. Nevertheless, there are also risks. You can not use most
of the essential elements of action games / adventures as the most
popular weapons, cars, aliens, zombies, the companion of humor equipped
with mud and heroines women with buttocks like two basketballs in
pillowcases. You are limited in the type of enemies you can create and
environments they can live. Furthermore, as is the case with any game
taking place in Hell, you are likely to end up resorting to a high
level with lava. It is true that you type does not embody a muscular,
dressed in a loincloth with two huge swords and waving red tattoos. You
play a type of muscular chains in armor with a sword and a suit
decorated with a red cross. This is not the same. You can jump and
pressing other buttons to perform in front of light and heavy attacks.
There are various combos to learn and others to develop gradually as
the game progresses, as well as magic attacks. The levels consist
mainly mincemeat servants of Hell, but they are punctuated with
scripted sequences, simple puzzles, battle bosses and the QTE.

Two types of strokes, vertical and horizontal combos ground and air
with the last move is underlined by a slow motion effect, executions as
QTE against bosses and semi-boss, a staging of these very similar, kind
to that of GOW, assigned in a sidestep right stick, in short the total.
It is not a fault but the descent is shocking enough to deserve to be
mentioned. However, Dante’s Inferno is not a repetition of God Of War
and conspicuous by its visual power and originality of his universe.
Lovers of mythology and infernal angels are discovering the
environments and the bestiary as Visceral Games. Stricken territory
where shade and combine fire, hell is here a grand scale. Constantly
swept by wind and the thunder shook the world below is a troubled place
and, somehow, sticks fairly well to the imagery developed by Dante in
his Divine Comedy. The darkness that emerges from Lucifer’s kingdom is
so far from the great antiquity of God Of War and gives his entire
identity to Dante’s Inferno. The bestiary also looks very inspired with
tortured creatures inspired by the religious imagination. Creatures
half-man half-goat, other information and weeping, and the judges of
the nine circles, which Minos is the first to have been unveiled. A
gigantic boss Closing the demo.

The most annoying in Dante’s Inferno comes not because of its
influences "God of Waresques" even though they are used here to
highlight clashes nervous using but not abusing QTY. No, the major
problem is that the title of Visceral Games shows a relatively flat
route from beginning to end. Of course, fighting Dante is no shortage
of bosses are there, the combo still raining but the progress bar is
often a lack of ambition too often opting for similar game mechanics.
Worse, in the final straight, the developers have opted for a series of
10 arenas, synonyms of challenges, not arriving at any time to hide a
huge lack of creativity and cutting sharply with the rest of the way
more generous in terms of level – design. In sum, the workings of
Dante’s Inferno are perfectly oiled, too, perhaps. Far from reaching
the mastery of a God of War: Divine Retribution, the baby did not
include Visceral least very good ideas. The first one concerns the
evolution of Dante.

If at first glance, the system is hardly original, it was the fluidity
with which they choose to complete the tree techniques that brings
satisfaction. In fact, it will be a first time to prune a little enemy
ranks to collect souls who will serve as currency. Then, through the
inventory menu, you can choose your movements or sacred nature wicked.
This guidance will result also another important point we shall return
later. In this case, the sacredness is tied to the Holy Cross to a
shooting range while the wicked way you offer various movements related
to your wrong. In all cases, depending on your preference, you will
quickly opt for one or the other even for a balanced development to
diversify your methods of struggle. In addition to the purchase of
technology, this guidance will be directly coupled to the port of
relics that you will find in prior levels.

Dante’s Inferno stands in the way of his model on two points: the Cross
of Beatrice, in the hands of Dante, acts of projectile accessible at
any time, as the guns of the other Dante, but even more effective.
Ideal for approaching and weaken the enemy before administering a large
scythe between the nostrils. The skill tree is the other main
contribution on God of War, with a little machine tucked well to
acquire new capabilities. When Dante is about to finish his enemy, the
interface it offers to execute or to acquit him; following the choice
of player, which can lead to killing more or less complex, one of two
gauges, or Unholy Sacred increases to some degree. The purchase of new
capacity does not depend only on the number of orbits which Dante has,
but also "barriers" of Sacred or Unholy it has blown up, level after
level. As usual with this kind of system, the player may opt for
permanent capacity (bonuses of life, magic) of boost (for spells) or a
variety of web longer and more powerful, provided d ‘ have the required
level, and / or be released prior skills for those who are linked.
Fortunately, many lost souls are scattered in different circles,
waiting to be expiated, or damned, a good amount of bonus points which
helps to account. In the case of an acquittal, a mini-game to the
Gitaroo-Man comes even to trigger history to test his reflexes a little
rusty, it is nevertheless possible to automate the midterm. Nor should
we forget to mention the relics that can customize his Dante and to
gently move his power and skills, with a rise again in the experiment
to improve the effectiveness of talismans.

This intensity, subjective feelings above all, may well determine the
value of a game in the eyes of its owner. In this case, the atmosphere
is coupled to level-design that leaves no respite to the player. The
soundtrack, composed by Garry Schyman (among other awards for his work
on BioShock), is an incredible quality and perfectly translates the
tables encountered by Dante. Rare are the times and where silence
reigns and where the means twice the same song. A true symphony
orchestra serving player, who finds himself absorbed as he explores the
underworld. The latter has also rarely been as "good" results in
pictures: his crazy and unhealthy atmosphere, coupled with everything
that is most cruel and visceral, takes you by the guts and gives a
reflection of what the imagination of developers can produce more
crude. Rows of bodies acting scale, anus wall of flame throwers, walls
of henchmen who howl their suffering, all of which give a cruelly just
what could be our own representation of hell. Also sets specific to
each circle, who deserve the ultimate reward: to successfully bring the
player into a horrible place where madness seems to have altered every
square inch.

The poet Virgil is here to guide you in this expedition and it uses the
same technology that Princess Leia to appear as a hologram flickering
blue. It occurs at regular intervals to make a summary statement of the
situation and, if you want to know more about what happens, press R1
encouraged to develop their explanations. Declarations of Virgil are
sententious enough to give the impression of having been written in the
fourteenth century. This is the case, the text’s dialogue was taken
directly from the title poem. Unfortunately, this is not the case the
rest of the script. It is full of cliches and colloquialisms, and most
soundtracks are so cheesy that even accurate replicas seem mediocre.
Consider the opening scene of the game where you must fight Death
himself. It’s less exciting than it seems, in part because death
struggle with the speed and power of a sleeping kitten, but also
because it replicates the balance as "how dare you defy me mortal?
"with an American accent.

The guidance will be directly coupled to the port of relics that you
will find in prior levels. This paper will look to absolve or punish
your enemies and the damned you meet at regular intervals. Note that if
you choose absolution, then you will enjoy a mini-game from friendly at
the first meeting in fatally heavy after the tenth discharge. Anyway,
you can then bring some relics bringing you various bonuses as dodging
easier, a bigger gain experience, more damage, etc.. Yet, as I said
before, all these tricks fail to make the Dante’s Inferno a "must
have". Do we ever offering sequences anthology, too busy to connect
each of the circles through phases of platforms fortifying it appears
finally meets the game but no specific recollection of the adventure.
And this is the greatest flaw of the game that shows little ambitious
but who, outside his world, no real personality. Too bad because it was
not for lack of trying.

The boss will pair with the environments, just as huge and unhealthy.
Lust: a woman the size of an ogre – whose breasts spit infants with
blades instead of arms – and the worm Cerberus with three heads, are a
foretaste of the bestiary that includes the underworld . The
traditional demons, creatures with two faces – that will give you dizzy
– and other derivatives of the Minotaur (sometimes huge and
controllable) provide the rest of the show. Do not be surprised to also
discover tempting, necessary to eliminate their legs to let a giant
tentacle, rather murderer. The characters are not playable on them for
almost all drawn from mythology, and some familiar names like Pontius
Pilate or Orpheus enhance immersion. The fact is that the weapons in
your possession are not all the means you have to face the underworld.
In practice, a good shot of False positioned with a wave of divine
light sent by the Holy Cross are effective against early entrants and
allow you to retrieve their souls. The latter serve as bargaining chips
against improvements and new capabilities, divided themselves into two
categories: Holy and Unholy. Before sending ad patres an enemy, you can
enter it and choose to absolve using your cross, or else to punish with
your False. Depending on your decision you get the type of match
points. Collecting points helps you gain levels in the category of your
weapon (Sacred to the Holy Cross and Unholy for False), then buy those
upgrades with your souls.

As you prepare to finally nailed him the mouthpiece, she confirms that
she is a real wimp in pleading "no, expects – grace! "We did not feel
so overcome the terrifying specter of a sinister death of the wicked
Sheriff, made me afraid. However, the bosses become much more difficult
to overcome gradually as the game progresses, but not by much, and
their replies are not improving. Some levels after the episode of
Death, you end up fighting a giant blue woman. While in a game of
action / adventure classic you may find yourself climbing the walls
covered with vines, here you climb on trellises bone behind which lost
souls weep and lament. There are a lot of weeping and wailing
throughout Dante’s Inferno, not to mention the regular chorus of
screams drama. The gothic visuals, animations macabre death and the
sound effects stressors combine to create an appropriately cheerful
decor as a triptych by Hieronymus Bosch.Repetition is really heavy over
the last few levels. The last circle is simply a series of arenas in
which you face a series of challenges boring – beat all enemies, beat
all enemies without resorting to magic, beat all the enemies except
this time they are more, etc.. The arenas are all alike and all enemies
have been seen in previous levels. You might think it’s a workout for
the last circle epic hardcore – but without wanting to spoil the fun,
there you may be disappointed.

Finally, you can customize the skills of Dante depending on how you
play, while unlocking new abilities using relics. Again, two types of
relics (the same), that give you such a recovery – health or magic –
each successful attack damage increased or a higher probability of
avoiding a coup. The NPC stated above are also a good way to increase
its capital "souls," since you are asked to decide their fate: To
punish or absolve. Generally, absolve unlocks a host of souls more
important than punishment, which is obtained after passing a mini-game
in which the sins committed by the historical figure advance to the
four symbols of a cross each representing a touch of the throttle. By
pressing the right tempo button corresponding multiplier is activated
and will reward the more souls. A bit repetitive in the long run, this
mini-game is actually a way to vary the gameplay, which unfortunately
suffers from a lack of ambition. This false impression that evolution
is obvious during play, while we realize that at no time increases the
difficulty (so that we could force them to use new combinations), but
it simply the number of enemies multiplied. Started in difficulty
fanatic should not say so to ask you any trouble, so I suggest you go
through the path once more increased your first game. The phases of
combat are broken by the platform pure and simple: you climb walls,
move large objects and solve mini-puzzles to reach the following levels.

Same techniques of battle, even gigantism in the clashes, the same
combos ultra violent, even System QTE and same finish-moves, the
similarity field between Dante and Kratos is quite disturbing. Thus,
developers have thought of steps to integrate back colossi. Problem,
they prove uninteresting since focused mainly on a massive elimination
of enemies. Reacting to these few assets, Dante’s Inferno guarantees
the minimum union issue fun. It is certainly not the beat of the
century, or even one month, taking up only enough to see anything but a
clone in HD from God of War II, in which less is more varied. However,
the game does not lack punch combos knowing that out very easily with a
simple coupling of action buttons and slice, it is easy to balance the
use of magic or some kind of fury and Ergonomics is generally thought.
But here, the sauce does not really and there was barely time to say
ouf that all ended after 7 hours of play remains a Survival Mode to
unlock but in no case does it to Dante’s Inferno real potential of

There remains the feeling of change during eight hours in a veritable
hell, a difficulty that can change at any time if there is to block –
the game is far from insurmountable fanatic – and good ideas to scratch
here and there. Nothing exceptional, especially for those who have
approached God of War once in their life. This is unfortunately not the
sort of Survivor mode that unlocks it at the end of the game, nor the
possibility to start with your skill level at the end you will remember
longer. Please understand that a first additional content will be
online within a few days. The Martyrdom of Saint Lucia will propose
including a cooperative mode and a level editor, which hopefully will
live up to our expectations. For far from being a bad game, Dante’s
Inferno would have probably needed a little more content to touch

GamePlay Features:

Scythe Combat:

  • To
    vanquish your foes on your journey through Hell, you must learn to
    wield Death’s scythe with precision and deadly force. Mix light attacks
    with heavy attacks to create combos, then incorporate jumps and grabs
    to add another layer to your combat. With dodging and Holy Cross moves
    thrown into the mix, you can truly become a force to be reckoned with.
    Without using all of your combative skills and techniques, there is no
    hope of ever reaching Beatrice.

Holy Powers:

  • During
    your journey, you may collect magic abilities for use against the
    legions of Hell. When you perform the Righteous Path power you make a
    dash attack and leave a trail of icy shards in your wake. With
    Martyrdom you sacrifice health and manna to deal a heavy amount of
    damage to surrounding enemies. Divine Armor regenerates your health and
    protects you from damage. Add these and other powers to your arsenal to
    vanquish all who stand in your way.

Creature Taming:

  • With
    the power of Death’s scythe, you are able to mount the beasts of Hell
    and use them against your enemies. All of this, however, requires
    ridding the beast of its current rider first. If successful, you will
    become the beast’s new master. Now use its awesome power to pulverize
    enemies and complete tasks that require a beast’s strength.

Nine Circles of Hell:

  • With
    the power of Death’s scythe, you are able to mount the beasts of Hell
    and use them against your enemies. All of this, however, requires
    ridding the beast of its current rider first. If successful, you will
    become the beast’s new master. Now use its awesome power to pulverize
    enemies and complete tasks that require a beast’s strength.

Dante’s Inferno Gameplay Tips and Codes:

  • Carnage Acre (5) : Fight against the prisoner in Acre.
  • Abandon all hope (15) : Pass the gates of Hell.
  • Judging the Judge (25) : Defeat King Minos.
  • Lovers torn (25) : Defeat Marc Anthony.
  • The large worm (25) : Defeat Cerberus.
  • Like father like son (25) : Defeat Alighiero.
  • Doors Dite (35) : Enter the deepest circles of Hell.
  • The Ripping (35) : Flee the Heretics.
  • Brotherhood (40) : Defeat Francesco.
  • Bittersweet (50) : Save Beatrice.
  • The opponent of Lucifer (100) : Defeat the Emperor from the dead.
  • Precious (10) : Find a stone to Beatrice.
  • The power of the Cross (20) : Find the three stones of Beatrice.
  • In the footsteps of the traitor (10) : Find 10 pieces of silver.
  • Betrayed with a kiss (10) : Find 20 pieces of silver.
  • Well done, Judas (20) : Find the 30 pieces of silver.
  • Hunter relics (10) : Find a relic.
  • Divine Relics (20) : Find all the sacred relics.
  • Relics obscure (20) : Find all impious relics.
  • Forbidden love (20) : Find and absolve Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta.
  • Old Friend (20) : Find and absolve Brunetto Latini.
  • The damned (50) : Punish or absolve the 27 shades of hell.
  • The guide (40) : Find all screed of Virgil.
  • Reaper of Souls (50) : Collect 60 000.
  • Burning eyes (10) : Return Charon into the abyss.
  • Warm (10) : Chain up 50 strokes.
  • Minor masterpiece (10) : Chaining 200 strokes.
  • Spring poets (20) : Chain up 666 shots.
  • Sacred Warrior (10) : Kill 30 servants.
  • Slaying demons (10) : Kill 30 demons.
  • Poor nurse (10) : Kill 20 children without baptism.
  • Indigestion (10) : Kill 5 Gourmet.
  • Confessional (10) : Kill 5 Heretics.
  • Expertise-cons (10) : Kill 20 enemies using a movement of cons.
  • Superstition (10) : Kill 20 enemies using magic.
  • Give me strength (10) : Open 20 fountains of Health.
  • Sorcerer’s Apprentice (10) : Open 20 fountains of power.
  • A Light in the Darkness (30) : Reach Level Sacred 7.
  • Apprentice of Death (30) : Reach level impious 7.
  • Man of God (30) : Follow the Sacred Way to the maximum.
  • Diabolique (30) : Follow the path up to ungodly.
  • Gates of Hell (60) : Push all the waves in the Arena Gates of Hell.


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