MX vs. ATV Reflex – Xbox 360 Walkthrough And Cheats

THQ has benefited from its pre-E3 event to unveil MX Vs ATV SLR, the
new episode of the series returns to burn bitumen two years after the
release of MX vs. ATV Untamed. Forever popular with audiences Offroad
worshiper of the MX vs. ATV series aims to be achieved in this final
opus called "Reflex". To do so, THQ has decided to gameplay that
inspires many innovative means of existing mechanisms, to provide a
dose of freshness to the genre without disorienting the customary walks
off the track.The name is felt because the reflexes it takes to master
this episode more demanding than usual. comprehensive content, the new
installment in the series based on new ideas of gameplay. In fact, to
break the monotony of certain races and somewhere to destroy almost the
importance of random factors, the developers wanted to give us control
over our driver and horse. At least, on the motorcycle because it must
be noted that the new gameplay only concern the two-wheeler, which is
downright harmful.

To add more realism to the behavior, developers have had the good sense
to provide a control system with two sticks. A first in a game like
that. A unique grip which is characterized as follows: the stick left
is to turn the handlebars, while the right stick allows you to examine
the pilot’s body in the desired direction. What make driving much more
precise trajectories with significantly less fantastic than before. And
if this system seems confusing at first sessions, it is ultimately
effective in the races especially when it comes to glean a few seconds
to his rivals. As its name suggests, the new game from THQ requires a
good dose of reflexes. Upon receipt of a jump, the player imbalance has
now a second chance to make up for not finishing in the background. A
rescue operation that requires dexterity to juggle with sticks. The
control system seems to be improved compared to the previous version of
the game because the press tells us that can affect weight and body
position of the driver to better steer the vehicle.


This is a game that may leave a trace. For the first time in the series
MX vs. ATV, race cars extreme field mark their mark. Literally. The
weight of vehicles physically deforms the tracks. This might seem
anecdotal, but it has its importance in the little world of all-terrain
where a little bump-mapping is generally the case. Here, depending on
the terrain, the path widens more or less, and it’s pretty great to
see. Physics is not yet fully developed (the pilot dig holes a foot by
asking just one foot on the ground), but it at least has the merit to
exist. A real problem which is obvious from the first moments of play
since the interface provides a tutorial immediately dedicated to
motorcycles but not his classmates to four wheels. A fairly clear
evidence of lack of ideas that has hit the small guy from THQ for the
handling of medium and heavy weight. So, the interest revolves
primarily if not exclusively around the motorcycles whose mechanisms of
"reflex" and "collision" bring more. Undeniable? Not so sure.

The topography and textural changes should this time actually influence
the conduct of the pilot. Passing a snowy environment to a more smooth,
the machine should, in principle, behave differently. An element again
difficult to verify in this pre-release. However, we noted an increased
level of detail with a land much more unstructured than in the previous
episode. Rainbow Studios goes even further by venturing into the field
slippery ground deformation in real time please . In the idea, the
tracks are supposed to affect the race in deforming parts of the
environment. An empty track should quickly become muddy and hilly
terrain. The goal is to provide a constant and dynamic renewal of the
race. But both say that the time of this writing, the impact of that
distortion is extremely limited.

However, if the feature "leave your mark" is selling his involvement in
the game is essentially cosmetic. Traces remain of a lap to another,
but they do not change the behavior so far. Or, should the player
really fun to dig a big wallow in slip like crazy several times to the
same place. That yes, the deformation becomes a real obstacle. But in
most cases, can choose their paths without really consider. Having said
this, one wonders if the time spent on this aspect of the game has
really been well spent. There may be other things to review. Visually,
the title remains at its 2008 level, which itself is already closer to
what was done in 2006. Moreover, very good feeling of speed can not
forget the unpredictable behavior of vehicles. They seem very light to
fly into the air a little too easily. In short, there are defects that
the appearance of "rays plow" through the mud does not erase.

The principle is simple but one had to think: to further involve the
right analog stick in the grip of the game by the player. The idea is
not new because many games are already on bikes that stick to influence
the weight of the pilot, the slope backwards or forwards of his bike.
MX Vs ATV SLR incorporates this logic in pushing the frenzy a little
bit further. Thus, depending on the turns, the player can choose to
either simply turn the classic motorcycle with the left stick, or
simply ask the driver to focus more with the right stick. Using this
second technique, the bike will turn over to the rope and he will also
no longer necessary to provide a brake to keep the best path. The other
function of the right analog stick is what we call here the
"collision". To be frank, this second subtlety has published more
legitimate and certainly more original than the first, which is
ultimately a fool to follow a mechanism as old as Herod. Here he comes
to avoid the collapse of your foal, often a victim of violent behavior
of the AI completely unhinged. If the driver starts to lose balance,
whether on one side, forward or backward from his motorcycle, a QTE you
indicate in which direction to push the stick to restore the original
position and thus avoid a ridiculous Crusting. For it is clear that the
physical drivers like the puppets disjointed.

Pure, MX vs. ATV plunges again the highlight of the simulation with a
new control system SLR that gives its name to this episode. Now, the
player controls both the handlebars of the vehicle with the joystick
left analogue, and the pilot’s position with the stick right. As in
real life, so be aware of the weight transfer during cornering, left,
right, forward or back and not just during breaks. Basically, it
amounts to direct his shooting star with two sticks in parallel,
instead of one. Ideally, a good player should be able to titrate the
pressure exerted by each thumb while holding the throttle on the right
trigger, but it is far from clear, joystick in hand. The Reflex also
helps reduce falls in the chaotic terrain. When the pilot receives
unbalanced, a green arrow appears and the player has a few fractions of
a second to guide the stick right in the direction required.

If it does not fundamentally change the gameplay, except to make the
game more difficult of access, the new control system has the merit of
giving back to all-terrain vehicle behavior "player" they lacked in the
previous episode . Management gains in responsiveness and accuracy, but
can achieve pretty slippages and half-fast laps building on foot. Note
that the system has been reviewed tricks, too. It works by entering
directions with the joystick right, definitely missed in this opus.
Ultimately, this new SLR system is not revolutionary, but after several
hours of practice, the two control sticks becomes natural and it is
very disappointed not to find it on the big four-wheelers, logically
less sensitive transfer of weight from the pilot.

Buggies (ORV) and Pick-ups (Sport Trucks) sign a discreet return in
this sequel, while mini-motorbikes have disappeared from the grid for
the benefit of UTV, a sort of hybrid between the buggy and quad with
hoops. Much less cool to drive the light vehicles and do not have the
same range of figures, the big "four wheels" are mostly troublemakers
Omnicross in races where all vehicles are assembled. We must however
learn to tame since a game mode Circuit Extreme them devoted
exclusively among the seven available. Outdoor Motocross, racing to
checkpoints, Indoor Supercross, Free ride to the FUEL but smaller
version: the classics are there, divided quarantine on a big journey.
Between snow, sand and mud holes, the tracks are more tortuous and
better built than in the past, particularly with large climbs and
descents not easy to negotiate.

Shortly, all that shopping thus suffer side kamikaze AI, composed of
clones of Pierre Richard in Grand Blond. To enliven the tests, the
developers wanted the opponents to conduct random, in the idea of
MotorStorm. Unfortunately, too wallowing without reason, to draw too
straight in turns yet simple to negotiate, they discredit themselves.
Moreover, we do not really feel the other "super feature" of the game,
namely the deformation field over the passages of each competitor. We
had good test reactions of each car following the traces remaining in
the sodden earth often different tracks, it would be strange to claim
that they are changing anything in the conduct of races. The effort is
significant and visible but its influence on the game itself is low or
nonexistent. Too bad. Too bad also that they make every one around
pataques tricks, whose usefulness is still unproven. Good thing these
figures are generally simple to execute since it suffices to maintain a
key portion while pushing the right stick in any direction you want to
make a nice aerial somersault. There are 36 total in MX Vs ATV Reflex
plenty to show off!

We relied heavily on the Career mode of the game from THQ for
passionate players of long hours but again, we stay our hunger. Very
classic, probably too much, it requires you to first go through the
traditional step of customizing your driver’s name to his number
through the colors of his suit. It is also then possible to buy all
kinds of accessories with the money earned in races: helmets, boots,
masks, neck protector, Rockfall, all this to give the driver a look
that is her own . But the key is to invest primarily in bikes more and
more complete, to resist AI whose level increases over the events
released. They account for nearly a score a total of 80 races. Content
honorable career at least, because the modes are annexes to ghosts.
Solo career after the curly, you will just have you rolling your thumbs
or attempt to perform all the trophies / success of the game since the
arcade mode does nothing fabulous.

Side modes of play, we particularly note the eternal Supercross, very
technical track with its dented know them gloves. Small disappointment,
however: the Career mode, in the heart of the game solo, was
significantly reduced. Some game modes have simply disappeared, as
various customization options. There will also be disappointed with the
free ride, a real torture both goals seem impossible sometimes, just
there to boost free life. There remains the Online servers, capable of
accommodating up to 12 players simultaneously, an opportunity for you
to compare humans with reactions … humans. Exit the Supermoto and the
Enduro’s previous opus Untamed. Freestyle mode is extremely popular
among acrobats, also provided a nasty surprise.

Additionally, developers have to go deeper and deeper into the content:
Mini-bike, ATV, MX, MX Lite, etc. … MX Vs ATV Reflex has of course
all the embedding official disciplines. In terms of game modes, the
"freestyle" has undergone several minor changes for a more dramatic
result. Based on a tangle of logs, it does not know in real time the
number of points you earn for each figure and takes into account
criteria such as the obscure "continuity" or "enforcement". Online, it
is really difficult to understand why other players were better or
worse. Fortunately, all other game modes are also feasible to twelve
via Xbox Live, plus two mini-games multiplayer. A little patience is
necessary though to enjoy it, because the parties impose network
latency rather long and clumsy same sessions as a spectator.

MX vs. ATV Reflex Feature:


  • Customize and tune the fiercest MX bikes and ATVs.
  • Choose from a variety of vehicles including Sport Buggies, Sport Trucks and UTV’s.
  • Flaunt your latest battle scars as truck body panels shatter and break away.

Rider Reflex:

  • Dual analog stick controls allow you to control your rider as you steer your vehicle independently .
  • Lean in to take tighter turns and sit back to catch more air off jumps.
  • Think fast and wrestle your ride back from the verge of catastrophe.


  • Real-time deformation continuously changes the track beneath you with every lap.
  • Ruts remain persistent throughout each race as you fight to find the fastest race lines.
  • New terrain engine provides unprecedented driving surface detail never achieved in any other racing game.


  • Online play for up to 12 racers.
  • Streamlined multiplayer interface lets you challenge your friends and brings players of all skill levels together.


  • Dual controls let you tear it up with death-defying tricks and high-flying freestyle action.
  • Intuitive gestures in the Reflex Trick System let you push the llimits to pull off the most extreme tricks ever.
  • Impress the judges. Increase your score. Emerge Victorious in MotoX Freestyle.

Cheat Codes:

  • SERIES 1 WAYPOINT (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 1 Waypoint career
  • SERIES 2 WAYPOINT (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Waypoint career
  • SERIES 3 WAYPOINT (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 3 Waypoint career
  • MOTOCROSS SERIES 1 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 1 Motocross career
  • MOTOCROSS SERIES 2 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Motocross career
  • MOTOCROSS SERIES 3 (30) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 3 Motocross career
  • SUPERCROSS SERIES 1 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 1 Supercross career
  • SUPERCROSS SERIES 2 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Supercross career
  • SUPERCROSS SERIES 3 (30) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 3 Supercross career
  • FREESTYLE SERIES 1 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 1 Freestyle career
  • FREESTYLE SERIES 2 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Freestyle career
  • FREESTYLE SERIES 3 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 3 Freestyle career
  • SERIES 1 OMNICROSS (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 1 Omnicross career
  • OMNICROSS SERIES 2 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Omnicross career
  • OMNICROSS SERIES 3 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 3 Omnicross career
  • EXTREME TOUR SERIES 1 (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 1 Circuit extreme career
  • EXTREME SERIES 2 CIRCUIT (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the series 2 Circuit extreme career
  • CIRCUIT SERIES 3 EXTREME (15) : Arrive at least 3rd in the Series 3 Circuit extreme career
  • KING OF ALL-TERRAIN (75) : Win all series of career
  • CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS (25) : Win all confrontations career
  • BEST OF ALL TIME (100) : Finish 1st in every test career
  • GOLD STANDARD (10) : Win Gold in one of the challenges Freeride career
  • MULTIMÉDAILLÉ (50) : Win the gold in all challenges Freeride career
  • ENTER THE ARENA (15) : Complete a part of the selection on Xbox LIVE
  • THE WINNER … (15) : Complete 1st part of the selection on Xbox LIVE against 11 human opponents online
  • ENDURANCE (25) : Complete 25 rounds of selection on Xbox LIVE
  • VIVE LE ROI (50) : Complete 1 of 25 rounds of selection on Xbox LIVE
  • LEVELING (15) : Beat an opponent most experienced part of the selection on Xbox LIVE ranked match
  • CHAT (15) : Win a mini-game chat during a part of the selection on Xbox LIVE
  • SNAKE HIDDEN (15) : Win a mini-game Snake in a part of the selection on Xbox LIVE
  • TECHNICAL (15) : Go techniques 1, 2 and 3
  • SKILLS MASTER (15) : Go techniques 4, 5 and 6
  • ACROBAT (15) : Make a face and air pass reception
  • Hat-trick! (15) : Perform aerial exceptional three figures in a single jump
  • PERFECTION (25) : Pick a 10.0 from one judge in a trial Freestyle
  • PURE FREESTYLE (25) : Win a Freestyle Test career without achieving twice the same figure
  • A Full Throttle (15) : Take a lap ahead of a competitor in a race
  • AS THE TRACK (15) : Win 10 holeshot
  • FRIMEUR (15) : Make three outstanding figures in a race
  • FITTING (5) : Adjust a slider and save the new settings
  • CLEAN AND CLEAR (15) : Finish a race in preserving the body of your machine intact
  • Skeletal remains (15) : Complete a race with a machine having lost his body
  • NO PUZZLES (5) : Avoid an accident during a race
  • NICE BREAK! (25) : Avoid 100 accidents
  • YOU ARE A LEGEND (25) : Finish 1st in a race level of Divinity
  • Long jumper (15) : Achieve a jump with a length of 90 meters or more
  • KING OF THE WHEELS (15) : Keep a Wheelie on 45 meters or more
  • MASTER OF STOPPER (15) : Keep a Stoppie on 23 meters or more



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