Army of Two The 40th Day Walkthrough Tips and Cheats

Army of Two: The 40th Day has been completely revised to provide an
incredible experience together. The result is an experience of
cooperation improved, enlarged, more systematic and immersive lets you
draw on the best tactics for your duo when and where you want. A series
of mysterious disasters are carefully orchestrated process of conducting
the city of Shanghai on the Brink. The duo military must make their way
through the devastated areas of the city while trying to overcome the
worst obstacles and uncover the secret of the 40th day.

More Army of Two, Army of Two: The 40th day we suggested back into the
cooperative venture between Rios and Salem some time after the
disappointments with their former employer megalomaniac. This time, they
founded their own club mercenaries and end up in Shanghai for a
contract when a glitch subvert: the attack on the city by mercenaries
overtraining. Guess who is going to save up? Not you. Your only desire
is to steer you to this hole, but good, as the city is taken hostage,
will have to paste them. And that’s about all for the scenario of the
game, it’s enough be disappointed if only in comparison with the first
opus, which offered both a scenario much more fun and did think that.
This means in practice a little less variety, like scenes in a vehicle,
parachute, which have disappeared and the tusks back to back no longer

Fortunately, the rest is relatively better than the first one to start
with the gameplay. This has been totally rethought to no longer having
to graft extra digits. It is also an opportunity to add some new moves
and options to find a clone boosted Gears of War. Indeed, cooperation
has not been ignored and has even been aggravated. You can always
perform eternal workarounds, short-scale diversion of attention of the
enemy, but so much better controlled and less radical. To this you can
add the possibility to go to the enemy to kill more, play dead, play
with your partner a little game, you use the enemies hostage.

Army of Two first name did not convince the critics, the fault to a
level design unconvincing, artificial intelligence improvement and a
life very feeble. Two years later and a few million units sold, the
Canadian studio of Electronic Arts gives us a chance to tandem shock for
a new mission just as explosive. Have they improved the recipe? Answer.

Admittedly, the first episode of Army of Two was not a slap, but he
managed to get some nice moments with his strong cooperative mode.
Despite major technical deficiencies and a lack of certain finishes, he
has introduced several interesting ideas as the system agro-meter or the
possibility of nice torgnoles of his teammate after a fight led rudely.
In this second episode entitled "The 40th day, the Canadian developers
did not simply apply the same recipe and have tried to change the title
to make it more catchy. And they have settled anywhere. Gone were the
passages in rickety vehicle, there will be more. Completed around the
world, you stay from beginning to end in the same city. But do not
panic, the level-design is varied enough so that the environment will
not tire one second.

And it is in Shanghai, China’s large metropolis, they will have to get
by. Following a mission meant to be harmless, the city is attacked with
missiles by an unknown organization. Buildings crumble, planes crashed
into the buildings and a small well-equipped army invaded the city. In
short, Pudong District (the Manhattan Chinese) does not last long
against this attack and the two friends try somehow to make their legs
to their necks to escape from this hell. It’s rather amazing to watch,
thanks to a convenient staging (and scripts do you want in here) but we
cannot help thinking that this Army of Two would never be released in
this manner if date coincided with a September 11, 2001. Fortunately
this event was digested from.

From the beginning, you feel so immersed in this apocalyptic atmosphere
even if the story, she never takes off. Worse yet, it is worse than his
elder. We must therefore consider this Army of Two as a little Steven
Seagal video game. It will cross six chapters at the heart of Shanghai,
making us go through the zoo, business center or through the slums of
the city, and this for a total of six hours maximum. Sets therefore
quite diverse, but that does not hide his short life. Technically, this
40th day makes a big leap forward by focusing primarily on warm colors
and less dull than his elder. The color saturation allows the Army of
Two to stand easily in other securities. Modeling sets, and the city in
general, is thinner than the previous opus with a level design work, and
we can only welcome the many details that fully immerse the player in
this city quite unknown to us Western. The main characters were also
treated with particular facial expressions correctly. However, it cannot
be said of secondary characters cut to the sickle, for the French
voices, they vary between good and cheesy.

If the technical part is one of the issues that most progress in this
Army of Two, the gameplay has also been improved to make soft more
varied and entertaining. The first new product arrives in a few minutes
with the ability to hijack an enemy soldier. If you do not identify with
and your GPS will show the enemy the better ranking you can take it
from behind and forcing the other group of soldiers to surrender. It
only remains to decide if you handcuff them or cut them down cold. Most
of the time, it must act quickly because the lives of some civilians is
at stake with a small premium bonus. The second change comes from the
ability to make a false reprint. If Rios or Salem is spotted by the
enemy, the player will have the opportunity to press a button to pop
pretending to surrender, the teammate will have the opportunity to turn
back or the sniper far. If both players are detected at the same time,
you can make each other then drawing together quickly in a sort of
bullet-time. Do not forget to mention the moral choices that can
significantly change the course of certain cut scenes, a little more to
the replay ability of the title which was much needed. In short, these
events give Army of Two: The 40th day a more tactical side and an
increased spirit of cooperation, and this is clearly in favor of the
title from Electronic Arts.

The weapon customization is even deeper than before and allows the
player to change every part of her toy to make it more stable, more
powerful or easier to handle. From the G36 assault rifle, you can
install a Kalashnikov gun, put the butt of the M-16 or completely
install the charger a Famas, without forgetting the paint that will give
your weapon a unique look. It was so fun to compare your choices with
that of your teammate that you joined in the party. Finally we conclude
with the multiplayer and dual mode that allows up to four teams of two
players to kill each other. The idea is good and reminds us yet again
Gears of War, but almost everything is ruined by excessive latency (no
dedicated server, only one player at random is hosting the party), which
will result to flee the player rather than attract.

Game Features :

Extraction : Gamers who pre-ordered Army of Two: The 40th Day
have 30 days exclusive access to the game’s all-new explosive
multi-player mode, Extraction. This mode will be unlocked for for all
other players on February 12th, for free.
Extraction pits a team of four players against a series of unique enemy
waves as they move from point to point in the ruined city. Players must
strategize as a unified team to combat waves of 40th Day Initiative
forces while trying to get out alive.

EXTRACTION pits a team of four players against a series of unique enemy
waves as they move from point to point in the ruined city. Players must
strategize as a unified team to combat the different forces of the 40th
Day Initiative while trying to get out alive. Extraction is a bonus mode
that will be available for free one month after Army of Two: The 40th
Day is released, or at launch for players who pre-ordered.

In order to reach the extraction point players will have to survive
through four battle zones in a series of four multiplayer maps, but it
won’t be easy! The difficulty ramps up as players progress, and
ultimately it’s exceedingly difficult as players face insurmountable

Multiplayer : Army of Two The 40th Day offers a robust,
region-free, multiplayer experience that provides an array of unique
features for up to 12 players at a time.

Four Game Modes : Including, three brand-new modes that provide a
variety of objectives for partners to battle over:

Co-op Deathmatch : It is an intense battle of survival between up
to six two-player partnerships. Only by mastering teamwork and
partnership skills will players earn the most points and come out on

Control : Controls are sets for players partnerships as TWO or
FDI rival faction members as they aim to capture strategic locations in
the city. Work with your partner and faction to control the most points
within the time limit.
WARZONE is an all-out objective-based battle between TWO and FDI forces.
Complete the most Destruction, Assassination, VIP, and Infiltration
missions with your partner and faction to crush the opposition and win.

Matchmatching : This finds you the best games and the best
partners for playing in them.
LEADERBOARDS provide a global ranking both in-game and online, where you
can also view comprehensive stats and easily compare yourself to other

Custom Mast & Armor : Creation allows you to go online and
create your own mask and armor designs to express yourself and
distinguish you and your partner from other teams.

PSP Features :


THE 40th DAY for the PSP finds Rios and Salem inside a man-made disaster
of epic proportions in Shanghai, China. Fortunately for you, you’ve got
a bigger playbook of features and a new arsenal of co-op moves that
either player can perform at any time, opening up fresh strategies and
choices for both players. You’ve also got the tools you need to help the
Army of Two fight and prevail with an advanced weapon customization and
upgrade system.
Just like the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Army of Two: The
40th Day, the PSP version keeps the focus on co-operative play. You’ll
follow the same story arch and be forced to make difficult life-or-death
decisions when encountering dilemmas presented by morality moments.
However, despite the similarities, the PSP version of Army of Two: The
40th Day is no mere port. It is being developed from the ground up
specifically for the PSP with a more arcade feel.

Game Plot :

The story is set in Shanghai in a scenario of disaster and chaos. The
Asian city, attacked from all sides, imprisons our two cohorts in their
area. At EA, we say keep the focus on the credibility of the
characters.   Moreover, the designers have added a fun little detail: if
the action is intense, the two mercenaries have their masks down. By
cons, during moments of respite,   their face shields will be found.
When a disaster of tremendous magnitude struck the Chinese city of
Shanghai, Rios and Salem are at the heart of the action – in the wrong
place at the wrong time, but with the right team. A carefully
orchestrated series of mysterious disasters Shanghai leads to ruin and
our duo acolytes must make their way through devastated neighborhoods of
the city in an attempt to thwart fate and discover the secret of the
40th day.

The execution of a task will be done in different ways states on at EA
Montreal.   Also, the side missions allow both players to make money.  
Indeed, full primary mission, a radio message invites them to eliminate a
target of opportunity history garnish their bank accounts. The play
will   choice to make or not these side quests.   Once injured,  the
player can now trainer harmless to await the help of his sidekick. This
addition greatly favors immersion.
Cooperation and agro is the highlight of this track in preparation.  
However, we introduce the "split cooperation."   He is working as a team
for each member makes a different action to achieve a common goal.  
For example, in full jolt, a member gets stuck on an adjacent roof.  
His colleague must bring down a communications tower to create a
makeshift bridge to get his brother in arms.   The mission of snipers
were also reviewed and corrected.   This time, the balls through the
material and human flesh.   This addition will help greatly
playability.   Forget vehicles in Army of Two 2. There will not! Wise

The simplified controls can now perform a host of contextual actions by
pressing a single button. For example, typing quickly the "A", we break
down the door.   In weighing the same button longer, it will open slowly
and quietly.   A function Sprint will promote the rapid movement:
bravo. Army of Two had been a commercial success undeniable raking over
100 million dollars in revenue. With a film in production, we can bet
that The 40th Day will not be the last adventure of the famous duo of
soldiers. In this latest milling, the two heroes, always in control of
their small private security firm, are given a mission from the trivial
to the heart of the Chinese metropolis: install beacons of communication
on various buildings in the city. Once finished, it will only take a
few moments for the sky descend upon their heads, literally. Within
seconds, the skyscrapers of the city are affected by hundreds of
missiles and collapse on themselves like a house of cards. The image is
strong and the feeling of chaos that follows is equally so. Of course,
the goal of the game is nothing more than to survive in this
post-apocalyptic hell. The first moments of the game are epic: the
player goes through buildings that open and collapse beneath his feet.

The roofs of the buildings were swept away by the blast of explosions at
the same time the player crosses the room. But through all the visual
arts, one gets the impression that history is a vague background.
Moreover, the visual realism has nothing to do with that of history:
where are the 20 million inhabitants of Shanghai? How the hell all these
enemy soldiers appeared on the 10th floor of this building in a flash?
Do not worry, these details are unimportant since it is for the action
that is there. As with the previous title, the gameplay of The 40th Day
is based mainly on the cooperative. Naturally, the agro is back and
works the same way: an indicator shows the players which of them has the
attention of more enemies. When one of them is enough to his opponents,
the second bit easily bypass them and attack them from the side or

Face first, we simplified the cooperative actions: most actions can now
be performed at the push of a button. This speeds things up and makes
the experience more natural. Many of the movements present in the first
part are back: fighting back to back, lift his partner over a wall or
fence, the DNR when it is injured, etc.. Other movements, rather
ingenious, are emerging. This is particularly the case of "mock
surrender," where a player pretends to surrender to the enemy, allowing
the latter to move stealthily behind and cause a surprise. In the same
vein, both players can get together and last time in synchronism
unsheathe their weapons to remove in a flash their attackers, all
crowned by a sublime effect of slowing down. In both cases, the result
is very funny and very well created. However, we regret that these
moments are only possible at certain predetermined locations and are
frankly too rare.

However, the major innovation in The 40th Day is the new system "GPS".
In addition to showing the player where to go to accomplish the next
goal, this system allows to mark enemies or civilians involved. The fact
of the characters mark allows the second player to appear superimposed
on the screen even if they are not visible from her point of view. All
this makes sense is necessary when, for example, simultaneously
eliminating two soldiers who kidnapped civilians and one player has the
view blocked by a canvas. The system works as we expect it, but
unfortunately there are too few occasions where the player can use it to
its full potential. As was the case with its predecessor, The 40th Day
should be enjoyed for two players. It is of course possible to make his
way alone, but you’ll need to manipulate your partner artificial.
Compared to the first opus, several improvements have been made in this
direction, including the opportunity to ask your partner to perform
virtually any action and it just using a single button (opening a door, a
soldier captured take a shot in sync, etc.).

The fact remains that this is not always perfect at your colleague is
caught between two stones will be killed in your dismay. Moreover, these
difficult times have the effect of bringing out another major flaw of
the game: the inexplicable inconsistency of the backup system. Often,
several backups succeed in simple sequences without real danger, but
occasionally, the player has to stuff hundreds of enemies, followed by a
guard before being awarded a backup.
The previous game had been roundly criticized for its lack of political
correctness in the face of armed conflict is real. The 40th Day was
clearly far from those areas of tension by providing a context far
removed from reality. To make clear the player he is master of his
actions, a new character appeared. Essentially, the player will be
confronted from time to time in situations where he must choose between
two possible actions. For example the team is ordered to remove a
contact who had just give them a helping hand. The player has the choice
to let him save the life or eliminate as requested. Once the choice is
made, the game in the form of comic strips (made by the cartoonist Jock
and Chris Bachalo) the impact of this choice in the future.

The formula is interesting and beautiful presentation. For cons, the
player is not always the opportunity to understand the consequences of
his actions on the course of the game. It will in some cases wait until
the very last chapters of the game to realize the impact of a decision.

Multiplayer :

The multiplayer game segment also focuses on cooperation between two
players. Thus, a "deathmatch" done with a partner. In addition to
sharing the points, it is possible to raise the fallen teammate in
combat as well as share his ammunition. It is worth noting that it is
possible that an odd number of players involved in a game. In such
cases, a player will end up alone in his team and unfortunately for him,
nothing is done to help him. Other modes are also available. The
control mode requires only two teams (consisting of several duets)
control of specific points generated randomly on the map. The world "war
zone" transports players to a party to multiple objectives, which must
protect such a duo in particular, a bomb, carrying a briefcase, etc..
Finally, a "mining" up to 4 players against waves of enemies. Note that
this latter method is available yet for those who preordered the game,
it will be unlocked for all from 12 February. Overall, the multiplayer
segment offers a fun fair but does not match for mastodons like Modern
Warfare 2.
Unquestionably, The 40th Day is a better game than its predecessor. The
controls, gameplay and the cooperative have all been improved. But the
chemistry does not always. The heroes and characters encountered are
fun, but not really engaging. Ultimately, it is an action game without
much depth to enjoy rather than two.

Walkthrough :

Game Characters :

1. Elliot Salem : Rios’s buddy from the Army Rangers. He too was
attracted to the private sector after years of public service, but for
Salem it was really about the thrill of being a mercenary, of making
money traveling to the world’s hotspots and neutralizing their problems.

He’s been known to go trigger-happy from time to time, and both his
mouth and his temper are on a hair trigger. Never one to question his
actions, Salem has become angered by the way PMC’s have declined in
public opinion in recent years. He feels they’re the ones on the front
lines, doing the real good, while the public merely thinks they’re a
bunch of trigger-happy combat junkies. He sees himself as a foot soldier
standing on the thin line between right and wrong, and it’s his job to
arbitrate that truth.

2. Tyson Rios :  An honorable soldier, level-headed and
trustworthy.  Rios served in the Army Rangers in Mogadishu, seeing the
horrors of war at the hands of the Somali people. Eventually he took an
offer to move into the private military sector, where he believed he
could do more good without being handcuffed by politics. After being
betrayed by the SSC, he and his best friend, Elliot Salem, formed their
own PMC which has been operating around the world ever since.

Over time, Rios has lost focus from his original ideological goals.
While he first went to the private sector so he could be more hands-on
in changing the world, he’s since started to doubt he can make a
difference. He’s become weary of a lifetime of bad decisions. He says
it’s because of all the risks and the travel, but the reality is that if
Rios actually had to answer to a loved one about why he does what he
does, he wouldn’t know what to say anymore.

3. Alice Murray : Salem and Rios’ handler. While Rios’s and
Salem’s relationship with Alice has always been about flirtation and
witty banter, over recent years Alice has grown weary of what they’ve
been doing. The money isn’t as good as it used to be and while as a
younger woman she was attracted to hanging out with big guys with guns,
those big guys have begun to irritate her lately. They’re cynical
meatheads, and she’s beginning to sense that cynicism isn’t enough for
the world they now encounter.

She’s been planning on taking an early retirement and returning to her
mother’s family in Shanghai — a plan that may not work out as she
originally planned.

3. Heavy Armor : An armored enemy is just that, an elite
enemy covered in similar armor to the player. They act and operate just
as a standard issue elite would, only they are much harder to take down.
They also tend to carry larger firearms as well, since they can hang
out of cover for much longer to take advantage of them.

Missions in the Game :

  • Mission 1 : Shanghai Streets
  • Mission 2 : In Case of Fire
  • Mission 3 : The Zoo
  • Mission 4 : Hospital
  • Mission 5 : The Mall
  • Mission 6 : Shanghai Bund
  • Mission 7 : Chinese Temple

Army of Two is a third person shooter that gives us the possibility of
cooperating with your partner throughout your entire argument in a
simple and unique especially since we all shooters on the market provide
us with such possibilities as high degree of cooperation, and it really
has no limits, since aid to overcome difficult terrain, to the chance
to congratulate or reprimand to our partner at any time, including also
do the same in several situations.

Army of Two is a third person shooter that gives us the possibility of
cooperating with your partner throughout your entire argument in a
simple and unique especially since we all shooters on the market provide
us with such possibilities as high degree of cooperation, and it really
has no limits, since aid to overcome difficult terrain, to the chance
to congratulate or reprimand to our partner at any time, including also
do the same in several situations.

The original game’s story takes us to move through different territories
of Muslim character, among them are the countries of Somalia,
Afghanistan and Iraq. Some events that take us from 1993 until present, a
clear example is the recreation of the entire system mounted by the al
Qaeda terrorist regime in which we will refer to the events during the
11 September.

It also appears the Iraq War as one of the key pieces of the game where
we avoid the attacks that are taking place at the U.S. base by the group
release of Ali Youssef, a senior member in charge of Saddam Hussein,
our objective there will be to safeguard the life of Lt. Col. Eisenhower
and release of the brutal killing, even after our attempts to be
completely useless because of an explosion.

From there the story will have a course that will be referred to today
but with a much more fictional than previous performances. We begin in
2008 and from that moment we must ensure the safety of the innocent in
an attempt to seize an aircraft carrier forces invaded by terrorists and
now directly towards the city of Malina to destroy everything. Also
pass by the Asian territory, specifically for the Chinese mainland,
where our goal is to do everything possible to destroy Abu Sayyaff,
author of the terror cell that was meant for the takeover of the
American aircraft carrier.

Finally comes the real action, is the key point? Miami, where because of
a devastating hurricane on a scale Category 5 is opened by the city
fierce. Comes our turn, have invaded the headquarters of our private
organization, the Security and Strategy Corporation, and Murray then
kidnapped the girl to make contact with throughout the game for the sole
purpose of detailed our missions. Our goal is to release soon and save
our organization in a battle that will be discussed between life and
death directly with terrorists. Your goal? try to end the conflict as
soon as the minimum setback could end your hometown or who knows, even
with everybody.

We now will detail the entire menu of the game, a quick start and after a
small sample of the logo we are loading our profile to access the main
menu, if we wait a few seconds we see a small sequence of video
presentation. Once loaded our profile to access four options (Campaign
Mode, Clash Mode, Weapons, Options and Extras), the first thing we did
was change the brightness of the game for its graphical quality is  best
to give it a much clearer visual because the default was set too dark.
The game modes you the break down below:

Campaign mode: here you can access the game’s story for a player or if
you want split screen mode so you and your friend you can live the whole
experience a game verdador cooperation. You also have the opportunity
to play the game’s history at the hands of a friend option added through
private cooperatives, although of course you can also access the Public
Cooperative option for any player in Europe to accompany the mission.

Way across the street at the real experience breaks through four
wonderful online gameplay possibilities as the option Confrontation in
if and where you and your partner you can fight a battle without mercy
against the enemy or even against their own enemies of the stage. The
object is that your team finishes with the maximum amount of money, and
that another way to do that by making a massacre.

The second option thus come under the name of war zone in our team it
should achieve the highest score at the cost of overcoming these
targets, either Destroy defending on some occasions or in some others.
The third option in the online mode is called Extraction, and in it we
try to safeguard the lives of all hostages are possible, but outstanding
estate on the opposing team because they too will stay quiet because
they will try to dismantle your work.

Finally, as last option for this game mode option Rewards find a
scenario to the brim with white you must tear down with the help of your
partner, although you know that your opponents will not try to be less
and also the first position earning much money as possible.  It’s Time
to begin the overview of the game through four different divisions
(Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Assessment Treatment), without further
wait here we leave our final conclusion on Army of Two.

Gameplay :

Army of Two is a game of complete cooperation, as it shows we can send
all sorts of orders to your partner, whether to put him into aggressive
mode for the enemies focus all their attention on their performances,
send an order maintaining our lead position or companion to the combat
zone. We will have to pay enough attention to it when this agro metro
reach their maximum level of tint can make surprise attacks or even very
effective shot that increase the chance of killing our opponents
through a slow motion.

As for the weapons available we can only say they are more than enough,
we were divided into three separate categories, primary weapons,
secondary weapons and space weapons. In total no more and no less than a
catalog of 29 weapons and where we can find some pretty known as the
AK-47, M134, P90, Scorpion, Socom MK23, RPG-7 and M14 among many, if not
they can be amended by inserting new components to complete to help
improve the technical specifications of the same.

We also have three selectable types of armor and 12 masks to customize
our character, if we have to have the opportunity to exchange up our
arms with your partner at any time during the game, even have a GPS to
guide us through the missions, something of a boon.

Graphics –

The visuals of the game is worth admiring for its wide variety of
lighting effects and leftovers, and many other recreation areas such as
water droplets, blood, bullet holes, vegetation or even the sea itself.
Sometimes we may experience delay effects in the appearance of minute
details of the scenario as railings, floors or the horizon, though in
truth is nothing to worry about a thing because it loses what little he
earns his copious video footage. In the case of giving a note to this
paragraph, we believe it deserves eight high.

Sound –

I would venture and say it is one of the best points seen in years. We
have everything, hesitated, insults, greetings, ironies, reprimands,
insults, and you must have one thing in mind too, play with children
before anything at all, you’ll see why I say it.

Poll Staff –

This is a great title for third-person shooter genre is conspicuously
innovative game system based entirely on real-time cooperation. Our
opponents will not be limited to fire the piece because they are not
stupid and understand how to avoid our fire because of its high degree
of AI. I can assure you that we are not going to give the money to buy
weapons at our pleasure as some rivals are worthy of admiration. The
only complaint I see is the lack of speed by some bosses, others are
limited to just shoot without rest, something that speaking clearly and
would put us in dire straits as we devise some tactics to try to mislead
their attention and build up land. Luckily we have available three
different levels of difficulty.

It’s a shame the short length of story mode (about 6-7 hours), although
we know perfectly well that the real shooter lovers approach to know
very well that time and be satisfied to and from the other side that we
have an extensive online mode we provide many more hours of gameplay,
but unfortunately we can play with only users belonging to our region,
in this case the PAL designation.

The series Army of Two features a team of two mercenaries who are still
working together. The concept is inspired by films like Lethal Weapon or
Bad Boys, where the jibes are interspersed with scenes funny. Same
concept, then, and same result: great entertainment, but a game that
nobody will think when it comes time to award the titles of "Game of the

Difficult to put my finger on it, but it lacks an extraordinary item
that would allow the game stand out. The story is not bad, but the story
we did not really plunge. Basically, the two mercenaries are in
Shanghai for a routine mission when the city suddenly becomes the object
of the equivalent of about five 11-Sseptembre same time. All buildings
explode, planes crash, the city is in flames. First of all concerned for
their survival, the two heroes then gradually tackle makers.
Unfortunately, there playing, it holds more than it should take that
forward and why. The aesthetics of the game is also very correct but not
sufficient to enable it to stand out. Same for the controls and

There are two distinctive features in Army of Two. First, the emphasis
on teamwork. It truly is a game designed to play both. You can tackle
them alone, but you will still have a partner, controlled by artificial
intelligence. Regardless, I like the concept, and I’m surprised that
nobody else has picked up since the first edition.  By cons, you really
play at a high level of difficulty for cooperation between the two
players to be meaningful.+



Even at the intermediate level, the action is too often looks like a
competition to see who will kill more enemies rather than cooperation.
They then forget to use the technical cooperation specific to the game
(including the use of "agro" we shall return), and Army of Two is thrown
back in the same league as Gears of War, among others, where it is

Fortunately there are difficult passages at forcing both players to use
their brains more than their bullets. The duo’s main ally of
mercenaries, is the "agro".  Suppose that both players are in two
separate places in the same room. If a player is constantly yelling his
gun, the attention of opponents turned naturally to him. This then
allows his teammate to slip subtly into their backs for easy disposal.
This mechanism is of the essence of Army of Two. It is very fun and
functional, but it takes a good reason to use it, what the game does not
provide us forever.

The second distinctive feature of the series is customizing firearms. As
to measure your progress, and by your actions, you collect the money
and new parts that allow you to modify your gun. One might even say
"pimp" your gun. These changes are useful and have a good influence on
the course of the game is a very successful aspect of the game  I must
also emphasize, in conclusion, that the PS3 version of the game when I
played, froze on one occasion and suffered some minor bugs display on
occasion. Nothing major, but it’s still a bit annoying. However, Army of
Two: The 40th Day entertain all fans of shooters for a while.

The second part of the adventures of Salem and Rios offers a very
interesting "more and better" than we saw in the original. A major new
IP that EA has built towards this late in Next-Gen is Army of Two. The
first game of the series came in March 2008 with sales more than
remarkable, and gaining acclaim from the critics, becoming in their
review of 3DJuegos with a well deserved 8.6.

Now, almost two years later, we have among us the sequel, The 40th Day
with a new adventure for these two charismatic, rough and foul-mouthed
mercenaries. Who will wait for new balls be disappointed as the game
retains the same gameplay mechanics that gave him the identity in time
to the first part, what this Army of Two 2 (de facto) itself implies, is
an interesting improvement what will bring us the original at the time:
What today is not exactly little.  Aware that the plot of Army of Two
was mercilessly crushed by some sectors who believe that the genre of
action needs best screenplays-in at the time 3DJuegos consider its
history as merely routine, the guys from EA Montreal has been "put
Batteries "argument in terms of getting converted to The 40th Day in a
title with a compelling premise and will involve the player to continue
despite no big deal.

If we are not very cool in the first game of the series is hard to
remember what it was, because his script was lurching into a clumsy
conglomerate of betrayals, corporations, mercenaries and terrorist
attempts which was conducted in a very long time. The second installment
is much more focused on a specific time and place, offering a memorable
location as a background, and counting on their backs with a much more

Rios and Salem are doing work in Shanghai for his own agency, recently
founded, when all hell breaks loose. A disaster of epic proportions and
causes little probably attributable to the nature sweeping through the
city making it a true Ground Zero, and leaving our two heroes in the
middle of this insane territory.  Do not delve much into the argument
for not disclosing unnecessary spoilers, but commented that the game
seemingly natural catastrophes have a mystery on which pivots behind
much of the suspense part of the adventure, and we can also say that the
title becomes Overall a nearly constant adrenaline rush.

Perhaps in this sense the approach to sound somewhat routine again, but
has enough twists and hooks to move the player’s interest throughout the
campaign without making a great fuss or fanfare narratives, and
fulfilling its mission with the correction which is required to launch
these features. However one of the few additives in terms of innovation
that make the game gets a passing grade in this area is a result of
treatment of the script, where a surprising twist of the title poses a
moral system that frankly interesting in greater detail later.

If your script Army of Two: The 40th Day is the equivalent clear action
films of the 80s as Die Hard, Lethal Weapon cornered or, as the title
playable facet of EA Montreal again offering his vision of what The
shooter genre has brought in the first half of the Next-Gen: The use of
hedges, facet importance of cooperative and predominance of the cult of
weapons, resulted in his comprehensive customization.

At the beginning of the game have the option of choosing one of the
three drawers are available for select items and also if we play our
solo campaign mode, accompanied by a friend in split screen, one of our
contacts through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, and also if we do it
in public game over the Internet, leaving it to the game itself that we
find a mate.

Once this is done, and after choosing a difficulty level, Casual,
Normal, and Contractor, we must decide whether to be the giant Rios or
Salem tall, just before jumping to the ground war. For those who enjoyed
the first Army of Two recommend no doubt opt for the highest, where
coverage and distraction tactics are the only way to survive. It is with
Contractor, therefore, as we get the true experience of these two
mercenaries, being the other two levels of difficulty much more lenient
with the player and less tactical line.  So, after a meager indeed
tutorial, we will begin our first mission before hell broke loose. This
will help us with the controls in the event debut in the series, or to
refresh our knowledge of the original game.

Army of Two : The 40th Day PSP and PS3
Version Overview :

A Look on Army of Two : The 40th Day  PSP Version :

Invite Rios and Salem on PSP was in itself not really a bad idea. Doing
as they make the guys from Buzz Monkey, without doubt. For, if he
follows with fidelity reassuring frame of the HD versions, The 40th Day
seems really off base on almost all other aspects of the game Third
Person Shooter brutal and spectacular, Army of Two is here metamorphosed
into a kind of Warriors of modern times, taking place in the narrow
levels and uninspired.

The finger screwed onto one of four buttons on front (depending on the
angle of shot desired), then knock on waves of soldiers brainless slalom
between their soft balls or, at best, hiding behind some shelter
dragging here and there . Occasionally, an enemy more beefy impel us to
try to play smart by asking our teammate a diversion, but would it be
that the AI is a little bit reactive to it proves effective. Everything
was more or less interest in the original game is so shamelessly
trampled up the staging that evokes more than a damp squib than a
cataclysm stunning, although the realization is known to be strong,
despite rigid animations and fluidity too easily disturbed. We can at
best through play with a friend vaguely to enhance the interest of the
adventure, but do not expect a miracle either. Emasculated, Rios and
Salem are trapped in a game full of action, but too simplistic. A true

Some PSP Cheats :

  • Tesla Cannon: Follow the same steps as for the previous weapon.
  • Spreadgun : To get this weapon complete the game once and unlocked.


Get new hidden characters:

Isaac Clarke for this character will have to complete the game once
morally good choices and taking what you get.
Jonah, for this character will have to complete the game once on any
difficulty mode and have enabled
Dante: To get this character will have to spend the game completely once
elections take morally wrong.
Smiley: For this character will have symbols the game once on any
difficulty mode and it’s yours.

Some Positive Point :

  • Not bad action
  • Beautiful scenery

Some Negative Point :

  • Farewell to the spirit of the series
  • Ultra Linear
  • Directed crushed
  • Problem fluidity
  • Short

A Look on Army of Two : The 40th Day Playstation 3 Version :

Shanghai :

Everything went like clockwork for Rios and Salem. Always ready to
liquidate the first come, provided he has a nice wad of greenbacks in
the key, the two mercenaries were this time in Shanghai on a mission as
expeditiously as lucrative. But hardly their target coldly executed, the
Chinese city sank into chaos. From the terrace of the building they are
cleaning, the two fellows to attend open-mouthed attack military
violence and an unprecedented scale. A veritable rain of missiles fell
on the city, ravaging its most impressive monuments like common stacks
of Lego, projecting into the air glowing clouds and dark curls. Trapped
in the inferno of smoke and flames, the two characters have no other
choice but to draw their best weapons to make their way among the ruins
already invaded by hordes of soldiers very inconvenient.
Army of Two: The 40th day basis, because once again the gameplay on
cooperation between Rios and Salem.

In principle always remember all the Gears of War, the two mercenaries
fighting against the enemies shoveled a little corny, taking care to
enjoy the lower end wall or the lower body to protect their shots. As in
the first episode, we can give basic orders to our friend (hold
position, advance, stay together), but also to attract attention or not
the soldiers to face history by taking better surprise bypassing their
position to take them back, for example. Also represented on screen by
the famous gauge Agro, this option has not lost its effectiveness and we
never tired to think of some cunning tactics to defeat the enemy often
numerous. This episode also introduced a system of display overlay that
allows you to easily locate and lock his target. Dynamic and highly
readable, this function accessible with a click can easily understand
our environment and thins surprisingly action.

In good mercenaries, Rios and Salem also accumulate dollars over their
visit to Shanghai that you will go through the menu customization of
weapons. Already present in the first Army of Two, this option has
gained enormously in ergonomics here and allow you to customize any
excessive peashooter, by adding a glass-art laser or a bayonet straight
out of a horse butcher.

While maintaining mechanical Third Person Shooter could not be more
classic, The 40th Day thus deepens the approach of the first episode to
suggest the final stages of game more varied and less cream pie. The
action is more bite and interest heightened as we have seen, by staging
now much less shy. We may still regret the relative heaviness of our
heroes who sometimes gives us the impression of leading a hippo dressed
as Rambo. The automatic cover system also knows small failures and would
not steal a few sessions optimization. In addition, the AI is not
always on top. If our friend is doing well overall (provided that your
instructions are reasonable), enemy soldiers have sometimes a certain
lack of aggressiveness or, conversely, tend to be a stupid recklessness.
Fortunately, they know also lead to some surprising attacks occurring
without warning by side – the biter bit, really. Some bad guys can no
longer rely on an arsenal terrible (the flamethrower rail gun) and good
armor impervious to our bullets. The "boss" invite themselves loudly and
often give a lot of trouble, forcing really work with his crew to

The 40th Day is far from a walk in the park and is much less telephoned
his elder, despite some routines and already-seen gameplay remains
generally very little original. Like the first episode, the best way to
enjoy the game is still to play coop together a "real" team-mate with
whom we can really have fun. The adventure is greatly enhanced as the
duration of his life a half-dozen hours. The multiplayer mode, also
improved, will better play its role to engage the fans in Shanghai in
the ruins. Four modes are on the agenda (Warzone, Co-op Deathmatch,
Control and Extraction) with game mechanics after all the classical
genre, but spiced by the fact that we always move in the sympathetic duo
in maps available. The 40th Day did not revolutionize the genre then,
but effective enough to show this view to be worth the detour.

Cheats and Hints :

All primary weapons : Complete the game on Recruit difficulty
Professional Difficulty : Complete the game on Recruit difficulty
mode and Contractor.

All secondary and special weapons :

Complete the game on Professional difficulty level.  Get extra points
unlocking achievements . The game has 47 achievements (10 and 9 in
Online extra) for a total of 1250 points.  To get the achievements
"[Extra]" is necessary to have the SSC Challenge Pack, available at the

10 points:

  • Boots on the ground : Finish a game of confrontation even. [Online]

15 points :

  • Complete Mission 3 : Mission 3 completed as Contractor or higher.
  • Complete Mission 4 : Mission 4 as Contractor or higher completed.
  • Complete Mission 5 : Mission 5 completed as Contractor or higher.
  • Complete Mission 6 : Mission 6 completed as Contractor or higher.
  • Without Debt  : Heal your partner for the first time. Training is
    not valid.
  • Weapons Specialist : Purchase 3 weapons.
  • That’s it. Let’s see who’s laughing now : Buy weapons pack "pack 8"
    in a multiplayer ranked match. [Extra] [Online]

20 points:

  • The devil is in the details : Make 20 minor objectives in a ranked
    match. [Online]
  • Mission failed : Kill 25 Martyrs by shooting against the bombs that
    are attached to the chest.
  • Toma. Take, take and take : Deletes a total of 50 enemies in melee
  • Big boom! Big bada boom! : Kill 25 enemies total using rocket
  • Where to put the eye  : Kill 100 enemies total using Sniper Rifles.
  • Let’s see, who wants some? : Kill a total of 250 enemies using
    machine guns.
  • The dead man’s hand : Kill a total of 150 enemies using guns.
  • Rain of Lead : Kill a total of 250 enemies using machine guns.
  • Try this : Kill 250 enemies total using Shotguns.
  • Seven six two millimeter : Kill a total of 250 enemies using
    assault rifles.
  • The beast with two heads : Kill 50 enemies in back to back.
  • Arnold : Eliminates 300 objects in mission 7-8. [Extra]

25 points:

  • Surviving the game : Make a ranked match without having to Revive 
    once. [Online]
  • Authentic SSC Challenge : Win every stage of a ranked SSC Challenge
    to three rounds. [Extra] [Online]
  • Victory Challenge in the SSC : Beating a ranked SSC Challenge.
    [Extra] [Online]
  • Gunman SSC Challenge : Get a 75% accuracy after a ranked SSC
    Challenge to three rounds. [Extra] [Online]
  • SSC Challenge barrels : Remove 500 barrels in ranked matches SSC
    Challenge. [Extra] [Online]
  • I want to be cleaner : The final blow to Dalton is a shot in the
    head with a .44 pistol Model 29 tuned. [Extra]

30 points:

  • If it bleeds, it can die : Kill 25 with heavy armor.
  • Medical field : Drag your partner and heal him 25 times.
  • Riots : Kill 50 enemies in total using a riot shield in cooperative
  • Mission 1 complete : Mission 1 completed as Contractor or higher.
  • Complete Mission 2 : Mission 2 completed as Contractor or higher.
  • Corridor : Eliminate 75 enemies stealthily mode Annihilation.
  • L’Abattoir : Kill 100 enemies in way of Annihilation.
  • Stone wall : Kill 30 enemies using melee attack riot shield.
  • I’ll kill you last, promised : Kill Dalton in less than 40 seconds.
  • Complete Mission 7 : Mission 7 completed as Contractor or higher.
    [Secret] [Extra]
  • Complete Mission 8 : Mission 8 completed as Contractor or higher.
    [Secret] [Extra]

35 points:

  • A weapon is sufficient : Ends in a ranked match without purchasing
    additional weapons. [Online]
  • Four eyes are better than one : Kill 5 enemies using sniper tactics
  • My virtual friend : Make all missions with an AI-controlled

40 points

  • Pension Plan : Get one billion dollars in total in ranked matches.
  • If I were rich : Get a million dollars in total in campaign mode.
  • My kit! : Collect the briefcases with information throughout the

45 points :

  • Fear, the murderer of the mind : Spend 1 full minute at maximum
  • Hello to my little friends : Get the following: MP7, M134, DAO-X
    Protecta, MGL MK-X, and M107 Light Fifty.

50 points :

  • A man of many masks : Buy all variants of mask.
  • PMC elite : Make all missions as a professional.
  • Unlock big heads : Finish the campaign occasional difficulty
  • Unlock unlimited ammunition : Finish the campaign occasional

Conclusion :

The developers of EA Montreal has also worked hard on achieving the game
if our two lads can still boast an impressive and detailed modeling, it
is mainly the environments of the game that now enjoy a more convincing
and made rich before. The graphics of this episode of stroke more look
great and will satisfy the most discerning eyes, thanks to a good use of
a series of special effects that enhance the credibility of the whole.
We may however regret a frame rate that without suffering drastic drops,
sometimes difficult to maintain a comfortable level during some hectic
passages. Side-band sound, we easily excuse the music anecdotal
consoling himself with the sounds that nurture an atmosphere of war and
chaos really palpable. The French also know dubbing spice
sympathetically adventure with Rios and Salem never short of good plump
valve for the air and bring some second degree really welcome.

Some Positive Points :

  • Directed by explosive
  • Gameplay effective
  • The game coop
  • Directed by careful
  • Bon-level design

Some Negative Points :

  • Heroes just louts
  • Lack of personality
  • Some linearity
  • AI improvement
  • Frame rate weakling
  • A little short


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