Venetica Walkthrough and Cheat codes

Specialists in adventure games in style point & click, including
the Ankh series, developers Deck 13 radically change direction and turn
to another kind. With Venetica is role-playing action that is in the
spotlight. In this area, competition is fierce and the last titles
released on both PC and Xbox 360 have set the bar high enough. Always
fans of a cartoon style that will not unanimous, they rely this time on
a sexy heroine, embedded in a more original than usual. Repeatedly
delayed, Venetica had still to arouse some fears.

Scarlett is a charming orphan from a small mountain village close to
Venice, whose navel the air and push the cleavage have attracted a
knight of the corner. An evil necromancer was able to trick Death and
now strives for universal power. Only the daughter of death, whose
existence was a secret until now, has the power to defeat the
necromancer and restore the balance. Knowing nothing of her destiny at
first, Scarlett has to learn about her special powers and become a
mighty warrior, strong enough to defeat the greatest threat to the
world of the living.

Game Features:

  • Rich and original story.
  • Cinematic presentation of a unique visual style.
  • Huge open world, inspired by the Venice of the merchant princes, bustling with artificial life.
  • 3D map architecture that allows for multi-dimensional game-play –
    from dungeons, streets, interiors, rooftops, water canals to the world
    of the dead.
  • Dynamic night and day cycles that influence artificial life activities.
  • Clear, easy to pick up rule system and intuitive game-play.


It’s the middle of summer and in the small village of San Pasquale life
unfolds peacefully. This is a very pleasant evening that Scarlett and
Benedick talk quietly when suddenly, the alarm is given. Strange hooded
individuals are accumulating and begin to attack the village and burned
houses. Benedict, a knight in training, starts in pursuit, while
Scarlett flees to shelter. Unfortunately for her, she falls and must
defend itself with the means at hand. But the opposing forces are too
numerous and seem to have taken specifically targeted. Doing everything
to save her, Benedict will leave the life. Scarlett is now animated by
a strange desire. Indeed, it turns out to be the daughter of Death and
its latent powers just waiting to be awakened. It must then choose the
path of revenge or for the return of his beloved.

She lived a nightmare the day when her fiance falls under the blows of
attackers from the mysterious silence. Who were they and why would they
have taken it? And life will she feel the same without his beloved?
Then it appears his father, whom she never knew the identity of which
it already provides some answers, because none other than Death
himself! He asked to go to Venice to kill the five immortals who
threaten the balance of the world. And to help him in his task, he
gives the power to access the Beyond when she wants. In his immaculate
robe, she and her gallant knight, Benedict spin perfect love. However,
it is massacred – by sacrificing his own half, needless to say —
Scarlett and grows to avenge him. So she part in the footsteps of
Venetian organization who wishes him ill.

Second disruptive, heroin journey to the afterlife, where she will
learn soon enough that the orphan’s father’s death in person. This plot
full of cliches, Deck 13 Interactive offers its mechanisms as well
oiled kind of role play. It offers the full range of classic RPG,
namely bar experience, inventory, attribute points and talent trees to
complete. Apparently a little gourd, Scarlett was quickly prove to be a
fierce fighter, both in weapons handling contacts with black magic.
Except that these fights quickly become redundant, just take a step
back or roll on the side to avoid enemy shots and return to the charge.
There is also a bestiary frankly limited: during the first three hours
of gameplay, you will fight only two different types of monsters, big
rats to the original and dervishes, religious fighters awkward that we
Terrace without difficulty.

To accomplish its mission, Scarlett must draw its strength from its
motivation: it is animated by a desire for revenge, or wants it just
work for peace? Decide for yourself, knowing that leaning towards one
or the other of these inclinations, you open the door of some
organizations Venetian and you close others. The process is now
standard, but still significant. Côté gameplay, Venetica is the light
RPG, halfway between Fable II and Divinity. Your heroine must perform
quests, engage in frequent fighting in real time, very focused on
action, and the opportunity to solve some simple puzzles (the solution
is always obvious when you are not suggested a movement of camera …).
The first two play areas – the mountains and the coast – offer an
increase counterpoise to avoid losing the novices. And if they were
still going astray, Scarlett may invoke a crow who will guide, as in
Fable II, to his next target. And Venice offers beautiful to you. More
open, full of schedules and assignments of places to explore, it does
not thereby freed some linearity: you must in fact solve a series of
quests to advance to the next sector, knowing that each concludes with
the battle against a boss.

Venetica we therefore proposed action and many elements of role play.
Regarding this specific point, we have to do with the classic. Scarlett
has four main characteristics (Constitution, Wisdom, Strength and
spiritual power) which will evolve as and when its mounted levels.
Experience needed for this is obtained by completing quests and getting
rid of his opponents. By cons, do not expect to get Scarlett quickly as
defeated enemies never return except in rare places. Our heroine can
wield four different weapons (false, sword, spear and hammer), each
associated with one talent tree. Thus, having found a Master you can
spend points earned to acquire new techniques and power, for example,
conduct a parade followed by a cons-attack or bind many strokes
increasing in power. But, daughter of Death requires, Scarlett also has
magical powers which proves the usefulness relative the physical attack
is often revealing more than sufficient to overcome many situations,
except those expressly asking scripted using the mystic power.

Failure to submit a character creation, Venetica offers a proven system
of development and therefore effective. With the experience obtained in
the course of your exploits, you pass through levels that grant you
attribute points to distribute (constitution, wisdom, strength and
spiritual power) and technical points to spend. There are two types of
techniques: physical techniques and spiritual techniques. Except for
two talents dedicated to handicrafts (butchering and alchemy), the
former are mainly oriented combat. Speaking to a coach, Scarlett can
learn to wield the scythe, sword, hammer or lance, to chain attacks to
parry and to launch devastating blows. And while certain skills must be
activated by clicking the associated icon (an action bar is provided
for this purpose), your salvation lies in your ability and your
keyboard control sequences. Finally, it’s all in theory. Because in
reality, if fighting against humanoids armed movements require dodging
and responses well placed, your other opponents can be defeated easily
advancing toward them and clicking frantically on the mouse. It must be
said that the rather weak AI and collision problems really do not help
the technical fighting.

Indeed, the levels mounted without the possibility of level-up and use
scripted his powers are only part. If we are promised on the back of
the box an open world, it is quickly it is not. Ah yes, for sure, the
depth of field is important and wherever we turn our gaze, pleasant
environments, architectures and other large spaces available to us, and
they are really fun to watch . Only we are left in corridors and any
desire to explore was extinguished quickly because of invisible walls.
It is guided very well throughout the first chapter until you arrive in
Venice. And then, progress remains linear even if the abundance of
multiple side quests gives the impression of a semblance of freedom. In
fact, after this introductory phase painful – endless round trips
between the village, the mine and the forest area, you finally arrive
in Venice. Within the city of Venice, the game takes on new dimensions.

The quests are mixed with the main plot and one can wander here and
there in a city big enough after all. Except that to enjoy this newly
acquired freedom, it will override the (many) flaws of the game start
with annoying bugs, such as temperamental camera during the dialogues,
textures flashing or momentary loss of control. Update the game, which
is the PC version, is essential to limit the damage. Later achievement,
Venetica there is also pain. If the efforts of developers to provide a
coherent and comprehensive world are commendable, a purely technical,
the game accumulates several years of delays. These are not poor
textures, cheesy special effects or repetitive sounds that will prove
the contrary. Only certain people get their game well, but again
nothing amazing. Especially, Venetica suffers from a huge contradiction
difficult to explain why apply to create a cartoon world, highly
colored decorations while roundness, while the plot and action are
meant resolutely adult and violent? Because she mills around the arm of
Scarlett, with a mallet, daggers, axes, flock of crows or even sucking
the vital essence of his enemies.

Scarlett’s world is driven by choice. From the beginning of the
adventure, she must decide between revenge, find the love of his life
and restore balance. This applies even in the dialogues with the
various characters encountered, where he will again choose between
revenge, reason or neutrality. Finally, three guilds govern the city of
Venice and these are again the same choice. Belonging to one of them we
close the door to all others. Except that, in the end, everything leads
to the same thing and there is only one path that makes us fight the
boss at the end of this path and thus progress in other areas of the
city. Similarly, our choice in the dialogues do not influence on quests
to take, but just gains experience.

Venetica unfortunately suffers of a realization subdued marred more by
achieving a broad and somewhat dated. The next cartoon certainly did
not please everyone (but personally I love good …) but the style
adopted by Deck 13 from the start, their artistic leg that allows to
recognize their games. The problem is not there, but in the technical
aspect that is clearly under-finish. And it goes invisible walls above
mentioned bugs collisions (in Battle is catastrophic), through the
objects suspended in the air, people sitting on chairs non-existing. If
the surroundings are very pleasant on the panoramas and visions of the
units as soon as one approaches a little closer you realize the lack of
finesse textures.

The spiritual techniques, also provided by insiders, they are about the
opportunity to explore the hidden and intangible ways. Many necromantic
powers are available, through which you can see through the eyes of a
raven, invoke ghouls, draining the energy of your opponents … But in
the capacity of the most original are those who give you access to the
Beyond. The environment takes on a cloudy appearance which reveals
things invisible to mortal eyes. And as long as Scarlett acquires
jurisdiction, it can even interact with the dead and remove curses. The
overall results in some sequences that are sympathetic regret that this
idea of gameplay, reminiscent Legacy of Kain, is underutilized in the
first half of the game Conversely, Venetica uses and abuses of its
mini-game of picking the original but of limited interest playful two
ghostly figures, Nesto and Don met in early adventure before passing
the bucket trying to save you, tell you the color code to reproduce to
unlock the lock at the Using your hooks. Venice full of chests and
doors closed, you must repeat this sequence at will, which is rapidly
becoming unbearable.

Fights are common in Venetica and are mainly based on the strong pace
attack, parry, evasion and cons attack. The opponents in front of us
are not very intelligent and if you want them to lose all their means,
feel free to jam against a wall or to attack them through a door to
eliminate them without getting hit. The magic powers, while useful, are
far from being necessary except in special cases as we have already
mentioned. Some riddles occur occasionally, but they are not at all
complicated. To open many locks, a mini game as a Simon (reproduce a
color series more or less in the correct order) has been proposed. But
if the gameplay is not immune to blunders, it is especially the
technical aspect that ultimately serve Venetica.

To begin, we must know that the game is not particularly pretty, and it
is an understatement. The sets, too poor and empty, are decked out in
ugly low-resolution textures. The characters are so poorly modeled
neither their cartoon or abuse HDR fails to save them, especially as
their animation is laughable (only heroin is doing well on that). And
to make matters worse, the glitches and collision problems are legion.
This is particularly unfortunate that the design of environments,
interestingly, shows a lot of work on Venetian architecture. But as if
that were not enough, the sound aspect appears very unconvincing: the
dubbing is poor and the NPC in cross inside addressed to you with a
terrible echo that gives the feeling of moving into a subterranean

The adventure goes on and count on a good thirty hours to see
everything especially if you want to accomplish the multitude of side
quests. French dubbing fluctuates and can go from good to poor as the
characters. The music is bland and sounds are correct. Scarlett is a
heroine who has a good charisma, a certain charm and has a range of
animation very comprehensive and well detailed. You can still find one
or two nice ideas to save the boat from sinking. With the first points
of necromancy skills, you can transfer your heroine in the world of
shadows. Take his enemies by surprise, spend some places in stealth
mode or detecting portals to secret places, this ability can vary
slightly opportunities. Similarly, the game offers puzzles between two
fights, just to walk your head. But the defects of soft strike again
warned the player. For example, it is imperative to store his weapon
before the carcasses loot your opponents recently slain.

It should be added to that a staging aberrant during the dialogues: the
camera, which is usually positioned in front of you or behind your
back, face your partner. In short, the game is technically the picks.
In such cases, it is reasonable to expect a solid gameplay and exciting
adjectives that do not really apply to Venetica. Venetica suffers from
a dated and realization of many small faults binding. But do not
believe that it is unplayable or unpleasant. No it’s just an
accumulation of many small flaws that sometimes is just smile, often
annoying and sometimes spoils the gaming experience, however, the story
is interesting, many quests, the action does not lack the fighting are
dynamic techniques, the side adventure with puzzles is present,
exploration is visually pleasing. A very good potential handicapped by
a realization subdued pointing to the best possible result or otherwise
Deck 13 in this class action-adventure.


Venetica Cheat Codes:

  • Fin (50) : Game is over
  • Anti-drugs (50) : Game is over without using any object Care
  • Chapter I finished (25) : Chapter 1 completed
  • Chapter II ended (30) : Chapter 2 finished
  • Chapter III Complete (35) : Chapter 3 finished
  • Legendary heroine (40) : Level 32 reached
  • Treasure hunter (30) : Unearthing the treasures
  • Expert in Quests (30) : Complete 50 quests in one game
  • Villager driven (10) : Training Village successfully completed
  • Accustomed to the sequences (10) : Training with chains successfully completed
  • Accustomed to the rolls (10) : Training for rolls made with success
  • Champion of the arena (15) : All enemies of the arena were beaten
  • Style: Leather (10) : Breastplate obtained
  • Style: plates (15) : Armor plates obtained
  • Honorable Success (15) : Play and finish the game with honor
  • Vile success (15) : Play and finish the game so vile
  • Heroine (20) : Reached Level 20
  • Thief (30) : Get 1200 experience points for fracturing locks
  • Esteem (20) : Get 2000 points reputation
  • Views bright (15) : Find a special surveillance in the suburbs
  • Views claims (15) : Find a special surveillance in the neighborhood of the Arsenal
  • Expert in bursts (20) : Destroy 100 vases
  • An expert in false (15) : Learn the best techniques with the scythe
  • Expert in Sword (15) : Learn the best techniques with the sword
  • Expert Hammer (15) : Learn the best techniques with the hammer
  • Expert launches (15) : Learn the best techniques with the spear
  • Able to parades (10) : Training parades successfully completed
  • Accustomed to fighting group (10) : Training against multiple enemies successfully completed
  • Mtr. 1 Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the first circle nebulous
  • Mtr. 2nd Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the second circle nebulous
  • Mtr. 3rd Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the third circle nebulous
  • Mtr. 4th Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the Fourth Circle nebulous
  • Mtr. the 5th Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the Fifth Circle nebulous
  • Mtr. 6th Circle unclear (15) : Learn the best techniques in connection with the Sixth Circle nebulous


Success secrets:

  • Secret Achievement (50) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (20) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (25) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (10) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
  • Secret Achievement (15) : Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.



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