MAG (Massive Action Game) PS3 Walkthrough And Tips

Join a Private Army. Grow your skills. Wage war against the opposition and claim victory for your faction!

The PlayStation 3 multiplies the exclusives now. To take anything away
from this fact, we generally entitled to securities with high quality
image of Uncharted 2 or Heavy Rain. This time we’re dealing with a FPS
multiplayer game based on an argument size: 256 players simultaneously
hosting a party. A successful challenge by MAG (Massive Action Game)
but could not make time to meet as competitors at random Battlefield.
Having suffered the ridicule of some players who feared the server
overload and the fact that the title of best FPS online is owned
indirectly Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released three months
earlier, the title of Zipper Interactive, the studio ‘ origin of the
famous SOCOM seemed poorly. Yet MAG has many resources, we soon
discovered a whole new world and many more qualities than "just"
parties to 256.


Massive Action Game (MAG) offers much, but also very demanding with his
players. It allows you to feel part of an army, to enjoy the
camaraderie and feeling supported military in battle, but only if you
surrender to your side and contribute to teamwork. The title seemed
destined to be a display of Sony’s power of your console, with 256
characters in the same game, but Zipper Interactive is the author of
Socom study and has taken seriously the work of opening the gender of a
type of shooter games so far limited to the role. From Zipper never
tried to deceive anyone and nominated the game with that statement of
intent: massive action game. It’s like the first Mario had been called
"platform game" Metal Gear Solid or "game of infiltration". Thus, MAG
is only a gaming premise, designed for shooter fans who want to feel
with intensity the battle. The story is to write the players
themselves, acting with each battle, day by day, the course of the
Shadow War, the continuing war of MAG.

MAG is not the first console FPS to focus entirely on fighting
multiplayer, can think in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars or more recently
in Battlefield 1943. But this exclusive PS3 has a strong argument to
distinguish itself from its smaller colleagues propose titanic clashes
that may comprise up to 256 players. The developer of MAG is not really
a newcomer in the small world of multiplayer online: Zipper Interactive
was indeed a pioneer of the genre on consoles with the first SOCOM. On
its release in 2003, the title simply marked the arrival of the PS2
online. The studio is now back on the last generation of consoles to
propose a new leap forward in terms of multiplayer: not only MAG can
accommodate an impressive number of players, but it also includes a
strong community aspect that will help you actually attached to the
character that you embody.

MAG runs on good old Earth in the near future. The Third World War has
just ended and the result is a merry mess when only three private
armies continue to compete in the devastated areas. Private Military
Companies named these three factions are. There are first Raven, based
in Europe, which employs mostly natives of that continent (French,
German, Italian). Just then SVER (pronounced severe), a native of
Chechnya who recruits both in Russia and China. Finally, the North
American Valor count in its ranks former marine but also Mexican and
British. These three services are involved thank you without a fight
called the shadow war.


The first is a mode to 64 players, one team must defend two
communications towers and the attackers have the hack, then destroy
their main bases, all in under 20 minutes. We discover at once a game
full of bounce and no surprises about the connection that is perfect
for all players with a basic material, and even in the second mode,
which propose to increase the capacity of many possible by two players,
and from 64 to 128. Acquisition mode also consists of a team defensive
and attacking one another: the defense will have a camp with Bunker DCA
and all the sophisticated weaponry to counter the defense may, however,
infiltrate and destroy the basis of inside. The goal of the attackers?
Stealing two vehicles at the heart of the base, easier said than done,
but there are still 64 players behind, desperate to participate in the
victory of their team. The method 256 also proposes a good cooperation
between teams of 8 and fine fighting against opposing players, and
fortunately for us the reputation of developers, still no sign of lag!

"The art of war is to make the enemy without fighting," said the
Chinese general Sun Tzu. You bet! In the game, nothing beats a good
carnage and the more cannon fodder, more the merrier. With MAG, up to
the war, true. That which does not count the dead as soldiers are
numerous. 128 players in each camp, all ready to fight on large
battlefields. No time for solitary exploits. Each unit is a number, a
small triangle in the viewfinder, blue for allies and red for enemies.
No medals for heroes. The strongest bind the head shots without getting
any glory and the weak die in indifference. How did this happen? Nobody
knows. Difficult to set the scene of conflict without epic solo, then
as Zipper Interactive is doing what it can with a short cinematic
introduction, authoritarian voice-over loads and lots of text down to
reveal his script .

So read the menus that the player made the acquaintance of Valor, the
Raven and SVER, the three forces. In 2025, these private armies vying
for control of a devastated Earth. Before taking part in combat, the
player is invited to join one of the factions. A purely emotional
choice because developers have not ventured to disturb the balance
between the armies. All three possess the weapons look different but
the same power. Once on the ground, only the appearance of soldiers
distinguishes three camps. Look veterans hairy for Valor, a bit
rebellious for SVER and frankly technophile side of Raven. Better to
test them all three before starting to play seriously, because the
commitment is final. Indeed, MAG records only one soldier (and
therefore a single faction) for backup.

Game Walkthrough:

In the beginning of the game, the player chooses his side, carefully
because it can reverse its option than deleting his character (one can
be created …). We must therefore know the specifics of each camp
before embarking. SVER specializes in guerrilla operations and
therefore has the right equipment. RAVEN put everything on the
technology, while Valor table on the experience of its soldiers and
equipment robust. Once your definite choice, you just have to dress up
your yard-bird and get into the fray. We’ll have to fight hard to gain
access to the four game modes. For to unblock the four types of party,
you must reach level 8 in. At first, you have access to the solo
training, tutorial teaching you the basics of commands and a mission of
suppression. This mode is a team-deathmatch team of 32 against 32 but
is actually a drive-scale clash of seeing members of the same camp with
"non-lethal munitions." Once you progress in levels, you have access to
sabotage mode. It is played with 64 players and also truly begins
hostilities between opposing parties. Players are on one side, take
possession of two satellite links and then rush to a final strategic
point to destroy. Then the acquisition mode, this time hosting 128
players (two teams of 64).

This time, we must seize vehicles for the top secret study. But before
that, many strategic points secondary enemies may be undermined for a
breakthrough less tedious. Thus, it can destroy radar systems, bunkers
and towers, dams, access doors and heavy artillery batteries. Finally,
the domination mode looks like the chunk of the game is the only one
capable of reaching the maximum capacity of 256 players. Here, the
attackers are launching an assault on fuel reserves. He must first
destroy the pipes and then have access to the eight pumps at the enemy
and take control to put spokes in the wheels of the opponent. Each time
one team attacks while the other defends. The choice is completely
random, directed by the console. As for the party to join the server,
etc.. There is no browser parties as in most multi FPS. The console
manages everything for you unless you use the systems of friends and
clan included in the game a questionable choice without doubt the lack
of ergonomics of the navigation controller in complex menus.

Third World War just ended, leaving the world in chaos without a name.
Traditional military forces have given way to three private armies who
sell their services to the highest bidder. These three groups defend
different interests and are therefore more or less brought legally to
confront directly. This shadow war between SVER, Raven and Valor: The
First Army is composed mostly of members Chechen, Chinese, Indian or
Russian, the second is based in Europe, the latter brings together
fighters from North America or the United Kingdom. Before you launch
into battle, you must decide which of these forces you will integrate.
Do not make this choice lightly, it is impossible to get the character
you made love to grow with one faction to another. The three services
in question exhibit looks and equipment offer different small guys
Raven for example have a very sophisticated weapons while those from
the ranks of SVER seem more suited to guerrilla warfare. Your choice is
not limited to choosing one guise or another: once you’re part of one
of these armies, each of your victories contributed to the scale to
give a little edge to your faction in the War of shadow that contrasted
with the other two. Also note that you can form clans within the same
army to find you more easily surrounded by your friends when you’re in
the heat of battle.

Classic-level weapons, MAG is also next game modes There are four in
total, but they are not all available on the first launch. It will
unlock them and stick to it because the options menu does not offer the
ability to create custom games. The most accessible is the delete mode,
a team-deathmatch to 32 against 32. Sabotage happens then that
welcomes, too, 64 players. The attackers are trying to target and
control three defenders to stop them. Part 128-Acquisition further
complicates things a bit since the attackers have stolen two vehicles
stashed in the base defenders. Finally, the dominant mode is the only
one who really plays to 256. It includes three modes in one, while
offering the most extensive land, lots of vehicles to drive, turrets,
airdrops, the anti-aircraft batteries, bunkers and no fewer than eight
points to secure strategic. The big fashion show, in fact. Until maybe
a future DLC that developers refuse to disclose at this time, the game
includes 12 maps, that is to say three per game mode cleverly
constructed, the cards are distinguished mainly by their size, well
suited to battles to 64, 128 or 256.

We shall not dwell on the game options, minimalist, console requires.
Turning rather to the gameplay itself. Before leaving for the
battlefield, the player can build up his equipment. Zipper Interactive
has not integrated character predetermined classes. It is the player to
choose his equipment and his role on the ground through it. Thus, it
chooses its main weapon, his secondary weapon and equipment ranging
from grenades (frags or smoke …), through the care kits and claymore
mines. Throughout its growth, reaping the player experience points but
also skill points to distribute as they wish. It is offered as
additional equipment or capacity to revive an ally. But also
improvements to its weapons such as scopes or what recoil reduction.
Each leveling will earn skill point that you can improve your abilities
(heal his teammates, reload faster …), your accessories and even your
arms. With 60 levels in all, it does not go without saying that this
skill tree is extremely comprehensive and offer you the opportunity to
create unique combination. It will however reflect several times before
confirming your new skill, as this will affect the future of your
class: soldier, truck, air support, sniper, etc.. But your character is
versatile and you can configure up to five devices: basic weapons,
secondary, grenades and materials 1 and 2 armor (the latter is more
heavy and less mobile you will), all consistent with the point system
skills described above. But the advantage is that you can always change
gear directly on the battlefield, so you can very well be a sniper,
then when it comes to reappear, after have been killed, you can
transform into Land claims.

We already knew that the game at 256 was an issue of prestige for the
PS3 and the PlayStation Network, we now know that it is a rolling case.
There are people on the battlefield, and it is noticeable. Bullets fly
from all sides, frags rain and small privates run in all directions,
often in confusion. This already happens in many FPS multi but here the
disorder is exacerbated by the large number of players. HUD flashes
from red to blue as a garland and hoarse voice. Every three seconds,
someone, somewhere, has "lost a refinery fire" or "disarmed a bomb on
the bunker. At first it is to upset, but in a couple of games reveals
its purpose: to learn to look to save his comrade, and get 10
experience points and advance-group so that you can recover without
having to return (something that will be especially useful in the
larger maps). It is one of the two elements that encourage you to work
as a squad. The second mode comes with Sabotage and is based on the
desire you have to win a game. The squad will work together so many
tricks to win. This mode is to defend or attack two positions. If the
defenders lose them should go to defend a single position to decide the
victory. If players acting independently can win a position, but lost
again and again, so that the game will stop.

The four types of games available are unlocked gradually depending on
the experience of your character and just reach level 8 so they are all
accessible. Remove the missions are simple team deathmatch involving up
to 64 participants, it is simply a drive that lets you try your hand in
front of other soldiers from the same army as you. Things get a little
more interesting with Sabotage missions: they always gather 64 players
but it is this time to fulfill specific goals. The attacking team must
start and take control of two satellite links to go destroy a strategic
point. Things get a little complicated in the Acquisition and
Domination modes that compete are respectively 128 and 256 players in
order to capture enemy vehicles or destroying fuel reserves of the
enemy. The clashes then took a gigantic scale and hope to win it of
course does not go headlong rush to the primary objective: there are a
string of secondary objectives that will simplify the task of your
team. It begins and usually by blowing heavily armed bunkers blocking
the passage to the infantry, and neutralize the DCA to allow air drops
and air strikes …

Nothing very original, everything has already been seen in MAG, but the
system created inequality. Indeed, no system has classified the same
level of players on the same game. Thus, we are left with squads from
level 8 to level 60 … Players much better equipped and trained than
you think you will find it hard to beat if they find themselves facing
you. Faster, better protected and better equipped, the strongest gain
more XP that small levels that have yet sorely needed. Inequalities
which are blatant joystick in hand, especially if you adopt the
necessary behavior. In MAG, heroism is left aside for a team game
further and essential to your survival. Follow the orders of your
commander or your squad leader also earns you a welcome XP surplus.
Ideas sympathetic to the team play that is still difficult to implement
on very open levels where death can come from anywhere. Players will
not only base their weapons at their disposal, they also will have
automatic turrets, helicopters, cars, buggies and even parachutes. And
needless to say that alone you will not last long in the enemy camp. In
short, a low diversity of modes, but maps that are found vast and
varied. The select button to display the map scale may suffer, as you
might logically when you lose your first battle. Knowing that each
faction has 4 cards for each mode and each strategy has a very
different approach, the operating efficiency despite a variety of
environments including the thinness might offend.

The experience system is not really innovative but it has the merit of
rewarding the player by providing a custom progress. The principle is
simple: you get experience points every time you make a frag that you
treat one of your teammates or you do a goal, and you lose every time
you make a Team-killer. Do not expect to really earn those valuable
points on their way alone on your side, you will not last long if you
are not supported by your teammates. Going up in level, you will not
only have access to different modes of play and pretend to command
posts, but you will also have the opportunity to upgrade equipment and
features of your character. By sacrificing some skill points you’ll
have access to anti-personnel mines, a medical kit to treat or
resuscitate his colleagues, the ability to run faster … Here there is
no predetermined level, it is up to you to build from scratch your
ideal soldier. You can indeed predetermine up to five equipment types
from which you can choose when respawn. You are therefore free to lug
around with a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher but it must still bear
in mind that the number of accessories you can carry is limited: it is
unlikely for example that you manage to gain both a repair kit and
medical kit …

It must be said with modes at 256, huge maps and ultra-versatile
players, it might be difficult to navigate. However, the establishment
of parties is very simple: before each game players are split into a
faction of 8 members with a captain at the head of each. It is he who
will set the target to attack / defend and further the game encourages
players to follow his orders through a system which means that for
every action or died within the zone of command indicated by the
master, the number experience points earned will be doubled. Finally to
end the group system, note that you will have the opportunity to become
a squad leader after getting some experience, you may not order a
regiment being a beginner. This system will not be limited to placing a
marker on the map to control your troops, but will also change over
your prowess, offering various bonus as well as aerial bombing or other
military assets. If one can judge the merits MAG is relatively
conventional, should not necessarily be seen as a reproach. Indeed, at
a time when action games tend to simplify rather than reason, we are
delighted to finally die of a head-shot, not see his life go up
automatically, not see his enemies the radar as they make no noise …
To avoid spoiling anything, the developer Zipper Interactive we offer
is extensive maps cleverly constructed so that the parties are always
dynamic. Expect to drool at some seriously offensive but still admit
that this is exactly what you are looking for.

To get to 100% of the experience offered by this game we can only
advise you to play with your friends, with whom it is possible to
organize parties and enjoy the adventure co. The headset is still
recommended for the development of more advanced strategies and
improved immersion. Level trophies, you are likely to drool: they are
simply very long, either at obtaining medals or the rise of all three
classes to level up. In other words, you can put the plate on top of
your charts if you’re a hunter, the hours you spend to get it easily
surpassing the hundred. A touch of realism found in the systems
concerned: with crosshairs to normal and the eye behind the viewfinder
to close. By cons, realism takes a blow in terms of graphics and sound
effects. The guns, however very few, the sound of pistol balls and
explosions are the same ilk. Not enough to make you jump in front of
your screen then. Fortunately an indicator appears on the screen when
your character hears combat sounds in a given direction if we think of
kids at a July 14. The graphics engine is nothing very prodigious

The competition offers much better and we guess that Zipper has had to
make concessions on this point because of the massive number of
players. The result is a game with colors too garish to aliasing, but
this too has the advantage of not slowing down. Fortunately! For given
the softness of the action and slow character to make a U-turn (for
example), we could sleep. By cons, no complaints regarding the network
code. Not a lag has come to taint our meetings frag. This is already
something but not enough to make MAG a must-have title, far away.
Finally, note also that we have had no problems with lag during our
parties, and the only trouble we encountered was limited to the
inability to reach servers on rare occasions. The simple technique of
achievement and to meet without problem 256 players on the same game
deserves to have its own take a look at MAG. Those who linger will find
it a great multiplayer FPS that will allow them to wait quietly until
the release of Bad Company 2.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Choose your weapon. Rather than spend precious skill points
    across several weapon types, pick one and spend points to continually
    upgrade that category’s weapon selections, attachments, and skills.

  • Choose your role. Electronics warfare? Combat medic? Field
    engineer? Explosives expert? MAG is all about teamwork, and a balanced
    squad is a good squad. Decide on your “support” role immediately, and
    just like when specializing with a weapon, continually spend skill
    points to improve that skill set rather than scattering points across

  • Save your skill points. Just because you leveled up and have a
    shiny new skill point to spend, that doesn’t mean you have to spend it
    “right now.” Decide first what your next ‘must have” skill is and save
    up for it. That new foregrip attachment for an assault rifle or the
    electronic sensor jammer may be worth the wait.

  • Respec early and often. Your current “Respec” points are shown in
    the “Skills” tree. When you have enough points, opting for a respec
    will reset all purchased skills and give you all of your earned points
    back to spend again; it’s basically a do-over. This is a great
    opportunity to hone your specialty and personal play-style to a razor’s

  • Be prepared for an ever-changing battlefield by “packaging” new
    skills and equipment together as loadouts in the Armory. Use attacker
    and defender skill sets as a starting point, and build from there with
    your specialties. Packaging up gear skills into an easily selectable
    loadout can make all the difference when a stealthy assault on an AA
    Battery is called for, or when a last stand against heavy APC’s can
    mean the difference between victory or defeat.



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