Death to Spies: Moment of Truth – PC Wakthrough

It took over two years to get the stand alone expansion of Death to
Spies. Subtitled Moment of Truth, the game takes us back in the shoes
of a Russian spy only dropped behind enemy lines. Moment of Truth is a
sequel to the popular stealth action title Death to Spies. The game’s
main character is Semion Strogov, a captain in the 4th department of
the Soviet counterintelligence service called SMERSH. SMERSH literally
means in Russian, Death to Spies, which was the name for a set of
counterintelligence departments in the Soviet Army formed during World
War II. Strogov is back from his previous missions and must now
participate in a series of even more complicated and exciting military
operations under the code name "Death to Spies: Moment of Truth". The
hero possesses all the skills required to accomplish especially
dangerous missions including, getting information about the disposition
of hostile military and civil units, assassination of enemy agents and
representatives of Wehrmacht’s high-ranking officers and espionage. By
the order of his supreme commander Strogov, who passed through a
serious retraining, will have to accomplish various top secret
missions. His task is to capture spies, saboteurs and gather
information about their actions using unique technologies and devices.



Beware anyway because AI has been extensively reworked and you suspect
a logical manner. Its only real shortcoming do finally appear when it
should do about the weapons. Not rigid as possible, arguing stupidly to
you straight, the privates enemies will lose all credibility. But
basically, it is not a real problem, as in Death to Spies, a shootout
rule invariably leads to your death. Here, the slightest error will pay
cash. Like its predecessor, the soft is not for pussies and tainted the
trigger, although it will occasionally make use of weapons. The
challenge is fairly stated, and it even easier. What delight the fan of
games infiltration, and to mourn the neophyte. Especially as the
developers thought the fiercest by adding a new difficulty mode that
simply banned the use of disguises. It will then be forced to punch to
it in a game that does not lend itself really.

Acronym for a Russian expression meaning "death to spies" SMERSH
actually refers to the service of Soviet espionage-cons in charge of
putting obstacles in the tracks of the German army during World War II.
A task for the less delicate in the first game, due to specific
difficulties noted above and a few worries grip. This suite comes
happily to correct a lot of mistakes of its predecessor without
succumbing to the temptation of simplification. During the Second World
War, the SMERSH not realized that Stalin himself and officiated in the
utmost secrecy, not hesitating to liquidate the informants after they
relieved of their valuable information. Anchored in a historical
reality foggy but fascinating, this new Death to Spies offers seven
missions with varied objectives often complex. Sabotage, mining
personnel, document theft, murder, title reuses the main patterns of
the older, taking a perverse pleasure to screw us in very uncomfortable
situations. Moment of Truth stands also as a direct result of the first
game, going to prove it to start on the kinematics of late Death to
Spies. It is always found in the skin of the same Russian spy who
remembers his furtive wanderings. Each mission is thus always in the
form of a flashback that is not necessarily linked with the previous
one. So do not expect the title that you used a scenario in concrete.
Basically, only the coherence of missions and the prospect tasty enough
to make the Allies will let you immerse yourself in the mood.

We therefore return to the field to seven missions asking us to
infiltrate various sites Nazis and allies to send top secret
information, sabotaging installations, kill a certain person and
whatnot that make everyday a good spy. "Moment of Truth further
enhances the realism of the previous opus with a good enemy AI smarter,
better placed and more credible responses. So, the gameplay slows down
another notch, forcing the player to carefully observe the enemy rounds
to prepare his actions and the subsequent cleanup. For sow the body
without hiding the warning means when the guards fall over. The best
way to spend the rest discreetly disguise. You can now steal the
clothes of men who were shot in the head. By cons, if you make holes in
the sideboard of your target, and then in his uniform, it will be
impossible to take. Another point which makes the game more realistic
and enhances the level of difficulty.

For those who have not had the pleasure to suffer along with our spy
ousted in 2007, know that this soft is in fact as a sort of fusion
between Hitman and Commandos. To the third person, it will above all
fake and continually evolving between numerous German patrols to clear
a path to the goal. Everything is good for success: crawling through
the weeds, killing a guard silently misplaced before hiding the body,
creating diversions, set up traps, stealing uniforms, bubbled vehicles
and so on. But beware, the enemy soldiers seem to be particularly alert
and will not hesitate to come and see what happens in cases of
suspicious noise. Better still, when you steal a uniform, it must first
ensure that it is not covered with blood and the rest of your equipment
matches your new identity. Enjoy yourself to salute an officer in your
new uniform Wehrmarcht brand new with a submachine gun of the Russian
army over the shoulder, you will give me the news. As such, we also
noted a small improvement in size: it is now possible to store a
different guise in its inventory, thereby avoiding time-consuming trips
to a victim in a hidden corner.

But fortunately this is not the only novelty of this opus. Generally,
Haggard Games has applied to erase the burden of the first component.
First change in size, the method used discretion to approach silently
from a target will allow you to move a little faster than before. This
seems trivial, but fans of the first component will recall having
cursed the slowness of the character and his inability to catch a guard
doing his rounds. Now you should be able to fall back on your prey
without much difficulty. There is also a small realignment of the
radar, which now indicates the degree of suspicion of the guards nearby
with a color code. The missions are generally more complex than in
Death to Spies first name, this little device is not too much,
especially since it does not harm real immersion. It is true that some
small details are still a little work, like the doors close by
themselves, but the whole remains coherent enough to keep us riveted to
the screen.

Haggard Games has even added a difficulty level called Saboteur, the
toughest of Moment of Truth. Just the normal mode will give you a hard
time and you will occupy a few hours along the seven exclusive
missions. You’ll have plenty of time to try new tricks of the hero. He
can now throw stones to attract attention in a corner, give orders if
wearing a uniform officer, poison his victims and even fight in melee.
What further multiply the significant number of possible approaches to
tackle a mission. You will anyway opportunity to test different
approaches so the challenge is complex. The enemies are everywhere and
we must find the flaw to be sure of escape. Technical improvements,
small but clearly visible, are used to plan any of his actions as the
depth of field revised upwards. We would still have appreciated a
little more than four new weapons in two years of development.
Fortunately, the game is sold at low prices, which should delight fans
of hardcore penetration during the Second World War.

This observation can also be applied to achieve whole, reflecting still
many years behind the competition, even if we detect minor improvements
since 2007. Nothing inherently insurmountable, however, since the real
success of Death to Spies is once again give the player the flexibility
needed to meet its objectives. For if some cinematic will sometimes
give you clues about what to do, what will you do your little mess, to
pick a particular door or knock down an officer in the bathroom. Each
goal can be achieved in several ways, and it is up to you to decide
how. Death to Spies is also not one of those titles that are always the
player’s hand. The bugger can even seem a little too cow, in the sense
that it does not even bother to pretend to a tutorial. Therefore, you
need to grope for a long time in each mission to achieve victory. Thus,
the seven proposed missions will keep you in the adventure more than
ten hours, which is quite impressive, given the small price displayed
by this series. It is just unfortunate that some are a little less
thoughtful than others. This is the only major failure of a title that
proves as pleasant and demanding.

Game Features:

  • Brand new missions located in Western and Eastern Europe, USA, in the UK and the territory of the former USSR
  • New vehicles and weapons
  • Enhanced animations and visuals
  • New graphic effects: new landscape texturing with higher resolution
    and bump mapping effects, updated rendering with HDR and dithered
  • Improved interface
  • Moment of Truth contains a lot of improvements based on the game community’s requests



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