Napoleon Total War Walkthrough

Napoleon: Total War is the new chapter to the critically acclaimed Total War series and opens up a new narrative layer to the genre-defining franchise. From the early Italian campaign to the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon covers two decades of relentless battles, a backdrop of a world in flames against which the story of an extraordinary military career unfolds. Whether you play as or against the legendary general, the outcome of war can never be guaranteed. The course of history relies on your ability to lead your troops through the most intense battles as never seen before in a Total War game.


1. The genre-defining franchise brings Napoleon to life : Napoleon: Total War defines a new standard within the genre with exciting characters and a cinematic narrative, mind-blowing battle sequences and an unrivaled mix of turn-based and real-time strategy.

2. Three new episodic campaigns : Take command and lead your armies on land and sea over three campaigns: Italy, Egypt and Mastery of Europe. The seamless mix of objective-based missions and sandbox experience makes this the most complete Total War experience to date.

3. Cutting-edge multiplayer  : Napoleon features fully integrated multiplayer modes and a complete set of online functionality: Steam achievements, gameplay bonuses, uniform editor and voice communications.

4. All new Napoleonic battles and units : Advanced weaponry enables new tactical options and even more exciting real-time battles on an epic scale, while the highly detailed environments and improved battlefield buildings guarantee a realistic recreation of famous historical battles.

Napoleon: Total War is a strategy game on PC. The title suggested to control the armies of Napoleon in three campaigns in Italy, the Middle East and Europe. On land and sea, you must use strategy to defeat opponents, modeled by the hundreds on the screen. The strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega showing major battle of Napoleon has indeed a multi-player mode.

When Sega announced a new strategy game with the words "Total" and "War" in its title, we know roughly what to expect in terms of principle and historical truth. And if the future Napoleon Total War is part of the license in question and its mechanical context, it surpasses in every form previous games. This is called "capitalizing on its achievements.
This high demand mode multiplayer mode of Napoleon Total War has seen the day stinks. "After the many positive feedback from the beta of the Campaign Multi-player Napoleon Total War, we are proud to announce that all three campaigns will therefore be playable in Multi" said Mike Simpson, Creative Director at The Creative Assembly and creator of the Total War series. "We want to thank all our fans for their support."


In terms of strategy on the PC, there are two schools: that of the turn-and that of real time. The founding principle of Total War is to reunite the two trends, this new episode offers, like its predecessors, a two-man game play, extremely rich. To introduce the concepts of the game smoothly, we offer developers a campaign called "Road to Independence". It recounts the conquest of America by early settlers in Virginia. This tutorial giant releases and scripted missions over the many options of how turn-based, and offers real-time battles of increasing difficulty. It is therefore a must in order to discuss calmly the Great Campaign, which is the main mode of this Napoleon Total War.

A typical party runs from 1700 to 1799, the rate of two turns per year and needs to win and retain 35 regions to emerge victorious from the journey. Knowing that there are dozens of actions to make each turn, that the battles are sometimes directed several thousands of men, America, Europe and India are represented, and that can again at leisure this Great Campaign by choosing a new nation out of the 11 proposed, we are certainly dealing with a full time-which can safely absorb several hundreds of hours in the life of a player.

Game plot :

At the time, wearing a mustache was still socially acceptable. Before going further, it is essential to clarify that Napoleon Total War propose to carry out three campaigns and battles. We will first participate in the Italian campaign. This will take the role of built-in tutorial to play and run from 1778 to 1793. In the second season proposed by the main menu, you will face a coalition of various European countries. During this part, it is essential to play the card of diplomacy to rally to his cause the weaker factions and unite to face the strongest armies, sometimes on different fronts. That may include using the best "Gentlemen," agents of propaganda sent to cities to sing your praises and push the population to adhere to your policy. The Egyptian campaign will pose a different problem. Separated from the mainland and therefore their supply routes through the Mediterranean, the imperial troops live in a precarious long-term fatal, unless of course you can drive the British ships outside the waters in sea battles came in right Online Napoleon Total War. Finally, the battle of Waterloo will offer nothing less than to change history by winning what was the final defeat of the Emperor. If you win, you will have access to a special cinematic depicting historical paradox that you have created.

The naval battles are obviously back. In principle, Napoleon Total War resumes on two-tier system that has been the soul of the series. Initially, it will move its troops on a general map representing Europe and North Africa. This overview will develop its large-scale actions. Important Clarification: Total War Napoleon in each round lasts two weeks. Logically, any decision will have major consequences on the lives of your troops, or at least more visible impact, more readable. It will be both easier to identify a problem as a general put out of combat and longer to remedy. Indeed, we expect a greater number of laps he has regained his health. On arrival, the involvement of players should be increased. 

The Russian campaign promises to be tough for the troops of the Empire. The second level game of Napoleon’s Total War, the battles are in real time. On this point, it became clear that the developers did a great job in boosting the graphics engine developed for Napoleon Total War. As you know, the management of troops in these phases is battalion by battalion and not one by one as elsewhere. And, in general, the results gave some the impression that the eyes properly aligned clones. With this next game, developers have enhanced the individuality of each soldier by inserting a sixty different configurations that affect the physical appearance (hair color, presence or absence of facial hair, etc..) Or held (or cover open closed, how to wear his hat …). During the battles, some events like gunfire fitting will have adverse consequences on the morale of your troops. It will pay as much attention to this element to the training ranks of your foot which, when arranged in a square, can withstand loads of enemy cavalry. To all this must be added including an impressive depth of field that can be realized distances separating the different companies of soldiers or effects like ripples in the air due to heat-important when describing the ‘Egypt-. In short, expect a large retinal happiness will ignite a content-heavy front as a willingness to create a new chapter in a series of essential reference to the desire to (re) discover the players a period of ‘History simply fascinating.

Napoleon Total War was botched. Are all agreed on this point? Even those who admit that had worshiped his bugs were "a disgrace", travel in combat "capricious" AI "distracted", tutorials "very light" and "manual pad an indigestible. It was not quite "all style and no substance" but rather a hodgepodge of styles and a gelatinous viscous force them to shave his head if she ever took in your hair. Even worse, many people who bought Napoleon Total War have waited in vain for a general fix that never really happened, Creative Assembly has chosen to devote his time to the creation of paid DLC. What else? Well, it had originally blamed the delay in the release of Napoleon Total War to the implementation of a multi-player campaign that saw full day there is only one month as a beta one-against-one.

From there, the developer has three options: pretend that everything is fine and continue to Total War games, in gradually devaluing the series (see Tony Hawk); claim that empire never existed and restart the license on a new basis, this time with a greater concern for quality (see Final Fantasy VIII), or pretend nothing at all, but consider in depth what is wrong, roll up our sleeves and fix it.  Napoleon: Total War is the result of the third option. Like the terrifying statesman of his title, he is organized, clever and controlled. The engine is not only prettier but also more fluid. The tutorials are linked together beautifully, better inform you and bring you more confident. Even if items are missing from this version for the press, I found no bugs. For the moment, plays like Napoleon should have played the game Empire and refining maniac is not limited simply to repair defects Napoleon Total War.

In addition to a tutorial that shows an inexplicably Napoleon build smelters to guns on the way to school, Napoleon: Total War features three campaigns. The first coat is put on the light of Napoleon in his first major assignment, command of the French army in Italy in northern Italy. Although none of your superiors do not wait anything from you, your goal is that of Napoleon himself, conquer provinces to secure a route to France for the invasion of Austria by striking directly at heart.

The second campaign, whose card is slightly smaller, following the attempted conquest of Egypt by Napoleon in 1798. Finally, you campaign for domination of Europe where, as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, you have the opportunity to balance the immense resources of France throughout Europe as a mace or d ‘ assume the role of a smaller power trying to overthrow Napoleon. All this comes in addition to the addition of 322 new units in the Napoleonic era, new buildings and technologies, a variety of scenarios recreating the most famous battles of the Emperor and a variety of multiplayer mode undetermined (though judging from the silence amused by Creative Assembly, it seems that online campaigns will not make it part).

It is a much better structure than that of Empire. The Italian Campaign informs you about the battles and land management areas without drowning in details, the Egyptian campaign (probably) staged naval battles and blockades, and once you’ve mastered it all You need to manage trade and political relations across the complex European theater.
Nothing prevents you play the campaigns in order fantasy (possibly upside down!), But patiently forward in the correct order should eliminate the annoying feeling that allowed Napoleon Total War not to be confronted as a game that ‘a series of tables that are unable to grasp the subtleties.

Changes to the game itself are just as intelligent. Every day is now two weeks instead of six months more traditional series, which has a couple of implications for best effect. First, it will change the speed of technological level of the previous Total War games, so you can understand how to make war at that time. Secondly, it means that summers sweltering heat where winters now extend over very many laps, which is important because Napoleon was very interested in weather.

In addition to taking carefully into account, as is usually the series, the effects of hills, sand and snow, Napoleon: Total War models as the events between the battles. Armies crossing mountains or camping in the desert or snow now steadily losing men, which is compensated by a second function by which armies automatically receive reinforcements from the mother country when they parked in a province with a friend a refueling station. n even greater attention was given to the battles themselves. The generals now give a bonus to morale more important to the troops around them, and the scope of this bonus is indicated by a large circle around their regiment. This makes your general unity busiest card because you should send units to support major breakthroughs or protect the sides about to yield.
Just as the military brass, smoke and the mud also receive special care. The engine is now linger longer smoked clouds due to fire and dust raised by cavalry charges, which actually reduces visibility.

There are also many cosmetic changes. Time has been devoted to creating tiny differences between each of your soldiers in order to diminish the disagreeable impression of having an army of little toy soldiers that moved gradually as the series became more and detailed in what is probably a slight exaggeration of reality, the flashes from the muzzle of the guns are now more vivid and intense. t was not possible to play sea battles in the program to the press, but Creative Assembly claims to have also brought a lot of care. For now, we are promised one new feature to the crews of vessels, that is to say the possibility of temporarily stop caring guns to repair the ship – filled the waterways, the scoop ‘water and keep the boat in combat. Just as it had done in CA Empire, in fact.

I’m going to be extremely cynical, but the positive side of all this is that Creative Assembly appears poised to finish the development of a game with enough new features to force fans to buy Empire, while c is also a game that fixes many flaws and varied Napoleon Total War. The final decision will probably depend on the quality of the campaign for domination of Europe scale of Napoleon, but for now the signs are really encouraging. Fans of strategy? Fix your bayonets! This time, the game will probably tell you what they really are.

Walkthrough :

In this case plays one of the greatest military strategists and political history: Napoleon Bonaparte. Creative Assembly is again responsible for this issue so that the level shown with Napoleon Total War should be the keynote of this new title. Undoubtedly, the Napoleonic era gives many opportunities in terms of history. The study has in its hands the affirmation as one of the products of the historical strategy. The study argues that despite some changes to the graphics engine and drives the difference – at least graphically – not very big between the previous and this title.

The refinements of the representatives who spoke at Creative Assembly are aimed at small details that give a more realistic touch to the game. Smoke from artillery, which will have far more presence or dust particles that horses and army lifted its path be one of the most noteworthy new features. Small details that make the difference from one to another game. Realism is today one of the pillars upon which must rest any game you want to get high. And in the case of Napoleon: Total War even more because it represents one of the most studied periods in history. Speaking of developments we cannot leave behind more than 300 new units that can operate in every battle. The game has been designed to achieve a new animation epic battle effect of faithfully portraying the fighting at the time. One of the most important historical figures of humanity becomes the protagonist of the next installment in the Total War franchise. We could enjoy the first campaigns and battles of life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

One could say a thousand things of the franchise Total War, and all very good. The Creative Assembly has been settled as a major developer of strategy games since 1999 surprised everyone with its Shogun: Total War. Policy and fighting in feudal Japan, which allowed him to devote the market within the genre of PC strategy, the success was such that no more deliveries were slow to arrive, as Medieval (2001), Rome (2003), Medieval II ( 2006) and Empire (2009), and various expansions. In a way, one could say that had covered the great periods of history, but the developer is constantly showing us that there is still much to scratch in the military legacy of humanity

After feudal Japan, the Middle Ages, the Roman Empire and the colonial era, the new commitment brings us one step further in the timeline to tell the life of a man rather than an era: Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor who tried conquer the world under the French flag. The choice is not far-fetched, since not only is one of the most important strategists of all time, but the fans demanded insistently us not forget that Rome was a mod made by fans, which chronicled the campaigns of Napoleon under the name of Napoleonic: Total War 2. Listening to the voices of his audience, The Creative Assembly finally dared to shape the life of a historical figure in a strategy game. A risky alternative, but itworks perfectly.

A war : –

Napoleon: Total War has prepared three campaigns we will travel for three key locations for the France of the time. These three short trips will take us to an era where military clashes were shorter than usual and the game settings based on these dates shows the rise and subsequent fall of Bonaparte.

The first battle is waged in the Italian front, fought between the years 1796 and 1797. This battle was Napoleon who earned the nickname "the little corporal" and began to give fame to who later became Emperor of France. This battle is notable for the participation of Bonaparte in the strategy to overthrow the papal armies. A highlight of the skills out then that dazzle years later by his ease at the time of planning attacks on the battlefield.

Then, in the second battle, we went directly to the Middle East. The desire of Napoleon to conquer new territories knew no bounds. The landing in Alexandria in 1798 marked the arrival of Bonaparte to Egypt and with it the battle against Britain. The period ends with the march of Napoleon to France in 1801.

The third campaign is the largest of the game and stretched from 1805 to 1812 to face the enemies that Napoleon had been earned at the time. The final battle, Waterloo, is one that symbolizes the fall of the great strategist.
The fact that Napoleon Bonaparte is the protagonist of the game makes the game differs from those we had played so far. While in the former Total War the objective was to choose a nation and evolve along with his army in this case is one that revolves around the character of all battles. Bonaparte’s life that has marked the development of play and the various actions do not elongate more than they stayed in the real story.

Navigation and mapping : –

The system moves through the game and the various campaigns is not far from the norm. Napoleon Total War will be a very valid point of reference for those who want an idea of how it will travel through the history of Napoleon.
The various general maps let us get closer to see more clearly the area in which we operate. Cities will be our starting points to conquer new territories from which we will have more support. The animations in the game left a great taste and the assurance that the team wants to keep improving. The behavior of the units reaches amazed by the movements and reactions of each of the soldiers. The arsenal and clothing as well as flags and other military paraphernalia are careful to the last detail, which is obvious only with the tutorial, where the uninitiated can learn how to navigate the world of Total War.

The troop movement and motion of general and flag bearers along the map we will through various clicks on the ground that will lead us to settle in new cities. Specific maps of each campaign will discover at our feet with unknown shaded areas. Each battle will be like a small documentary of the life of Napoleon and depending on the troops that move will see who is the great general who carries the banner of his army. Once we decide if we want to attack a city or not the map that we used to focus our positions will become the physical location.

We’ll pass the coordinates to see an amazing recreation of the French army of the time with the different garrisons. Since the cavalry armed private citizens to a large number of units passed through our hands, obeying every order. Depending on the type of attack we can move all the troops or just part of it through the field to end the resistance and entering the city victorious. Not enough to kill the enemy but we have to deal with citizens who, entrenched in the various buildings, we will face.

Finally, once our rivals get reduced to see that some are beaten into retreat. This is the time that the commanding general, players decide whether to finish with all units or let them go as villains. The notice of final battle in a message is displayed and the city became the French side. The next possibility to be settled in the city previously sacked. This action will give us a chunk of money yet subtracted governance to the people and seriously damage buildings. Instead we opt for a share of a lower profile to make money not immediately but the city will become part of our side without any problems for the government. Also subtracted buildings intact or with little damage and repair is sufficient for use when needed.

The extensive menus that were already known to the Total War series are still the same. Extensive options to pass from the level of governance to the management of troops passing through the various alliances and strategies.  Napoleon: Total War is in line with what have been their older siblings. A strategy game in case we now move to the skin of which was the emperor of France. A twist to a game that already has many merits to be part of video game history.

Both animations – with a spectacular Napoleon giving us an address to start the game – as the different peoples who go visiting – or assaulting – maintain the superb quality that promises hours of fun for lovers of history and the saga.
Napoleon: Total War is a title for lovers of history and biography of one of the foremost strategists of history.

Life and work of an emperor  : –

The truth is that in a first contact, it seems a little odd that a Total War focuses on a single character, around which everything else. In other games we could choose a faction, and we had to meet the specific objectives of each, but here, more marked than ever, a background, an objective, well defined time course, a depth of plot development that not only seems an excellent choice for the game, but at times we feel before a full documentary on the French emperor. Although the environment is that of a traditional Total War, specifically quite similar to Empire, by focusing on a central character nuances and touches everything takes on individuals, that cause us to develop a special sensitivity to the character.

In the version we had access could not see all the game modes, ie, mainly we have enjoyed the single player mode, and this will be centered around the figure of Napoleon. The first option is the game of Napoleonic campaigns, this would be the story mode, where Napoleon start with a teenager leaving his native Corsica (the tutorial) and reaches its final demise at Waterloo (last season). The time constraints are very restrictive in these campaigns, because the years are exactly what the life of Napoleon imposed; after the tutorial, we will conquer Italy (1976-1979), Egypt (1798), Europe (1805-1812) and, Finally, we will complete our work as Emperor at Waterloo, 18 June 1815.

Campaigns are the classic gameplay Total War, i.e. the world map with cities, where we go recruiting troops, improving our cities, researching technologies, conquering enemies, signing treaties, fighting. We must say that each campaign has its own map, i.e., although there is a map of Europe in the tutorial, if for example we move into the Italian campaign map will have a closer, with more cities, covering the entire north and focuses on he. The feeling spread that is better, since it is as if we have a general map, then we should adapt to each new land, learn their peculiarities, cities and challenging environment. A more realistic approach that invariably have a large map that is always equal in their regions and features.

The whole game system is the familiar and traditional franchise: we will have shifts in which we can make certain movements or actions with our troops and cities. With the mouse will give all the orders, and have a lower minimap to move quickly by its environment are unknown dark areas and we go exploring them to know what awaits us beyond. From this basic scheme will expand the string of menus covering various fields of military and political life. For example, the government tab will have several management options, for starters, we can see a summary of how our empire, the wealth it generates, the satisfaction of citizens, and so on.

Also have the option of Policy, which will control the taxes of our empire, and can upload or download and differentiating between high and low classes. This will be very important as the happiness of the people depend on us to have riots in the cities, labor strikes, and other similar claims, in that aspect, taxes play a crucial role in the happiness of our citizens, but there Be careful to not run out of income for our campaigns. Another option is to see our Government Ministers and the opposition. And finally, is the Commerce, where we have access to another important source of revenue to fund our campaigns.

Return, of course, diplomatic relations. Napoleon, besides being a great strategist, noted for his great political skill to sign treaties that allowed him to fill their coffers at the same time promised peace to his allies. As in other installments of the franchise, we will sign commercial treaties, declare war or make peace, but very carefully the issue of forcing others to sign what we want, through sieges, piracy of trade routes and blocking. Income earned is not limited to become more troops, but equally important will be to improve the various structures of our Empire: roads (with which we will move faster), buildings (shipyards, universities, factories, entertainment centers for people to enjoy and increase your happiness, etc..) arms.

Universities and the money will be an inseparable relationship, as the culture and training of our people bring hefty revenues and new technologies allow us to develop more powerful. Enter the figure of the gentleman, a unit that will enable us, among other things, develop our universities and our cultural level more quickly. Spies are also returning, quite similar to the gentleman, but more obscure methods, we can infiltrate into enemy cities and investigate the most important buildings of the same, the generals and the army available in the same, or get other information, if you some time we will create a network of listeners that we will unveil all the secrets of the enemy and we can develop strategies developed with full knowledge of what we’re going to find.


All information, as both our enemies (agents, fleets, armies, held regions, statistics and skills, explore buildings, reviewing the objectives, etc.), is easily accessible from the bottom of the screen menu, with the possibility of accessing quickly to where we want to only enter the particular menu. To conquer the enemy, the dynamic is similar to that of other supplies: we form a great army (of thousands of troops on this occasion, with cavalry, infantry, artillery …) and attacking or besieging the city to force their surrender. The battles do not have to play them unless we want and can simulate the outcome of the race, in this aspect, not much has changed, but remains a running system and leaves a great taste.

The other option is playing the Napoleonic wars. If the campaigns are the most complete, in that it removes all the political element to focus on the major fighting. We relive the classic battles following: Trafalgar, Dresden, Auterlitz, Borodino, Arcola, Battle of the Nile, The Pyramids, Ligny and Waterloo. The operation of the fighting is the same as other installments, with options for advancing troops, attack or defense, can give orders to individual groups or the whole army. That yes, especially outstanding as huge size of the maps, which clearly reflects the historical period in which we, the large number of troops required for a remote camera thereby to control all areas of combat. If we try to take a city, we create distractions and try to spread the enemy, forcing them to leave their secure sites, direct attacks do not always work well, as if our soldiers are very bad thing, will choose to flee.


Protagonist of History  :

The trial version that SEGA and Creative Assembly have given us is limited to the single player campaign, which is that all contact with the multiplayer aspect of time is barred by its creators, although the presence of the game is insured together again in the game, since it appears between the menu options. What also appears on the menu, and this time it is on is all that pertains to off-line modes, where we can meet the Napoleonic campaigns in which we episodically exceed those of Italy, Egypt, Europe and Waterloo, as well as those of The Coalition, which in this trial are also blocked.

These campaigns, as you intuit, make reference to very specific historical moments, for which cover specific periods of time. Since two-year stretches, including even the only one, passing through the boundary of Waterloo, which raises a single day. The tutorial and the campaign are the longest in Europe, with five and seven years respectively margin.
Moreover historical skirmishes are also present in the section of Battles of Napoleon, where we can fight as mythical places like Trafalgar, Waterloo, Ligurian, Dresden, Austerlitz, Borodino, Arcola, the Battle of the Nile or the pyramids.

Once tested the battles we have seen that, overall, the AI seems more competent than in Empire. Not that the previous degree was just a failure, much higher than that of Medieval II, for example, but in specific circumstances that gave some problems navigating or approach of battle. Time spent with this beta and we used for the review of Empire is not logically the same, but in our experience with the beta we have not experienced such serious problems with an enemy that openly handled by the computer efficiently, and a rate inconsistent actions dwindling.

In another vein, and with respect to the 2D tactical map, the truth is that things also follow a similar line. The changes also in this field are rather scarce, with some locations much more focused on time-as already noted, but instead, since they cover much smaller areas than in previous deliveries. Again we have four levels of difficulty to the map and the battles respectively, which means that the most senior strategists should opt for the more advanced, where other countries are very tough opponents to beat.

Moreover it seems that the game will run through Steam, despite criticism from many fans for the use of this system in the last delivery. Beta preview itself works with Valve’s download platform, in what is an increasingly common decision by the distributors for these special test versions for the press.

First impression  :

From what we have seen the game in this previous version, Napoleon: Total War is a worthy representative of the relief to which he belongs. On the same basis as playable that has become hallmark of the series of The Creative Assembly, add some small tweaks and some rough edges are filed to provide a title that retains all the spirit and charm of Total War. That yes, he paid special attention to the figure of the French emperor, who becomes the focus of the main game modes, a full documentary of his life that offers a different approach and a strong sense of progression. Knowing that there are more game modes and, of course, multiplayer, we can only expect even better things from the final version that will come next February. The promise is of a more than worthy tribute to Napoleon.

Game Advancements :

Emulates one of the greatest military leaders of history in this promising strategy game. It was enough just over ten years to gain control of virtually all Western and Central Europe. Napoleon Bonaparte is maintained in the memory of all their merits, as one of the greatest military geniuses in history. No wonder therefore that The Creative Assembly, makers of one of the best series of strategy games, have decided to base the first major expansion of Napoleon Total War in the figure of Napoleon. So PC users have the opportunity to get in the skin of the marque in February 2010, reviving some of its most important military campaigns as they carry the glory to the French empire or, conversely, hinder their gains by controlling some the armies of the nations that faced him.

The expansion of a great nation  :

From soldier to emperor Napoleon’s military career has been plagued by massive and impressive battles that The Creative Assembly did not want to miss this title. Thus, we shall relive the military career of privatizing through the five campaigns that present the title. The first one being the classic tutorial, in this case, we show the early years of Napoleon as a junior officer, something that will allow us to game control system. But beyond this step, we will really jump into battle and will then begin to discover the niceties that promises to deliver the title.

Excluding big news about Napoleon Total War, not in vain talk about a kind of expansion of content (although the original title will not need to enjoy it), this title based on the figure of Napoleon focus on its core playable three major military campaigns that marked the life of the French emperor. The first of these campaigns will take us back to the battlefields of northern Italy and later make the jump to Egypt and finally end the war in the early stages of the nineteenth century in Europe already struggling. The final campaign will be a recreation of the Battle of Waterloo, which undoubtedly will delight the most strategists and history buffs in general.

But back to paragraph playable, although the game is centered on the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, we shall have to guide any of the nations who confronted him along the lines already classics in the saga. What does this mean? Basically, they will meet again before a game that will combine real-time strategy, when we speak of the immense and spectacular battles in which we will be immersed, with turn-based strategy and management of large empires in the strategic map . This means that we need to manage the economy of cities, combat troops acquire, construct buildings that allow us to thrive economically, socially and militarily, and, of course, crush your opponents either by brute force or arts complex but equally satisfactory: diplomacy or murder.

We said that we can choose to nations other than the French, but if choosing this option, history will acquire a more cinematic in presenting various moments in the life of Napoleon with his troops. Also, although it is a game that will highlight once again for your great historical work, we shall change history by conquering the cities that never really came to fall under the yoke of Corsican thus obtaining several strategic advantages that will supply the things. And likewise, we may suffer losses to historical levels never occur.

With over 300 new types of military units, each with a painstakingly recreated both visually and in all matters related to their combat skills, the game promises to plunge back into incredible battles in which the proper use of troops mark the course of events. In this sense, The Creative Assembly ensures that the same type of unit, depending on the nation that we control, will be different, which undoubtedly will motivate players to experiment with the different armies in the game (with each different strategy may be developed combat). Also, be taken into account other factors outside forces such as terrain, something already traditional in the series, and the weather, which unfortunately for Napoleon, marked the denouement of a lot of his military campaigns: the Russian front.

So, for example, a heavy snow or smoke that will cause our guns with each discharge of projectiles will dramatically reduce the visibility of our troops, thus preventing to reach their targets precisely, even to undermine their morale if they do not know exactly what is happening around them. The promises realism achieved is such that even dense clouds of dust lift our cavalry riding over the sandy areas, greatly hindering the work of the artillery. In this regard, there are details that have left us truly amazed, as the sight of horses trying to get rid of their riders when they’re scared, or see the soldiers running in every direction by the brutal death of many of their peers to cause of an explosion which, moreover, has generated a crater on the battlefield.

This shows that the developer has spared no resources in improving the artificial intelligence of the troops, which means we’ll see more situations that deplete or increase the morale of the same, and they will notice to act differently depending on the situation in which the arms are involved. Thus, during a siege, the attackers were extremely aggressive, although we will see how his lust for combat gradually dwindle if they do not bust our defenses strong.
The generals who will accompany our troops, among which we find Napoleon Bonaparte himself, will also play an important role in the evolution of the races, basically because they significantly increase a morale of the troops under his command. But what happens when one of these figures falls in battle? First, that the troops are demoralized around abruptly going the opposite effect on enemies. But his death will lose the benefits that the general in question attached to our army in general, reflecting the importance with which count.

Napoleon, meanwhile, also may die in the battlefield, even has a peculiarity that differentiates him from the rest, something had to be. In this case we speak of a second chance, i.e.: Napoleon may die, but before coming to this tragic end, the parade will go through a critical health condition that may leave if kept safe for a while. That yes, being wounded and recovering is an option that only appears to us only once in the battle, so you cannot go playing with the French emperor’s life as if it were to happen at all.

We must also mention that during the campaign in Europe, the system will be altered slightly to fit the game very specific historical period in which we embark. For starters, the time lapses between shift and shift does not cover half a year, as usual, but a couple of weeks. Also, has recovered one of the classic saga, pillage, allowing us to quickly acquire resources at the expense of losing the social support of the city or area where we have used that option.
Technically, the game will also undergo slight modifications. Thus, the variety of faces for soldiers will be much larger than seen in Napoleon Total War; larger the more powerful our team, of course. Also, The Creative Assembly has made changes to the design of the menus to make them more intuitive (such as icons with information on our combat units). Of course, the battlefield promise to be more spectacular with improved effects such as explosions, columns of smoke or significant number of troops that they can make an appointment (over 10,000 soldiers).

All these elements and the mere fact of being based on the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte make this Napoleon: Total War on one of the bets on the gender of the most promising strategy for 2010. It will not be playable at a revolution as the base and created with Napoleon Total War, but the small details that have worked and the great importance it has acquired the plot in the game keep us tremendously to know the expectant outcome.

I personally believe that the time Napoleon Total War takes place during (year 1700 onwards) is quite boring, something an intrigue-historian probably would disagree, however, although powdered wigs and funny hats, goes home with the many who likes to call the period of superpower time and where names that include Gustav is completely natural, so it gives me flashbacks of a school marked by a strange teacher who spent more time on telling about her cats than to actually teach us. I prefer simply medieval or Roman Empire.

Nevertheless, the shift of the era including Creative Assembly given the opportunity to throw some new weapons and troop types into the pot. Furthermore, there was a sea of states and countries at the time, which means that there are a number of alternatives to choose from when the game starts up. Napoleon Total War is also not just about Europe, but also on states of India and America. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the size of the game, and it is actually possible to get out of a truly great campaign where your missions can easily span 40 different provinces even before you reach the year 1799 – and then required for real time and dedication .

Just as in previous Total War series, the game is divided into two sections, and where you build your empire (or watching it collapse on the screen in front of you) and also where you lead your troops into battle. Both are incredibly detailed and require you to think very differently. To play aggressively against your neighbors through the respective declarations of war and diplomacy is one thing, but when you then later have to live up to it on the battlefield, so it is something else entirely.

It is on the battlefield that Napoleon Total War really shows what it is. The details are matchless and graphics are once again amazing, something that will only get better when you zoom. The soldiers can see a bit stiff out, especially when they meet on the battlefield, but on the other hand, it may be my upbringing with MTV and too many hours of Dawn of War 2 are joking.

It is also in this part that most of the time spend. Especially in the really big battle, where it may take eons to come out the winner. At the lower difficulty levels you can play a little slack and you do not think too much about where you place your troops or how to flank your opponents (I’m also absolutely convinced that those in charge of Russian guns, spending more time to tinker in the navel, rather than to bombard my troops) but once you choose a slightly higher difficulty level, so increasing the requirements for your skills also.

It is not always I have it – got the skill so – especially if I’ve played a long time and it is nearly infinite time. "Total loser" is only my first name. As soon as I look away for a moment, then lost half of my army, decomposition.

Of course it is something any experienced Total War player knows everything, but in Napoleon Total War is also displayed on a new challenge: the sea battle. My hours with Pirates of the Burning Sea and the book Quicksilver by Neil Stephenson, has obviously given me a certain ballast (for example, guns cannot shoot forward) but to translate it to Napoleon Total War is instantly harder. Even smaller battles requires some caution and strategy so that your fleet is positioned correctly to keep standing struggle. It is quite different to command around with infantry. Prepare to end up as the Spaniards and the French did at Trafalgar a few times until you check it. And here is the attentive reader as to point out that the Battle of Trafalgar took place in 1805, i.e. six years after the period as Napoleon Total War cover – elegant!.

Napoleon : Total War contains even a campaign on the formation. This works in a way a kind of introduction to how the whole game works, you get different missions to complete, some relatively straight lines to follow, etc. It can be simple things like building a port or a little more difficult missions which take a number French cities. To begin with a medieval campaign is simple, but there are not so terribly long before it becomes far more demanding. It is definitely entertaining, but it is not something that can catch my attention a long time – maybe it’s just because I’m not particularly bitten by American history. I prefer that my Swedish troops win, than to fight for colonial freedom, so to speak.

Napoleon Total War is more of a good thing, just as we expected it and wanted it. Battle gives a new dimension to an already excellent form, while the idea itself is still extremely well done, indeed to such an extent that it is almost ludicrous. There are definitely problems to track with long loading times, a sometimes clumsy controls when you need to place its troops, but it is something you can live with most of the time. Europe, America and India lies at your feet, now it is like to choose which kingdom you need in your quest for the absolute superpower dream.

Conclusion :

Modern Age requires, Napoleon Total War Develops a new size: the naval battles! If they are not necessarily as exciting as the ground combat since the ground shipping is desperately flat, enrich it still pleasantly action and have been rather strategic. Indeed, for each vessel in the fleet, the damage is administered in three locations (left hull, starboard hull, masts and sails) and it is possible to draw three types of cannonballs different (conventional bullets to pierce the shells, bullets chain to damage the sails, and firing bullets to wipe out the crew). Ultimate refinement: the anti-collision waste, which can take possession of an enemy vessel rather than stupidly sink. The battles featuring infantry and cavalry were on them not dramatically changed since the previous Total War, except that the firearms of the eighteenth century make fighting in melee less systematic.

Otherwise, it is always best to position his troops against those of the opponent and anticipate the maximum avoidance maneuvers. Naturally, it is possible to choose a resolution automatic combat if they want to focus on the conquest of territories in turn-based. This phase has multiple improvements, beginning with the arrival of a technology tree, which allows for research in fields as diverse as the military art, science or philosophy. How to manage the diplomatic side has also been revised. There is now a very convenient panel, which summarizes the relationships between different nations and allows any time to negotiate a trade agreement with the one to make offerings to another, while declaring war on a third. .. Finally, it is possible to construct buildings in different cities in each region, not just in the capital. So many details that enhance the gaming experience and that could still take a few extra dimension in time when developers will available via a patch, how to play the Grand Campaign in one against one. However, before you get too enthusiastic about this, keep in mind that this is developers and publishers of video games as politicians: their promises are those who are listening.

At a time when too many games to oversimplify and offer a lifetime starving, Napoleon Total War is a reminder that there is an audience for long securities and complex. This new episode remains faithful to its predecessors and even some richer functionality welcome. Moreover, the choice of the eighteenth century as a period of play is irrelevant. If he suffered many technical problems more or less annoying, this new Total War really become a landmark of its kind. It only remains to hope that a patch salvation comes correct any imperfections and brings the same time the famous multiplayer extra promised by developers.

Napoleon: Total War Empire takes over as a playable dynamic, strategic possibilities, and even paragraph graphic design and appearance of menus and interfaces. It is precisely this that has made much of the fans will blame this title disguised as a standalone game expansion, compared to other stream of fans who argue that the title has enough elements to be considered unique. Is the answer to the unknown? A few days before the release of the title with our analysis.

Positive Points :

  • Rich and complex
  • Naval Battles
  • Fighting populous
  • Lifetime
  • Future multiplayer

Negative Points :

  • Steam …
  • Sound Issues
  • Localization issues
  • Charging time
  • Lack of fluency
  • Graphics Options unseparated



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