Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – PS2 Walkthrough

A true Survival Horror re-imagined for the next gen that watches and adapts to expose your innermost fears.


Stalled since the dissolution of Team Silent for Konami, the license Silent Hill fell into the hands of two Western studios in three years. Posted under Western tutelage for three episodes, the Silent Hill series returns for the third consecutive year with this Shattered Memories on Wii, PSP and PS2. Climax back in action and having religiously followed the recipe of Team Silent with the friendly Origins, the Anglo-Saxon developer takes this time his ease in moving completely mechanical routine of the saga. Undoubtedly one of my most shocking experiences of recent years. Completely transformed version of the first installment in the series, this title abandoning weapons to multiple choice and an emphasis on the psychological aspect he means to surprise. The story follows Harry Mason, who wakes up after a car accident to find that his daughter Cheryl is missing. Harry will wander the snowy streets of Silent Hill searching for answers of her disappearance, but when the world freezes over, he will need to escape the lumbering demons that haunt his steps. Harry will need to navigate both worlds to discover the truth; not just about his missing daughter, but also the type of person he actually is.

Silent Hill’s debut on the Nintendo Wii makes the fear more real than ever before. Players will be drawn into the mysterious town using the Wii Remote as a flashlight and a cellphone as they search for clues. Choices they make will shape Harry Mason, as well as the people he meets and the places he visits. The enemies evolve as well, taking the form of the player’s deepest fears. Silent Hill promises to be more terrifying than ever, bringing the fear to Wii, PS2, and PSP.

Originally announced as a remake of the first component, Shattered Memories is ultimately a complete replay of the opus of the original series, the two works do indeed share their point of departure and their protagonists: Harry Mason research after his daughter Cheryl a car accident, crossing his path Cybil Bennett, Dahlia Gillespie, Lisa, the nurse ingenue. But Silent Hill where we plunged into the horror of a city beset by "reassuring" heat of hell, Shattered Memories we offer food to the purity of the disturbing element opposite the water. Paralyzed by the snow, the town of Silent Hill does not lose its mystical veil and disturbing. Also equipped with an altered version – this time completely frozen – the city will prove once again be part of a quest as daunting as necessary: accepting the loss of a loved one.


Within the series Silent Hill, there are two types of episodes: those whose story revolves around the occult (Silent Hill 1 and 3, Origins and Homecoming) on one side, those who focus more on psychological conflicts of the main character (Silent Hill 2 and 4) other. Shattered Memories is undeniably part of the second category, although it is inspired by the first Silent Hill. It embodies in fact Harry Mason, who suffered a car accident after which he loses sight of his daughter Cheryl and began looking for him in the middle of the town of Silent Hill, where they both reside. Half amnesiac Harry will cross a small number of people seeking more or less to help in his quest, but also strange humanoid creatures trying to stop him. Unlike earlier episodes where they could face the monsters, the flight will be the only option facing the attackers, whose design is unfortunately anecdotal compared to what has been crossed in the past in the series.

Wedged in an armchair analyst, the game begins with the first of many psychological assessments of this kind. There is no wrong answer as such, but part of the pleasure of this "redesign" of Silent Hill intriguing original 1999 is that the experiment is designed to revolve around the kind of person and therefore the player you are. As I am, of course, a solitary misanthrope, a psychiatrist resident was at the party with me, but I guess that’s the goal of the game. It all starts like a dream. Harry Mason rolls on the road to Silent Hill with her daughter at her side. Then came the accident. Harry wakes up alone took an unspeakable horror. The rest, you know, or at least think you know. Indeed, while relying on a red thread known Shattered Memories opts for a more psychological, like Silent Hill 2. However, the storyline is more tortured here while enjoying a unique way. Indeed, as you progress through the snowy streets of American cities, you will very often thrown back, or rather forward, to find yourself in the office of a psychiatrist trying to understand what has happened to you. The idea is great for two reasons. First, this lifeline is not really one. Indeed, these sessions encourage psychoanalysis to ask questions about the identity of the doctor. Who is he? Seeking Does it really help us?

If this mystery will be solved in an unexpected outcome, this bias has the merit to destabilize the player. The second reason stems directly from your responses to the questionnaires that the physician you submit. Indeed, your choice will affect the rendering of Silent Hill, the meetings that you do, and to a lesser extent, your progress. For example, a simple coloring to change the visual design of a building that you’ll have to find your way. A questionnaire regarding your current favorites will result in you passing through different locations. Whether true or not in love you will mix with girls, or rather extroverted, introverted. In sum, although this does not change either in the course of history, all have the merit of changing your memories and thus lengthen the lifetime wishing to experience the adventure in several ways.

Before each appearance of creatures, the ice will take possession of the landscape and people nearby, the starting signal of chases deliberately misleading. Immersed in the dark with the blue horizon edges of doors and some other barriers marking the way, Harry will join a specific location indicated on the map / GPS portable sound to end the nightmare. However, leave the phone will prevent the player to open the doors to hide temporarily using some furniture, run and use the few objects to slow down or repel enemies. Once one has a grasp of his pursuers, he must support the faster the appropriate button to repel the assault, each wearing a little hero. Not scary but very stressful when you slow to find the exit, escape sequences represent only the visible face of the iceberg. As you can see through the eyes of the subject, you can sit and concentrate heavily on the thoughts and requirements of the evaluator to face severe, or pointing the Wiimote also divert your eyes and let your eyes wander around the office paneled. Finally, your supervisor gives you your next test. You check the appropriate box, you take pictures and you put them in the appropriate place, or you just reply, nodding or shaking her head by moving the Wiimote.

Then it comes to action, and we realized almost immediately that Shattered Memories is by far the game’s most creative and most catchy of the horror series from Konami’s Silent Hill 3 a disturbing perversion of 2003. Indeed, in the end, you think long and hard to find the strengths of one of the most attractive titles and the most ever offered mastered the genre. The meetings that we will at this stage, still quite surreal, we will often do a chat or a ride in the car. Always motivated when it comes to suffer the claustrophobia, Shattered Memories do not hesitate to insulate you as soon as possible. You spend your time to choke, wedged between the phases of pursuit races and suffocating the eight closed hardly more reassuring. These moments of exploration so much to bring the ambiance of the game, putting you constantly face the fears and flaws of your character. Through his laptop, Harry can, if desired, stay in touch with the girls he has met previously, one more way to analyze your way to be for gaming Similarly, can find a number of telephone numbers by observing the many posters that decorate the various walls, it is possible to call for talks from another world, most of the time. Shattered Memories forget little to disturb you.

Most of the time, you will explore a snowy city almost deserted, with no monsters or people in the streets. Based Paths, you will fall in places and different puzzles but based on a specific theme each time. The choice is so nearly invisible to the first part, since the transition by the route A general block access to the route B and vice versa. Regarding the puzzles, they never ask more than a few minutes to be resolved but need to observe all environments, some of them are quite clever. In various places, we will also have the opportunity to find symbolic objects and phone numbers that we can all call to take a picture of wandering souls with the laptop and Harry to live a sort of flashbacks in s ‘close enough to a place full of emotions, mostly painful. Very rarely necessary to increase the search for such details can, however, imbued with seemingly innocuous events that took over in Silent Hill.

The first thing to note is that Shattered Memories is infinitely more than a remake. While retaining some of the main characters and the basic argument, the developer Climax has changed so much in the way that calling it a "redesign" is better the outcome. Missing the card verification and obsessive compulsive and the chore of having to turn all the door handles while you plot your way through corridors and dripping faintly lit in homes and schools abandoned. Missing combat ill-conceived and clumsy, as well as the need to check each empty room looking for something forgotten. Missing in short all the elements boring and tedious. Holding the remote like a torch, you wander the beam around the dark environment, and you move with the stick on the Nunchuk, holding down the Z button to run. It crosses barriers simply by pointing at them and can open doors by moving toward them and pressing A. The basic movements are very intuitive, which makes the environments much more interesting to browse.

Unfortunately, Shattered Memories will deal with ideas much less bright. The first of these is to have simply avoided the action sequences. In absolute terms, it’s a good thing especially when we remember the good memories of Homecoming, which had opted for a totally opposite approach and ultimately irrelevant. In practice, it is already much less convincing given that Climax has swapped the gunfights cons of interminable chases that take place in the world altered. Here, you’ll just have to demonstrate speed and dexterity to find blue items (doors, wall …) with whom you can interact. Although these courses are able to maintain a good level of stress, they quickly become unbearable. Indeed, while becoming increasingly long, you will also find some flares scattered here and there to repel enemies more numerous. But that’s not all as difficult to flavor, these pathways become more tortuous, this requiring you to consult the map to know where to go, while incorporating puzzles calling using your mobile phone. In short, substitute stressful, all will quickly turn into an obstacle course annoying and sometimes very frustrating despite a system checkpoint.

Very stressful phases may irritate at times as the enemies are quick, but certainly will provide the dose of stress that you will welcome with relief the lull that follows. Panic is never far away, our hands clasped on Wiimote and Nunchuk does finally releasing once found security. It was during these chases you will feel that the only difficulty maneuvering Harry Mason. Pointer Using the Wiimote to control your flashlight as your character, it will happen by the time the signal picks up in a rush, causing involuntary movement ungracefully your avatar. This is the only criticism that will be handling, always optimal elsewhere. The three-time gameplay sets overlap fairly well, although we may regret the redundancy of course (Psy, exploration, nightmare, psychological …) and the overall simplicity of the adventure. The calm serenity of the Cabinet of Dr. K, privacy intrusive exploration and the sustained pace of the chases are still a mixture quite digestible, the haunting rhythm certainly surprising but completely addictive and immersive.

Other interesting narrative devices allow the player to zoom in and read to their liking of posters, pictures and other objects of interest, rather than having to pick up leaves scattered notes and bits of newspaper using traditional methods. Harry is very often share their thoughts on these objects, which are scattered throughout the scenery in places credible. You can also call any phone numbers that you learn in the game – they do mostly thickener mystery game, but sometimes they help you to solve specific puzzles. How to use the phone is really fantastic and it quickly became an important ingredient in the attractiveness of the game. Silent Hill game would of course not complete without the usual dose of nightmarish apparitions and supernatural terrors, and Shattered Memories is no exception in this area. This time, instead of dressing the world of grime and rust, the developer literally freezes the walls around Harry, who must run through a scene labyrinthesque avoiding ghosts faceless until that it is a preset output.

It remains to answer the last two issues: that is the grip and it is fun to watch? We can already start by saying that in both cases the result is very satisfactory, despite some minor hitches. Designed from the ground up for Wii, Shattered Memories necessarily loses its ergonomics and its inventiveness, passing on PS2. Beam of the flashlight and camera connected to the pointer, speaker used to reproduce the tone and listen to the phone, use the recognition of movement for solving puzzles, examining objects, nodding face psychoanalyst or the various actions during the prosecution … anything that strengthens the immersion on the console Nintendo is mitigated with a simple Dual Shock 2 in hand. We regret also travel a bit too rigid for Harry, particularly when it is run. This is especially in times of flight found another concern, technical this time, known as the "slowdowns and jerks" in the jargon. Once the creatures embark on the heels of Harry, the game can row markedly, to freeze the action for a short time in certain situations.

As I said above, you may need to use your mobile and it regularly. This will prove to be your most faithful companion through its many features. The first lets you take pictures of missing, like a Project Zero, to learn more about the past of Silent Hill. Moreover, the hunt for lost memories will also flashes some sort of memorial, objects with history or unexpected use of telephone numbers that you find everywhere. In addition, the GPS of your phone is your best weapon to easily find your way, especially during the proceedings described above. An essential item that will give way to the maddening amount of harmless actions that you will be asked to perform. Thus, if the search of items is an essential component in the survival-horror, she takes on the appearance of a great anything.

As it has no weapons at its disposal, you can try to reverse libraries and statues along the path of your pursuers to slow down, or you can occasionally find a torch lying on the ground for you help repel them. You also have the alternative of simply monsters hide and wait for them to be distant, but mostly you will have no choice but to push them in the appropriate direction by projecting the Wiimote violently and Nunchuk. Although it is not clear when it is in a panic, the delay is also intuitive. If you arrive on the front, projecting forward controller is the waltz, and to do the opposite if you ride on the back. Once you understand the scope, much stress these sequences nightmarish dissipates and you can focus on things like checking your position on the card or charge forward in search of an exit. To make it easier on the run at full speed, the game allows you to move a door in one quick motion provided to run and press "forward" simultaneously.

However, it is a limited help if you are lost, which can easily happen. You can also feel around in circles. Sometimes it is because you really turn around, because the sets designed to disorient you and your board if you continue to just go straight. The aim is clearly to strengthen the sense of panic, but it can also be annoying if it fails to redirect, and many players will probably find these sequences annoying and too long. Plus you progress, it becomes more difficult to discern what is truly normal. New characters appear in the strangest circumstances, and you never know if this is real. Between moments of madness, the game returns to relative calm of the psychiatrist’s couch or you’re facing another round of tests. Some are trivial and inconsequential, but at some point you realize that your answers have a subtle influence on the course of the game characters you can respond differently or their clothing and decor of their homes reflect the results of a test coloring.

In fact, you will very often asked to open a cupboard, a portfolio or shaking a can to find the key you can open a door a few meters away. Here, one feels the desire of developers to have thought their game for the Wii maximizing the movement to make the Wiimote to open a window, take a simple object, etc.. The problem is that everything has been implemented on PS2 and PSP with a focus on moving a slider coupled to a key action to make the same type of movements. Fortunately, the overall achievement is quite convincing for a game running on PS2 and environments are full of small details which can zoom in at any time. Moreover, integration of the interface is really successful. Instead of using menus that would cut the action, almost everything is managed in real time via mobile phone. It is also he who replaces the iconic radio saga when it is announced by the crackling approach creatures or paranormal event. In all cases, these passages will quickly annoy the player wishing to move forward to disentangle truth from falsehood. And therein lies the big problem of Silent Hill Shattered Memories. Having opted for artificial means to prolong its life, the title of Climax is often lost in passages wobbly before we grow again in a scenario showing times higher than the original. Ultimately, it’s a safe bet that this new iteration horror will not please everyone.

Game Features:

  • A re-imagining of the original Silent Hill that turns everything you thought you knew on its head
  • The game watches you and adapts to your actions to create a unique experience to each player and intensify their fears
  • Implementation of a cell phone as the user interface, which acts as a story telling device, map, puzzle helper, and camera that provides seamless flow with no interruption in gameplay
  • New nightmare sequence focus on escape and evasion rather than direct confrontation
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will feature an all-new soundtrack by acclaimed series composer Akira Yamaoka


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