Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Walkhthrough, Tips & Cheats

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for PSP is a frenetic beat ’em all is once
again directing the main hero of the story of the Three Kingdoms. After
preparing the equipment in town, the player can offer our friends to
join him in an attempt to address the many challenges that lie ahead on
various battlefields. All the characters change appearance as they now
spend in Fury mode, and they can fight both on land and in the air. We
cannot count the number of episodes that make up the prolific series of
Dynasty Warriors. Each time he comes to revive the great epic of the
Three Kingdoms through epic battles featuring whole armies of heroes and
famous. If the substance, Strikeforce is no exception to the rule by
inviting us once again to bludgeon the buttons on the console to crush
hordes of enemies on the form, we can say that much has changed.

Difficult thing to ask another Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce it for what
it was designed. Fighting game on a large scale for the redesigned
public Nippon fond of games together, the title surprised by the
richness of his side personalization: weapons, skills, special powers,
almost everything is subject to improvements to the player to
concentrate fully in his character. Technically, the title is the most
fun to watch, and there is a rapid and nervous seduce the most demanding
of that side. We can only regret evolution rather steep difficulty the
past ten hours of play to promote this game more. If you are single and
not really the point Stakhanovism experience, you may be frustrated, but
if you are a lucky member of a group of friends always hungry for new
experiences edutainment digitally, as is done for you!

If adventure is more exciting to many, the solo players, themselves, may
well throw in the towel before the need to repeat fifty times the same
missions to improve their equipment and boost the statistics of their
characters. It must be said that while some challenges are already
difficult to meet in multiplayer, they become downright frustrating when
you can only count on ourselves. We had beautiful revive legendary
first mission a dozen times after having spent hours dragging us into
quests, we were absolutely unable to overcome. Therefore, we have
serious reasons to believe that without the help of some friends willing
to come and lend a hand, it is virtually impossible to emerge
victorious from such confrontations. And there are more serious.

The camera is so misplaced that unless you have teammates to watch our
backs, we will regularly suddenly attacked or injured by projectiles
various crisscrossing the screen. Given that much of the fighting is
taking place now in the air, we let you imagine how the concerns of
regular visibility in the series become a concern in Strikeforce. In
fact, if developers had not implemented a lock to avoid losing sight of
our opponents too often, the title would have been simply unplayable.
However, even solo, fans of the first hour will be difficult to release
their console as this episode is refreshing. Thus, cities are a clear
improvement compared to previous episodes. There are merchants and
craftsmen ready to provide the finest objects or to teach us techniques
formidable in exchange for some gold and proper materials. One can for
example buy dozens of weapons and place them on each of them orbits to
give them different bonuses. You can also assign four special abilities
to his character allows him to jump higher or to gain more experience.
Moreover, a grocery store sells a lot of potions and traps to use on the
battlefield and a bazaar allows us to trade our useless materials. From
time to time, we meet one of the officers familiar Dynasty Warriors,
who instead of assisting us in battle, we will provide maps to improve
the shops. We will also have the choice between several members of our
faction As the course of history. In short, there is something to marvel
work Koei. The problem is that unless you’re a hardcore fan of Dynasty
Warriors or have friends willing to play with us, we will struggle to
bear the defects plaguing the series in general and this episode

Key Features  of Game :

  1. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce for PSP :
  2. New
    Actions :
    Your favorite warriors are back with all new
    abilities. Race across the ground and fly across the sky with new
    super-powered action. Take both a main an secondary weapon into battle
    and use them wisely to fight your way to victory.
  3. Destroy
    Armed Bases Alone or As a Team
    :Armed Bases make use
    of giant weaponry and various other means to impede your progress. Work
    together with your friends in ad hoc mode to take them down. Upto 4
    players can play at once.
  4. Customize your character with Chi
    Skills and Orbs :
    Skills enable you to add various abilities to your character, such as
    lightning fast movement or the ability to float in mid-air. Orbs enables
    you to further customize over 250 weapons in the game. Use Chi and Orbs
    to make your own unique character.


1. Multiple Playable Characters : The story is split into three
kingdom (Shu,Wei, Wu). First, select a Dynasty Warrior (character)from
the kingdom you wish to play as. Each has their own unique weapon and
ability growth potential. Select the one that best matches you.

2 .Abilities : There are 6 types of abilities.

  • Life
  • Fury
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Movement
  • Resistance

The rate at which these abilities increase varies by character.

3. EXPERIENCE AND WEAPONS CATEGORIES :  there are a total of 6
different Weapon Categories. Each officer has an Experience level for
each category and, as their experience rises, the number of consecutive
attacks they can perform and the amount of weapons they can equip will
increase. The rate at which their experience increases will vary by
officer. Additionally, within each Weapon Category, there is a Weapon
Type. For your Main Weapon, you must select a weapon of the same type.
However, you may select any type for your Secondary Weapon. *For
example, Liu Bei can only equip lTwin Swords-type weapons as his main

Category Weapon Type
 Sword  Sword, Twin Swords, Longsword, Greatsword,
Blade, Twin Blades, Claws
 Spear  Spear
 Pike  Pike, Twin Pikes, Cross Pikes
 Staff  Cudgel, Staff Morning Star, Flail, Twin
Maces, Sanjiegun
 Bow  Bow, Bladebow
 Tech   War Fan, Gauntlets, Cane, Fan SYSTEM


  • A maximum of 4 players can play the game via the ad hoc mode
    (multiplayer). There is no registration or fee required to play.
  • Prepare
    the necessary number of systems and game discs.
  • Turn the WLAN
    switch to ON.
  • Open the menu within the City Screen and select
  • Select a City Number and connect to an Online

5. Accepting Quests :

  • One player accepts a quest
  • The other players select [Join
    Quest] from City Menu P3.
  • The player that first accepted the
    quest selects [Start Quest].
  • Make the necessary battle
    preparations at the Ready Screen and
    select [Begin]. 5. Once all of the players participating in the quest
    have selected [Begin], the battle will begin.

6. VS Play : you will be split into two teams and must try to
deplete the other team’s Team Gauge. The team whose gauge reaches 0
loses (you can adjust the number of players per team at the Ready
Screen). For each time a player dies, their Team Gauge will drop. You
can directly attack members of the other team. By defeating a specified
enemy, you can partially recover your Team Gauge. If the time limit
expires, the side with more of their Team Gauge remaining will be
declared the winner (it will be a tie if the gauges are the same level).


Flow of Battle

  • Pre Battle Screen : y accepting a quest you will be sent to
    the battel screen. You can check the map, objectives, equipment, items
    and strategy.
  • MOVE TO A NEW AREA : Places on the map
    tribes represent
    entrance and exit points flax areas. By passing through them you can
    advance to the adjacent area. When  ages is shut, you must defeat the
    enemies in the current area or you must defeat a specific enemy in a
    different areas in order to obtain the key that will open the gate.
    Use the various actions at your disposal to
    defeat your opponents. By attacking the enemy, your Deeds will increase
    and when the battle is finished, you will receive experience  points.
    The victory condition for most
    quests is to defeat the enemy commander. Enemy commanders are very
    powerful and are capable of floating in the air and also entering Fury
    mode. In addition, gigantic Armed Bases may also appear alongside the
    commander. Be sure to check the troop type of your opponent and select a
    weapon that works well against it. By completing the Victory Condition,
    the battle results will be displayed and you can receive experience
    points and items.


USE AC CS PROPERLY  : If you use Office Cards obtained in the
City in, the proper area, the attack ability of the weapon category on
the office cared will increase. You can select an area from Tactics >
Select area an then use Select Officer Cards to choose a card. You can
set up to 4 cards to be used for tactics. The more cards of the same
element you set, the greater the effect. By setting cards of a different
element, you will obtain the various effects of each one. You can also
obtain special effects by using select cards in combination with the

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce for PSP :

  • City : Within the City you change your equipment and
    purchase item.
  • Online City : A City that allows upto 4
    players to connect
    for multiplayer. You can undertake quests together with the other
  • Quests & Battles  : There are two types of
    Requests and Battle Quests. You can receive quests from the City’s
    Notice board or (Gatekeeper]. By completing a number of Requests, you
    will be able to receive a Battle Quest. Once you have accepted a quest,
    you will proceed to battle. By completing the battle’s victory
    conditions, you can receive a reward or experience points.
  • Advancing
    through the Story  :
    The story will progress as
    you complete Battle Quests. There are multiple Battle Quests per chapter
    and, by clearing all of them, you can advance to the next chapter. The
    quests you can receive vary by chapter. You can return to previously
    cleared chapters and replay any quests that you have already completed.
  • City
    Screen  :
    By using the facilities within the City, you
    can obtain weapons and items or accept quests. Additionally, you can
    switch between single and multiplayer games. When you approach people or
    signs, a target cursor will appear. Press the X button to talk to
    people or read signs.
  • Received : The player that
    received the quest first.
  • Participating : Currently
    participating in a quest.
  • Trade:  Displayed when
    requested to make a trade.
  • Friend : Displayed when
    requested to become friends. Send
    Displayed when requested to accept download quests. The city, an
    obligatory passage before the battle

Walkthrough  :

Before leaving the Chinese to kill the shovel, the player access to a
city. It offers various stalls such an academy, a store of orbs, a
blacksmith, a market, a bazaar and a warehouse. Each rack provides
access to services distinct. The blacksmith, for example, can create any
type of weapons. The market meanwhile is selling items that can be used
on the battlefield for cooling off temporarily increase competence. The
bazaar offers to exchange materials cons of other material more or less
rare. Finally, the academy and shop orbits arise as the spearhead of
Strikeforce. The first provides access to Ki, improvements that are
placed on the legs and arms designed to strengthen, for example, our
rate of charge, to release an extra jump or activate a passive
regeneration of our health.

The second offers a plethora of orbs that once in our possession, will
be attached to their arms and give different effects (elemental damage,
incapacitating attack, improving the speed or power, etc..). All
transactions require materials gleaned during missions, and gold, won in
recognition of a successful battle. In addition, each shop operates
through a system of "cards" recovered after each mission to broaden
their range of goods and services. Lastly, each hero wins in level over
the battles

You can choose between three factions of the Three Kingdoms normal and
run a good forty heroes. There are hundreds of materials to pick up in
the scenery and things to buy in shops. Moreover, official missions and
quests are very numerous. The three scenarios (one for each faction)
follow closely the history of the Three Kingdoms. However, they are now
illustrated by superb cinematic. Clearly oriented multiplayer, Dynasty
Warriors Strikeforce not really worth a visit if one has the opportunity
to meet some friends around to embark together on the battlefield.
Solo, although we can rejoice at first with the care given to graphics
or new gameplay mechanics, they quickly throw in the towel before the
staggering difficulty of certain tasks and recurring problems of camera.

After choosing your character, the game takes place so always identical,
and finally very close to what is already known among competitors. A
little way into town to greet the shopkeepers, the old NPC that tells
you what you had bothered to read the leaflet, but especially the guard
who gives you missions. Unlike the other titles in the series, the
missions here are held in large spaces less than usual, especially cut
into even smaller portions, a bit like Monster Hunter finally. Note also
that we find far fewer enemies in Dynasty Warriors classic, although in
many battles guards reappear at infinity – which is always good to take
when in need of some experience to finish a task more difficult.
Missions, particularly simple, consisting usually kill everyone, a
secure area (and kill everyone, then) or kill a boss. Nothing too
revolutionary in the world of beat ’em all.

Apart from levels cut into small areas, one wonders then where is the
analogy with Monster Hunter. It was after one or two hours of game you
begin to see everything that comes to you in terms of developments, but
also opportunity. Firstly your village, which evolves according to your
wins by 6 criteria such as the blacksmith or the bazaar. Of course, if
your village is changing, you can change your equipment or magical
powers accordingly as different traders have more choices. However, for a
trader to evolve his shop, he will need materials such as bamboo or
rope. Similarly, if you want new weapons and magical powers soon, you
will get their hands on books or strategic metal of good quality. And of
course, all this is in the coffers of your enemies, or their corpses.
The arms race is now engaged and enticed by the power promised, the
player starts as a devil to conquer sticks that will allow it to
increase his city! And to do this will require objects from difficult
tasks, it will repeat several times to earn enough money and experience
and thus gain the power necessary to the success of these tasks. The
loop is closed, and the player is hooked.

It must be said that Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is, that side, rather
well done. Each character can equip two weapons, one immutable, and
another option that you can change at will. And how Cloud’s appeal, it
will add an element to each of his arms to increase his shot, accuracy
or its range of action but it can also add effects like poison,
lightning or freezing! The player can also set the "ki" in different
parts of his body to jump higher, glide through the air, access to new
fury, or any bonuses during processing. It takes itself so quickly in
the game, and repeat the various missions until you get a very powerful
warrior. At least initially, because after about 5 hours of play, which
correspond to the end of the first chapter or so, the player will face
his first boss, a three-story fortress protected by three witches
flying, especially tough. Will then begin the phase called "difficult"
by some, but eye-catching for the other farming. Defeated and dejected,
the proud heroes must again and again the most simple tasks to become
stronger, and finally have a chance to win the first boss. Once it
defeated, is liberation! A new region, filled with new enemies, thus
finally allowing new ingredients to further increase the capacity of his
city, and therefore have access to new powers! Playing on the love that
the players will wear their character and enhance the joy of the
infinite, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce has learned from his elders that

In terms of pure gameplay, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce defends himself
quite well, especially when compared to its competitors. The clumsy
Monster Hunter is facing a dear person here who can jump two or three
times, sliding into the air, turn into super warrior with amazing
powers, and take part in fighting particularly strong. The fighting
against the enemies fast or boss wheels turn very fast in furious
episodes of Dragon Ball Z where it hovers in the air by swinging up
projectiles at the enemy while dodging his. Fast and nervous, fighting
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is a success. Like graphics, moreover, that
the merit of being rather pretty, despite the rapidity of action and
the number of elements on the screen. The camera, sometimes a bit lost
before the deluge of action may be cropped so fortunately reasonably
fast with a sudden trigger even if some will inevitably find fault. No,
except the repetition, there is not much wrong with this title
eventually, if not just a problem of balance in the difficulty.

Firstly, the different environments that we can travel have been cut
into smaller closed areas, separated by boundaries fictitious as in
Monster Hunter. The attention to graphics is obvious and if the enemies
are far less numerous than before, they are definitely more diverse and
less stupid. There are even giant creatures that we will spend a quarter
of an hour sale. Then each hero can turn into Super Saiyan and fight
both on land and in the air. They carry two weapons now customizable
with them and allow them special powers to perform all sorts of
exploits. Finally, the player will have the opportunity to visit a city
between each mission to swap a bunch of random materials gleaned from
his travels with merchants or craftsmen.

That said, the most significant innovation of Dynasty Warriors
Strikeforce is undoubtedly its multiplayer mode. Relying heavily on the
Monster Hunter series, it makes it possible to invite up to three
friends at our side to try to fill dozens of official missions and kill
bosses overpowering. Indeed, it is not too many four on the battlefield
as the difficulty of some challenges is high. Whether on land or in the
air, enemy officers are formidable and cannot walk a hundred yards
without falling over a ballista or a generator fire balls stashed in the
scenery. The combos available are very poor statistics of our heroes
evolve slowly and somewhat appalling that we are not rich enough to
afford the best equipment in town, our life expectancy is very limited.
Fortunately, by filling a gauge of power, it is now possible to activate
a mode Fury which ends only when our reserve energy is empty or that it
triggers one of the famous Musou familiar to fans of the series. In
this state, hitting harder, jumping higher, and the appearance of our
character changes to an eyeful of our teammates and our opponents.
Indeed, the judicious use of Fury mode is essential to hope to win.

Difficult to write that sentence without thinking of a ton of trial
that we expect from Licra or other, but we cannot really deny the
obvious when it has all these figures before the eyes of the general
massacre Chinese by the hundreds, it’s good. And it’s so good that Koei
has done a background of trade for years, only to be copied by the
greatest generation on the PS2. Now, the publisher suffers however some
erosion in sales of its simulator human harvest, and begin to look to
the classifieds for reclassification.

After mixed with varying degrees of success with its flagship license
another license cult in Japan, namely Gundam, Koei is now trying to
transform his series of DW to direct it to something that was rather
successful at Sega for example, namely a game 4 in local cooperation on
PSP (but no online play). It is therefore always shoot down the thief in
ancient China by following the story of the three kingdoms, but this
time, history gives way to some fantastic, since large boss
overpowering, punchline Game together, take the form of monsters that
will hunt band.

Never change a winning team, and once more Omega Force development map
of security in and poured us of missions scripted and linear. Japanese
developers are still had the sense to propose thoughtful side quests and
bonus targets for each of them. Levels, generally divided into several
parts in the manner of a Monster Hunter, only offer few alternatives and
generally invite the player to rush straight to despite the relentless
waves of enemies. Enemies who also enjoy a variety of copy and host a
beautiful array of siege weapons and traps of all kinds to flavor
experience. We can still acknowledge the eternal repetition to own the
license, but has never yet disturbed the core of most snags.
If the scenario does not abound in originality (when not hurt), the
gameplay on him at any of a large Dynasty Warriors.

The basics are the same, namely a blow to our basic combos and a
powerful blow to punctuate them with a devastating attack. In short,
everything that makes the charm of the franchise. But Omega Force
decides to freshen up a bit by introducing some kind of gameplay
elements crispy. We find the load that can fall upon his enemy as a
writer on a kebab and enjoy the surprise of the most effective. Used
properly, the load offered to the player fights the more nervous of the
Dynasty Warriors line. Then comes the Fury mode, which replaces mainly
special Musou attacks, always present but less powerful. The state of
Fury is triggered once the full Musou bar, bringing our hero into a
destructive trance. Faster, more powerful and able to turn the situation
to his advantage, our hero becomes a veritable war machine time of one
minute. All joined by a new vertical offering under air combat larger
and more varied. That will not be too much for Strikeforce at the
difficulty sometimes poorly determined.

Cheats, Tips and Hints :


  • Costume No. 3  :Reach level 10 with a character to unlock his 3rd
  • Costume # 4  :Eliminate opponents in 1000 with a
    character to
    unlock their 4th costume.
  • Characters : Diao Chan  : Finish the 5
    star version of the mission
    "Battle of Hu Lao Gate.
  • Dong Zhuo : Complete Version 5 stars
    mission "Battle of Luo Yang"
    and "Battle of Mei Castle.
  • Lu Bu : Finish Chapter 6 of Story
  • Yuan Shao : Complete mission "Zenith Tower" in Chapter 6.
  • Zhang Jiao : Complete Version 5 stars Mission "Yellow Turban


  • Skill Bonus  : Dale +3 bonus to 3 Official letters of the same
    rank, +5 bonus to 4 Official letters of the same rank and +10 bonus to 5
    of the same rank.
  • Bonus items : Dale +3 bonus to each of the
    attributes of 3 Official
    letters of the same element, +5 bonus to each of the attributes of 4
    Official letters of the same element and +10 bonus to each of the
    attributes of 5 same element.
  • Bonus face : Dale +3 bonus to 3
    Official letters of the same
    character, +5 bonus to 4 Official letters of the same character and +10
    bonus to 5 of the same character.
  • Bonus force : Dale +3 bonus
    to all facilities of 3 Official letters
    of the same strength group (Wu Wei or Shu), +5 bonus to 4 Official
    letters from the same force and +10 bonus to 5 of the same strength.
  • Third
    costume  : Reach level 10 with a character to clinch their
    third costume.
  • Installing Bonus  : Get the following bonuses CAD
    of its facilities
    by performing the corresponding actions.
  • Ability Bonus  :
    Journal of 3 cards of same rank (Lord, Off., Or
    voluntary.) And then with 3 bonus cards to all Journal, 4 of the same to
    +5, and 5 of that to +10.
  • Bonus face : Journal of 3 cards of
    the same character model and
    then with 3 bonus cards to all Journal, 4 of the same to 5, and +5 to
    +10 thereof.
  • Strength Bonus : Journal of 3 cards of the same
    strength (Wu, Wei,
    Shu o), then with +3 bonus to all facilities, 4 of the same to +5, and 5
    of the same to 10.
  • Bonus Item : Journal of 3 cards of the same
    item, and then give a 5
    bonus card each attribute, the same 4 to +10, and 5 of that to +20.



Unlockable  Requirements
24 Manual of war  Complete the game as Shu.
4 statues of gods  Make friends online with many people.
5 stones color  Collect 5 orbs star.
Art of War  Complete the game as Wu.
Valor Awards  Pick up lots of loot in battle.
Banana leaf fan  Get a ultimate weapon.
Book of Illusions  Complete Chapter 6.
Bronze pheasant  Upload completely level a city.
Dragon Ring  Complete several bonus objectives.
Big Stories  Complete Chapter 3.
he is Jade  Upload the character level to 50.
Mark Hex  Earn various battles in Versus mode.
Imperial Seal  Get the victory in many battles.
Manual De Meng  Complete the game as Wei.
Mo Xie sword  Learn all the skills of five-star Chi.
Red Rabbit  Defeat Lu Bu a few times.
Corridor of shadows  Earn some adventures of legend.
Shan Hai Jing  Collect all the official letters.
Statue of god of war  Defeat all officers mosou.
Camino de Paz  Win a battle with each of the characters in the game.

TREASURE VAULT : When you complete the following tasks in the
corresponding item will appear on your treasure vault.

  1. Dragon ring : Bonus track of many goals.
  2. Great Stories :
    Complete Chapter 3.
  3. Book of Illusions : Complete Chapter 6.
  4. 24
    Manual of war : Complete set of Shu.
  5. Meng’s Manual : Complete
    set as Wei.
  6. 5 stones Color : Collect all 5 star orbs.
  7. Red
    ago : Defeat Lu Bu many times.
  8. Art of War : Complete set of
  9. Value of awards : Collect a large number of booty in 1
  10. Way of Peace : winning a battle with each character
  11. Statue of war on God : ALL official Mosou defeated.
  12. 4
    God Statue  : Make friends online with several people.
  13. Banana
    Leaf Blower : Get an ultimate weapon.
  14. Bronze faisant : Fully
    city level.
  15. Mark hexadecimal : Many Vs winning battles.
  16. Imperial
    Seal : The victory in many battles.
  17. Mo Xie sword : While
    learning all of 5 stars Chi skills.
  18. Shadow Runner : Legends win
    various missions.
  19. Shan Hai Jing : ALL the official collecting
  20. 24 Manual of War: Complete the game as shu
  21. 4
    statues of gods: Make some friends online
  22. Art of War: Complete
    the game as Wu
  23. Book of Illusions: Complete Chapter 6
  24. Shadow
    Runner: Wins several missions of legends


  • Infinite Musou Attacks  : If you have the ‘Keep Chi’ and ‘Focus + +
    Chi’ you will be able to run unlimited Musou attacks without pills Fury
    fury, not sitting. This is especially effective if there are enemies
    nearby that can be used to restore its fury.
  • Item Duplication  :
    To do this save the game and trade the item to
    be duplicated to another player who is not afraid. Then, exit to the
    ‘main’ menu and answer ‘No’ when prompted to save the game. When you now
    reload the previously saved game you still have the trade issue before.
    Have the other player save your game and are the subject of trade with
    you. Save the game and the other player is way out of the ‘main’ menu
    and answer "No" when prompted to save. Both players will now have the
    same issue.
  • Unlock 4 went  : An alternative method to unlock the
    4th costume is
    clear, at least 50 missions with a character.

HIDDEN COMBOS CARDS FOR CITY : By using the following
combinations of growth rate card of additional bonuses for installation
in the city will become available.

  • Cao Cao’s personal bodyguards – Warehouse : +30 Dian Wei and Xu Zhu
  • Anti-Dong Zhuo – Warehouse : +30 Cao Cao, Sunday Jian, Liu Bei
    Yuan Shao
  • Beauty and the Beast – Exchange : +30 Dong Zhuo and
    Diao Chan
  • Cao partners – exchange : +30 Cao Pi and Zhen Ji
  • Notorious
    Plots – Exchange : +30 Diao Chan Lu Buand
  • Father and Son –
    Academia : +30 Guan Yu and Guan Ping
  • The husband and wife –
    Exchange : +30 Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying
  • Xiahou Brothers –
    Market : +30 Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan
  • Master and Bodyguard –
    Workshop : +30 Sunqu and Zhou Tai
  • Young wife – Exchange : +30
    Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu
  • Old friends – Warehouse : +30 Cao Cao and
    Yuan Shao
  • Political Marriage – Blacksmithing : +30 Liu Bei and
    Sun Shang
  • Family Sunday – Workshop : +50 Sun Jian Sun Ce Sun Quan
    and Sun
    Shang Xiang
  • Three Genius – Market : +50 Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu
    and Sima Yi
  • Turbans yellow-Academy : +50 Zhang Liao, Zhang Bao
    and Zhang Jiao
  • Peach Garden Oath – Workshop : +50 Guan Yu, Liu
    Bei and Zhang Fei
  • Cao Family – Workshop : +50 Cao Cao, Cao Pi
    and Cao Ren
  • Five Beauties – Warehouse : +99 Xiao Qiao, Yue
    Ying, Diao Chan,
    Zhen Ji and Sun Shang Xiang
  • Five Tigers of Shu – Blacksmithing :
    +99 Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Zhang
    Fei, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao
  • Five Tigers Wei – Blacksmithing :
    +99 Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Zhang
    He, and Yue Jin Jing Gan


Air combat, transformations in super warrior, gigantic bosses, towns, a
multiplayer mode, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce had anything to throw out
big slap to fans of the series as neophytes. Unfortunately, solo,
progress is extremely slow and the difficulty of some missions is such
that we may become discouraged from the beginning of the adventure. In
addition, the camera constantly posed problem, the moves are basic, and
confrontations are very repetitive.

Designed to be played with, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce has a good
growth curve steeper than that of his characters. This means that after
several hours of play, the challenge becomes much greater, require the
player to endless meetings hunting experience points if he hopes to
continue the adventure. Of course, the problem will be resolved
immediately by the appearance of real friends with their version of the
game and characters well made. But the club cutters general mandarins
are not necessarily legion in our beautiful country, here is information
you need to take into account before considering the acquisition of
this excellent title but frustrating.

Generally, if you’re curious to sample the phenomenon Monster Hunter but
you’re afraid of being disappointed, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce will
make the investment, both codes of conduct or playability of the
adventure are here much more accessible to Western players in the hunt
monsters of Capcom, where the concept of sublimation of work will find
that hardly resonates with our players.

Available for :

  • PSP
  • PlayStation 3
  • Xbox 360

Plus Points :

  • Directed by convincing
  • Game system developed
  • Fighting

Minus Points :

  • Difficulty poorly measured
  • Repetitive actions
  • Excessive









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