Mega Man 10 Walkthrough & Tips

Capcom has just confirmed  Mega Man 10 will be available later in the month of March. It is already less vague than the box  spring designated some time ago by the publisher.  It remains to be seen if the 3 versions of the game (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii) will be available the same day. To recall, when it was released in Japan, Mega Man 9 was first invited to Wii before landing on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

In addition, Capcom said it will be included in the game an Easy Mode which makes the hair hackles of purists, but after all, if it allows a greater number of take pleasure in good 2D, why not. Challenge mode number 9 will be extended with some new features.

Finally, the various arms of Mega Man have been revealed, we let you discover them in pictures below.
Unfortunately, this character will be accessible by putting his hand in his pocket. Thus, the Wii, it will cost 200 points.  Other paid content provided on this console: the Special Stage 1 (100 points), the Special Stage 2 (100 points), the Special Stage 3 (100 points) and Endless Attack mode (300 points).

Considered by many as one of the nicest jewelry past 2008, ‘Mega Man 9’ made it clear that you can be successful today with retro-themed video game 100% playable and enjoyable. In addition, preserving this difficulty so characteristic of old, not like now, that almost all of those who come to us we spent with the eyes closed.
It’s not surprising that Capcom has announced a new release titled ‘Mega Man 10’, and suddenly, unexpectedly, only to WiiWare. But perhaps with the passage of time are also confirmed for PSN and XBLA versions, and to remember that the ninth delivery went for three.

But before I speak a little about what we find in this tenth chapter, let me focus a moment on the title you have laid him. Do you know the Roman numerals? Well, as I suppose you know, the saga of the mega man (although we should say man of rock, bone,  rockman as it is originally known as) is a well known and subsaga maybe a little As for more adult graphic section.  Started in 1993 in, it has seen several chapters on different platforms. I speak, of course, of ‘Mega Man X’. And what does that ‘X’? For if we stick to Roman numerals would be a "ten", so now we have two mega manes ten."

Well, made the obvious, that it remains a curiosity, let’s talk about what we will find in this future ‘Mega Man 10’.  And attention, because one of the DLC seems to be nothing more and nothing less than Bass, the antagonist / partner Mega Man. And this new character, Capcom is preparing new scenarios and game modes to lengthen the duration. One of them is called Endless Attack Mode, which seems to consist in a sort of trial, although nothing is confirmed yet.
And to complete the offer a couple of new levels. All these new additions to range between 100 and 300 Wii Points, and will be available soon.


  • Retro aesthetic that will be maintained to NES
  • There will be new bosses, like the man sheep (sheep man)
  • Proto Man will be playable, but this time without downloading content through
  • There will be a mysterious third character

Game Information :

  • Publisher : Capcom
  • Developer : Capcom, Inti Creates
  • Release date : 11/03/2010
  • Number of Players : 1
  • Type : PSN game
  • Genre : Action
  • Language : English

Game Information:

Mega Man 10 is an action game and retro-style platform, saving all the essence that has characterized the franchise since the Nintendo 8-bits. The game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, being distributed via download. In the game, you take control of two characters: Mega Man and Proto Man This alliance seeks to end once and for all with a terrible virus called Robotenza, a kind of flu that is infecting the entire race robotics. Not even the evil Dr. Willy and the friendly Roll were spared.

The gameplay is basically the same as the previous titles. The player runs through the stages and shoots his opponents to destroy them, can hold the button for a more powerful shot. Proto Man also has a shield.
One of the big news of the game is easy mode. When you select this option, the player can enjoy a newer "light" of the game, with enemies and bosses easier suitably modified to facilitate the experience. The graphics of the game remain the same classic style as well as the soundtrack.

Also in Mega Man 10 can you play as Proto Man, but it requires no additional download fee as at 9th Part.  Even a third playable character is present, however, has not yet said who they are being reduced.
Who Mega Man 9 was too difficult (and I think those were not very much) that can be used in this part of the "Easy Mode", which play well on the difficulty of adjusting today’s games. 🙂 And one of the bosses has now been announced: Sheep Man. That sounds strange and looks strange. I am very curious what it is and am looking forward to the new game.

Mega Man 10 will feature the same gameplay style as Mega Man 9, of course, new bosses, and all three playable character, which we do not know the past, but we know that Proto reverting as playable character. In addition to what was then an "Easy" mode revealed as novices in Mega Man series can also take the time here, because Mega Man 10 will of course be at least as difficult as normal severity, as Mega Man 9 was.

Walkthrough :

In Mega Man 10 each robot master has a particular weakness. If you are capable of exploiting this weaknesses then you can definitely beat the boss more easily. This walkthrough will show you to play the game on Normal Mode.

Overview :

The original 2D classic Mega Man returns in Mega Man 10. This latest Mega Man title continues to bring the series back to its old school roots with retro action, platform game play and classic 8-bit style graphics and sound. Rediscover the  Mega Man experience with classically inspired new boss characters, each with their own unique weapons and vulnerabilities. Set within the zany Mega Man universe, it comes as no surprise that robotic shenanigans are afoot once again. The year is 20XX and a suspicious outbreak of Roboenza, a Robot Flu, has broken out. It spreads through the world like wildfire bringing down robots everywhere. People who have relied on helpful robots for ages are unnerved trying to live their lives without their robot assistance. But robots that would be aiding in the development of a vaccine can’t do their jobs.

A brand new Easy Mode will help lower the entry barrier to the Mega Man series for new fans and novice action gamers Retro Satit graphics and sound combined with Mega Man’s classic simple yet addicting game play.

  • Proto Man is now available from the start of the game as selectable main character.
  • New boss designs supervised and directed by Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man
    Unique stages include – Old Castle, Highway, Iceberg, Stadiums ,and more.
  • Mega man Challenges mode will allow players to practice-up on their skills and prepare for the hair-raising adventure / ahead of them

Characters :

MEGA MAN  : An advanced humanoid robot created by Dr. Light, Mega Man was modified from a general-purpose lab assistant into a fighting robot. Fitted with a powerful arm cannon and the ability to gain skills from defeated enemies, Mega Man serves to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Wily and protect the peaceful coexistence between robots and mankind.
Proto man : Built as an early prototype of Mega Man, Proto Man is first revealed by Dr. Light as Mega Man’s trainer. Not only has he taught him valuable skills, he has also saved Mega Man from many dangers.

DR. LIGHT : A talented scientist and robotics, Dr. Light is the creator of Mega Man and many other robots. Though a pacifist, the good doctor supports Mega Man in his adventures by distributing new gear and equipment.

POLL : Originally designed as a household robot, Roll’s responsibilities have expanded considerably. She now serves as Dr. Light’s assistant and supports Mega Man in his quest against Dr. Wily.

PUSH : Also created by Dr. Light, Rush is Mega Man’s robot dog who serves as a multi-purpose support unit. Not only can he be transformed into Rush Jet to allow Mega Man to fly, he also has the Rush Coil ability which helps Mega Man perform high jumps.

BEAT :A bird-like robot that helps Mega Man in tough situations. Beat is particularly helpful in rescuing Mega Man from pits.

AUTO : Auto was created by Dr. Light and serves as his mechanic. He creates items for Mega Man by using bolts and screws that Mega Man collects in his adventures.

DR. WILY : Dr. Wily is Mega Man’s arch-nemesis. Jealous of Dr. Lights abilities and recognition, Dr. Wily constantly steals his rivals designs and ideas, using them in hopes of achieving world domination. So far, however, all of his attempts have been thwarted by Mega Man.


  1. Sheep Man
  2. Pump Man
  3. Solar Man
  4. Chill Man
  5. Nitro Man
  6. Commando Man
  7. Blade Man
  8. Strike Man

In each of them you will  have to pass on to 4 to 5 stages.

SheepMan :

This stage is the most interesting one to begin with. I will recommend you to go through this game level and then you will able to learn some skills to outsmart the other players. You will here find disappearing puzzles, vanishing platforms and robot enemies. The difficulties provided by this level is a bit simple for any Robot Master. You can simply jump upon the defeated Robot Master to gain the weapon.

AS the stage begins you will find yourself across the Vanishing Platforms. Suddenly this platforms disappears and so you have to look before you leap. Many times enemies near you comes out from this places which is sometimes a benefits and sometimes threat.  You will have to protect yourself from those pointed spikes below the disappearing platforms to avoid life loss.

Sometime there are hidden extra life’s and weapons under this platforms which you can get.  In the entire level of Sheep man you will notice a enemies with  purple color head. The best way to fight with this enemies is to hit the heads. This makes them weaker soon. But one thing you have to be aware that this enemies are capable of growing back. Use your different weapons for the same.  Sometimes in the level you will notice airborne attacks. You can simply shot them in air to perform an accurate kill.

In Sheep man stage you will then fight with the mini boss called as Octobulb. Work slowly to defeat him. Try to protect yourself from the attacks.  The mini boss Octobulb can be stopped. He has a two conveyor belts you can notice that below him. You can use those or run along those belts to get some energy and end up this boss soon. You will have to balance yourself on the range by destroying the small bulbs.  Just run on the pint platform so that the pink bulb get a maximum power. Then jump to the other blocks and stay in of the located bulbs. Repeats this. Shoot from there.
When you clear up the Sheep man level you will up to the level of puzzles. Here you will have to deal with the disappearing puzzle. The blocks disappears in a particular set of orders. You will have to figure out that order and thus make your way out. If you fall on the spikes then you will die suddenly.

After that you will get to mess with the cursor robots. This were your first encounter in the beginning. This are blue arrows that looks like your computer cursor. You will have to deal with this one or you can simply avoid them then run forwards.

In the same level the Wooly Robot Master which is also called as the Sheep Man is the most easiest target. You can defeat him with Mega Buster. Sometime this becomes a little tough in the beginning. You will by passing on the levels have collected some upgrades which will help you in this.  Here is how the Sheep Man works. He jump and divides into 4 clouds. This spreads in the screen and then came towards you. They then rain thunderbolts on you which makes you weaker. He follows a cycle of attack which you will need to understand. Just jump over so that the attack passes under your feet and then shoot him.

Pump Man :

In this you will enter you a new arena. Here the difficulties are a bit different. Here you will have to deal with Water. You will have to fight under water. So this becomes more complicated to play. You can move in this level by Water Shield.  You can fight with under water creatures here. The movement is slower here. Use your Plasma Shoot to pass on the obstacles. The level will take you through the sewing water and pipes. Kill the enemy rapidly otherwise they waste no time in eating you up. The best way to kill them is shooting them on their mouth. You can see alternate paths. Some paths will put you back to the old stage. You choose wisely. Choose the most difficult path to get through this level. Jump to avoid enemy contacts. 


Jumping is the skill here which will make you to pass on much easier way and avoiding the enemies. The lower path in the game will let you to deep water. Here you will came across dangerous spikes around you. Poisonous bubbles will accompany the same.  The first danger in the game is the spikes under water. You can jump high for the. The other dangers are bubble making machines. Shoot the bubble to protect yourself.

Then comes the boss Pump Man. A tough enemy to fight with. The power of this is the water shield. He soaks water and then blows attack out of it. You can use the Thunder Wool Clouds which you gain in the last level to launch lightning attacks and kill this enemy.

Solar Man

Now you are in Solar Man Stage. You headache hear increases more. In this stage there are more added enemies and danger. Here you can see those pink color blocks that are in air. There move in the air and you can use your mega buster to reach them. Here the enemies will follow you. You will also get some support in the game.  The best part in this game is that once you passed conveyor belts then the robots enemies which attacks you in the game will became your support. They will fight with you giving you additional help.

Play more to know more.

Tips & Hints :

  • Finish the game on Normal to unlock Hard mode.

List of Trophies :

This is a two-dimensional platform game will go on sale early next month and will have 12 fairly difficult trophies.
The classical two-dimensional game play now also available on the PlayStation 3, under 8bitnuyu stylized visuals and sound effects will return you back to the past, and a new easy difficulty level will play a game, even a child.

There is year 20XX Roboenza pandemic around the globe with enormous speed. It infects the good robots, making them vicious killers. Main characters Mega Man and Proto Man must confront this pandemic and to save his girlfriend roll.

SILVER : there are 7 trophies in Silver

  1. BLUE BOMBER :  Complete the game in an hour.
  2. HARD ROCK :  Get to the boss room without getting damaged.
  3. HEADBANGING : Defeat the bosses of eight without a helmet.
  4. DESTROYER : Defeat 1000 enemies.
  5. TENACIOUS : Complete the game without using continues.
  6. INVINCIBLE : Complete the game with no deaths.
  7. MR.PERFECT : Complete the game without getting damaged.

BRONZE :  There are 5 trophies in Bronze

  1. WHOMP WILY! : First time to finish the game. 
  2. SUPERHERO : Complete the game on the level of complexity «HARD».
  3. WORLD WARRIOR : Least once to defeat the enemy of every type.
  4. TRUSTY SIDEARM : Defeat the eight bosses using only the standard weapons.
  5. NO COFFEE BREAK : Complete the game without using any energy, mystical weapons, and Tanks.

Additional Content :

Mega Man 10 on PS3 will mark a new adventure in the same style retro Mega Man 9. Mega Man and Proto Man will go to the aid of robots Robotenza affected by an ailment that makes them somewhat lose their common sense.
Capcom has already announced the color of future additional downloads for the title. Because yes, if the look of Mega Man 10 pays tribute to well past the mercantile policy behind the title does not change. The editor then you will pay a few amount for more levels to add a special mode or an additional personal ( Bass, appeared in Mega Man 7). Here are the downloads to wait, and prices at least as regards the Wii version.

  • Bass Mode (200 Wii Points)
  • Endless Attack Mode (300 Wii Points)
  • Special Stage 1 (100 Wii Points)
  • Special Stage 2 (100 Wii Points)
  • Special Stage 3 (100 Wii Points)


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