Rayman 2 The Great Escape Walkthrough and Tips

Rayman is back to basics and for new adventures. The second installment in this superb game platform arrives at the store for our greatest happiness.

Robot-pirates from outer space have indeed invaded the land and dispersed throughout the world’s energy. Ray, assisted by his friend managed to escape Globox flagship where he was detained and must now save the world from the ignominious invader. Once he found his powers he will fly to the aid of his friends and collect the energy dispersed in 800 Lums around the world. A very heavy task for our little hero, unless it gets like the legend Polokus to awaken the spirit of the world, bringing together four magical masks. It is therefore a perilous quest awaits our little guy and who face many enemies over twenty world he must go.

You will need to accompany Ray in its mission and help drive the horrible robot-pirates off the tranquil world. You will leave in search of relics and the 800 Lums traversing the planet down, in a world now in 3D. A new environment, new opportunities, and Rayman will now hang decor, swimming, wear items, riding gear diverse and varied and even water skiing. As to his usual our heroes can also perform dizzying jumps or use his hair as a helicopter to fly over dangerous areas. A comprehensive program that is sure to spice up these new adventures and to revive interest, while offering us a game platform in the purest tradition. All the ingredients are indeed met to give us a model of its kind, adding more emotion and charm of a character out of the ordinary.

A horde of robot-pirates from outer space has descended upon Raymans world. Their boss, the terrifying Razor Beard, has brought his men to enslave the inhabitants and begin a reign of terror. Rayman, despite his powers, wasn’t able to resist them and is now held prisoner aboard Razor Beards Prison Ship.

We remember leaving the first Rayman, at the time game platforms 2D, rich colors and scrolling differential to copy the gameplay and amazing music. The character, if endearing, is therefore today, with all its baggage technical improvements developed since. In fact, repeat the same principle as the first game, transpose it by adding a third dimension, and you get this new Rayman.

About Rayman :
Rayman has become Ubi Soft’s mascot throughout the world, from the United States to China. This surprising character, created by Michel Ancel, is now limbering up to put his skills to the test in a third adventure. But, first of all, let’s remind ourselves of how he saw the light of day.

Rayman was born in 1994 from the sketches of Michel Ancel – a young graphic designer whom no-one had then heard of, with a passion for Russian, Chinese and Celtic fairy tales. Ubi Soft decided to give the character a chance by developing his first adventure, throwing everything they’d got into the project. Thus began the Rayman adventure!

The first warning shot across the bows. Rayman was released on the new PlayStation console in 1995 and was an instant runaway success. For the first time, a video game publisher in the West was offering a serious alternative to the famous Japanese characters! Rayman – the legless, armless hero, with his big, mischievous eyes – could perform all kinds of increasingly aerial movements. He had get-up-and-go and a great sense of humour. He could run, jump, shoot his fist through space, or use his hair like helicopter rotor blades, making it spin round to take flight. In this first adventure, Rayman confronted the dreaded Mister Dark and succeeded in restoring order to his devastated world.

The sparkling colors, the variety of the music (unmatched in quality at the time) and Rayman’s maneuverability soon made the game a mega-hit. And, thanks to his dismembered appearance, Rayman stood out from the rank and file of other game characters! The fan sites boomed, and the cool, unflappable hero had become a star! Meanwhile, Rayman’s second great adventure was at last under way.

Rayman 2 The Greater Escape Iphone Version :

It is an widely acclaimed game which remains a all time favorite game. The graphic quality is really perfect here which will give nice gaming experience. The game is also a suitable alternative for Super Mario. The only thing which can give you some hard time is the controls on iPhone.

Raman 2 The Great Escape is a 3D game where you will have to finish up your levels by swinging, jumping, sliding and shooting your enemies. There are many levels which keeps you curious about the game. The game is best for kid due to its childish gameplay. There are some moves like jumping and then shooting the balls of energy which lets the player to enjoy. There is quiet a plenty of fight in the game where it adds up some tension.

The movement in the game is controlled by tapping icons. The controls are tried to indulge properly so that you can enjoy it. Somewhere there is needs of manual adjustment like moving or swiping from left to right. The only thing which annoys is the screen ratio. That means some area in the screen are not seen. They get hidden and for that you have to move from all corners to view those parts. Some time enemies and tombs goes off-screen.

The style of decoration, the hero himself, the characters, the gameplay … frankly nothing has changed, which is not displeasing, quite the contrary. Indeed, this game is a delight in every way: graphics, we think from a fairy tale, is absolutely charming, the characters met, enemies or friends, are all a refreshing exotic, the sounds are a delight, and the music, composed specially for the game are much more only bring a simple background atmosphere, they contribute greatly to the feeling of fullness that exists in Rayman 2.

The little guy who waddles on screen has kept all his dexterity. His magic hand, he twirls before catapulting forcefully before him, is still effective, his hair always used helicopters to stay longer in the air and jumps and hangs elegantly as always … These actions are performed without a hitch, as the gameplay and the gameplay have been worked and to the extreme, so probably to please everyone. Moreover, Rayman 2 is intended to pleasure younger, the shading is simplistic (to save his friends), and the style of the characters in the game, humor, highly visual, fully corresponds to the target. However, the quality of being magnificent achievement, one can only take a liking to stagger in this universe infinitely rich, and whatever our age!

The view used is not completely ideal, since it tends to swirl around a bit of hero. Fortunately, the buttons allow you to adjust the case to his taste, but better management of the corners had not been luxurious. Apart from that, in Rayman 2, it wanders in a score of world we encounter zany characters also attached by or contemptuous, there is water skiing, air combat, racing in leg missiles etc.. short, you never get bored one second.

Features :

  2. For the first time in an iPhone/iPod Touch platform game, every environment is fully rendered in 3D!
  3. Explore waterfalls, deep sea caves, and pirate hideouts
  5. Ruthless pirates have invaded the Glades of Dreams to capture and enslave Rayman’s friends.
  6. Your mission: to free Rayman’s friends and reap the reward of their magical powers, defeat barbaric pirates and gather the four masks of Polokus.
  8. Help Rayman run, climb, swim, water-ski and even fly with his helicopter hair.
  9. Use the virtual stick to control Rayman in all directions and activate his magical powers!
  11. Follow the road to victory by flying rockets, riding whirlwinds and surfing on lava streams
  12. Dozens of hours of fun you can take even further by collecting all 1,000 hidden lums scattered across the levels!

Gameplay :

Rayman 2 is a 3D game which is a nice choice for iPhone and will let you get stick with it for longer time. The game is based on the most similar sequence of levels. Here you have to fight with the Robot Pirates, solve puzzles and collect lums. As you have collected enough number of lums you get access to the new level. Those lums are hidden, you can get them from the small cages in your way by breaking them.

There are several levels in the game based on a story line sequence. Other than this you can also play a time trail level for getting nice bonus points. This bonus levels can be obtained by collecting a number of lums and killing enemies. You main weapon in the game is the energy orbs which you can use to shoot your enemies. They must be charged before shooting to get a powerful impact. On certain points you can throw powder kegs to kill your enemies or destroy any tomb. At certain points you will find big purple plums. By getting them you can make your enemies unmovable. But on the same hand while passing through them don’t touch them.

You can ride robot shells and get your proper directions. But once you are riding you cannot shoot. Some of the levels will give you ability to fly by a helicopter. This also has a gunpowder barrel which can use to attack on the enemies.

Walkthrough & Tips :

  • If you finish the game with at least 90% of lums found, you will receive a mini-game after the end credits.

Here are some Level Information:

Level 1: Fresh sylph :

Jump on your left and a mouth you give some instructions on the controls. Follow the water to a cage in a gray area. Jump in and pull the cage to retrieve the yellow Lum then jump into the hole. Climb the stairs and get three new yellow Lums then jump into the water and grab the fifth and final Lum near the waterfall. Step back on the pitch and make a final jump to get through to the second cage.

Level 2: The clearing of the fairy

Jump into the water and follow the blue Lums in the cave on the right and open the cage and leave the cave. Swim to the central island and jump on the mushroom to reach the tree. Follow the trunk and get into the cave, jump the pond and climb on the last platform. Shoot the button and follow the road to a structure that discharges of waste water. Climb up the building and then go to the passage and jump rope on the barrel. Return to the building after recovering Lums and climb up the cave via the moving platforms.

Cling to the vegetation and climb the tree and then down along the water. Do not worry about the cage behind the grid, you cannot reach it yet. Get on the vegetation and go up the toxic pond. Follow the left wall to an opening no avoiding pirates, then you can go to the cage at the top or to the Lums in water (note the presence of another cage behind the fence). Springs and attract hackers to the wooden panel in the floor. Go down the hole, jump on the crates and climb to the canvas while avoiding the barrels. Break the door to go and get rid of the pirate asleep in the next room. Go to the barrel and throw it on the door in the previous part to find a cage. Back in the room and mount the barrel by the string to retrieve the Lums and jump through the opening at the top.

Skip avoiding the laser and touch the button and take the new openness. Take the two lasers, killing the attacker and activate the new switch on the wall. Jump the rails and then go door to avoid new lasers and finally exit. Take the passage down and move towards the barrels. Throw in one in the air and shoot the mine and then retrieve it. Use this method to destroy the machine with the barrels (three places can break) and release Ly. Then go up the rope ladder and use the purple Lum to cross the bridge collapsed. Continue, down the slope in recovering the Lums. Then go up while using high draft pick and all the Lums yellow road (some are not on the way). Break the cage up and go to the next level.

Level 3: Marshes of Awakening :

Get on Lum the root advancing a little then go back and climb through the ropes to the cage. Free Ssssam and follow the path by getting the Lums and cages (do not forget the two groups of five Lums, one in the first tunnel and upwind of pirate fishing to the end of level). No particular difficulties.

Level 4: The bayou and walk in the park

Go to first on the stone circles on the left and get the fifty Lums before returning. Jump on the barrel and you take care of the cage to the root when it stops. Take another barrel up the rope ladder, pull the button down the slope and then recovering the Lums. Climb up the rope ladder and go up through the barrel Purple Lum. Get rid of the ghosts and collect Lums going into the trunk through the barrel. Jump on the barrel again, take care of the cage and continue along the path and picking up the Lums. Pass the Purple Lum and fight the pirate in the next box before pressing the button and follow the passage. Avoid the barrels and jump in the slope to prevent further and retrieve Lum, landing. Press the left button and then use the purple Lum to reach the opening at the bottom. Skip to avoid the pirate, shoot the button and cross the hall, avoiding the blades then take the pass and move the barrels. Skip fell where the barrel to find a new cage and then jump around the pipes to reach another (and some Lums) and climb to the top.

Level 5: The Sanctuary of Water and Ice :

Look to the ocean and go to the cage near the dock, open it, get the Lums and go into the cave then dive into the water. Follow the tunnel to find another cage and then climb the ladder and you’ll have a conundrum. You will find the orbits that have the same color as the base of the pyramid. Walk along the right tower and use the barrels to open the doors of the two towers. Go and get the orbs and place them on the corresponding color. Go through the door, get the Lums above then continue through the passage. Get off as soon as possible by getting the Lums and use the purple down to reach the boss. Pull over when it is under the stalagmite to get rid of it and then follow the path behind the waterfall.

Level 6: The hills Menhir and the cave of bad dreams :


Go first to the blue stones behind you and open the gate using the button below you will find a cage and a cobweb that you will go back. Return to the lava you shall continue until the shell gets tired and you can climb over. Go towards the door on the other side of the lava and jump to the shell which will unveil another cage exploding. Enter the building and take the door between the chairs to find a cage. Take the other door and use the fungus to get into the tree. Go upstairs of the building with the purple Lum and you will see a cage behind you. Use the new shell and avoid obstacles and cross the door of the building with her.


Take care of the pirate, shoot the button and move the door opens. Return to the lobby doors when you have the code and go to the marshes of awakening. Get on the trunk and follow the road to a giant eye that will transport you to the cave of bad dreams. Improving Your jumping on skulls to three major pillars. Climb as fast as possible on the first and jump to the next. Once up, go down to fight the enemies that await you and get the orb to put in its place and access the following level. Pass the blue and red slots and take the passage left of the room. Turn right at the intersection and jump on the platforms to an orange orb.

Throw it on the platform next to the entrance and then use the purple Lum to submit its location. Then jump on the skulls and on the rotating platform and go up the blue orb at the back of the room. Bring up the place and then take the other tunnel. Go down the slope, pulling the crystals and collecting the Lums (you do not catch the monster that follows you). You are now before the next boss. Shoot the skull and use it in him to climb up and then continue it with the same method until the end of the level. Then return to the hills menhirs and proceed through the level until you find Clark. You only have to follow until the end of level (not to mention the two cages in height).

Level 7: Canopy

Start by defeating the spider can collect all the Lums in the canvas. Turn left into the next area and pull the switch before returning to the top level to cross the wooden bridge and jump through the opening. Get on the flower to go ahead and shoot the place that looks less solid on the tree for Globox can pass. Let him deal with obstacles and dance for growing a plant. Go through the plant to disguise yourself and then walk to the door and go to the next level.

Level 8: The Bay of Whales

Kill the pirate awaits you, the next door is closed: So jump in the water tank of the first play and swim to the bottom and turn right. Shoot the button and go to the door. Move the nets and continue to the next door. Then go up on the boat with the rope ladder and then jump on the turret and you will find a button behind you opens the door below. Get rid of the pirate on the island in the next area, jump on the small palm trees and use the purple Lum to achieve openness.

Jump into the water once in the bay and swim to the opening of the right. Follow the road to the large room once on the surface and then up the stairs to press the button. Then use the shell to destroy the door up the stairs in front and then jump into the water and follow Carmen the whale to the tunnel (you’ll always look if you follow closely enough). Get the air bubbles before the piranhas after the tunnel and then take a walk by the boat before going in search of air. Go left and climb on board. Then go up the net to the boardwalk and use the purple Lum to reach the crow’s nest (you’ll find a new cage). Come down and go to the water flowing on the side. Get out and go to the cave near the palm to finish the level.

Level 9: The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Go down to the little stone bridge and jump up the metal structure to overcome the attacker. Pull on the part on the fragile side and use the purple Lum to go on the pitch. Kill a new pirate and go to the cave (get berries crossing drawing above). Descends to the river of lava, then climb up and discard the bay on the pirate before jumping up to the cage. Then continue in the same direction until the cave and throw a bay on the pike and then go up the hill. Use again the same technique and this time run to catch her when she falls. Repeat once more and then use the bay to go up the cave with a cage inside.

Take the other path down the river and go up by cobwebs. Once outside, walk down to the river of lava to an opening in stone and you’ll find many cages in the cave. Return back to the river and take the second path. Jump on the metal pipe and kill the attacker to find a new cage. Go to the gate and up the platform off. Shoot the enemy that awaits you in part by attracting outside and use the bay to reach the height. Then get off the river of lava through the bay and avoid bright spots and vegetation outside the walls. In the next area (with the lava light), follow the wall until an entry that leads to a new cage.

Take the passage to the orange orb (you’ll need to push as in the cave of bad dreams) and then pull the bay in the lava and take the orb before you ride. Take the orb and shoot as usual and then put it on its pedestal on the left in the next room. The shift change of direction after the river of lava and you’ll have access to the blue orb through the platforms. Place it on its pedestal and the statue will take you to the end of the level. 

Level 10: Caverns of the echo :

Press the four buttons in the departure area and then through the door to continue. Take the barrel and move up the torch to turn it into a rocket. Stop at the large tower to recover the Lums and the cage and then climb very high when you walk away with the new barrel. From here you can access the small cave high in the wall to hold you back from the cage in the Fairy Glade. You will return to level 10 in emerging. Back in your barrel, continue until a gate blocking the passage. Climb up the cage from the ceiling through the nets and then go to the other side of the grid to pull the button. Return to the barrel quickly and follow the tunnel. Cling to the net on the wall when you have more powder, jump on the wooden path and use the last barrel to exit the level.

Level 11: the great fault :

This level is pretty simple: do not stop running, jumping as much as possible, avoid passages collapse and especially do not get caught up by the pirate ship (phew!). Cages are not hidden and the level is fairly short time, courage)
Level 12: The roof of the world

Stroll on your chair, avoiding obstacles and picking up the yellow Lums. Take care then the two pirates arrive then progress in searching every nook and cranny to find the two cages and Lums.

Level 13: The sanctuary of earth and lava and the tour de force

Take immediately left to enter the tour de force and retrieve Lums before returning. Then get rid of the pirate on the net then go to the platform with the wooden barrel. Skip over new barrels and climb to the top and use the purple Lum to reach the other side. Jump on the large trunk, go two turtle shells then jump on the boardwalk and down to find a cage behind you. Go ahead and advance to the temple (there are two cages inside) then go to the flower that floats above the ground.

Move through it and then the next and jump on the platforms to a room with a tower in the center. Climb the wall where the lava waterfall is blocked then climb ledge and press the button to open the door. Take several times on the following button to open the second door and then jump on the platforms when the wall slip on the sides. The button at the end you will move forward and climb to finish the level.

Level 14: In the sanctuary of earth and lava :

First fly to the cage at the end of the tunnel entrance then go up in spring and the tunnel in front to avoid falling in the thorns. Shoot everything you can mouth the way on the angular rock after that redirect your shot to the door on the ground. Go into the next area and follow the course, picking the Lums green. Go forward and take the open left half-way to find two cages and then continue to the end of the tunnel (until the boss). Draw it close to the stalagmite and jump on the cobwebs to shoot him.

Level 15: The tomb of the ancient

Start by lowering the main steps and jump onto the small platform to capitalize on the button and open the gate. Go through the door, avoid the spider and go down the other side of the hill and activate the switch. Then go up on the cobwebs, jump on the platforms and go up again. Go up the large canvas on the left, avoid a new spider then climbs to the nest to find a new switch. Leave the room and take the door in front and then go to the bottom of the cemetery until the last switch behind one of the graves. Back in the transition to cobwebs and mount them.

Follow the following passage to the end, jump on the platforms and go up on new paintings. Then use the barrels to get down to the river and then take a rocket to go through the opening at the top. Still using a barrel to reach the boardwalk with a cage and leave the area. Ride of a new barrel to the bottom of the river and fight the boss (pull on the three buttons to reveal the lasers and draw it).

Level 16: Iron Mountain

Use the purple Lums to collect yellow and continue to advance. Avoid then the red laser and jump to shoot the two switches. You can then descend to the next area and fight the pirates. Get on the platforms once in the canyon and on the ball. In the next area, climb on the block then jump in the structure when the robot blew up the giant fund. Spend the big room and use the bounding box to mount before descending along the slope. Follow the arrows and amount to a shell and then cross the bridge at the opening.

Take the slope and go over the wall to activate the two switches. Exit through the passage opened up and move robot can retrieve the Lums in the pillars. Move then to the tower, jump on the various transition and continue to progress to the stream. Use the purple Lum to reach the stream and take the passage on the next boat to cross one last door. No boss this time. You must drive the ship into the canyon and go in the four mines: north, south, east and west. There is no enemy, you just shoot at obstacles and avoid metal pipes and then return the spacecraft to the top of the canyon.

Level 17: The prison ship

Progress through the first part of the level by pulling the buttons to move obstacles and clear the way (beware, some jumps are difficult). Once downstairs, go to the gate and get to the boxes and pull the button and go back into the room early and get up on the new shell. Fly to the other side of the room and hit the button near the passage to open the door next. Follow the winding tunnel, avoiding the boards and avoid the laser in the next room and you will reach the final boss.

Shoot the mines that you send him back and avoid the energy balls. Tap it three times with mine to fight his final form. Fly up the tunnel and down to recover energy and pull him into their hands to steady it in the dishwasher. Keep shooting him until he ascends to avoid the lava and then repeat the same process to get rid of him. You have to admire the cutscene.

The Level Game Walkthrough is based on the DreamCast Version of Rayman 2 The great Escape.

Conclusion :

The hero must save his friends from the clutches of pirates who populate the different levels in 3D game running, climbing, swimming, or flying through his famous helicopter hair. You will also be riding on Rayman shells, fly in the eddies of air and even surfing on lava. Finally, to activate its magical powers, the virtual stick will be very useful to Rayman lead to 360. Gameloft seems determined to revive Rayman on the front of the stage.

Thus, the publisher informs us that Rayman 2: The Great Escape will be available on the AppStore. Yep, this is an episode full 3D, which made her little effect on its release, suggesting a bright future for the hero with no arms or legs. Then Rabbids arrived. You know the rest.


Positive Points :

  • Good graphics.
  • A magical world
  • A significant life
  • A perfect playability
  • The variety of challenges and mini-games

Negative Points :

  • Some minor vision problems
  • A story enough infant


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