SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Walkthrough

Crash ‘N Bash with your favorite SpongeBob character in this
exhilarating, fast-paced demolition derby style party game full of
excitement for the whole family. Players drive around in cars, boats
competing within wacky arenas throughout Bikini Bottom to ultimately be
the last boat standing! The story draws upon one of the most popular
events in the TV Series which is SpongeBob’s never ending quest to earn
his coveted boating license. In the game, SpongeBob is tricked into a
D.R.I.V.E. course by a shady Shark character to earn his license and is
taught the WRONG way to drive.

Crash ‘N Bash with your favorite SpongeBob character in this
exhilarating, fast-paced demolition derby style party game full of
excitement for the whole family. Players drive around in cars, boats
competing within wacky arenas throughout Bikini Bottom to ultimately be
the last boat standing! The story draws upon one of the most popular
events in the TV Series.
SpongeBob’s Boating Bash DS

Demolition Party Bash pick up and play with friends anytime in
multiplayer mode and compete to become the last manner boat standing Bash, Crash & Demolish your way through SpongeBob’s world competing
in loads of hilarious arenas

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Options:

  • Tons of customized boat options
  • Choose & Drive as your favorite SpongeBob character..8 in total
  • Develop Wacky Driving Skills & avoid obstacles & hazards.
  • Unique DS Features:
  • Customize your boat in the garage
  • 2-4 Player Multiplayer
  • Single-Card or Multi-Card Play
  • Nintendo DSi Feature: Choose Background, Take Photo and Decorate
    with 100’s of SpongeBob accessories.
  • Demolish or Be Demolished!

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Wii Features :

  1. Demolition Party Bash pick up and
    play with friends anytime in multiplayer mode and compete to become the
    last manner boat standing
  2. Bash, Crash & Demolish your way through SpongeBob’s world
    competing in loads of hilarious arenas
  3. Customize your boat with over 100 different options
  4. Choose & Drive as your favorite SpongeBob character…9 in total
  5. Develop Wacky Driving Skills avoiding obstacles & hazards, and
    yes, even driving backwards
  6. Unique Wii Features:
  7. Over 100 possible boatmobile combinations
  8. Mrs. Puff is a playable character in Wii only
  9. Player Awardable
  10. 4 Player multiplayer (split screen)
Game Characters:
SpongeBob SquarePants : An positive sea sponge in square shape. He stays
in a pineapple house under the sea. SpongeBob is always eager to learn
new things and sometime becomes annoying. He loves his jobs in the
Krusty Krab.


Squidward Tentacles : Squidward is SpongeBob’s neighbor and co worker.
He is annoyed with SpongeBob and sometime jealous.

Patrick Star : Patrick is a Star fish. He is SpongeBob’s best friend. He
lives under rock. He is a dumb creature, due to this sometime it
becomes really hard to make him understand.

Mr. Krabs : A crab who is owner of Krusty Krab and SpongeBob’s boss. Very greedy character.

Plankton : A small character in the game your competitor and a bit cruel.

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy


Sandy Cheeks : Sandy is a squirrel who came from Texas and lived under sea in a special glass pot. She is smart, and loves sports.

Mrs. Puff (Wii only)

Some Game Tracks :

  • Glove World
  • Goo Lagoon
  • 124 Conch Street

Gameplay :

THQ has announced the release of SpongeBob’s Boating Bash, a demolition
game "Crash-n-Bash" (hit-cast) which should be available in spring 2010
on Wii, DS and DSi.

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash can embody one of the 9 characters SpongeBob
and take on the road to victory, crossing all arenas demolition of
Bikini Bottom. The multiplayer mode allows 4 players to drive over 100
different boats. While you reduce to nothing the other boats, you
recover the pieces that you will earn points to move to the next level
and ultimately it, you will have collected the boat license all of your

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash is a game of demolition derby. You read. New
characters in the series thus compete in the arena aboard boats. All in
the heart of Bikini Bottom. In fact, it is not only necessary to
demolish to be successful, but also to avoid obstacles and find new
parts for boats. The boats are modifiable. Ultimately, you’ll be able to
get your officially licensed pilot.

SpongeBob the famous animated character will have a new game for Wii and
DS, so again be present in both Nintendo consoles. The game will be
called SpongeBob’s Boating Bash and bear the demolition derby (American
races more animals) to the world of SpongeBob with his sense of humor,
be used for racing boats and we will be destroying the boats of others
to gain points and advance . It’s a very casual game career oriented
multiplayer at home, ideal for four simultaneous players who can choose
from 8 characters from SpongeBob SquarePants.

It has 100 different ships to run through different circuits also can be
customized by the player and can handle different forms, with the
wiimote, nunchuck or wii over the steering wheel. DS will have
single-card mode and multi-card multiplayer mode to play. And if you
play on the DSi will allow background used a photograph taken with the
camera of the console, as well as allow more than 100 accessories from
the world of SpongeBob SquarePants to decorate these scenarios. The game
has gone in America. We leave the trailer of the game on your Wii

The hero of Nintendo’s Mario universally known as a professional will
also make the ‘plumbing, but in the games we have almost always seen
only hopping on apparently poisonous mushrooms or the shells of turtles
identified as enemies, trying to recover from the jaws of the evil
Bowser the gentle and graceful Princess Peach, and always dressed in
pink deck to be kidnapped by the evil antagonist that is now well known.

The turning point of Mario, as you well know has happened with Mario
Kart, the fast-paced simulation of a purely arcade-style driving that
flared at the time the Super Nintendo that has delighted and more
recently the owners of the Wii. See the Nintendo mascot running on
tracks of the most absurd with his band is certainly a lot of fun that
has made her jealous rival, Sonic, desirous of a similar experience.

So here’s birth Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing with Sega’s blue
hedgehog with the guest star of excellence ready to take to drive their
cars. The fashion of the simulations of this type that present
well-known cast does not seem destined to finish as it is on the horizon
for Nintendo DS for the Wii will be launched to market a new racing
game, but slightly different from the two bright stars already


It is indeed Spongebob’s Boating Bash, something more like the good old
Demolition Derby that will not allow us to use only four wheel well of
the boats, driven by the characters that loyal viewers of the adventures
of sea sponge’s most famous cartoon well known. So here Spongebob and
all other players in the TV series do battle in a game designed mostly
to young audiences but that also might be sympathetic to someone else.

After failing to pass Ms.. Puff’s mobile boat driving class 78 times,
SpongeBob SquarePants remains determined to finally earn a boat mobile
license but is tricked into taking the wacky "Learn to DRIVE" course
offered to him by a shady shark named Seymour Scales. SpongeBob has no
idea that the course will literally steer him in zany directions.

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash will introduce an off-the-wall adventure that
will have players driving swerving to avoid obstacles, boat crashing
against other mobiles to win a race, all the while collecting boat parts
to earn points. Driving behind the wheel of customizable boat mobiles,
players will wreak havoc and demolish their opponent’s boats to
ultimately be the last one standing.

Spongebob’s Boating Bash is a party style racing game fun for kids and
all ages. It is a nice racing game with great environment and tracks. It
is available right now for DS and Wii. It is a faced paced racing video
game which lets the player to compete with different characters. You
can play as one of the 9 characters provided in the game and choose your
way to victory by completing the race. The game also supports
multiplayer mode and you can here customized your board in more than 100
ways. For this you will have to knock out your opponents, finish levels
and collect points to get better upgrades. And in the same way earning
your boat mobile license.

The Game Story :

SpongeBob fails 78 times in Ms. Puff’s mobile driving class. Then
SpongeBob SquarePants still gets determined to get the boat mobile
license but in a very different and tricky way. He tends to enter Learn
to D.R.I.V.E course. This course is conducted by Seymour Scales a shark
in the game. Here SpongeBob SquarePants does not know anything about
this training which guide him to crazy ways. The game provides some
really strange driving adventure where the players will have to move on
and on the same hand avoid those incoming obstacles which comes in the
tracks and win against the other boats.

The characters in the game in order to win have to mess with other boats
and demolish them to be the last one standing. The game becomes violent
in between for sometime but all in all a really enjoyable and nice
experience. You have to earn points in between to get nice upgrade for
your boat so that you can customize the same as per you need and make a
stronger vehicle. You can also crash against the other boats to drive
them out of your way.

Tips and Tricks for DS:

  • Here are some Tips & Tricks for SpongeBob’s Boating Bash: Go
    back to previously completed
  • Class and see if you can beat your grade.
  • Compete with your friends and see who can drive faster.
  • The game can be played using the stylus only or the +Control, A
    Button and B Button. Try both to see which one you like best.
  • Multiplayer is a lot of fun. Try Single-Card Play if your friend
    doesn’t have the game yet.
  • Try four player Multi-Card Play for hours of fun.
  • Avoid obstacles like oil slicks to keep ahead of the pack.
  • Be sure to collect the cash and treasure chests scattered throughout
    the track to purchase items within the Garage.
  • Keep an eye out for shortcuts to shave off those precious seconds
    from your lap time.
  • Pressing either the L or R buttons will give SpongeBob a boost in
  • Be sure to check out the Photo Studio, a fun DSi feature.

SpongeBob’s Boating Bash Wii Tricks & Tips :

  • The game
    can be played with the Wii Remote or with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
    Try both to see which one works best for you.
  • More points and damage can be caused to the other Boatmobile drivers
    when you drive at them at top speed. Try boosting right before crashing
    into an opponent to cause extra damage.
  • Remember to drive in reverse if your Boatmobile has taken serious
    front end damage. Watching your damage indicator may help you make it
    to the end, and achieve victory.
  • It is harder to turn while boosting, so during races, save your
    boost for the straight-aways and let go during the corners. To turn
    quickly simply tap the Hand Brake while turning.
  • Try going back to previously completed D.R.I.V.E. and see if you can
    beat your grade.
  • You can collect boat parts that are from opponents, even if you
    didn’t cause the damage
  • Try getting multipliers like wall check x2, KOx3, Air hit x2 to get
    maximum possible D.R.I.V.E. points.
  • Survive by keeping away from the opponents and jellyfishes when
    playing Escape.
  • Don’t overlook knocked-out vehicles. Some vehicles that are knocked
    out may have parts that if knocked off can be collected. You can earn
    not just one but all of an opponent’s Boatmobile parts if you manage to
    push them out of the arena, in Destruction mode.
  • Pushing an opponent in a ditch will award you with Ring out / Knock
    out bonuses.
  • Earn maximum Drive points by playing Quick Play and Learn to
    D.R.I.V.E. to unlock new drivers, boats, levels, game options, etc.

More information :

SpongeBob Bash is really an enjoyable game which is offered on DS and
Nintendo. The game is a fun pack for kids. It is a racing game and
features SpongeBob SquarePants as the main character. The game is
compatible to the Wii Wheel. The game offers more than 100 differents
way to create and customize the boat. It also features 4 player mode. 


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