Deca Sports DS Walkthrough

vWith all-new touch screen controls, DECA SPORTS DS will make everyone
your family experts in a wide range of new sports, no matter where they
are. Lunge, flip, and kick your way to the top across all of the
included events: Arm Wrestling, Wall Climbing, Clay Shooting,
Cheerleading, Sky Diving, Ping Pong, Bobsled, Rugby, Golf, and even
Sepak Takraw! The spirit of competition is more fun, and more portable,
than ever. Ten all-new sports await you as the latest iteration in the
series goes mobile. With all-new touch screen controls, DECA SPORTS DS
will make everyone in your family experts in a wide range of new sports,
no matter where they are. Lunge, flip, and kick your way to the top
across all of the included events: Arm Wrestling, Wall Climbing, Clay
Shooting, Cheerleading, Sky Diving, Ping Pong, Bobsled, Rugby, Golf, and
even Sepak Takraw! The spirit of competition is more fun, and more
portable, than ever!

Deca Sports DS is proof that when a game is well planned and designed
not only the public chance it ends up getting, but is able to find a
place among the other players and may even reach to other platforms than
originally left. Deca Sports is obvious that DS is based on the
successful delivery of Wii (somewhat obscured among many similar titles,
but most have been discreet quality).  Deca Sports will take advantage
of the benefits of the DS Stylus to
emulate the sports that appear on the home console version. Hudson Soft
has revealed what will be his next great sports title for the Wii, Deca
Sports, a collection of 10 sports events that can practice alone or with
four friends. The base of the game will be the intuitiveness of Wii
Sports, but adding a greater variety of sports and gameplay options.

Game Features :

Game Sharing : DECA SPORTS has always been about fun with friends and
DECA SPORTS DS is no exception! Get in on the multiplayer fun and share
the game with up to 6 players using just one game card! Play matches in
Open Match, VS, and Tournament modes and get your game on!

Team Editor : Create your own team with the Team Editor: pick the name,
colors, emblem, and the look and attributes of the players themselves!

Gameplay Modes : Open Match A good place to hone your skills in one
sport of your choice. You’ll want to practice here, or play with a
friend in preparation of more heated competitions. Tournament A
one-sport bracket-style tournament where you’ll play to prove who’s the


Gameplay Modes : Challenge Challenges add a unique spin to each of the
10 sports in DECA SPORTS DS. They’re a great way to practice specific
techniques that will help dial in crucial gameplay elements. League A
one-sport bracket-style tournament where you’ll play to prove who’s the

Sports Highlights :

  • Driving carts
  • Archery
  • Basket Ball
  • Snow Board Cross
  • Soccer
  • Curling

Features Highlights :

  • Playing basketball
  • Driving in supercross motorcycle
  • Playing badminton
  • Enjoying the beach volleyball
  • Playing football

Badminton, karting, curling, snowboarding, archery, supercross, beach
volleyball, figure skating, basketball and football all sports here that
the game offers practice. An attractive program! You can participate in
tournaments mono or multi-events, but all are accessible from the
outset and can be played independently of each other. Before you start
playing, you choose a team (some are more powerful, more faster and more
balanced …), you look at the controls and go!

First observation regardless of sport: it’s ugly. Finally, let’s say
it’s simple and it is intended in the spirit of Wii Sports, but where
the game Nintendo was in the e pure in the extreme, here you feel a
slight desire to make a little richer. But alas, it failed. Animation
ultra stiff, ugly decor, cheesy effects (such as fuzzy sets in karting
races, including one wonders if it wanted or a bug) … Not very
glorious, all that! Above you can not use his Mii, then we say that
resume style for the characters was not necessar.

The Gameplay :

Deca Sports was struck by the peculiar powers included in its collection
and, for the very mediocre as executed. Still, with more than one
million copies sold worldwide, the game was not only popular, but
justified a sequel that reaches similar game by removing all the shelves
(except for Wii Sports Resort) to give the same he gave in his previous
release, but with the good intention of making more intuitive handling
of your avatar and a collection of mini-games more interesting and
unusual for the genre it belongs to this title.

The truth does not like or who selects the events that we will see in
the game, but they are not only particularly dynamic rough to play,
which adds a lousy motion detection with orders that at times irrelevant
to the challenge is playing. Obviously, the tennis not for anything
than what it did Nintendo’s Wii Sports, but the entire selection of
synchronized swimming is struck by how ridiculously corny as shown in
screen design and pathetic to take any action asks the challenge to
overcome. Of the other powers, perhaps the only truly call attention
include tennis, and hockey’s burnt because you can play online, the
problem will be finding someone to do it. There are interesting
graphical improvements in Deca Sports 2, in fact I can assure you all
that changed at the technical level was the detection of the Wiimote,
that although bad, it is considerably higher than the previous game.
With all this would ensure that the game is terrible, but the truth is
that it has a strange charisma and some funny ridiculous in its
execution is striking. There are bad things that look good, but even if
this game is exactly the opposite, is its "original" enough to find
forgiveness rent it, just curious.

The game offers a series of tutorials to help you understand the
outstanding motions before venturing onto the field, you only need to
pay attention and learn the role of each of the buttons. Sports can be
divided into two categories, the first includes activities
simple and easy to master, let us take the example of synchronized
swimming, where necessary by moving the Wii Remote to walk according to
the symbols on the screen, or sports such as kendo and skating speed,
which are limited to move your arms up and down only. Ice hockey is fun
but can not recreate the true speed of this sport.

Where there is a little variety when playing burned, have the
possibility to pass the ball to your teammates or to point to the
opposing team. All other sports have a higher level of difficulty, not
because they dictate game, but the lack of response to the movements you
do. The pitching is simple in theory but in practice it is all a
headache, imagine you’re bowling with a small ball instead of throwing
pine need to launch your ball to finish as close as possible to the
goal. However, the control fails to capture fully our intention to make
the swing, thus ended up with releases due stronger than repeatedly
failing. The darts took first place in terms of complexity, imagine
having to
hold control while you press the buttons A and B, it is also necessary
to point to the board. Once the foregoing, and without losing the
position of the control and finger, just move the control back and forth
like we’re throwing a dart and hope for the best.

Deca Sports is extremely important to the timing, so a swing at the
wrong time will transform a real hit in a strike. Deca Sports is a title
full of colors and simple elements, actually has an uncanny resemblance
to Wii Sports and the characters are a cross between the avatars of
Microsoft and Nintendo’s Miis. Not all are minigames you can compete in
tournaments and challenges of four players, including the option to
customize your team to compete well all soldiers.

The title has an option to play online, however we had problems to
connect and play against a team at random, we wait while the browser
unsuccessfully sought an opponent. After several attempts we find signs
of life and play without experiencing delays in the connection, the
problem is to find somebody to compete. Deca Sports is a title that can
be enjoyed as long as you play with
someone else, is fun to see how your friends suffer while avoiding being
shamed for not mastering the controls. If you like to play Wii Sports
against the computer, and hope to get the same from the sequel of Deca
Sports, we recommend having the patience to master the controls and find
an opponents.

To shake the supremacy of Wii Sports and get a place as had been done
Mario & Sonic, Sports Island rather share the right foot with a
total of ten sports on the menu. This is twice that for playing Nintendo
and, especially, the list is as varied and original. This will
indiscriminately engage in karting, basketball, motocross, skating,
archery, football, snowboarding, beach volleyball, badminton and
curling. A collection for the eclectic to the point that one is almost
tempted to regret a certain lack of coherence in all this. The game
features at least to play freely and to say a few tournaments. But it is
clear that even beyond the quality of sports in question, play solo
Sports Island is pretty darn limited. A small effort of packaging would
not necessarily been inappropriate in this case.

Walkthrough :

Sports :

Sky Diving



Arm Wrestling



Clay Shooting

Ping Pong

Sepak Takraw

Wall Climbing




Beach Volleyball

Figure Skating

Super Cross


Kart Racing



More Information :

Sky Diving : Feel like a daredevil lately? Try your hand at Sky
Diving! You and your teammates will all jump out of a perfectly good
airplane with the goal of performing unique formations as you speed
towards the ground. Use the stylus to move your character into formation
as quickly as possible to outperform the other teams!

Move your skydiver in to position by moving the stylus along the bottom
screen. U Once in formation, align yourself and rotate clockwise or
counter-clockwise by swiping up or down on the touch screen.

Bobsled: One of the coolest sports in the DECA SPORTS DS
collection. Bobsled will have you rocketing through the icy course at
speeds that will leave you breathless! Steer with the L and R Buttons
and watch the edges as they’ll only slow you down. If you can master the
balance, you’ll be speeding past your competition with ease. You Get off
to a running start by tapping the D-pad and the A Button
continuously. 13 Use the L and ER Buttons to move the bobsled left or

Arm Wrestling : It’s an over the top challenge you won’t want to
miss! Arm wrestling will have you fighting to keep your advantage on
your opponent by carefully timing when you apply a burst of strength. 



Once the initial part of the match is over, watch the meters at the
bottom to know when to take your opponent down. Start the match by
moving your stylus as fast as possible on the touch screen. Watch the
power gauges at the bottom and tap the stylus on the bottom screen when
your power bar exceeds your opponents.

Rugby : There’s a saying that Rugby is a ruffian’s game played by
gentlemen. In that case, its time to get rough! Rugby in DECA SPORTS DS
brings all the action the sport is known for, while letting you avoid
all that physical danger that comes with the real thing! 

1) Control your player with the D-Pad
2) A Button executes a long kick
3) B Button executes a short kick
4) L or R Buttons pass left or right.
1) Move your player with the D-Pad.
2) Tackle with the A Button
3) Tap L or R Buttons to switch players.

Golf: DECA SPORTS DS Golf gives you full control over your golf
game. Need to go the distance? Grab your driver! You pick the clubs you
use to drive the shot you need to make. Pinpoint stylus control gives
you the power you need, when you need it.

1. Select the club you wish to use by tapping the appropriate icon on
the touch screen.
2. Slide the stylus along the overview map t survey the course.
3. On the center panel on the touch screen, slide the stylus down, and
then back upwards to swing the club.

Ping Pong: Ping Pong, also known as Table Tennis, is a game of
finesse and quick reflexes, and you’ll need both to come out on top!
Move the stylus on the touch screen just like you’re using an actual
paddle to make your character swing in that direction. Keep your eye on
the ball and outplay your opponent to win!


1. Touch the screen to toss the ball in the air and swipe the stylus a
the right time to swing.
2. Swipe the stylus in the direction and angle you want to hit the ball.

Sepak Takraw: Get into one of the most unique sports in the DECA
SPORTS DS package! Sepak Takraw, also known as kick volleyball for its
similar structure to volleyball, players can only use their feet, knee,
chest, or head to touch the ball and get it over the net to their

1. Serve the ball by hitting the A Button
2. Move your player towards the ball with the D-pad.
3. Execute a regular kick with the A Button.
4. Pull off a power kick with the B Button.

Wall Climbing: It’s a race to the top that will have your arms
sore the next day! Wall Climbing is as much a feat of strength as of
coordination and reflexes. You’ll need to guide your climber with the
stylus to each point on the wall and time your next move carefully. Stay
focused, and you’ll out-climb the competition in no time!

1. Swipe the stylus in the direction of the next gripping point to make
the leap towards it.
2. if you start to lose your grip, swipe the stylus as fast you as can
on the touch screen.

Clay Shooting : Clay Shooting is a form of clay pigeon shooting.
Described as "golf with a shotgun”, the sport differs from trap and
skeet shooting because it’s more difficult than trap or skeet shooting.
It involves shooting clay targets while positioned at multiple locations
(called stations). And unlike trap and skeet, which are games of
repeatable target presentations, Clay Shooting’s targets are thrown in a
great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and

A typical course will consist of 10–18 stations, each station having a
pair of clay-throwing machines, called traps. Varying numbers of clay
pairs are shot at each station, with the total shots for an outing
adding up to 50 or 100. Advanced shooters have the clays thrown as
simultaneous pairs. Targets are thrown at different angles and speeds;
sometimes across the shooter’s view (crossers), towards the shooter
(in-comers), away from the shooter (out-goers), or straight up in the
air (often called "teals"). Many courses have traps which throw targets
from tall towers simulating high-flying ducks or geese. Some courses
have targets that roll and bounce along the ground to simulate rabbits. 

Well, hopefully this crash course in Clay Shooting has made you ready to
shoot for the clay once DECA SPORTS DS . And remember that safety is
an important part of clay shooting. Proper ear and eye protection are
required to be followed at all times while playing DECA SPORTS DS!

Cheerleading :Bring your team to the forefront with your cheers
and stunts! Grab the energy spheres from the bottom screen with the
stylus and throw them at the corresponding spheres on the top screen to
maximize your energy! Do the right stunts and you’ll have the crowd on
their feet!.

1. Shoot the energy spheres forward by dragging them towards the top
part of the screen.
2. Remove the stylus to shoot the energy sphere in the direction of your

Cheerleading is a sport that is based around organized routines. These
routines can typically last anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Routines can
incorporate cheers, dance, jumps, and tumbling. The role of Cheerleaders
can be to draw attention to the event and encourage audience

Since Cheerleading originated in America, it has remained predominantly
American activity, with an estimated 1.5 million participants
nationwide. And there is an another estimated 100,000 Cheerleading
participants scattered worldwide! Get ready to jump for joy once DECA

Wii Version Sports Information :

Beach Volleyball :
Play hard in the sand and sun! Players compete on
teams of two as they set and spike their way to victory! The key here
is to launch powerful spikes that the opposing team can’t return. Just
don’t forget your sunblock! Deca Challenge: Aim your spikes at targets
that appear one after another
on the far side of the net. The closer the ball lands to the center of
the target, the more points are awarded, and hitting multiple targets in
a row can result in spectacular combos!

Controls: Athletes move automatically in this sport, allowing you to
concentrate on perfecting your serve, set and spike. Get the game off
to a great start with a killer serve by swinging up with the Wii Remote.
Swing up quickly to make an impressive jumping serve and control the
direction of the ball to the left or right by swinging in that
direction. When the ball comes at you, swing up with the Wii Remote to
receive or
set the ball if you’re further back from the net or block it if you’re
in close. Remember, teamwork is key in this sport, and there are lots
opportunities to work with your teammate to return the ball. When your
teammate sets, and it’s a perfect spike opportunity, your athlete will
automatically jump. When the ball turns blue, swing the Wii Remote down
quickly to deliver a powerful spike.

Figure skating : Figure skating combines the fun of jumps and
spins with the technique of moving to music. Use the Wii Remote and
Nunchuk to glide across the ice. Step, spin and jump in time to music
as you follow marks that lead you through the perfect routine. Choose a
routine set to a musical masterpiece, then skate along guide
markers on the ice and perform amazing moves. Earn more points for
performing your routine in time with the music!

Deca Challenge: Test your skill and skate over increasingly intricate
shapes that appear on the ice. Finish within the time limit to earn
bonus points!

Controls: Figure skating is an art as well as a sport, so you’ve got to
keep your movements coordinated with the music for a perfect result! Use
the Nunchuk Control Stick to skate over as many guide markers as
possible. Even if you miss a large number of guide markers, the show
must go on! The performance does not end until the tune is over.

To perform a crowd-wowing element, swing the Wii Remote in any direction
when above an element marker. Try to swing the Wii Remote in the center
of an element marker to score more points. Some markers will allow you
to create a combination by performing several consecutive elements, so
keep swinging your Wii Remote to impress the judges!

Super Cross: Ready to get dirty?! Test your skill and balance as
you zip around an exciting dirt course. Speed around sharp curves and
fly over jumps as you race to the finish!! Eight riders compete in a bid
for first place. Tilt the Wii Remote to
take corners, slow down before taking sharp curves, and fly at top speed
to cross the finish line first and leave your competitors with a face
full of your dust!

Deca Challenge: It’s a single player time trial. Choose your course from
the Game Settings screen. The number of laps cannot be changed in this

Controls: Feeling the need for speed? Get started by holding the Wii
Remote sideways. Tilt it to the left or right to turn, but be careful
not to turn too hard or you’ll hit the side barriers. There are also
many extreme corners to take in Supercross, so slow down before tilting
the Wii Remote! You can apply your brakes by hitting either the 1
Button or the +Control Pad. To accelerate, press the 2 Button and leave
your competitors in the dust.

Badminton : We’re bringing badminton out of your backyard
picnics and into your living room! Snap up the Wii Remote and start
showing off your skills as you serve the birdie and keep it airborne
with swooping forehands, backhands and smashes. Your athlete
automatically moves to where the shuttle will land, so you can
concentrate on smashing the birdie back over the net for a perfect

Deca Challenge: Shuttles will come at you one after another! Aim them to
land on the targets on the other side of the net. Hitting a number of
targets in succession will result in combos, increasing the number of
points earned. Hit as many as you can in one minute for a high score!

Controls: Using the Wii Remote as your trusty racket, just learn a few
easy moves and you’ll soon be serving and smashing your way to victory!
Swing the Wii Remote down for a long serve or up for a short serve to
get the game in motion. To get a rally going and send the shuttle back
to your opponent, swinging down to the left or right with the Wii Remote
will send the shuttle in that direction.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can finesse your strokes. A slow
swing makes a soft hit, going only a short distance, while a quick swing
makes a hard hit, sending the shuttle further into your opponent’s
court. If it’s power you want, swing the Wii Remote when the shuttle
begins to glow red to execute a powerful smash.

Kart Racing : It’s a race to the finish! Guide your kart using
the Wii Remote like a steering wheel, accelerator and brake as you zoom
around corners, speed through straights and fly past other karts on your
way to victory! There are three courses where you can challenge your
friends: Beginner,
Intermediate, and Advanced. Take an easy joy ride or make a mad dash for
the finish!  

Deca Challenge: It’s a single player time trial! Choose a course and
zoom around three laps. Challenge yourself and set a new record!

Controls: Hold the Wii Remote sideways and tilt it left or right to
steer your kart to victory! Step on the gas by hitting the 2 Button to
fly by your competitors. But be careful of sharp turns! Make sure you
apply the brakes by pressing the 1 Button or +Control Pad before
cornering so you don’t hit a barrier and lose valuable time!

Archery : Calling all Robin Hoods! Use the Wii Remote to aim at
the target, then draw the bow and shoot your arrow! Two or four athletes
take turns shooting arrows and racking up points to see who can get the
best total score. There are plenty of challenges here to help you
improve your
marksmanship! High winds can affect your shot, so aim carefully. Impress
your friends by showing off your skills under windy conditions.

Deca Challenge: Test your aim and see how many times in a row you can
hit the target. Distance increases after five shots and wind is added
after ten, making it more difficult to hit the bullseye. One miss and
the challenge ends!

Controls: Here we’ve replaced Robin’s wooden bow with the Wii Remote.
Start off by holding the B Button down and pulling the Wii Remote toward
you to show the athlete’s point of view through the bow’s sight. Then
move the Wii Remote to aim at the center of the target and release the B
Button to let your arrow fly!

Basket Ball : Take it to the hoop 3-on-3 style! The fun of a
3-on-3 game meets the excitement of arena sports! Dribble the ball,
pass to teammates and set-up for jaw-dropping 3-point shots, lay-ups and
dunks. He shoots, he scores!! Two teams of three compete on an indoor
basketball court. Each player
controls one of three athletes at a time and tries to score baskets on
the opponent’s side of the court.

Deca Challenge: Make as many shots as possible within the time limit. A
new ball will be thrown in each time you make a shot, so grab and shoot
it as quickly as you can! Bonus points for making multiple shots in a

Controls: Heads up! In this fast-paced game you’re controlling all
three players on your team. Press the A Button, the B Button or the Z
Button to control a different athlete while on defense, then move your
athlete with the Nunchuk Control Stick.

Here you can perform all the amazing moves seen on a basketball court.
When playing offense, make a quick pass to one of your teammates by
pressing the A Button, the B Button or the Z Button. Shoot a
nothing-but-net basket by swinging the Wii Remote up to jump, then to
release the ball. Or perform a jaw-dropping slam dunk by swinging the
Wii Remote up while inside the key in front of the basket. You can also
steal the ball from your opponent by moving close to them and swinging
the Wii Remote.


Snow Board Cross : Tear up the slopes with speed and skill! Learn
the tricks of this awesome winter sport without the bruises! Hold the
Wii Remote like a board as you race downhill, performing awesome jumps,
flips and other tricks as you go! Snowboard Cross has up to four people
sliding down the slope in a bid
for first place. But firing up the crowd with killer midair tricks along
the way doesn’t hurt!

Deca Challenge: Practice any of the courses in this time trial mode.
Race against the clock and nail those turns next time you race!

Controls: Here’s your chance to fly down the slopes without the risk of
any real-life bruises! Tilt the Wii Remote down to lean forward and
increase speed. But be careful; taking sharp turns or landing hard at
high speeds can result in a wipe out. So slow down when you take
corners by tilting back on the Wii Remote. You can also tilt left and
right to guide your athlete down the slopes. Give in to the temptation
to perform killer midair tricks by holding the
A Button or the B Button down when hitting a ramp, then swinging the
Wii Remote while airborne. Just keep in mind that performing tricks
will slow you down a bit, so don’t do too many if you want to win!

Soccer : Serving up a fast-paced take on the world’s most popular
sport! This is 5-on-5 soccer with a twist, where competition takes
place on an indoor field! Take control of any athlete on the team
(except the goalie, who is COM controlled) and outscore the other team.
There are no side outs so the action is constantly moving! Use the
Nunchuk to move your players and the Wii Remote to pass and shoot.

Deca Challenge: Pass between four athletes and try to score as many
goals as possible! Keep the ball away from the goalie though, because
once he grabs it, the game is over!

Controls: Don’t like playing just one position? Here you get to control
four of the players on your team. On defense, switch control between the
players by pressing the A Button, the B Button, or the Z Button then
use the Nunchuk Control Stick to move them. When the ball moves a long
distance across the field, you will automatically control the athlete
closest to it. For more control over your game play, you can adjust your
kick distances
with the speed you swing the Wii Remote. Swing slowly to perform a
short kick or quickly for a long kick. When facing a teammate, it’s a
pass, and when facing the goal, it’s an attempt to score. For that
extra-professional touch, tilt the Wii Remote far to the left or right
to curve the ball in either direction.

Curling : The hottest sport on ice requires calm judgment and
bold throws! Slide the stone towards the target and sweep the ice to hit
the perfect spot. There are three people on a team, and the team who
gets the stone closest to the center of the target wins points for that
round! Line your shot up to get right in the middle, or try to knock
opponent’s stones out. You can also use your stone to create a barrier
so that your opponent can’t hit the sweet spots. Use strategy and skill
to win the game! After throwing, sweep quickly in front of the stone by
swinging your Wii remote to extend the distance the stone travels.

Deca Challenge: Like darts on ice! Aim for various areas of the target,
or house, to score different numbers of points. Total your points after
six throws to get a high score!

Controls: In this sport, you need the Wii Remote for the two roles
you’ll be playing! When it’s your turn to throw the stone, hold it by
pressing the B Button to activate the power gauge, and swing forward to
launch the stone towards the target when the timing is right. If you’re
ready for a more advanced shot, tilt the Wii Remote left or right to
cause the stone to curl in that direction.

You’ll also get the chance to sweep to make the stone go farther. Swing
the Wii Remote quickly from side to side. This action will cause two of
your athletes to sweep in front of the stone, allowing it to get closer
to the target’s center!

Positive and Negative Points :

The good

  • Many sports
  • Tournaments and challenges for players
  • Entertaining, provided you have company

The bad

  • It becomes repetitive
  • The control is difficult
  • Frustrating if you play against the cpu.


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